Sony LT30a ‘Mint’ sample pics pop up in Picasa; new LT30k model bound for Korea?

by XB on 25th June 2012

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We have already seen some sample pictures of the Sony LT30 smartphone codenamed ‘Mint’, however those pictures for the LT30p model were taken down. Now some sample pictures of the North American version (the LT30a) have popped up running firmware version 7.0.A.1.112. They were taken by a Software Engineer at Sony Mobile in San Francisco.

Interestingly, if you didn’t think we had enough variants of the LT30 Mint (LT30a, LT30at, LT30p, LT30m and LT30i) then you can add another to the list – the LT30k. It is believed that this model may be destined for Korea hence the initial used. This would tie in with previous rumours that an LTE-enabled would be headed to Korea.

Via Blog of Mobile (1 and 2).

  • owl

    from what i can see from the scaled down image, the image quality looks awesome. natural colours, good contrast, and frankly quite amazing dynamic range. considering how sunny it is and half the frame is actually under shadow, no part of the image is severely over/underexposed (if at all). the blue skies and the fluffy clouds can even be seen clearly.

    impossible to tell detail/noise rendition from an image that small though.

    don’t know, but could be one of those stacked or rgbw Exmor sensors…

  • flip
  • The Truth Must Be Said

    Like you were in the place of the taken picture and saw the real view
    Please don’t philosophize

  • XperiaBlog

    Looks like the images have now been removed…

  • flip

    It was a picture taken of a mirror. Despite Lt30a Model, on reflection we could see it was not a phone but a camera…

  • owl

    read my first ten words again ;-)

  • Dangit, doesn’t anyone ever save the full sized pics and repost them elsewhere? :( Or were the full size pics never accessable to begin with?

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  • DragonClaw

    You need to be at the place of taking a shot for judging a photo? OMG.

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  • XperiaBlog

    Picasa never has access to the full resolution pictures otherwise we would have downloaded them! ;)

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  • daniel artigo

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