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by XB on 3rd July 2012

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We reported on the Sony Xperia SL late last week, all evidence points to it being an Xperia S spec refresh, especially seeing what happened last year with the Sony Ericsson Xperia arc S versus the Xperia arc. A reliable tipster got in touch to confirm that this will be the case. The Sony Xperia SL will offer a CPU bump as well as a new colour.

This is exactly what happened when the Xperia arc S launched, it had a 1.4GHz processor and new Pure White and Gloss Black colours. This compared to the older 1GHz Xperia arc that was only available in Midnight Blue and Misty Silver. We don’t know whether the Xperia SL will launch with a higher clocked S3 Snapdragon chipset or whether it will move to the S4 Snapdragon chipset (MSM8960), so time will tell on that one. We have also heard that the Sony Xperia P will get a new colour, although timelines remain a mystery.

  • Cooper104

    I think this could be my replacement for the arc S if this is true!

  • Rick Schippers

    Don’t you think Sony might go for a novathor if they do a sound refresh? Seems more logical to me.

  • lovebmw

    Ok, I want the sl, wait there is the gx, wait wait rumor about xperia z, ughhhhhh, Sony is confusing me.

    If the sl is not water proof nor have a base, I am not interested

  • xp

    I hope Xperia SL has.the floating prism like Xperia P.

  • Oh for f*cks sake. I just ordered an Xperia S to replace my Arc S. They need to have less phones in their line-up, I can’t keep upgrading.

  • rafi

    Wow more new device under sony label… i think i stay with xperia s for a while… ;-)

  • hope that the 3 ‘dots’ will disappear, and the touching point for the home back and menu will be on the transparent bar. like the xperia p!

  • FlowXT

    Can we ever have one of those cool blue/aqua colors for the Japanese market? For some reason this color is always omitted in internationally released models.

  • Sony Pony

    If msm8960 is used,  then it will be the one required for Windows Phone 8, I bet this very design will be used for a Sony WP8 model. Smart move.

  • phil

    I think Sony shd offered a trade in upgrade for the S. Anyway I think this is my last Sony phone.

  • Mehdi Moha

    fuck you sony for what you have done on our xperia play

    and damn you for saying : no xperia play 2 

  • tor

    Another shit.. Will never buy sony again. To many phones.. i have xperia s with yellow tint. This would be my last sony.. Too confusing too many fucking phone. Service of sony not good. Ten yrs to have warranty. Fuck that..

  • megane198

    I’m guessing it will still run an S3 processor, same with the HTC One S variant with S3 processor. Clocked at 1.7GHz and bumped GPU clock.
    The “James Bond” phone will be an S4 one, I cannot see Sony Mobile will be doing an S4 for the refresh Xperia S.

  • plusAnthony

    Won’t Sony replace tinted models?

  • sharique shaikh

    Well thats your wish but even samsung has fuckload of products but they only updated S2 and Note atleast Sony looked at all there products to upgrade! :)

  • TheSonyNation

    I want the Xperia Z.
    The Z-Series is always the best with Sony products.

  • sharique shaikh

    They do even I got a replaced one! 

  • miki69

     I agree about S3. It will be some minor “tweak” but same architecture. 


  • miki69

     sweet troubles? :)
    AFAIK Xperia SL will not be waterproof (you have acro S for that). What I am afraid of once international GX hits the market, we may see Xperia Z….. and then same question: should I wait – again?!

    Some rumors say GX international version will be actually Xperia Z.

    Believe me mate, I know how you feel.


  • hamboy

    Is this the same ‘reliable tipster’ who told you that an Xperia Z was going to be announced last month? Hmmmmm?

  • Andor Menczer


  • $ony4Life


    We want PlayStation Phone !!!

  • Clewis789

    I wish it was an s4 but i dont see it happening, if it comes with an s4 i will buy it probably. And hopefully the L stands for large so like a 4.7 inch screen or something. 

    But usually these refreshes do shit all but its a good way for sony to raise the prize loads and get a better profit. 

  • nifrons

    It will most likely have a 1.7Ghz CPU and come in a new stylish color…

  • this is a bit off topic but still i feel like sharing it…
    HEIGHT OF BIASED reporting (by engadget) ———–
    Samsung yesterday happened to announce it’s new camera EX2F
    Comparison between SONY RX100 and SAM EX2F=
    20.2 mpx                                                                        12.4 mpx
     Carl Zeiss Vario-Sonnar T lens                                       Schnelder lens
    3.6x optical zoom                                                            3.3x zoom
    Monster 1 inch sensor(bigger than PV 808)                        Poor 1.7 inch sensor
     a seven-blade circular aperture                                     nothing
    ISO 80-25,600                                                               max 12,800
    1080/60p video@ 28bit/sec                                          1080/30p video
    well known SONY BIONZ imaging processor                        nothing
    28-100 mm aperture                                                         24-79 mm
    f/1.8                                                                                f/1.4

    And still the samsung slaves at ENGADGET say “””SAMSUNG HAS UPSTAGED SONY RX100 with EX2F”””

  • Grid

    wtf? sony wanna be samsung ?

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  • jimi

    The new sony NXT transparent bar design is refreshing and unique and i can be very much more appealing if they:
    1. get rid of those dots because its confusing at first glance and waste of screen space.2. bigger screen for the SL because a slight bump in processor like the arc to arc s is lame!3. if there is a removable back cover then make the damn thing removable for the battery. If you want to seal it then seal like xperia P.4. prefer to have micro sd card too, but one cant complain if they give you 32gb which is a good amount compared to 16gb.5. bigger size battery. i believe 1700mah is just not enough. Why not add a 2000mah?

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  • Xperia

    This, sort of made me feel like Sony is not professional. Kind of remind me they introduced the Arc S after Arc has cracked casing problem. And now with Xperia S suffering from yellow tint, they start to introduce Xperia SL. I had Xperia Arc, and bought Arc S. Now I am on Xperia S with yellow tint and they decided to do a spec bump without yellow tint..

  • get ur xperia s replaced…, sony is replacing the devices. and tint problem was on specific units, it’s not present now

  • sharique shaikh

    Wait they replaced mine and they should replace yours too! :| you should i think once check out the service center! 

  • doraemonboi

    No news on what phone Sony is going to come out for next year? Hopefully a quad core with more RAM. Larger capacity battery too!

  • Atakantelkok

    Arc = LT15i

    Arc s. = LT18i

    Xperia s = LT26i

    Xperia ? = LT26ii

    I thing they won’t chance hardware, it maybe 4g.

  • Snow

    If anything, they should improve the battery life. Get a 2000mAh+ battery on there! 

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  • Xperia

    @Abhishek & Sharique : I got my Xperia S replaced with a new one as well, the old one has yellow tint + spot, and now the new one has slight yellow gradient in the bottom of the screen, complained to my provider and another brand new replacement on its way. Problem is, I am receiving 12w11 build last time. I cannot even guarantee that the one that on its way will be 100% free of the problem. I am a big fan of Sony myself, but I would prefer for them to release a very good quality phone at once, instead of releasing a ‘refreshed same phone’, if you know what i mean. It is unfair as well for the fact that Xperia S has just been released a few months back and now they are releasing updated model, that means after approx 5 months from the Xperia S release date, the phone already become an ‘old model’. They have good designs, but not really good at quality control.. I still can remember, P800 with faulty keypad, Xperia X1 with casing problem, Xperia Arc with casing is very annoying to pay expensive price but at the end it gave you so much hassle to replace or claiming the warranty.. Oh well, can’t complain, they probably still developing new strategy after SE era. I just hope that Mint or International GX will be released soon, as I am definitely getting one!

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  • kEiThZ

    With Sony’s update record, it’s hard to trust them.  I’d rather see them put off the launch a month or two and start off with Jellybean.

  • Xperia

    btw, it sounds like mercedez isn’t it? s-class and sl-class.. in which sl-class is the coupe cabriolet version of the car. haha

  • If they make Xperia SL then please make the battery removable [like LG phones]
    and use standard SIM, as it has enough space for it, but Sony wastes the space for the opening!

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  • Rrytyu

    LT26ii, i for Indoensia ? IMO

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  • Krazze

    Is Sony Xperia SL Waterproof?

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