Who is still waiting for the Xperia ICS update? [Poll]

by XB on 3rd July 2012

in Android, Firmware

Ok we got ripped apart by some people in our previous post where we were asking if users were happy with the Android 4.0 ICS Xperia update. There are a number of people that are clearly miffed* that no update has yet rolled out to their handsets. Yes, we’ve already outlined ways that people can flash ICS to their handsets using FlashTool but some people clearly prefer to wait for the official updates which is absolutely fine. Not everyone wants to mess around with what might seem like a complex process.

Given some of the rage, we thought we would run a poll to find out how many of you have updated to ICS. For those that have updated we want to know whether this was by official means (PC Companion or Update Service) or unofficial means (FlashTool). This is open to all those with a 2011 Xperia device and the Xperia S. It will give us an idea of how many people are still waiting, so please vote in the poll below.

Have you updated your Xperia to official Android 4.0 ICS?

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*Just to be clear, Xperia Blog is a fan site and has no affiliation with Sony. Clearly some people still do not realise this!

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