Xperia P ICS update landing in early August?

by XB on 5th July 2012

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Now that the Sony Xperia S has received the Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich update, the attention turns to other members of the Xperia NXT family. Sony Mobile always said that the Xperia P would follow the Xperia S in seeing the ICS update with the Xperia U to follow later in Q3 2012. Now we have the first indication of when the Xperia P ICS update will land.

Sony Mobile Italia spilled the beans over at their Facebook page in response to a customer query about the Xperia P Android 4.0 update. The representative said that the “software for ICS is planned for early August” (translated). What we don’t know is whether this is the date the Xperia P ICS update rolls out globally or whether this is the Italian release only. We’ll bring you any further updates on the release dates as we get them.

Sony Mobile Italia


  • August ?? isn’t this too late ?

  • Concha

    Better late than never.. ;-)

  • King-James

    shame on you sony

  • strongful_brother

    Lets hope this time they get right

  • Fauzi

    better fast than late.. ;-)

  • Hansip87

     Better stable then fast ;)

  • According to Wikipedia, Android 4.0.1 was released on October 19, 2011. Sony must have been working on the Xperia P around that time…so this is more than unacceptable.

  • Bogaloids_1314


  • leo

    As I knew that XPERIA S ICS update had already rolled out. 

  • i think SONY can never ever understand what Xperia P users want..

  • Do u think they understand what other sony xperia users want ? :D 

  • Basharca

     Better fast and stable then late and unstable like what happened with the Xperia S :P

  • wyvern

    They got the code after the launch of the nexus then it needed to make it compatible with the device test it certify it and bug test to ensure it is a stable rom. It takes a long time. This is going to get shorter now google have released the new platform development kit so updates should come faster. People bash sony but the fact is the firmware releases take time to get right and stable.

  •  Sorry but that is no excuse. Plenty of other companies have launched ICS devices this year and also updated their older devices. Sony can’t even create a stable 2.3 experience, so what exactly are they doing? It is painfully obvious that they are in over their heads and need to increase their development resources. Sony doesn’t have a very good history with being able to create quality software.

  • sharique shaikh

    Can you name one company thAt updated all there phones since 2011 and left only a single device? Okay I agree they are late but atleast they are updating unlike Samsung or htc who left many phones on GB!

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  • what the hell are u doing on a tech blog when u don’t have a simple idea that sony is the only company to update most of it’s android devices to ICS. 
    and sony also has launched newer phones with ICS, except for the 4 nxt devices

  • HTC will be updating a fair amount of their old phones … but I also think HTC are a bit of a joke.

  • Why the hell are you defending Sony? They release new 2.3 phones in a time where 4.0 has been out for 6 months. Their 2.3 ROM is buggy as hell and they have released numerous updates but it still has issues, do you not understand the simple idea that this is unacceptable for consumers? Unlike other 2.3 manufactures they also force MTP on us and give us software for the Mac that doesn’t work at all, making it near useless. On a tech blog you should understand that we are very keen to get the latest and greatest.

  • jx

    2.3.7 for Sony NXT series was the most, advance and stable gingerbread version ever. You want proof? just watch video reviews not written reviews and you will see how Sony’s Gingerbread is superior to others

  • Go away troll. You want proof? Try using an Xperia P or visiting user forums. Lots of crashes and issues (mine crashed during initial setup and again 30 minutes later). If their 2.3.7 is so stable then why have they released 3+ updates and yet it still has issues?


    I agree with this as I have been using the Xperia U for months now with no crashes,freezing or anything that I can see that is called a bug. It’s very stable. And this stable GB version on the U was from first retail firmware. HTC for example their phones are unstable and as buggy as hell. Quit bashing Sony when the likes of even Samsung took a while on some of its devices.

  • Tarekali

    c-c-c-combo breaker!!

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  • weeeeee8888888888

    2.3.4work pertty well on 2011 xperia series

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  • Martin Rychter

    My XperiaP is very stable for more than month of serious use, no crashes, bugs … has not downloaded a single fix (skipped the last one for its bad references in the forum). Looking forward to ICS upgrade but only for the new features, stability is not an issue for me.

    Used to have HTC Desire (flagship in 2010) and their support was horrible – tried to skip GB upgrade, finally released “try on your risk” buggy version 2.3.4 (no OTA) which was painful… Could not match 2.3.7 on Xperia which runs like hell :-)

    And agree with previous posts – better wait for stable build than complain for buggy version :-)

  • sharique shaikh

    FYI HTC left its salsa and chacha or something on GB they could have updated it they both have 1 ghz processor if they can update htc rhyme to ICS than why not these two? Trio has 1 Ghz!  

  • dc9

    u bloody fool don’t know anything and your constantly bashing Sony without any knowledge.your comments are the dumbest row1

  • Pedram_22370

    My Xperia P is very stable too!
    I don’t know what are you talking about row1!
    one other thing! when you update something this does not mean that something is wrong with that thing! maybe your’e just trying to make it better…
    I read your comments, and for sure something is wrong with you…

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  • Bboymonk1990

    Finally it’s coming after a long hold…,..,,

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  • Srprashant91

    Sony has done an exceptional job in updating all of their 2011 devices whereas companies like HTC, Samsung and LG have faltered. I last read that the optimus 2X and optimus Black wont receive an ICS update (mind it that optimus 2X has a dual core processor and more than sufficient ram). No doubt Sony is taking its time to deliver its updates, All we sony users need is a little patience on our part.

  • Iamraymond

    i agree xperia p 2.3.7. is very stable

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