Sony LT30 ‘Mint’ details leaked by Bluetooth SIG

by XB on 6th July 2012

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Sony LT30The Sony LT30 smartphone, codenamed Mint, will be very similar to the LT29 ‘Hayabusa’ (Japanese version: Xperia GX) according to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group. Their listing for the handset says that the “design is part of the premium product line” and goes on to say that it features an “attractive ARC design with metal back cover”.

Bluetooth SIG lists the specs of the Sony LT30 as having a 4.6-inch (720 x 1280) display, 13MP camera capable of 1080p video recording, 720p front facing camera and MHL output. In terms of dimensions, the size of the phone will be 129 x 68 x 9 mm and will weigh 140g. This compares to the Xperia GX (which should launch internationally as the LT29i) that has the same specifications listed above with slightly larger dimensions of 131 × 69 × 10.5 mm but will weigh a lighter 127g.

Sony LT30

Via Blog of Mobile.

Thanks Kihoon and Sharique!

  • great thats awesome, i hope they dont use tn screen cos lack of wieving angle

  • Grishm

    Finally the international version of Xperia GX! Sony, FTW!

  • Kotleta

    great news. So inside information about new releaset in august  was true afterall ;)

  • dereknobuyuki

    I hope they can make some improvements to the launcher, notifications, and the lock screen over the GX.

    The notifications area is okay on the GX but incorporating more jelly bean notification area features would be great for the mint launch (even if it doesn’t have full on jelly bean yet)

    The lock screen on GX allows you a few options:
    1.) slide right to unlock
    2.) slide left to go to camera
    3.) swipe the centre clock left to get shortcut buttons
    4.) swipe the centre clock right to get media playback buttons (play, stop, fast forward, etc…)

    This is okay, but I think it would be great to allow more customizable information to be display from the lock screen.

    Finally, the launcher on the GX is rather bland. Some minor tweaks to make it a little closer to stock ICS or JB (perhaps some of the minor animations) would also be nice for their mint launch, in my opinion.

  • The Truth Must Be Said

    Well, still GS3. OneX and OneS are better choices than sony’s flagship smartphone
    And not to mention Huawei’s smartphone as well (quad core)+ LG’s smartphone
    And What about what I heard that sony will make a phone with a 5 inch screen
    Sony kinda sucked this year but I still fan of it :)

  • Well, it’s not. The article says the GX will launch internationally as LT29i. LT30i should be a different phone then, and not an international GX.

  • AsadMulla

    did you see the blog about White magic display. They compared it to 11 other top smartphones it it came top with flying colours. Doesn’t say which other handsets though. Hope it was the white magic display on the LT30

  • surethom

    This is good news, But, How long do we Now have to wait before Sony announces this, It would be nice before the end of the month.

  • lovebmw

    Ironically, you should know the tradition, they will wait until jelly beam is out so that they can release the phone with ics and so that we can complain.

    I am sure it will be a September release, and to ruin any chance of people buying an sl. Waiting for the z line

  • Hunted

    It would be great in every front if SONY release this phone with Jellybean :)

  • SomeBody

    U don’t even know the specs and look of the phone, still u judge it… :(
    I’m really getting sick of $hitsung’s Galaxy Soap III… What’s so great about it? Please someone enlighten me! 8 mp camera, Cortex A9 processor, Pentile screen… looks kinda lame to me and HTC is a joke… Sense? that’s the biggest failure I have ever seen. And the look of their phones.. yuck, even nokia has better design with their brickphones. Tell me a phone that has a 13MP RGBW sensor in it, Clean & High End looking UI, good software optimization, good music player (like WALKMAN) etc… These are what matters not core numbers ;)

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  • ipatz

    I’m confused. What should I get Xperia SL, LT29i, or Mint?

  • DragonClaw

    You would rather not be happy. As JellyBean will take lots of time to come on phones not branded by Google. And I do not think you will want this phone to launch that late, would you?

  • Cloud_Connected

    Same here… Should I get the state of the art successor to my Arc S or should I go for a “monolithic” style successor of the new Xperia line that matches my sony tv?? ;)

    A docking station that features hdmi & BT is a must… So I ll have to wait what phone will have that accessoire…


    I say match your TV!

  • ahhh…. u guys are still not getting it!!!
    International GX will be LT29i and LT30 mint is a diff. device

  • what if this device turns out to be one of the FIVE NEXUS phones that are being prepped up for this yr…???

  • can you just leave this blog and let SONY fans celebrate about the recent cool developments being made by SONY in mobile department…!!!

  • nope… it will be an early october release and most probably with JELLY BEAN bcoz LT30i MINT is being rumoured as the ONE of the five google nexus devices this yr

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  • just wait until MINT gets official…  max 3 more months to go!!! 
    in between SL and LT29i would be launched and prices would also get dropped and u can easily decide which one to embrace

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  • ipatz

     You’re right. But if this is real Mint , I’d go with SL or LT29i.

  • “the truth must be said” should not leave this blog .. as he/she is only saying what alot of people are saying… Its all down to advertising and sony phones exposure… people are thinking quad core phone are mega fast and smooth cause thats how samsung and htc have advertised it …

    Sony need to point out to the masses:

    13mp camera to capture those memorable moments
    Best Music Player on any phone to date
    Sleek phone design that’ll make any fashion-ee-ster proud
    Get some pics with some celebrities using the phones (djs, music artist ,film and soap stars)
    Get the phone some feature roles in movies and music videos (this is what sony are planning to do) 
    Get sony mobile smartphone into sony stores… (big opportunity to show off how the products integrating with each other)

    Other than Xperia Blog, i hardly hear anyone else saying anything good about sony phones.. even when i go to phone shops they constantly speak about apple or samsung..  

    I want sony to help me to fly the sony mobile flag… i love my xperia 

  •  I’m also confused. I feel like an Apple customer. Should I uprade or not?

  • I think it’s unlikely that’s real. It has physical buttons, and those are phased out since ICS does not longer require them.

  • it doesn’t have “the arc design” specifically mentioned in the leaks…
    btw even if this is the real mint i will choose it bcoz it looks way more premium and sophisticated and truly “SONY”

  • Mehdi Moha

    fuck you sony for what you have done on our xoeria play

    and damn yo for soo many similar phone , but no xperia play 2

  • Feanor

    I’m starting getting bored of your messages.

  • Feanor

    This is bad news for me. The specs sound great but I hoped for an NXT design, not an arc design. A perfect Sony phone would have these specs but the design of the Xperia P. I own both an arc and a P and I can tell which attracts more attention and compliments.

  • Sb2camille
  • nfredrik

    That’s not a Mint (LT30p) prototype…

  •  It’s not all about the specs, man. I’d rather have a phone with mediocre specs that does everything well than one with the latest gizmos that does everything soso. The One X being an example of a soso phone despite its specs.

  • nxt glowing strip resulted in unnecessary usage of space inside phone’s chassis resulting in fattier devices than general.
    And don’t even compare design of arc with NXT. ARC had a legendary and timeless design which can’t be beaten by anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • WOOHOOOOOOO………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that looks killer!!!! 
    I would love to own this device>>>

  • maybe u didn’t get what that dude was pointing out there!!!
    he feels exactly opposite of what u feel. All he said was that SONY devices aren’t still as good as competing devices especially this yr one’s

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  • Ranie

    This guy is always insisting Xperia Play 2 on all forums. OMG he is just like a little kid. No more Xperia Play because it’s a flop. Stop moaning about Xperia Play 2, Okay?

  • Feanor

    Well… Hmm… I’m a product designer and my also product designer friends find the design of the P incomparable. I was actually receiving quite a few negative comments for my arc. It’s an interesting design concept but the execution is very poor. The NXTs look much more upmarket.

  • weeeeee8888888888

    Maybe S(L) come with s3 overclocked1.7ghz and without yellow tint display and with larger srceen..???

  • Domino

     Xenon in 9 mm with arc design ?

  • Grishm

    The article says the phone features “an attractive ARC design with metal back cover”. Now, wouldn’t that be Xperia GX?

  • Tom

    hahahahahaha u again ?

  • lovebmw

    if only this was a quadd processor, i know its not that better than a dual S4 chip, but i honestly believe 19 million poeple bought a galaxy SIII is bc of that and the screen, sony could use a sale like that… 

  • ??? 19 million people haven’t bought a gs3. This is just an estimate of how many units samsung expects to ship by the end of quarter 3 ( September 30, 2012). As usual sammy are ripping numbers out of their backside.
    I expect this phone, as well as others in the “Sony Premium” range, to have a significant impact on samsung’s market share over the next 6 months.

  • Tom

    what the hell? sony has launched a lot of xperia smartphones, sony betrayed its customers !
    sony and samsung go to shitting hell, fuck you !

    i’ve waiting for hTC or iphone5 better!

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  • Cloud_Connected

    I think I’ m gonna do so, but first Sony has to release that device with state of the art specs! Hope that mint will take that role…but arc design? Where is the real (not sl) xperia NXT successor??

  • Albert Octavianus

    GX has matte back cover for black and normal one for white AFAIK, if it is metal back cover, it shouldn’t be matte.

  • Dbuj

    It would be SSOOOOO disappointing if it’s not a 4G phone

  • Cloud_Connected

    Is there a chance that the mint will feature the new NXT Gen design instead of the.propagated arc design?

  • Cloud_Connected

    Where did you get that information from? (concerning the lack of arc design)

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  • i said all this in reply to ‘ipatz’ who provided a link to image of a prototype sony device(leaked earlier this yr) which doesn’t have the arc design.
    btw… abt LT30i mint it’s confirmed that it will come with a design similar to arc

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  • IMHO XS screen is better. I just looked at(and tested)  an GS3 in a store, and although it’s bright and colorful, the pentile tech really breaks it. It looks like a lot lower PPI than 305… Love the phone otherwise, but the screen’s not what it’s cracked up to be… 

  • Cloud_Connected

    Thx for the info!

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  • dereknobuyuki

    Albert is right. GX has a matte black back cover (or a matte white back cover). It’s definitely not metal; it’s the same material as the X10

  • dereknobuyuki

    I can’t speak for other devices but the GX (LT29 Hayabusa) dock is pretty easy to use and is always demoed hooked up to a monitor via HDMI from the dock plus a bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

    Using a bluetooth keyboard and mouse is a pretty poor experience, BUT dock to monitor or TV seems to work quite well (works a lot better than my Galaxy Tab 10.1 to TV does)

  • Cloud_Connected

     Thanks for the hint to the GX dock – I´ve found the video: The dock does pretty much what I expect from it. If sony doesn´t deliver an NXT design successor I will go for the GX.

  • it’s kinda disappointing :( LT29i looks much better than MINT

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