Xperia GX sample pictures from final retail unit

by XB on 10th August 2012

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The last time we brought you sample pictures from the Sony Xperia GX it was over three months ago. Now thanks to one of our regular readers (Coollead), we have some sample photos from a final retail unit of the Xperia GX.

There are some lovely pictures including some from Kinkaku-ji (Temple of the Golden Pavilion). It looks like the 13MP stacked CMOS sensor is a big improvement over the 12MP sensor found in the Sony Xperia S. See the pictures below and you can click to enlarge each photo to its full resolution.

Sony Xperia GX sample pictures from retail unit

[Click to enlarge]

Thanks @coollead!

  • nfs2010

    Wow! I’m sold – looking forward to upgrading to GX from Ion :P . Hopefully it’ll be available in the states soon.

    Thanks a lot, Coollead & XB!

  • weeeeee8888888888


  • Metallica

    its almost like the xperia s ..

  • paul4id

    Good old Kyoto.

  • Sgt-3zeez

    i have two dreams now …

    to go to japan .

    to get me a GX


  • Xlash Andraid


  • Coolkid

    @xperiablog:disqus  Does it have HDR recording…????

  • The quality is a clearly inferior to the first pictures we got from e-price in a recent post. The GX has the same default as the Xperia S : too much compression and therefore too much noise.

  • Indeed, when it comes to take photo in low light conditions, ExmorR it`s just marketing blah-blah. Xperia GX it`s no exception. Maybe someday, in this century, Sony will hear about a thing called dual-led flash `cause I guess xenon flash it`s too much to ask for…

  • FlowXT

    What’s more impressive is that someone managed to both buy a GX [i]and[/i] visit the golden temple in a matter of about the day. 

  • miki69

     true. Looks more like Xperia S samples. I can only hope happy owner was ehhh too happy, resulting in quite few blurry shots. Nowhere near those initial samples we’ve seen few days ago.


  • miki69

     “sad but true” – Metallica


  • callumshell1

    They are horribly compressed, just like on the Xperia S.

  • Metallica

    yeah, good news for xperia s owners i guess 

  • oh crap, why sony use compressed again.
    please add software to enable or disable compress foto

    okay sony have point speed but no quality foto 
    please use xenon flash 

  • R Pedroso

    It’s a phone, not a camera. 

  • Coollead

    I bought the phone Thursday, went to Kyoto on Friday! Not too hard.

  • slblack

    horrible,,,apple uses sony sensors and creates magic.

    sony uses sony sensors and creates this horribly compressed mess.

  • Guest

    I cant see the improvement of image quality compare to 2011 Xperia … anyone else?

  • Kinkaku-ji and Kiyomizu-dera are spectacular sights….

  • Kinkaku-ji and Kiyomizu-dera are spectacular sights….

  • betatesterz

    Don’t know if something’s wrong with my eyes or anything but the pictures look worse then what i can produce with my XS right now

  • DragonClaw

    The pictures will look alright (Perhaps awesome, if the display is nice) when viewed on the phone. But on my PC, when zoomed to native resolution, its simply too blurry. 

  • 15923

    Let it come to my pocket plz><

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  • Jerry Berglund

    well the pictures look fin as long you dont Zoom in to see the details. Those pictures is round 3MB why? My brother teases me because his Iphone 4s can actually get better pictures with much more detail. A picture from Iphone is round 5-6 MB. And yes in a way Iphonepictures do get a lot better than mine when they sent through MMS. It is really annoying, becuase the pictures is not bad. 

  • megane198

    The image quality is quite different from this (SO-04D) compared to LT29i sample pictures in the previous post.

  •  I think the original phototaker set it to 8mp.
    because its not 13mp by default

  • evita

    I would happy to see him get more familiar with his new device few weeks before get some real good shot!

  • FlowXT

    Thanks for sharing these photos. Do you find it takes better/worse pictures compared with your previous phones? 13.1 MP may sound impressive to us but Japan had high-spec garake for years, so I wonder how this fares in comparison. 

  • XYZ

    Need a better compression algorithm. Use the BIONZ engine from their camera range.

  • compressed and over-sharpened.
    By the way, any reports about its battery life yet? I returned my S because of its laughable battery life…

  • Silver Scythe

    What I’ve noticed is that, if I open up my phone and clean the surface of the camera lens with a clean piece of cotton or moist handkerchief, it makes a decently big difference in the photo clarity. I own an Xperia Neo. Maybe this guy’s camera lens was slightly dusty. And trust me, Sony’s not dumb. They’re only improving. Cut them some slack, give them some time. After all, they do make the best designs out there.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    Why do those pictures have extra resolution 4128×2322 versus 1920×1080?

  • T1m0thy1

    high compression rate…=3=
    a little bit wasteful for the powerful sensor

  • Coollead

    …There is no 8mp setting, these are my pictures. They’re either on 11MP 16:9 or 13MP full resolution.

  • Coollead

    It takes much better pics compared to the Arc, and significantly better pics than my Sharp SH-06A with the 12MP sensor… I think Japanese phones had high megapixel counts but most were slow and could not focus well, especially in bad lighting situations.

  • Coollead

    It’s the first couple of days, but the battery life isn’t holding up so well. I assume it’s because the battery hasn’t really gotten broken in yet… I hope it gets better soon. I’ve had to use my portable charger every day since buying it Thursday.

  • boosook

    The quality is simply… awful. Why are they increasing the sensor resolution again if they can’t get a decent quality? Compression is not the problem: it is just noise. Noise and heavy noise reduction, and there’s no detail.
    Some years ago I took a picture of the Kinkaku-ji (the golden temple) with a compact 8mp Canon camera (the S80) and I can tell you that the difference is huge. 
    Also, look at the 4th picture full size… no detail at all, everything smeard by noise reduction, and this meanse that the sensor is just too noisy. That’s why Apple and Samsung are staying with 8 mp even on their high-end phones: they know that you can’t put so many pixels on such a small sensor.
    If I were Sony, I would be ashamed to sell a high-end phone with such a bad picture quality

  • miki69

    Oddly, I was expecting more camera samples from GX (since it’s sold-out in record time), aside from those images posted by Coollead, there aren’t any…..



  • guangu188

  • dereknobuyuki

    I’ve finally been able to upload 94 full size images from the Xperia GX.

    Basically, the camera is quite decent for a mobile phone and is really really fast.
    It will at times tell me it is “backlighting” my images.

    I doubt it’s the new stacked sensor.
    At times there’s a lot of noise but other times are okay.
    There are tons of settings but all the photos (except for 1 panorama) were taken with all default/auto settings (the most typically use scenario for users taking photos).

    Again, the camera is decent… but photo people will still want to process and touch up/tweak/adjust their photos.

    If you are unable to download the full size images, then let me know.

  • dereknobuyuki

    A lot of my Xperia GX photos/videos do look a lot better on the device itself with the Bravia display thing but on the computer definitely don’t look as good.

    Zoomed to native resolution, it looks pretty normal though.
    Zoomed to native resolution, my $1000+ camera doesn’t look all *that* different.

    I think the camera is quite decent but likely wouldn’t taken some trophy for best non-nokia mobile phone camera.

  • dereknobuyuki

    nice! =)
    I took me more than a day (although less than 24 hours) to get from the mobile phone shop to Mt. Fuji haha =)

  • dereknobuyuki

    It takes better pictures than my Xperia X10 but that’s probably not saying much.
    Actually, I also have Casio Exilim camera phones (the ones that look like point and shoot cameras but then flip open to be a regular mobile phone … aside from the lens protruding too much)

    I think the Xperia GX takes better pictures than my Casio Exilim phones.
    Although the casio makes women’s skin look smoother and sparkly, the GX looks far more like reality with a touch more saturation (than reality)

  • dereknobuyuki

    I saw your post on XDA, so I uploaded 94 more photos

    Although I’m still missing some low-light photos from today.

    I’m really glad coollead could share photos. I was planning to share photos but the launch day got pushed back to the same day I was leaving to climb Mt. Fuji (so I could only share photos by uploading them to twitpic from the side of the mountain)

  • yike

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