Why the Sony Xperia V is the real new flagship

by XB on 30th August 2012

in Xperia T, Xperia V

Sony Mobile has touted the Xperia T (LT30p) as the new flagship of its Xperia range. However, if we take its 4.6-inch display size out of the equation, then a strong case can be made that instead the 4.3-inch Sony Xperia V is the real flagship. It carries many of the same features including the chipset (the MSM8960 versus the MSM8260A in the Xperia T are virtually the same), 1GB RAM, 13MP camera, NFC, MHL and PlayStation Certification.

The Sony Xperia V loses out to the Xperia T in terms of storage (8GB of flash storage versus 16GB for the Xperia T), it also has a VGA front camera versus the 1.3MP front camera on the Xperia T. The Xperia V also does not have a dedicated camera shutter key which is a shame and a lower capacity battery. However, the Xperia V improves in a number of areas. It is after all a water and dust resistant device. It also has a higher pixel density display than that seen on the Xperia T.

The real kicker is that there are at least five features that the Xperia V has that is not present in any other Xperia (including the Xperia T/TX):

1) Bluetooth 4.0 (the Xperia T has Bluetooth 3.1).

2) Mobile BRAVIA Engine2: An evolution of Mobile BRAVIA Engine delivering an ever better viewing experience by adding a new real-time contrast optimisation and improving sharpness enhancement on top of high quality colour management and noise reduction.

3) ClearAudio+ mode: Developed with Sony’s own signal processing technologies, allows users to effortlessly enjoy audio quality that may have been stripped away by music compression. ClearAudio+ mode incorporates a variety of Sony’s sound technologies, but with one simple operation, users can easily enjoy Sony recommended sound in ultimate clarity and presence, across the entire spectrum of sound.

4) HDR (High Dynamic Range): The camera quickly captures the image twice with different exposure levels and layers it together to create one optimised photo. HDR is automatically activated when Superior Auto detects scenes with strong backlight.

5) Superior Auto: Technology used in Sony Cyber-shot Digital Cameras that intelligently detects scenes (up to nine scenes), sets most optimal settings for still image, and applies best image processing including layered technology (up to four photos), making it easy to get the best shot even in a dark or backlight scene.

After reading all of this, which phone sounds like the flagship to you? Sony has clearly featured most of its new technology exclusively into the Xperia V, so for us, we see it as the real flagship despite what Sony says.

  • dacha

    It sure is the better phone. I wish it would be available in the US market.

  • Imagine a 1700-1800 battle on the seas. The army’s flagship would be the biggest, fanciest ship. Not the one most suited for battle.
    I agree that the V does sound more interesting though.

  • litoni

    V’s features are good but the design wise is not much appealing than TX (GX,Hayabusa).
    but then again i might just wait for the Xperia Nexus first before deciding.

  • For me it’s perfect. Shut up & take my money

  • callumshell1

    The only issue I have with it is the design. It’s so plain and boring. Won’t stop me buying one if it’s a reasonable price, however.

  • AlexBurnout

    Why? The number 30 is obviously bigger that 29 (LT30p).
    Awesome job, Sony. Pure awesomeness!

  • lovebmw

    Sooooooooo the v has nfc?

  • lovebmw

    Sooooooooo the v has nfc?

  • Mikiko

    I was comparing the Acro S and the V yesterday. No way is the V better than the T/TX or the Acro S for that matter. It uses Exmor R™ for mobile image sensor vice the CMOS like T and Acro S, then of course the VGA FF camera, same IP55 / IP57 as Acro S, lacking ports, camera button etc.. it’s sort of like comparing the Xperia S (now the T) with the Xperia P (now the V).. P had a nicer design and dock, but overall S had the specs

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    yes it does

  • Devils_95

    I’m still buying the Xperia T just because my last name starts with “T” lol

  • Devils_95

    And also because I think it will be the only one available in the USA.

  • hope they can explain more about mobile bravia engine 2

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    as I said on another article EDITED THANKS: uuggghhhh… still hard to get a perfect Xperia phone so I had never upgraded from my x8 at the beginning of the year it was because Xperia P had WhiteMagic (so I can read on the phone outside) and not the Xperia S and none of the NXT series had a removable battery I want my phone to last, then this ARC 2.0 series came out and the V is the only one who has Bravia Engine 2, HDR video (I think?),Bluetooth 4.0, Superior Auto and Clearaudio+ but no camera button or 1.3MP front camera versus the VGA, and it has a more powerful processor using the same battery as the Xperia S, I just can’t settle on a smartphone because of this fragmentation although anything even the Tipo is better than my X8

  • AsadMulla

    Whats up with people constantly saying “take my Money” ?????

  • Why is the Xperia V the real flagship? Clear Audio and Bravia Engine 2 are both a software layer that for sure can be exported to other devices in the same way that Beats Audio. It’s just a gimmick, a marketing strategy.

  • AsadMulla

    When I was reading the specs, I preferred the V. 4.3″ screen is more appealing and it also has LTE. UK should be get LTE soon. I also like the look of it more than the other

  • Boško

    Just wait xperia ts :)))

  • AsadMulla

    Xperia T has some good specs But I prefer the Xperia V if only there was an xperia TV it would be perfect.;-)

  • miki69

    not because of 007? :)

  • mountain

    You forgot that V has quadband LTE while T has HSPA only.

  • angry xperia user

    lol.. I read every day about new Xperias released every month.. and this one was NEVER EVER SHOWN and now it’s the best sony’s got to offer…….. FUCK THIS :@…. but I’m still happy with my Xperia S….

  • Xlash Andraid

    What the fack ever, this is my next Xperia for damn fakcing sure. I’ll love it so much my girlfriend is gonna be so jealous hahaha.

  • Julio Spinoza

    makes reference on an episode of futurama, where Fry decides to buy the brand new ¨eye phone¨ you should see that episode, epic!

  • thiru

    Am impressed with design of v and am feeling xperia v is much better. Can any one pls let me know approx price details of V? Xperia blog pls reply what ‘ll be the price approximately?

    Already waited for sx international but disappointed.

  • malih

    if it’s a TV, it wouldn’t fit in the pocket, I wouldn’t want to carry that around

    But seriously, the V is my phone of choice, pending availability and pricing, cause on Sony Mobile website for my region it only mentions Xperia T, and Acro S as coming soon, but no V.

  • FlowXT
  • Evita

    A definitely reason is limited market availability, that’s why V is not flagship.

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  • hansip87

    Meh, there’s XDA as always ;)

    Seriously, i’m more into the TX however, the T has that ugly chinless at the bottom, really turns me off.. the TX (GX) has that arc and some element of bordered plastic (reminds me of Nokia Lumia actually) but nonetheless, the design is really hawt.. The V is my second option, but unfortunately it didn’t make the list into Indonesia :(

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    No WP8 version – NO SALE. I’m tired of all those lagdroid phones. Great design and hardware wasted with crappy and overrated software. After using this crappy OS since 1.2, I say – never again! It lags even on the latest hardware and no google magic “butter” would ever fix that. Besides, anything google is sooo 2011 :D

  • If the Battery is same as T., V will be the perfect phone!!

  • scarmic

    Xperia V is better in size and features, but the lack of camera button is really a shame for a cameraphone. Sorry, but I remain on my Xperia S <3

  • Cloud_Connected

    Hell I just bought a Sony Cybershot HX20V: the Xperia V offers some of the features of the Cybershot… Impressing. Also BT 4.0 is kinda good – hope the next smartwatch will feature BT4 too.

  • Stéphane Mauris

    Yes Xperia V seems like the High End but full price will be probably higher for Xperia T. And “LT 30” not 25….
    For me Xperia T is really the high end 2012, but in the V we can find many news which will be available for others Xperia next year . (LTE , New Bravia Engine …..)

  • ProWeirdo

    Looks fancy, as I see Xperia S is not in the center of attention now, I hope it won’t complicate preparing Jelly Bean on it, I hope Xperia S is not.. “too weak device”. ;|

  • ProWeirdo

    It’s a text from cartoon called “futurama”. If you don’t remember this, you propably had shitty childhood :)

  • AsadMulla

    didnt watch futurama. I used to watch simpsons instead

  • AsadMulla

    4.3″ tv screen not a bad size. or a compromise 4.45″ 4.3 V – 4.6 T

  • weintor

    Is this better than Acro S? I was waiting for Acro S and now arrives Xperia V….

  • miki69

    I believe some of these points are software related (HDR, Superior scene mode), so it can come to Xperia T via software update. More like a marketing gimmicks to boost V sales.. Also Bravia engine 2 is a software thing:

    Not sure if it can be applied, but it doesn’t sound like a different screen type, as i said it’s more software related.


  • BluScorp91

    Im just sadi haven’t got one now, lol.

  • Simão Lúcio

    thanks! I was wondering the same thing…

  • The Xperia T is the flagship not the Xperia V…

  • Kowalski

    Another day another sony flagship phone, released with old software and the promise of imminant updates, heard it all before (Arc, Arc S, Xperia S) the main problem with Sony remains there frankly appaling cutomer service and sloth like update regime, My Arc will be my first and last Sony phone and no matter how high the spec or how grand the promises Sony do not give a monkeys about exisitng customers and that will ultimatly cost them in the long run.

  • Ola

    What phone is SONY promoting as the business use flagship?

    The shipped Xperia S earlier this year and now Xperia SL is
    about hitting the market where do these new phones then go?

  • Lunkz

    DSP Manager is Better than any other software

  • Nick

    Both T & V are very nice but i ll stay with my S

  • Alvin Sebastian

    do anyone have info on new OptiContrast panel that Sony used on Xperia T/TX/V??

  • SO why are you here ranting ? It’s not like Sony is going to read this

  • Chris

    … S T U V … V > T, just have a look to the alphabet ;) Waiting for XPERIA Z ;)

  • Chris

    T: I fully agree!

    TX and V also not on german Sony site :( WHY SONY?!?!?

  • arco

    Both phones are based on MSM8960. The white paper on Sony web is wrong

  • Xperia V is obviously most wanted than the “T” just check CNET reviews, around 3 people want the T and over 30 people want the V , including myself.

  • Kaostheory

    On the Snapdragon Site all S4 plus chips have BT4.0

  • Heh

    Remind me of the One S.

  • arcwindz

    V was my first choice, i wanted the 4,3 inch, but it didn’t make the list… Now i don’t know which phone should i get (T.T)

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  • paul4id

    Yes, the need to release the V globally and stop all this farting about with too many models which have not been refined to perfection.

    (also need to release an Xperia Pro II :P)

  • Jose Luis

    Another difference between Xperia T and V, is the ppi (Display pixel density) the Xperia T = 323 / V = 342 like Xperia S… that is so ridiculous and called Sony Xperia T ” The ultimate HD experience ” where is the HD experience with 321 ppi ?

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    and also on the Xperia Tablet S

  • plusAnthony

    I think the SL will actually replace the S

  • please realease in the UK.

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  • Khanh NPQ

    Nah! The S specs are gud enoigh and the S still looks sexier! This arc design is boring

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  • bob

    Yeah, the camera button is bothering me a bit. 13 megapixels…

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  • Taky

    it’s simple, it’s only because the two devices have the same 1280*720 resolution but the don’t have the same screen size. so we have the same number of pixels on a bigger screen that doesn’t mean that the T’s screen is worse than the v’s.

  • Is a part of your childhood gone?


  • Xperia V is going to be my Christmas Present :P i will get it for sure :D

  • APai

    “VGA front camera versus”
    sorry. that’s a deal breaker for poeple who use the phone to skype. vga in 2013 ? wtf?!!!

    8gb again sounds like a mid range phone.
    WHAT is WRONG with sony ?

    …and you give a great camera / audio on it ?

    sony has gone bonkers.

  • APai

    when I buy a optimus G or a SGS3, I get the best of the deal the company has to throw at me, I don’t get features distributed amongst half a dozen phones. I want them all for a price. V has priced more than sgs3, and very close to note2 that’s superior to V clearly. I’m sorry, sony is making competition look VERY good.

  • APai

    Xperia T is a fantastic phone, would have been cooler if all the tech sony has thrown into half a dozen models were all available in one phone – the T

  • APai

    T is much more compact than the V – the screen pretty much spans across the device. with V there’s about half a centimeter more space on the top. design wise I’d say the t is better off when you are working with it

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  • The 8GB internal storage is a huge problem for gaming. Apps cannot be installed to SD card even I have a 32 GB card.

  • Diogo

    When will it come to Europe?

  • Yusuf Moosa

    I have a TV,its great ;)

  • Yusuf Moosa

    They’re promoting the T as a flagship,even though the V is arguably better.

  • Yusuf Moosa

    Was the S a water resistant,feature filled phone! The comparison is null

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