Xperia J to cost £191 in UK, set for late October release

by XB on 3rd September 2012

in Xperia J

The Sony Xperia J is the budget model out of the new models recently announced at IFA 2012. The stylish handset comes with a 4-inch FWVGA display, 1GHz single-core processor and 5MP camera. UK retailer Clove has confirmed that the black and white variants of the Xperia J are due to arrive on 29 October 2012 in the UK for £190.80. There is currently no ETA for the pink and gold versions.

This fits in with Sony’s original Q4 2012 release schedule. However, we are somewhat confused that another UK retailer, Carphone Warehouse, talked about the Xperia J being available this week (5 September). Maybe that was a typo, or maybe they have an exclusive. Either way we’ll find out for sure in the next few days.

  • DragonClaw

    29th October is too far. Sony needs to speed up things.
    Now Samsung announced Note II, and Sony announced the V. Say, the Note II hits the market before the V. People who want a high-end phone might decide to get the Note II, instead of waiting for the V, even though the V is better. And that way, Sony will loose a chunk of market share.
    And brands like LG will announce newer products better speced than the announced phones, and try to eat away the market for the announced Sony phones.

    Come on Sony, just make your phones hit the shelves as soon as possible. We customers will make sure that your figures touch sky high. :)

  • Vishwa Wickramanayaka

    So according to the 2012 roadmap what is this Atlas?

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    Xperia SL?

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  • Sean

    Xperia J is now £169 at O2

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