Sony Mobile website hacked?

by XB on 4th September 2012

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Hacktivist group Nullcrew claims that it hacked into and claimed control of eight Sony servers related to The attack was able to take place due to weak security according to Nullcrew. The group released the following statement in a dumped file on Pastebin:

Sony, we are dearly disappointed in your security. This is just one of eight Sony servers that we have control of. Maybe, just maybe considering IP addresses are available. Maybe, just maybe it’s the fact that not even your customers can trust you. Or maybe, just maybe the fact that you cannot do anything correct technologically.

The release on Pastebin shows a list of 441 usernames and email addresses, 24 usernames with hashed passwords and three admin data sets. Sony hasn’t confirmed the breach so far.

Via ZDNet.

  • Moe

    lol at the message they left sony

  • ThilinaC

    few angry xperia play users maybe lol

  • The Truth Must Be Said

    No quad core CPU !!!! No Snapdragon S4 Pro CPU !!!! No IPS screen !!!! No 5 inch phone !!!! No support for Xperia Play phone !!!! Pricey smartphones with old specs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sony you deserve what is happening to you.

  • Mike

    A quick google search shows that list of user email addresses were just a web trawl. Try it, you can find all those addresses using Google. I call fake (again, just like last time).

  • Hulk

    Normally, I dont care when companies get hacked. I even liked when Sony got hacked because of the suit against geohott. But now considering everything Sony is doing for the community, I’m pissed.

  • sony -a giant corporation- isn’t affected by this..the people’s whose usernames and addresses were leaked will be affected by this. You deserve to be banned from this site for your idiotic,repetitive, moronic spam-like comments. at the very least.

  • i’m GAMER

    no support xperia play !
    no xperia play 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    you can’t hear our request ??????????????

    you really reallly deserve it SONY

    you have killed all gamers and never heard our request , now take it

  • doraemonboi

    Sony just owned Samsung in the recent benchmark test and there is S4… Do your research. Pricey? Look at Samsung and Apple they are expensive too.

  • lol at all the misspellings and poor English in their ‘message’.

  • Clearly the work of ‘The Truth Must Be Said’

  • jeson kamalnath

    Bullshit! Do you expect Sony to spend millions on development of a phone, only to be bought by a few hundred gamers?? That’s why they lose money! The Xperia play was a huge failure. Except for a few people, nobody gave a damn. Sony is doing the wise thing by not focusing on Play 2. They should focus on phones like Xperia S, which sell well. They have to make profit.
    If you really want a play 2, bring all your gamer pals together and raise a few million dollars in money and give them to Sony, so that it will cover their development costs, manufacturing costs and also give them some profit. .

  • Xperia Blog.. you corrected their English, which was a little flattering to these Nullbrains. They actually spelt ‘disappointed’ as ‘dissapointed’, which was frankly ‘dissappointing’ of them. Prefixing the word with ‘dearly’ is also weird English…perhaps they meant ‘highly disappointed’. Other errors: they couldn’t spell ‘have’ ; they couldn’t spell ‘available’; in fact, the Nullbrains seem unable to do anything grammatically correct. Finally, Sony hasn’t ‘broken any trust with their customers, it’s the Nullbrains who have broken the law. All Sony customers like us should be hoping they are caught and jailed.

  • i’m GAMER

    take it as a gift from xperia play owners .

    F*** you sony

    you never hear gamer’s requests , no xperia play 2 ????????? no xperia play support ???

  • jeson kamalnath

    Just a bunch of jobless retards sitting in their mom’s basement, looking for some attention ;)

  • royesk

    The Xperia P’s screen is IPS!

  • just buy ps vita if you want a portable handheld…

  • Jiakushi

    Your just one of the few stupid people in the world -_____-
    Sorry man, but “The Truth Must Be Said”

  • Jason

    The reason the Xperia was a huge failure is precisely because they didn’t spend enough in the right places. They treated the Play like a generic phone and not a console; they expected third party developers to do the heavy lifting after the phone came out, especially outside of the Japanese market. It shouldn’t ever take over a year from launch to finally have software that the phone was essentially built to showcase (Verizon Play from 2.3.3 to 2.3.4), and still have the other carrier that sells the phone without (AT&T Play customers are stuck with 2.3.3 and cannot access the PS Store). To my last point, people may point the finger at carriers or say that it’s easy enough to root. To an extent, the carriers are to blame, but Sony went and didn’t properly develop the Play, released it with an OS that needed to be upgraded from, and then expect it to sell? And why should anyone have to modify their phone in any way to get it to function like it was advertised to?

  • lovebmw

    i agree

  • The Truth Must Be Said

    I know your little heart cannot tolerate the truth, that’s why you deny it. Anyway, I forgive you cause you’re excused *_^

  • The Truth Must Be Said

    Dear, Stop lying to yourself.

  • ,,l,,

    What a douchebag!

  • XperiaBlog

    Yes, we did. In hindsight though we should have left it untouched…

  • GuestAU

    I don’t think it is such a big deal, why don’t you try learn a foreign language yourself? ;)

  • doraemonboi
  • The Truth Must Be Said

    I say it to you again…
    Stop lying to yourself, kiddo.

  • doraemonboi

    Evidence is shown.. look at who is lying to himself. Go troll some where else.

  • XXX

    before you complain asshole, correct your grammar first!!! douchebag!!!

  • XXX

    don’t mind this guy, he’s a 40 year old dude that still live with his parents and never got the chance of having a real girl in his life that is why his here trolling!! NOW THE TRUTH HAS BEEN SAID

  • AndFTW

    He’s right S4 Pro is the Cortex A-15 Quad
    Xperia T uses a S4 Dual..

  • Sami

    Go and Hack Apple instead!!!

  • narfnarf

    Ha! Fuck Vita. Which has the most support for a handheld gaming device in the past year? Vita or Play? Do the math, boy!

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    vita clearly just name all the ten big games on Play versus already 20 big games on vita the rest are just minigames

  • lovebmw

    it was a test phone, and grabbed only few nerds…. the rest of the nerds stayed in their basements and where too scared of the sun to go get a play phone. dude Play + Phone must equal ate least 20 hours of energy abuse. a 30 minute phone call time and and couple of hours of play makes no sense.

  • Xlash Andraid

    I wouldn’t respect a crew of hackers that use a meme as their symbol…

  • I +1’d your comment because my little heart feels such pity towards your little brain. ;)

  • naathaanS

    who owns xperia play

  • naathaanS

    emm… because its not a console?

  • Alvin

    I agree…
    “The Truth Must Be Said”

  • Jason

    You missed the point; it can’t be a phone and a console? It has a hardware controller built in en lieu of a keyboard. Treating it like a generic phone and adding controller support to a few touch based games is a half measure at best. If it were given a library of PSP games rather than forgotten classics such as Jumping Jack Flash and Crash Bandicoot, it would have garnered a lot more interest.
    Your comment actually makes my point clear: people look at it as a cheap, Android smartphone and not a gaming device. Honestly, that’s why I bought the phone as it cost me $30. It was only upon actually owning it that I realized its wasted potential.

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  • NeuturalZone

    You’d be surprised. Some doing this is how they get scouted for their hacking skills. And hired by organisations.

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