AT&T and Rogers Android 4.0.4 ICS update for Xperia ion now available

by XB on 19th September 2012

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We started to see the Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich roll out to LTE Xperia ion (LT28i) handsets last week. The update was made available to Rogers customers (LT28i) in Canada earlier this week with firmware build version 6.1.E.1.19.

However, the Android 4.0.4 ICS update has also started to roll out to AT&T customers in the United States this evening. Owners of the AT&T Xperia ion (LT28at) can upgrade their phone to firmware build version 6.1.C.1.105 and some people are reporting that this is subsequently upgraded to firmware version 6.1.C.1.107 shortly after. You can download the update through PC Companion or Sony Mobile Update Service right now.

Thanks James!

  • Ack

    Upgrading now….started at 1245 CST and still going……

  • xnightkidzx

    lol i was going to tell the admin that the update is here, but there’s always someone faster than me =] thanks anyway!!! p.s. finally… haha

  • Domino

    When info JB for Xperia 2012, Sony??

  • Yes! Cannot wait to get home and update my Ion! It will finally live up to it’s potential :)

  • xnightkidzx

    just to add this to my comment, 6.1.C.1.107 will be detected on your device via the update center, not the PC companion software on your computer =]

  • Dan

    Can’t wait to try this out. 2.3 has been the only gripe I have had so far about this phone. I remember the update on my Sony Tablet S from 3.0 to ICS, the speed increases were amazing.

  • phani9

    Hey, I tried with both PC companion & Sony Mobile Update Service, Both said already have the latest software. can u help with the ICS download FTF?

  • phani9

    Im in WA state & I tried with both PC companion & Sony Mobile Update Service. no luck . can u help?

  • Rene Pedroso

    Same with me and I got ”You have the latest software…..”

  • Rene Pedroso

    I got the same thing

  • Keon Fraites

    I second that question.

  • Chemiclus

    Still waiting in Los Angeles

  • xnightkidzx

    Hey guys, uhh im sorry im not pro at this, I just plug in my phone and turn on PC companion and it found the update… try going to the sony site

    and see if that works, i think you can manually download the update from the site as well, good luck to you guys =]

  • Phlip

    When I plugged my phone in yesterday morning, PC Companion offered me an update, but it would not finish since I only had like 22% battery and I had to go to work. When I came back home and tried to finish the update with a full battery, it said I already had the latest software and I haven’t been able to get back into the update since.

  • What the hell?! It says my phone is up to date! Bull shit it is -.-

  • tried plug in and website no update available come on sony whats up

  • Read on XDA that the official release is for tomorrow at 9:30am, eastern time.

  • Thanks will try it tomorrow

  • phani9

    Finally I downloaded the .105 FTF from a google search & Successfully Flashed ICS using Flashtool.

  • jai20

    I’m getting the same issue. Update Center notifies me of the 105 update, even though I’ve already updated to 107

  • Called ATT update not yet available for Ion ATT

  • phani9

    Friends, If you cannot wait. Pls find below the .105 FTF file for ICS.

    AT&T FTF .105 –…GdBMmR3RWVCZUE

    Many Thanks to Spectre51 on XDA.

  • James King

    Update got released early by AT&T. Wasn’t supposed to be out yet per their reps which maybe why its not available anymore through SUS or PC Companion. A link to the FTF I made is further down in the comments for build .105. .107 is a small OTA update from that once they re-release the update for everyone.

  • Kleptic

    How did you get flashtool to recognize the LT28AT? I’m stuck with the driver wizard. The Ion isn’t listed, but some other 2012 phones are. I’ve installed a handful of different drivers from that list, but i always get ‘device not recognized’ and it aborts the flash…

  • Kleptic

    finally got it to work…not sure what i did though haha

  • Ack

    For me it went back and for a few times between .105 and .107 until i reset it and it stopped.

  • tony

    i called sony and they said that the update was put on hold

  • Michael Goldstein

    Same Problem. I searched for the update but my phone would not find it. I tried pc companion and
    smup, it still doesn’t find anything.

  • please tell us when

  • John

    Well, if the reports are true, I’ve got nothing…

  • Eric S

    It is not “officially” released yet, that is why you won’t be able to find it at this moment. I am one of those people who got the firmware and updated it through a program other than SONY’s PC companion. It is much smoother, and I believe the firmware will be available very soon. The reason I did not mention how I updated the firmware is because the method I use my brick your hardware. So be patience my friend. It should come out very soon.

  • Eric S

    ooops, lots of grammar error, but you should get the point…

  • Can you please post a video on YouTube!!! I wanna’ see what ICS feels/looks like!

  • I updated it today and it’s freaking awesome. I’m so glad I got this phone, ICS was definitely worth waiting for and with it came a slew of nice new features. I especially love that I can use Google Chrome now and have real multitasking.

  • moe

    I talked to a Sony rep, he said official release is September 26 at 12pm est. At&t will send a text to all xperia ion users notifying about the update.

  • thanks Moe

  • Phlip

    For AT&T Customers, it is now on the Sony Site that it is available

    Unfortunately, my work computer is a sad place to be, so I will not be able to do anything about it until I get home

  • Michael Goldstein

    Are you shure about this?

  • Ken Axel

    wow.. this took just sooo long for this day, but finally I got the option and upgraded my ion.. Let´s see what it comes with..

  • mikelo635

    I updated to ics and noticed that there is no longer a screen capture option. This sucks!! Anyway to get it back?

  • Tom B.

    Overall the update was a little disappointing…its soo buggy at times and the smoothness of the UI is really inconsistent. Battery performance is slightly better. This phone has the specs to keep up with top phones on the market so theres no excuse for the buggy and sluggish feel of the new ICS update..

  • How to capture a screenshot with this version? I can’t find the screenshot option anymore. HELP!

  • XperiaBlog

    Try Power button and volume down simultaneiously.

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