Install the new Xperia T boot animation [Guide]

by XB on 23rd September 2012

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The Sony Xperia T (LT30p) has seen a number of features leak in the last few days including the system dump as well as some James Bond wallpapers and ringtones from the special edition version of the handset.

Something else we’ve seen with the Xperia T is a new boot animation from Sony (see the video below). If you’d like to get this boot animation running on your Sony Xperia then check out our tutorial below. Please note that you’re handset needs to be rooted for this to work.

Guide to install the new Xperia T boot animation

1. Root your handset

Your handset will need to be rooted in order to change your boot animation. If you have a Sony Xperia handset running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, then please refer to our forum guide on rooting your handset.

2. Download new boot animation

Download to your phone. The download folder is fine.

3. Back up existing boot animation

Use ‘Root Explorer’ or a similar app to navigate to: system > media

Back up (i.e. move) the existing to a location on your SD card. Note where you have downloaded it in case you want to change it back.

Install the new Xperia T boot animation

4. Move new boot animation into correct folder

Move the newly downloaded to: system > media

5. Use correct permissions

If using Root Explorer, long press on the file and click on ‘Permissions’. Make sure the permissions are set to: r w -, r – -, r – – [or see below]

Install the new Xperia T boot animation

6. Reboot your handset

That’s it, simple as that. Reboot your handset and hopefully you should have the new boot animation as seen in the video below.

New Xperia T boot animation

  • Someone

    I simply used Droid Manager to change the boot animation, no need for all this ^_^

  • Kima

    Someone can u explain to me how to do that?

  • Michael Salib

    Ok I have to be honest…I know nothing about rooting…yes there’s a guide to rrot my phone but my question is: after I got my phone rooted can this affect the warranty? How can I get it back as it was not rooted? How can thos affect the phone generally -ve or +ve?

  • Domino

    wow super

  • Someone

    You first have to download Droid Manager:
    After you install and run the app, wait until it’s detected by Droid Manager, then click on: Start Droid Manager Button.
    on the left you will see a tab called: Bootanimation. click it then click the Browse button (on the right) select the bootanimation, and that’s it :)
    By the way your device must have USB Debugging turned on (can be found in Settings -> Developer Options -> USB Debugging)

  • M Usman

    All done. Also downloaded the Xperia T system dump. Most system files are unchanged. 2 new additions was the torch apk and movie studio apk and the live wallpapers were the same but animation was a bit brighter. still looking through the folders to see if I can find any new additions for my Xperia S

  • Guest

    Boot animation changed. Also downloaded the Xperia T system dump file. Found 2 new Apk’s so far, torch and movie studio which is basically a movie editor. Looking through system dump for any other new additions for my Xperia S. The rest of the Apk’s are the same and unchanged. The Cosmic flow live wallpaper is a little brighter and has a slightly different animation to it.

  • Rene Pedroso

    Are you saying you don’t have to be rooted?
    Can you explain the steps you took.

  • Someone

    You must be rooted :) In fact the only function in Droid Manager that doesn’t need root is the ability to transfer files via Wi-Fi. Though there are some issues with the Android App of Droid Manager. The Developer stated on Xda-Developers that he is working on a fix for it :) (Source: )

  • Michael Salib

    Plz Someone tell how to install the system dumps on my xperia S ICS???

  • Michael Salib

    About the system dumps of Xperia T….how can i install them on my Xperia S ICS

  • hmmm why isn’t this from Xperia Blog’s own youtube channel…anyway, cool animation- -does rooting stop your phone being able to get an official update (like a possible Jellybean update)? And can 2011 Xperias handle this animation fine?

  • CerealD

    it’s not intended to do so at the moment. exceot you wanting to brick your XPS ^^

  • Rooting your Android device does void your warranty. But you can get it back to unrooted by just re-flashing back the stock ROM.

  • i think thats an xperia TX! not a T

  • M Usman

    click on this link

    download the 2 part system dump files of media fire. extract them. transfer whole folder to sd card. then open the folder on your sd card and go to apps and install the apk’s from there. root not needed of course for this

  • M Usman

    i did on mine. didn’t brick the phone. its simple. boot animation was easy and needs root. the rest is just apk files from the system dump that you pick and choose. if it can’t install and system apk’s then it will tell you. I don’t know how people could bring their phones by installing applications. don’t worry. its safe

  • Xajel

    Rooting does not affect updating, but updating might affect rooting :D
    for example most of the times updating using PC Companion will makes you lost the root, but updating using OTA update will keep the root…

    About 2011 devices, it might work, but in case it didn’t you might need to change something like resizing the sequence or edit some basic text files

  • Wow! Now using it with my rooted xPlay.
    but the xperia logo seems to be big

  • AlexBurnout

    This phone is so cool…

  • gsf

    Google Bin4rys ROOT MANY ANDROID script. run bat iand choose normal

  • Kima

    Someone is this working with unrooted phone? Can I and how can I roll back bootanimation to original if I want it?

  • b2

    no, it’s a GX, LTE version of TX

  • CerealD

    yeah sure… but i doubt that you’ve installed the whole system-dumb… thats not intended. as for me semcemail didn’t work. as for the rest smart-apps for example isn’t working right now b/c of the different framework.
    The T has on-screen-buttons… the S doesn’t… different camerea and so on.

  • christine javier

    Can anyone help me after dumpfile email application and exchange service stop working. Tnx

  • M Usman

    i absolutely agree with you. I never said all the apks would work or everything in the system dump would work. I just suggested that pick and choose the apks you want, that there is no harm in that. :) I misread your comment to Michael Salib. But I think he might have meant apps in general.

  • T_dot

    Will this work on an Xperia X10, rooted & running GB ? Thanks.

  • xperia s user

    looks very cool on my xperia s! :D

  • Thanks for the information :)

  • UID
  • spatch

    I rooted my Xperia S as per the forum instructions (although it doesn’t mention you need to enable USB debugging before starting the process), then followed the steps above to the letter. No luck — I cannot move the original file because it is read-only. I tried to over-write it with the new file, but I get the same error message. When I long press and go to permissions, again the same error message presents itself. Can someone please assist me?

  • pegel

    don’t forget to mount r/w,

  • Guest

    this also cool

  • pegel

    this also cool, CLI interface boot animation :D

  • spatch

    How do I do that? Through Root Explorer or the phone settings? Forgive my ignorance — 3rd Android phone but 1st time rooting.

  • Frederator

    I’ve tried this on my rooted Xperia Play and the animation looks fluid! :) Thanks for this nifty trick, Xperia Blog! :)

  • Alexis neox

    I think this is xperia gx

  • Someone

    As far as I know, Droid Manager Does back up the original one at: C:AndroidTempManager, if you can find a file called: over there then it has already backed up your original boot animation.
    if not, simple use the Filebrowser tab to go to: System -> Media
    and copy to your PC. Don’t use File Browser Tab to change boot animation because it doesn’t fix permissions. Just use the Bootanimation tab to change it :)

  • Michael Salib

    thanks for ur reply….my last question…if i decided to root my xperia S…is there any way to relock it again safely??

  • Michael Salib

    thanks for ur reply….my last question…if i decided to root my xperia S…is there any way to relock it again safely?? and what about lags or any os instability after rooting??

  • M Usman

    you only relock your phone after unlocking the bootloader. rooting is a completely different thing. a lot similar but not so dangerous. you can unroot your phone just by connecting your phone to PC companion or SEUS (SUS now) and repairing your software. or when there is a software update available, updating your phone normally gets rid of your root. all rooting is giving your permission what your phone can do that otherwise it couldn’t. like telling it to change the boot animation. just permissions all it is. more control over your handset. no lags or os instability as technically you’ll still be using the same rom.

  • spatch

    Don’t worry — found it, and it worked! Looks great, and many thanks to pegel for the timely advice.

  • Michael Salib

    ok now i’ve rooted my xperia S .50 latest firmware….ive followed all these steps & nothing happened simply cuz the app keep telling me that the boot animation cannot be moved due to system restriction? what the hell is that?

  • Working great in Xperia S.

    But bad in Xperia Go. :( Cause of its bad resolution. :/

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  • Anyone has a resized version for Xperia Mini Pro?

  • ali

    I can not replace and Move new boot animation into folder…!!! eror (this file read only)!!! What should I do now?

  • Amol

    how to install any software in sony miro

  • nidou bossy

    if u are rooted and have a file manager or filer explorer check this option:

    ”Mount System Folders”

    that’s it, and then u won’t ger ”read only error” ;)

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