Xperia sola Android 4.0.4 ICS update now hitting handsets

by XB on 1st October 2012

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A number of users are reporting that the Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich update is now available on the Sony Xperia sola. The 6.1.1.B.1.10 firmware update is currently rolling out in a number of countries including Indonesia, India, Philippines and Greece. There is no FTF firmware file for the update just yet, but it should be a matter of time before it appears. Now it is just Sony Xperia U owners waiting for the ICS update, we’ll report back as soon as it goes live.

Update: Keep an eye on this xda thread for the FTF file.

Via xda-developers. Xperia sola ICS

  • im currently downloading the update for my sola :D Thank You SONY

  • SolaMe

    Wuhoo! FTFs are being uploaded on XDA.

  • No ICS here.

  • O’SolaMio

    not here yet.Malaysian is still waiting.
    hopefully it will be here tomorrow.

  • asdfhhsr

    whyvis xperia u so slow? its released waaaaayyyy before go & sola but it receive the ics update last :(

  • haripkar

    Ics in india for xperia sola?

  • paolo

    Italy is updating

  • Raymond Chan

    Hong Kong user here. No ICS right now. I hope I can update within this week

  • its available in India as well. Hard believing it, but no point in not being happy about it. I’ll reply to this post sharing my views on how ICS feels on the Sola!

  • Kostas

    Greece ICS in my Sole!!!

  • degee

    what about Canada?

  • hulio

    anavathmises to sole? den fainetai akoma i anavathmisi

  • Kostas

    den paizei rolo to diktio mpes ap to pc companion!

  • riz

    Xperia u should have got the update before sola and go cause it was launched way back

  • Kamil

    Why Xperia Ray doesn’t have kernel 3.08?

  • Kostas

    file mou afti ti stigmi to anavatmizw apo to pc companion sou xanalew!!! kai kalo einai na vgalete tin sd card prwta…

  • techlover

    yes its available :)

  • Sumit Kajla

    updated … LOl !! …. gud update in INdia …

  • Leonora

    How can I know where is my place? I bought it in China and now I’m in UK, but it is not an official one…

  • amsaKANNA C

    updating to ics.
    Getting something after a long wait is really exciting.

  • ankit

    Got the update….its really great….thnx sony….best ics by sony

  • What about México?

  • ngko

    Updating in Boston! Thanks Sony

  • yozx

    already release. I’m updating now :-)

  • Fidelis

    I am tried this updated in indonesia and i lost some camera feature like multi auto focus, infinity and touch focus, and i think the wifi
    driver is not stable, because i got some wifi error, not disconnected,
    some time its connected but i can’t access internet :(

  • Srish

    Updated xperia sola in a few mins :-) Wow its amazing

  • Yeah, but initially Sola was supposed to get its update in Q2 as given out by their website.. then they changed it to Q3.

  • Its Smooth and better than expected. :D

  • sola user th

    when i update my sola, i found some bug .:(
    first i found when i charge my mobile a touch screen is error
    second it’s too slow and many app has crashed (eg. facebook, browser)
    third when i use other keyboard not xperia it will make program lag and crashed
    so i will factory reset,and i hope it’ll be better

  • guest

    anybody in this part of the world got Xperia U ICS update?

  • guest

    is the update availability depends on currently residing country or the its firmware origin?

  • DC2

    India has got ICS update for U,Go &,Sola !!!

  • sola

    How about ics for sola in Singapore? No news at all…

  • sola

    how about singapore??

  • haripkar

    but i have checked in on my mobile but it shows that ” you have a latest update”.

  • Nothing in germany?!?!

  • did u need to format the cellphone? don’t want to be forced to re-install all apps again..

  • pnoysky

    does it feel slower than 2.3 gingerbread?
    is 512mb ram and 1ghz dual core enough for ics 4.04 update?

  • drivingMissDaisy

    those who got their ics update, does it feel any faster oR SLOWER?

    Pls feel free to share your experience? you happy?

  • Ivan

    Use the PC… won’t show on the mobile. Use the Sony PC companion.

  • Honar

    In Afghanistan it is not available yet!

  • i upgraded my Sola in Android ICS but terrible.. it is too slow compared with 2.3.7 and often crashes when using FB and Internet….is it a way to downgrade to 2.3.7??????

  • HOW TO UNLOCK ALL THE 512 RAM of the phone???

  • i upgraded my Sola in Android ICS but terrible.. it is too slow compared with 2.3.7 and often crashes when using FB and Internet….is it a way to downgrade to 2.3.7?????? HOW TO UNLOCK ALL THE 512 RAM of the phone???

  • Thank you SONY , ICS is comming to xperia sola :)
    don’t foget to upgrade jelly bean for next :)

  • Sab

    When is the update out for st25i

  • Raymond Chan

    When will Hong Kong user get xperia sola MT27i ICS update???

  • Aashish G

    Floating touch on the entire UI through glove mode is simply great!!!

  • Trung Nguyen

    when in vietnam?

  • Trung Nguyen

    how about vietnam?

  • Trung Nguyen

    ??? waitttttttttttttt??

  • Omare

    serisuly i must say ICS sucks !! i’ve updated ma xperia go nd its laggy nd eats all of the da RAM sudden .. huh !! those who wnts to xperience ICS in SONY u can .. bt i’ve downgraded to GB .. it’s da bst OS available in da SONY handsets instead of laggy nd unstable ICS …

  • Alex

    When will it be available in uk?

  • ria

    after updating the software, the wi-fi has stopped working!!!!! please help!!!

  • Michael

    I have the latest update for xperia S but no screenshot app? help

  • disqus_u5WWKtFv8l

    how can i update my phone? is there any link available so that i can update now

  • disqus_u5WWKtFv8l

    when will i get 4.0 update here in the philippines? please help

  • parisa

    when ics available in iran??? i think never!!!

  • Xperia sola user

    where can i update? im from philippines too

  • Prashant Satyanarayan

    I did upgrade my xperia sola to ICS. I notice a lag in performance as soon as the update got done but a reboot reduced the overall lag drastically. The battery life is extremely pathetic. I need to recharge my phone atleast twice a day even when using my phone in moderation. I have noticed that its the screen/display which takes up most of the battery (almost about 60-70%) and the battery consumed during standby has reduced probably because of the new extended standby feature. Probably the poor battery life can be attributed to the rather meager 1350 mah battery given by sony. What on earth was sony thinking when they made this phone which was to be powered by a dual core processor? I also noticed that the stock dialer, messaging and camera apps take a couple of seconds to open up at times. The notification sound is muted at times and a reboot temporarily fixes the issue but the problem occurs after a while. And last but not the least im facing trouble with my wifi on the phone its not able to detect the wifi signal at home even though im sitting close to the router. Doubt there is any problem with the router because other devices at home are able to detect a signal. Wonder how many of you have this issue.

  • Qeis

    Upgraded today and I kinda wished that I skipped the ICS. It’s lagging much and it kills the battery waay more faster than before (15% in only 30mins!!) The setting crashes a lot too. The only thing i noticed as an improvement are updates at the play store download faster (like 3x or so) and the music player became sony walkman. All of all, i want the old gingerbread back :'(

  • abhirup

    after ics update sola becomes so slow ..much slower than when i had gingerbread

  • abhirup


  • lou

    Does it good?

  • Egypt User Reporting… no update yet… O_O

  • Nishudhan

    xperia sola ICS updat available in India RoxZzzz

  • mikohero89

    when in egypt

  • Eir

    hey man, how did you downgrade? i have the exactly same experience as you after the upgrade to ics of my xperia sola. i regret it and i want to go back to gingerbread, but how can i do that?

  • Yah

    really happy with the update, factory reset will get rid of lag if you have any!

  • fvhmfmgrg

    Can any1 pls tell me hw to gt the ics os upgrade???

  • Mohd Arun Arun

    sure …. but when u go to app and go running application it will crashes … that all . anyway i love it . consumation of battery is normal …. nothing extraordinary . but u will more like .

  • Aisamuddin Akram

    I’ve updated to android 4.0.4 on my xperia u. it is really downgraded. some of my game hang. ui is laggy. better use gingerbread.

  • u should have reset your phone after the update…… it removes all bugs because of the GB version apps…

  • sailor

    xperia sola with android ICS made my phone vrrrrrrrrryyyyy slow hope sony comes up with nxt faster upgrade….hope dey can prove ter standards…….

  • devang savalia

    ICS for sola is available in india but it’s feel slower and hang than gingerbread

  • sourabh sarkar

    dear friends,i hv been using the samsung galaxy Y with GB android for some time.then i switched on to sony xperia neo L.with a icream sandwich.believe me ,i was not happy.i was so disapointed .plus the sony neo L i felt had no impact after using a galaxy Y which is only a 832 mhz processor.what a shame……..then after 1 day i begged to exchange the neo L for a xperia sola which has a GB android.which is much faster.,its more user friendly.Y do we need ICS when its taking so much of the Giga and processor capasity.Y cant we just stick to GB.ginger bread is far better i feel.when i can do all that i can with GB y do i need ICS????

  • Buddy ..where did u get the phone from ? is it online buy or from some mobile store ?

  • Aman

    M aloso having the same problemmm!!!!!



  • prasad

    hai dude this prasad iam using xperia sola it was comes 2.3ver it have latest 4.0ver avalible so wat do u say upgrade my mobile or not say to my mail address

  • sola

    u sure …is it ok…i’m confused to update it or not….how many days u have updated and used???? plz do reply…..

  • Natali

    I |Have same problem as you and i dont have an i dea how to fix this anyone knows ?????????????

  • iam from syria

    why do my xperia sola not update

  • iam from syria
    why my xperia sola not update

  • Sola

    Hey i have recently bought a xperia sola , the version is 2.3.7 and it says that i have the latest update . Im living in dubai ,U.A.E . Could you please tell me when will the ics update be available ?

  • kithi

    My xperia u is sucking after the update. It was atleast ok before the update. It’s a total crap

  • burns

    after i update my xperia sola to ics, i noticed that the camera was not good as before when it was in to fix this prob?

  • Ranjith

    why screenshot option becomes unavailable after ics update in sony xperia sola?? Can anyone help me how to fix it???

  • Tarek Zikry

    What about Egypt. ?

  • hasan basri

    no, they’re not gonna make it. Dan anda akan menarik kata-kata dan smiley anda itu.

  • usama

    when gonna ICS update will available in PAKISTAN for xperia sola??

  • Unsatisfied Customer

    Your ICS slow and it lags even with free ram. So I flashed CM 9 by FXP…..just great…no lags at all…just some bugs because you idiots and some stericsson are not capable of releasing sources. It is sad that one man makes MUCH BETTER ROM than you…..and you have bunch of retards who can’t even make ICS, which doesn’t lag every second. And no JB update? I don’t f***ing care….nobody wants your bad coded slow sh** called Xperience anyway. But I doubt you and ste will even release the source. You were my favourite company but how could that remain when it takes you almost one year to update your devices and then there are many bugs and its slow and laggy, while other companies offer updates sooner and there aren’t any bugs nor lags. I really don’t know how could you SCREW ICS that much, vanilla is 100x better.

  • Brahmeet

    No, not at all! Processor is good, but 512MB RAM is too less for this! Xperia U’s virtual memory after the update remains almost full with just 100MB free, which makes it extremely slow and frustrating!!!! My advice would be to be satisfied with Gingerbread! I do’nt want any other person suffering from the same problem that I’m going through! It’s really frustrating!!!!!

  • troll

    buy a new phone

  • rushabh

    after updating the sola to ics will all the applications be removed and have i to format the phone?is it advisable to update the sola to ics?

  • Sola User

    I have not found any update for my sola in Nepal. Do you know when the update will be launched here? And how is the update? Is it worth the shot?

  • Vickey

    I was thinking of update to ICS but after reading comments above I think its advisable not to upgrade…….

  • TexMex

    Hey, is the ICS update for Sola available in Greece? I have a Sola running Gingerbread, I bought the mobile in Greece, but it shows ‘already having latest update’

  • Guest

    may i upgrade it or not..?

  • lauraa

    I really want to have on keyboard smileys (which are used by iphone users) ! I searched whole web ,but I couldn’t find it :”( it’s impossibke , or ?
    Forward tanks for help :)

  • hasib

    can i update my fone now, plz guide me

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