Sony Mobile confirms 2011 Xperia devices will NOT get Jelly Bean

by XB on 19th October 2012

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Sony Mobile has confirmed earlier speculation that the 2011 range of Sony Xperia devices will NOT be upgraded to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean. Sony says that it would not be able to “guarantee owners of these smartphones the user experience you expect and we demand. We will however, continue to support all these products with firmware maintenance releases.

What we don’t understand is that we already went through this heartache before when a Sony Mobile UK employee said that these devices wouldn’t get Android 4.1. However, Sony Mobile then came out with an official statement a few days later to say that this was an error and that they were “actively investigating Android OS upgrades for all devices”. It sounds like Sony had a pretty clear idea at that moment, but what that follow-up statement did was give people hope. Now Sony can expect a backlash all over again. Very odd decision making.

Thanks Stojan!

  • oh no………………..

  • In short, Sony wants you dump your 2011 Xperia and get their 2013 Xperia. =.=

  • time to get a custom ROM then………….i go for Xperia Ultimate HD ROM by JADER12345……….it is awesome…………..2.0 coming in a few days……..can’t wait…………….i already have the Xperia T boot animation and the Xperia V Walkman Player……….looks awesome……….1st flash Lt18i .462 kernel using FLASHTOOL and then use DoomLord to root the device………..thats it.simple………….

  • bad news huh?

  • LancerEX

    I can’t! I just bought my Ray last April! :(

  • LancerEX

    Quite saddened by this news. I must admit I’m somehow envious with Galaxy Ace Plus/Mini II owners as they will receive the update. :( But they have lower specs right? :(

  • Fuck you too Sony, just say you don’t want to spend any resources on the 2011 Xperia’s.

    Typing this from miui jelly beans, way faster than your horribly slow and laggy ICS.

    How do you expect to sell more devices? Releasing phones Gingerbread in 2012, and not updating fast either.


    I am a Xperia Arc S user and to me this is so unfair. You gave us a bad ICS version full of bugs and errors and now you will not give us Jelly Bean update? You will leave us with firmware updates to keep having a buggy ICS version? SONY LIES and don’t deserve their costumers :-(


  • Jerry Berglund

    Ok have to say. It aint true until is confirmed from SONY on their blog. Have seen many that seems to be working close with this people in “lund” that says all different things. Because the rumors still says in about 3 weeks, and 2011 phones is still on. But well, it does not really look good.

  • Sherlock

    And what about Xperia S or for that matter any 2012 device??

  • Gumercindo

    foda-se a sony, sacanagem de mais os dispositivos 2011 não receberem essa versão do Android, estava contando com essa atualização para corrigir os problemas do Android 4 que é uma total negação D=

  • Xperiakias


  • Jerry Berglund

    People people. please, english Ok, its look like you angry with sony though, that I do understand, but the translate dont make your words understandable.

  • Sony is dumping each year’s devices so fast. They give away one or two upgrades, then firmware maintenance updates only?

    please just take a look at Samsung & Apple device updates.
    The problem is Sony produces a high quality device, but for a short period of time.

  • Jerry Berglund

    Ok, you were warned about updating those phones. So dont whine about it. You got to choose from keep GB or update to ICS. So you did choose the update despite the warnings. And well in my view that update you talking about was not that buggy at all. It works just fine on my old Xperia arc S, and I have the 4.0.3 version.

  • Sonythetop

    I see They try to put back Sony Ericsson from now on……..

  • eprick

    that’s pretty much your problem for buying a last-last gen product

  • Well some of us are students

  • LancerEX

    I know, but not everyone can afford a high end device. :(

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  • This was always gonna be the decision. Everyone should have known. Updating their 2011 line of phones to the current software is just gonna hurt sales on their new phones. I mean c’mon, you can’t expect your 2011 phone to keep getting updates forever. If you would have gotten JB then you would have whined about how bad it was and then you would have gotten mad that you’re not getting KLP…Manufactures will never win with consumers, no matter what they do. Remember, for the most part, you’re guaranteed ONE big update on any given device, if you’re even lucky to get any update at all.

  • Rene

    Sony consumers should expect to buy a new phone every six months

  • Sonya

    I dont know what the fuss is all about. At least Sony updated it’s 2011 range with ICS unlike Samsung. My Arc is a year old and works just fine on 4.0.3. And anyways, it’s still more than 6 months for JB to hit 2012 devices, by the time I will get a new sony phone.

    Whether u are a student or u are working; I think people use a phone for a maximum of 2 years; after which everyone gets a new one. So quit whining & GET A NEW ONE if it so bothers u OR just simply switch to some other big player.

  • hell yeah!!! u r so damn correct…???
    samshit doesn’t update any device except for flagship galaxy and one two more devices and yet u give their example… so nice of you dude !!!

  • Brapicoco

    IT WOULD NOT BE ABLE “guarantee owners of these smartphones the user experience you expect and we demand. We will however, continue to support all these products with firmware maintenance releases.”

    wtf? what does Sony think? that it gave a quality user experience to 2011 ICS devices? well thanks Sony for updating our devices to ICS BUT IT’S NOT A GOOD USER EXPERIENCE YOU PROVIDED. Sony ditches their devices easily. yeah they upgrade them but the upgrades are crappy. so if you want the new stuff then go buy a new one. Nice Sony.

    sure you update devices but what users see and complains about are not being resolved. just the simple LED for messaging is messed up. include the laggy HD video recording.

    Violent reactions on this post are very much welcome. this is just my opinion either.

  • why blame SONY when other companies are doing even WORSE…!!!
    stop living in dreams… this is quite expected when u buy an android device

  • Rob

    If people want JB that badly then unlock your bootloaded and install CM10. :)

  • naathaanS

    I don’t understand people like you, seriously.

  • Okay I’m a Sony Xperia Fan and an owner of the Xperia S, but C’MON sony… stop being so damned lazy… most of the 2011 devices ARE capable….its just you guys are concentrating on getting people to change their handset instead of allowing those who want to upgrade in the next couple of years, having to upgrade now -.-” the public owns your marketing not your strategy…. eventually 2013 devices will not be receiving 2015’s upgrades and so on? so you want people to have to upgrade their devices (in order to get a good experience of the update?) screw that sony…

  • XYZ

    Oh well, I’m going to upgrade soon anyway so I’m not too bothered.
    Que the bitching. If you’re so mad, go and buy something else, instead of bitching about it constantly and acheiving nothing.
    If you want regular OS updates till the phone itself dies, get a Nexus. Simple as that really.

  • LancerEX

    Count me in! :) I really fell in love with it when it was first released last year, but I had to wait and earn from my allowance. :)

  • Xperia J will have its upgrade, why Arc will not?

    Hey Sony! It has ALMOST the same specs! Demmit!

  • Strange

    Even spoiled fruit doesn’t updated the ishit 3Gs. Sony’s updates have better qualities. Just require patience.

  • Aleksandar Stefanovi?

    And still, CM11 works, even faster than default ROM.

    It’s no good excuse, but at least it’s better than “we wan’t you to buy our phones, instead of sticking to old ones”

    What would actually be good is guarantee that the phones will be upgraded for a period of time, like 2 years for example. That way, people would be clear about updates on their phones. Only problem to this is that you never know what requirements next Android version has.

  • Sony -.-lll

    but sony didnt even bother to update its flagship… at least s2 is getting jb..

  • sony -.-lll

    3gs was released in 2009, and the last update is 2011… that’s 2 years… arc s was released in 2011 and in 2012 sony announced no jb for it? what a joke…

  • sony -.-lll

    samsung’s flagships are getting jb… arc/arc s are sony flagship in 2011 and they get stucked in ics? not forgetting PLAY.. stucked in gb 2.3.4… 1st playstation certified phone? only the name is nice…

  • LancerEX

    I believe it has lower specs than 2011 series. :( Anyway, the Xperia J is released here in PH for 13K plus Pesos. Almost the same price with Xperia U. :(

  • sony -.-lll

    2 wrong doesn’t make a right.. just because other companies are worst, doesn’t mean they can treat us this way… arc / arc s are definitely capable of running jb, yet they are excluded.. they are the flagship of 2011. If even flagship phones will be updated, then I see no point in buying a flagship phones.. every other companies keep their flagship phones updated for at least 2 years..

  • zerorated24


  • what SONY!

    why Xperia U will not get the JB :'(

  • scorpio

    why the arc has 4.0.4 as the latest? but not the arc s?

  • Rashak Liron

    why the arc has 4.0.4 as the latest? but not the arc s?

  • Xperia S is to be their NXT Series phone, and certainly getting JB upgrade, although phone being released in late 2011.

  • how do you expect them to sell more devices if they keep on doing major updates to the old ones?

  • Samuel Serafim

    What about Xperia U and Sola? Both are Xperia 2012 and dual cores…

  • so enjoy your Ray (the ray is beautiful and works fine) why do you want jellybean

  • LancerEX

    because I thought Jelly Bean would solve the ICS update problems. :(

  • MarkLastiwka

    If you don’t pay for the better devices, than you can’t expect the latest updates.

  • XPERIA Pro

    This honestly doesn’t bother me and I’m not surprised. Was planning on flashing CM10 once it’s done anyway. Looks nicer, runs better and it has the stock feel, how Android is meant to be xperienced xD
    If you want to be guarunteed at least a few android versions through official updates, then buy a Nexus device

  • mr.torture

    Quite expected I must say. As much as I’m sad and disappointed as Xperia Arc S user, I must say I’m not surprised that much. My phone model is now one year old (even I bought mine just 3 months ago), and it already got one major update. Truth be told, that one major update (ISC obviously) is quite buggy and laggy, and we all expected much more, but at least we get some update.
    Sony is releasing quite a lot phones lately, so it’s hard for them to keep older phones updated and maintained all the time. You can’t compare them to Apple which has one/two devices to care about at the moment, or to Samsung that take care about few flagship devices.
    I know we would all love to have our 2011 Xperias updated officially, but at the same time we should be real in our expectations. The smartphone race is never-ending and very intense, and it’s putting a lot of pressure on manufacturers. If you want your piece of market cake, you need to constantly deliver new phones, technologies, specifications. And in that situation, it’s very hard to keep old phones alive and up-to-date for a longer period.

  • XpRay

    I have my Ray rooted and installed a Custom ICS ROM and it runs super smooth! Some developpers at XDA even started with (Alpha version) Jelly Bean ROMs!
    But you’ll have to know what you’re doing when you install a custom firmware.

  • XpRay

    Or a Xperia Nexus :)

  • developers from xda should be able to bring some of the feature from sony jellybean firmware
    anyway, having a thought of replacing my arc with 2013 sony devices..=3=

  • mountain

    Seeing this news makes me sad, not because it is not getting JB, but because it is getting to the end of life. I have pretty much own most, if not all Xperia devices, (as well as a few galaxies and a few desires/ones), and I have always been impressed with the stability of SE/S smartphones. More than that, each major upgrade bring suprises (2010 = HD video recording with zoom, focus tracking, 2011 = 3D sweep panorama, 2012 = gallery app). Unlike other manufacturers, who can’t be bothered bringing new features to existing phones, Sony is doing a really great job on updates. At least I am happy to see that they are updating XS from GB to ICS and then to JB, but I wish they will also bring the notification bar update to 2012H1 models.

  • LancerEX

    the phone was released with a high price tag last year, what’s even more surprising is other manufacturers were able to release a single core (some are even less powerful than 2011 series) phone that can handle the update. I really don’t like to mention or even compare Sony with others. sorry. :(

  • Steve Blows Jobz

    Good! Suck it up biaches! :D

  • XpRay

    They release too many different phones, if they do less they have more time to support their older phones.
    But I’m not complaining, I’m happy with my Ray updated with a custom ROM at XDA.

  • LancerEX

    Thinking of rooting it too! maybe I’ll just start off with my extra droid first to practice before rooting my Ray. :)

  • i’m gamer

    as i expected
    as what sony have done with or ( x10 mini , mini pro )
    as what sony have done with or ” Xperia play”


    still fuck you sony for what you have done with or xperia play


  • Salem

    to anyone who says get a new phone.. if there’s a huge changes in terms of hardware and clearance of ONE high-end device like Arc did.. i will definitely get it, but pumping hundreds of devices with slightly little change confusing people about how its look/have and in which scale its stand.. its just wasting of any company’s reputation

  • Xlash Andraid

    Hope this is your last mistake, SONY. I really hope so.

  • Guest

    @lancerex:disqus Root is easy. Unlocking the bootlaoder is a bit more tricky. JB is supposed to run smoother, so there is hope that CM10 will work on 2011 Xperias (at least the 1GHz clocked ones).

  • paul4id

    no HDMI, no go.

  • Zeddz

    why it sucks! Fragmentation is another big problem of Google’s Android.
    What a bore!

  • angel

    Presionen a las operadoras q liberen la actualización android 4.0 xperia S claro Perú…..

  • ANDftw

    That’s because no matter how ugly their phones are Samsung put powerful hardware on their flagships..(ICS runs like butter on the S2 compared to the Arc S(2011) and Xperia S(2012)

    While Sony tries to be “efficient” by using the old tech..the end result is a good phone which outdates quickly..

    Now Sony Fans, you have my permission to dislike my comment..But if you were a die hard follower of Sony (Ericsson) since the X8, you will realize I am telling is the bitter truth..

    And FYI I’d like to make a prophecy, The Xperia S will be on this same situation by this time next year..

  • tsivaldo

    bye bye sony…..

  • Bye bye sony u cheaters i really not again any xperia phone i m going to sell my neo v and getting any galaxy device
    U cheaters cheated us in giving the hope of future update

  • Yahya

    That’s it Sony has managed to make me change my mobile company although everything I have is Sony even my under wear but that’s it that’s the second time they do this first with X10mini and now with a much powerful device The Xperia ARC.

  • This is a joke! I do not understand why not upgrade their devices. JB much smoother than ICS. How to eat a portion of Samsung and Apple? acting different. We gave a way of ICS with ginger, speak of the appearance, as the system was completely worse. Why not put the app “nxt” marketing ploy more bored! I honestly think they need to make some changes in his staff.
    In Brazil buy Galaxy 3 by R $ 1,350.00 and $ 1,200.00 Xperia SR which to choose? Sony launches new phones with outdated technology. Xperia V VGA front camera?? come on!! I have an Xperia Neo V and have enough respect for FXP CM10 for bringing us up to date.

  • 3570K

    I really wonder how many unnecessary models Sony is going to release. The Xperia portfolio is pretty much fucked up right now.

  • I would make a suggestion to Sony if they will not make Android upgrades. Donate to the comunity the source code for every model unsupported so they will make updated rom versions easily. I think if they do that, it will not be so bad.

    What do you think?

  • ^This

  • electrash

    you SUCK sony. YOU DUMP EX FLAGSHIP PHONES… do you want to make me belive, you suck it all the time. FUCK YOU…
    Moving from xperia s to xperia v, and then i think i will change to nexus phones…

  • sony -.-lll

    couldn’t agree more….

  • sony -.-lll

    what’s the point of paying for a better device? arc/arc s are the flagship of 2011 and even they didn’t make it to jb.. xperia play share the same price tag as arc when it was released, what happened to it? it came out of the box as gingerbread, and it will die on gingerbread.. the same will happen to xperia s next year.. after jb, they wont see key lime pie..

  • jmx2012

    I have sony xperia p(shitty battery, do not even consider buying this phone) which gets jelly bean but I’m not happy. I recommended my friends and my family to get sony ericsson phones. I swear 4 members of my family and 3 of my friends bought SE just because I recommended them. I’ve been a loyal SE user since 2007. now I have two words for you sony! FUCK YOU!!!!

  • WhoDaresWins4Ever

    @Jerry, they also put a sticker on the boxes saying that it was ICS ready… Dont blame the consumer for upgrading.

  • Ignatius J. Riley

    Well… it would be okay if ICS wasn’t that buggy (no LED notification, laggy phone app etc) but it’s NOT okay to leave the 2011 device users with this crappy OS. They should at least offer the users bugfixes or the possibility to downgrade to GB.

  • xperiaas

    no more xperia’s? sony is the best on updating phones !!!! What other company has so many upgrades such as SONY? Samsung; LG; HTC; SONY IS THE BEST! Xperia T is the best Xperia yuga is the best!
    and they say will update our firmwares!
    think about this!!!

  • weeeeee8888888888

    dooes 1gb rom ,512mb ram 1.4ghz will be suppoeted on ur device..??

  • weeeeee8888888888

    they already done it..

  • Ikram

    i was wrong to believe you sony.. -___-”
    sony make.believe it’s just beautiful words..

  • they are playing with consumers…

  • dumpsony

    this is dumb shit! too lazy to give updates since they released a lot of new xperia devices. not updating the 2011 phones will lessen their work. older device (nexus s) got jb on it w/o issues. it is very clear thay sony wants us to get rid of our old xperia and get a new one! same old sony always delayed on updates. 4.1.2 came out and now android 4.2 is about to be announced and sony is stupidly releasing late updates. haha. Xperia will be updated to 4.2 once 5.x is released. hahaha.

  • soshi

    What user experience they talking about? their ICS is laggy, if not because I root and using mod app from xda then my phone wont this smooth. JB is performance improvement which would bring better user experience to solve their problem. Just like how sony use better app in 2012 xperia which work better than 2011 app in my arc s. Marketing strategy huh? No, sony should not use marketing strategy by give no option to their customer but by give better option to other manufacture customer

  • Brapicoco

    +1 for that, frankly speaking other companies are better than Sony when regards to supporting their devices. just look at the SII and other Samsung low ends..

  • I know that feel bro. Couldn’t agree more.

  • MiniPro

    Does custom firmware support things like Mobile Bravia Engines and other software-wise enhancements?

  • Ned

    This is the point of open source OS. Google has to make updates available to OEMs and developers ASAP. So they release a new version everytime they have managed to found and implement a couple of new things. While non open source OS release a new version only when updates reach a significant ammount.

    Sony developers have their time for more significant enhancements like the UI itself, Mobile Bravia Engine 2, Camera App based on Exmor RS sensor, ClearAudio+, FloatingTouch, WhiteMagic, brilliant Media Apps, etc. This make your current Xperia has more value than any new plain-droid device.

    So as a 2011 Xperia user, I wouldn’t lie, I would be thankful if they bring me the beans, like when they brought me the sandwich back then. But I if they don’t, I wouldn’t freak out or cry the internet out. In other words, it’s ok with me, my Mini Pro is still better than any other device in its class. I don’t know if I’m brainwashed or something. After all, it’s on you to choose to have faith on a brand, or a trend. Because sometimes they end up on different sides. So surely my next phone will be another Xperia.

  • Mr. J

    Who cares? CM10 is coming soon for them. It’s already shipped the alpha version.

  • Really? They only have done for Xperia S.

  • paul4id

    Most of the custom ROMs on XDA are MUCH buggier than the official firmwares from Sony.

  • paul4id

    The concept of Nexus devices is the antithesis to the open and level playing field that the Android Open Source Project was supposed to provide. Anyone who love open standards without proprietary lock-in should boycott Nexus devices.

  • paul4id

    Having a reputation for long-term updates is a huge plus-point for any manufacturer to have. As it stands, they are just getting bad PR.

  • paul4id

    Some do, some don’t. Most are buggy.

  • I have 2 Xpera Pro. One has Gingerbread-based firmware “.62” (as the phone came out of the box), the other has been upgraded to ICS-based firmware “.587”. Well, there is no comparison. The first phone works preety good, smooth, fast enough. The second drives you crazy!!! You can’t use it expecially for “professional” purposes.
    I think it’s because the hardware has not been designed for ICS. So what would happen with JB?!
    Sony is doing the right thing not upgrading to JB. Instead, if this is possible, they should improve the ICS-based firmware so that we can experience the phone in an more pleasant way.
    And Sony seems to be aware of this need: “We will however, continue to support all these products with firmware maintenance releases.”

  • Fcuk

    I upgraded my Xperia arc to ICS and it pretty lags. So yeah! i agree with sony, Jelly Bean is definitely not good for 2011 Xperia devices.

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  • SonyFanboy

    These issues will fade away if sony have their own os.

  • lander

    The arc/arc s for a 2010 spec phone which most were running froyo, we got gb and then ICS. Yeah. Did you hear a Samsung Galaxy S(1) getting ICS?
    Frankly as an Arc owner, I think the specs are not good enough for ICS to be honest.
    Phone specs I believe matures since dual core devices onwards. These are the phones hopefully will receive prolong updates.

  • Strange

    and do you know why they didn’t update it anymore? uhuh. Got the answer didn’t you? Quit whinning now boy.

  • Those Who think that Xperia 2011 is not Good Enough for JB look at this.

    Sony Xperia J

    1 GHz Cortex-A5

    Adreno 200

    Card slot

    microSD, up to 32 GB

    4 GB (2 GB user available), 512 MB RAMType
    TFT capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors

    480 x 854 pixels, 4.0 inches (~245 ppi pixel density)

    Yes, up to 2 fingers

    Corning Gorilla Glass

    – Timescape UI

    – Sony Mobile BRAVIA Engine

    This Shitty Xperia will GEt JB but 2011 won’t get JB!
    WTF is wrong with SONY?
    Are they really Care about Customers?

  • sony -.-lll

    arc/arc s are 2011 portfolio, not 2010. Yes, galaxy s did not get ics, but it was a 2010 phone, 1 year earlier than arc / arc s. But samsung gave them a value pack upgrade, ICS features in GB. JB is smoother than ICS. Since arc / arc s can’t run ICS smoothly, the more reason they should be given JB

  • Stranger

    because it has received 2 years of support, which is fair. Arc / arc s were released in 2011, and only a year after that no more support? And they wanna be a big player in android community? Dream on..

  • sony -.-lll

    u’re wrong. JB is lighter than ICS and therefore will run smoother as compared to it. Their so called ‘firmware maintenance releases’ are the biggest joke. They will never come. They never do. It’s just a nicer way to tell us sorry we won’t give u any updates anymore. Before this when they cancelled the ICS update for PLAY, they said the same thing. Up until now, there is nothing for PLAY.

  • Jhgjghj

    That’s fine Sony, I understand… Can’t wait for my Jelly Bean Mini Pro! >:/

  • b9876

    Arc/Arc S are 2011 that came with GB out of the box. Arc S was announced in September 2011 and became available at the end of October. ICS came in April-June, depending on your country. It will not receive OS made available mere 8 months after the first buyers were able to purchase it.

    As a former owner of Arc S: f*ck, you, Sony. I’ll never buy another Sony, if you are not able to support your product for mere 8 months.

  • b9876

    Not updating their 2011 phones means that their 2012 phones will get the same treatment next year. Still want to put your hard earned money into such product with no support? Thought so.

    Not updating their 2011 models is going to hurt their 2012 sales. Just ask HTC and Motorola.

  • b9876

    Xperia S was released in February 2012. It was Xperia Arc S that was released in late 2011 and is not getting any JB.

  • paul4id

    JellyBean will run even smoother than Gingerbread.

  • Is the information of techenclave true about updates? They say that it will be JB for GO/Sola/P/U on December and S/Acro S/Ion on November.

  • PVV

    Knowing Sony for a long time – if they had their own OS, it would be so strict and with so many restrictions that Apple with iOS and iTunes would feel as breath of fresh air :)

  • PVV

    How Apple does that? Just make the new devices better than the old ones

  • didn’t know you have ICS, thought you had gb (gb was nice)

  • but there get bad PR either way: they update or they don’t update. they update late cause they have too much products so they have to cut the updating portfolio somewhere.. do you suggest Sony update the 2011 SonyEricsson models 2 months before a new android 4.2 or 5 comes out..

  • Ross Nitura

    Nice the picture they used is from our blog

  • Lovell

    Sony does it again ! Next phone will surely NOT be a Sony !

  • Revmir

    Fuck sony with all this shity phones with virtualy no support… FUCK SONY !

  • suspect

    sony mobile down!!! Y never will buy another xperia smartphone, samsung is the best.

  • LancerEX

    yep, it was! maybe I got too excited and expected so much about the ICS because it says in the box it’s ICS upgradeable. :(

  • Well, I really have to admit I will buy Xperia V for next year. It’s just sad to say my Arc will have it’s first year on Feb next year, and to think it’s quite compulsive if I buy another phone in less than 2 years time.

    Glad you’re from the Philippines. Hoping Xperia V will be out as soon as this coming Christmas! :)

  • LancerEX

    Agree! I bought my Ray last April and I’m sure my parents won’t allow me to buy a new one. I believe the Xperia V is here in the country, but will be available by December I think. A recent post from TechPinas previewed the Xperia V. :)

  • Hilola

    The Xperia Neo was my last sony device. From now on, i will only buy Nexus devices!

  • Ivo

    Sign this petition if you feel your xperia 2011 should be upgraded to Jelly Bean..

  • mj

    ?? ??????? 4.1 ?? ???????

  • David Li

    I would like to get Jelly Bean, but most importantly I would really like they fix the bugs in ICS! God damn it, my SMS notification has been broken since I upgraded the damn thing.

  • Bolverk

    just go to XDA..why waiting official Update if u have dev support

  • We want Jelly bean update….

  • julius

    unlock bootloader and install custom roms, lots of roms on xda, and believe me they are smooth and fast, dont mind the bravia engine etc, they are included in many roms, happy flashing!!!! :D

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  • David Li

    Dear angry customers,
    We already have your money, so we don’t really care anymore. Please move along and stop posting angry comments as we are hard at work getting money from people we haven’t fooled yet.
    ‘We MADE you believe’

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  • Rhomanov

    Let’s go to Others Smartphone if Sony not upgrade xperia 2011 to jelly bean…

    We are wait…

  • bquake

    “Cannot guarantee customer experience” is a cinycal language product management uses to say there is no profit for them to invest in the upgrade. Least I can do is to assure they don’t have the issue in the future and for my Sony Arc upgrade will definitely not pick a Sony. Too bad, I liked their original promise “high end” Experias will have better support than competition.

  • Give us jelly bean, Sony.. Stop messing around. We know you waited for those months to pass by so you can have the space to tell us it’s over for the ’11 gen, but we will not buy another Sony phone.. So you’ll die hungry for not selling one phone..

  • Light

    I don’t know. I’ve always been a fan of Sony Ericsson. From W700, to W705, n currently the Xperia Arc. It’s been 6 years. But after reading this, I am, really disappointed with Sony somehow. The Xperia J will be getting Jelly Bean. Mind you, the phone aforementioned has Adreno 200, with an Cortex-A5 while the Arc has Adreno 205 with Scorpion. Both having the same amount of ram and resolution, and the Arc has a good 8-M.P camera compared to the J’s 5-M.P. I once defended Sony’s decision on not upgrading the Xperia Play to ICS because I compared it with the likes of Samsung Galaxy S. But when I compared my phone with this Xperia J, I think we Xperia 2011 users should be treated fairly by upgrading-,-‘ In my country, at the time of release of the Arc and the Samsung Galaxy SII I9100, the price different is too marginal say around the $20. But I had faith in Sony, and I knew nothing of the dual core, so I chose the Arc. Alas, though it served me well for a year, ICS updates somehow made my phone laggy a little bit. That said, how I wished if Sony actually still supports on 2011 Xperia users ’till now.

    Now, I compared my phone with my dad’s iPhone 4. His phone has almost the same specs as mine, except a little less advanced specs such as the camera . His phone plays Temple Run:Brave WAY BETTER than mine. I never liked iOS, but my bad experience with Sony leads me into changing the course, maybe to the Windows Phone.

    My phone’s bootloader is unlocked. I’m currently using a Jelly Bean CyanogenMod 10 rom, it’s a little buggy because its still in alpha version, but they have applied fixes and it works well. Seriously, It is way smoother than current ICS we users have. Maybe this is wishful thinking, because a company won’t support devices 18 month-old and above, but they could always be DIFFERENT. If the company has a great customer support, it will possess great revenue, rating and such.

    What makes me sad really, is I compared my own phone with another phone on the SAME company. THAT is a letdown.

  • WarFan

    I don’t understand the problem. You should all be perfectly able to install Jellybean via a custom ROM, it’s what I did on my HTC desire S and it works flawlessly. This way you can keep putting the latest and greatest on your smartphone.

  • Yeah.. the dialler lags in Ray too…:((((

  • well most of 2011 phones should be able to handle JB easily as it brought many performance updates,and most of the alphas are pretty smooth too but unless sony provides them with binaries for JB they will always lack features like not a proper camera/fm radio.
    it’s obvious they don’t want us to stick with older phones but it’s not easy for customer to upgrade to new phones so frequently especially when most of the new smartphone users are youths.
    and what about the supposedly 18 months support. any OS released within that period was supposed to be available to the handsets..
    I don’t see this improving unless there is more merging of android kernel into linux kernels and some pressure by google so that fragmentation can reduce.

  • Give us all 2011 gen jelly bean, Sony

  • Xperia P the Ironclad

    Well, m lucky enough to have a Xperia p! I had Neo b4 it.One thing I saw, GB is best in android relisd yet. M on ICS,bt not tht much impressiv.

  • yo mama

    fucking bastards. only know who to steal money by creating a new update with 4 new features. suck my cock sony

  • yo mama

    i have a whole range of sony products. Though their products are great, they sadly try and empty your pockets. PS3 for example if I want a new theme I need to pay $4.00. WTF is that??? why should I have to pay for a theme?? how much more money do u want sony?

    I bought my phone in march 2012 but Im still not gonna get the update! The phone released here only in 2012 even tho its a 2011 phone. So what about me sony?? where the F is your customer obsession you money grabbing bastards!!!!!!!!!

  • good bye Sony…..
    make believe in your caption of your ad is not working……
    I’m a Xperia Ray owner and I’m really disappointed in you Sony…
    you are dumping the customers.the jelly bean is way faster than ics and Samsung is updating jellybean to galaxy aceand other low end devices..also Apple is given IOS 6 to all other including iPhone3s. I’m using Sony for 8 years. from w580 to ray…11 phones. and I recommended Sony for all my friends. from now to I’m not. go for Apple , HTC.or Samsung. they love to satisfy there customers. until 2011 phones get the jelly bean…

  • Chiun

    well if it keeps like this they will never see my money again for any device.

  • darnnn

    @paul4id:disqus how do you know??? maybe jellybean was smoother….but will drain your old 2011 phone battery very quickly because of project butter (which uses cpu and gpu simultaneously in ui). besides, 2011 phone has lower onboard memory which jellybean consume more memory unlike 2012 phone which have at least 4gb memory onboard

  • grampa

    yeah, besides SONY will give minor update to 2011 devices (still ICS)

  • nexususer

    GET A NEXUS PHONE IF YOU WANT LONG-TERM SUPPORT FROM ANDROID! thats why they dont want to give jellybean update because there will be lot of bug than ICS…. @brapicoco:disqus

  • nana

    i agree with @:disqus as jelly bean has so much feature (project butter, google now) will surely give MORE bad experience on xperia 2011

  • madonnah

    2011 was too old….did you wrote the battery capacity? 1750mAh is pretty high capacity battery until some quote it “with jb, it will last a day with MEDIUM USAGE”. jelly bean uses more memory and battery because of project butter. you should do a research about jb first before posting that comment…OTHER MANUFACTURER DOESNT EVEN GIVE ICS UPDATE TO THEIR 2011 FLAGSHIP DEVICES….you should be grateful they give update to ics….

  • fakhfar

    hey remember that samsung galaxy wonder which have the same specification as your shitty arc s not even get ICS….you must be grateful as you get ICS @b9876:disqus

  • mama

    yes but how about galaxy wonder????

  • aaaaa

    I read a quotes on SONY MOBILE, (One curious point is that when Sony talks about RAM usage this is what they say: “Our 2011 Xperia phones have 512MB RAM, while ICS was developed targeting a phone with 1GB RAM“.)

  • paul4id

    I know because Cyanogenmod 10 already runs better on 2011 Xperias than any Sony ROM so far.

  • Give us the jb update, Sony!!!



  • fakfar

    as xperia go getting jb…the same processor with u and sola should get jb too…

  • aaaaaa

    lets give you an example, which is faster; windows 8 or windows 7….from your quotes, i concluded that you will say windows 8 is faster. wtf…latest os doesnt meant to bring you even lighter nor smoother experience! thats why xperia play never got updated to ensure its gaming perfomance. sony knows better than you. btw fuck sony because provide lowend hardware for xperia!

  • payal

    i just bought sony ericsson mobile a month ago.. :( i’ll never buy a sony product again

  • farzad

    Why jb will not upgrade for mini? This phone is realy perfect

  • Master

    Lame part is ,they say that Arc S cant handle JB 4.1.2 ,but even LG L7 ,LG L5 2 etc have single ore 1ghz Cpus with lower end hardware and even they were updated to jelly bean ,Sony lies,Sony sucks ,Was a sony fan until that news .

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  • sima

    Sony wants you dump your 2011 Xperia and get their 2013

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