Sweden’s Telia and Tre open Xperia V pre-orders; shipping in early December

by XB on 14th November 2012

in Xperia V

Two Swedish networks, Telia and Tre (Three), have opened pre-orders for the Sony Xperia V (LT25i). The good news is that the expected launch of these handsets is just three weeks away i.e. 5 December 2012. From what we can tell, off-contract prices range from 4,995 SEK (£465, €579, $738) to 5,295 SEK (£492, €614, $782). However, maybe someone with better language skills can let us know if we’re wrong.

There were some fears that all international versions of the Xperia V would be delayed until the new year when Sony Mobile France confirmed that its SKU would land in January 2013 with Android Jelly Bean. At the time, we speculated that launch dates may differ depending on region. The dates mark the first firm launch details for the handset outside of Japan. We’ll bring you news as other markets come on tap.

Thanks sami!

  • hbse

    Great news!

  • DragonClaw

    Hello Xperia Blog. Can you please tell us the prices of the other Flagship models from other brands on the same network, so that we can get an idea of the price of the phone, when it comes to other areas?

  • DragonClaw

    Okay. I looked there myself.

    Here are the prices of the other top end phones

    LG Nexus 4… 4595 SEK
    Galaxy SIII 6195… SEK
    iPhone 5 16 GB… 6195 SEK
    Nokia Lumia 920… 5395 SEk

    Okay, this is awesome. :D

  • TheLoyalist

    Prices start at 4750SEK off contract. These prices are just from carriers.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    LOL. Xperia V costs as almost as SGSIII

  • Adrian

    Nice. I looked forward for this model but now it begins to feel old when S4 Pro is so much faster.

    I think Sony has to drop price on V significanty…

  • TheSwede

    You can check all the online retailers in Sweden that will sell Xperia V at that link and their prices. It looks like most of them will have it in stock week 48 (26-30 November). I’ve ordered mine already from Halebop, a subsidiary of Telia, who says it will arrive week 48.

  • djabag

    In my order confirmation from Telia it´s says preliminary delivery on the 12 of December.

    Telia is the biggest carrier in Sweden since many years, and if they say it will come in the beginning of December – It will!

    If you look on the biggest price compare site in Sweden (Prisjakt.se)
    the lowest price today is 4740SEK and delivery in the end of November,
    as it been for the last months.

  • Adrian

    Anyone knows about the Sony headphones included with Tre? Good one or budget crap?

  • Hannad Ahmed

    Nexus 4: Nice Specs, Nice pricetag
    Xperia V: Beauty and Waterproof

    I can’t choose dammit :[

  • goldenblls

    I want to live in Sweden.

  • why not, roughly the same specs, hardware wise with more features like water proof and 13MP camera. Not to mention Sony optimized their hardware better than Samsung, even if the specs are the same Sony UI always perform better.

  • depends, S4 Pro is really just needed to handle 1080p res. Those having more power is never a bad thing, but it also comes down to battery life. My Galaxy s3 is S4, handle anything I throw at it, 1080p mkv or wmv althought I don’t use it to game at all. Web browsing etc is more than enough. 3D performance is more important for iOS devices than android because of the way thing works in iOS.

  • reventon

    To be honest, with such a low price tag, I doubt if the build quality would be good at all.. but again thats just my opinion.

  • Don’t forget that this is carrier pricing in a certain country, where S III is 6195 SEK (€716, $912).

  • It’s probably subsidised by Google.

    Also, look at the iPhone 5. Apple has a gross profit margin of about 48% on that 16 GB model, which means it costs them around $320 or so to manufacture. The build quality seems fine, no?

  • jag

    i hope they will have this in singapore!!! until now, there’s no xperia T/ TX available here! tch!

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  • APai

    hope that the JB update is early or sony surprises us with a 4.2 instead of JB.

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