Mobile Bravia Engine 2 mod released for Xperia phones

by XB on 24th November 2012

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We have already discussed at length why the Sony Xperia V is the real new flagship and one of the reasons for this is the new features it supports such as Mobile Bravia Engine 2. We haven’t seen any real evidence of what improvements BE2 offers over the original Bravia Engine, but Sony’s marketing blurb points to “new real-time contrast optimisation and improving sharpness enhancement”.

Now that the Xperia V’s Japanese variants have been released, the system dumps for the phone have leaked, allowing certain exclusive features to be ported to other Sony Xperia handsets. Over at xda-developers, one of the mods that devs have been able to port includes Bravia Engine 2. Your phone will need to be running stock ICS and it will need to be rooted. You then have to edit your build.prop to complete the procedure. Users aren’t reporting a massive difference, although we’ll reserve judgement until we get eyes on ourselves.

Via xda-developers (1 & 2).

  • zacomaco


  • Hannad Ahmed

    Oh my gawd. Like, Who the hell cares.

  • eray

    It doesn’t work, there is only placebo effect. Wrong news.

  • kurtdean

    I think its the same as mobile bravia engine 1. Bravia engine 2 is a marketing gimmick frm sony

  • adamoozeerally93

    No if you actually choose one of the stock photos that the phone comes with. Turn of Bravia engine and take a screen shot of the photo. Then turn on bravia engine and do the same. You will see when you compare the two the colours are alot richer when bravia engine is turned on. There is better contrast.

    Not sure about Bravia engine 2, never tried it but trust me bravia engine does actually work

  • where disappear mobile bravia engine 1 ? they just repleaced 1 with 2 ?

  • kurtdean

    I was not saying that the bravia engine doesn’t work. What i was saying is that the bravia engine 1 are the same as bravia engine 2. Nothing changes. Its like they renamed bravia engine 1 to bravia engine 2, I hope I’m wrong because I’m hoping that bravia engine 2 is better than bravia engine 1

  • AsadMulla

    So how easy is it to root xperia s in order to install this?

  • AlexBurnout

    Is it also for CM10?

  • CeccoFF

    Ok on Xperia S, but I can not perceive improvements, really hard without direct comparison!

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  • dude

    Way too easy, It easiest f any kind really! Bin4ry look for his root method on xda, Bin4rys root many android.

  • Dart

    will xperia S get it officially?

  • Ahm

    WhiteMagic technology in Xperia V ?, how come I didn’t know about this, it is not even listed in gsmarena.

  • God*

  • Rayx

    I’d like to know if it’s worth to upgrade from the 1st version. Did you compare both engines? I think the differences are hard to tell but still interesting.

  • Quark Gluon

    I just realized that my Bravia Engine (for pictures) never work since I unlocked the bootloader. I hope this will fix it.

  • How to test BE 2?
    1st turn on BE 2 and take an Screen shoot.
    2nd turn off BE 2 and take another Screen shoot.
    Now transfer them to PC or other device to see the difference.
    I hope it works with my Xperia S ;)

  • thats impossible, that has to do with the actual screen!

  • Ahm

    Yeah I know, I wasn’t talking about porting it to other phones though. I just didn’t realize that Xperia V had it?

  • leemotv

    Doesn’t work on UL bootloader (xperia s)

  • daaaaaarif

    i want this BRAVIA ENGINE 2….mine got no differences between bravia engine on or off….some had this issues too…

  • Samson

    How to get Bravia Engine 2 in my Xperia S (LT26i)?

  • Renaldi

    will xperia j get it officially

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