Sony Xperia Z and Xperia ZL side-by-side

by XB on 1st January 2013

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We thought some of you may want to see the two new Sony Xperia flagships (Xperia Z and Xperia ZL) side-by-side. Anyone thinking of buying a new high-end Sony Xperia, will ultimately be deciding between these two models in 2013. Whilst we don’t have all of the details yet on the Xperia ZL (C650X Odin), we’re pretty much there on the Xperia Z (C660X Yuga).

Both handsets are expected to sport a 5-inch 1080p display powered by a 1.5GHz APQ8064 quad-core chipset from Qualcomm. They will also come with 2GB RAM and a 13MP Exmor RS camera. However, the Xperia Z is likely to be water & dust resistant, which may edge it over the Xperia ZL for some.

One big design difference between the two, judging by the front face at least, is camera placement. The Xperia Z has the front-facing camera where you’d normally expect to find it on the top, whilst the Xperia ZL has it on the bottom right, which is probably better for landscape video calls. The notification light between the two is also different, with Yuga at the top and Odin using a similar light as seen in the miro, at the bottom of the handset.

Anyway, we thought we’d ask our readers your opinion on the two. As things stand, which handset is more appealing to you – the Xperia Z or the Xperia ZL? Shoot off in the comments below.

Sony Xperia Z (C660X Yuga) and Sony Xperia ZL (C650X Odin) side-by-side

[Yuga is on the left; Odin is on the right]

  • Exodite

    The ZL, by a mile.

    It’s smaller but keeps the same screen size, offers a dedicated camera button, better notification light and gets rid of the annoying IP certifications that adds those horrendous flaps to all the ports.

    Sadly I keep hearing these rumors that the ZL is aimed primarily at the Japanese market, something I dearly hope is incorrect because I really have no interest in the Z.

  • Dacha

    Odin by a mile :).

  • Feanor

    ZL for me. Maybe the smallest bezel of the industry. Bigger screen than a Galaxy S3, smaller footprint. Also the nice light of the miro. I’ve seen the miro light live and looks quite nice. But let’s see how they look like from the rear first.

  • XperiaJunkie85

    Personally I prefer the Odin it’s more compact in size and the notification light is fantastic although the positioning of the front facing camera is a little strange but iam sure Sony have their reasons roll on Monday for their official announcement. LONG LIVE SONY

  • The Question is, in which markets will they be released? I highly doubt that both devices will be available in the same market. I guess that the Xperia Z is like the Xperia T for european and north american markets, whereas the ZL is mainly for Asia (like Xperia TX).

  • Claudio

    Odin way better. hope dthey don’t do the same “mistake”, but usually the single letter device is for europe S/T while the other SL/TX is for asia. so already know the story..

  • AsadMulla

    ZL is a better size and looks better but Z with its Water proof is a big feature. not sure really.

  • As long as ZL isn’t waterproof, I want Xperia Z, no contest.

  • i just hope no more tn crap hopefully whitemagic

  • maxiobor

    Odin – just cause I dont like glass backs like in Yuga and Iphone but I wont buy any of these 2 either bcs my phone is just a half year old…

  • DarkMuser

    XPERIA ZL XD!!!!!

  • Dacha

    Both z and ZL are global phones. Should be available from mid February.

  • Chelios

    Do like the ZL but not sure if I want a 5″ phone. I find my Xperia T large enough already. Unless the overall size remains similar to the T of course.

  • mike_b

    For me the ZL is more appealing, although i am concerned that i’ll never see it in my region which makes me sad. Sony need to find a way to offer both siblings in each market i don’t see why they’d want to break up whats obviously a happy family.

  • As long as the relative sizing is as it appears in the picture, the ZL is my preference, because it appears to be smaller.
    But both of these phones are too big for my liking

  • Carl-Johan Nilsson

    If both handsets are released in my country I’d choose the ZL, by the design of the front.
    But honestly there is so much more that weighs in. Differences in battery, waterproofness, LTE, WhiteMagic, etc.
    I do believe that I’ll only see one of them in stores though.

  • puta merda

    Odin has a smaller screen which sport about 4.3″, sort of Yuga’s little brother

  • Why on earth is that damn bezel so HUGE on the Z?! That is such a stupid waste of space.

  • gazelle

    everybody likes the ZL. well me too. but sadly its not waterproof. ever thinking that if it overheat, you could dump it in water then rinse it again? that’s the waterproof benefit. :)

  • Exodite

    In that case I’m much relieved, thank you!

  • @xperiablog – Just thought you guys might have noticed the date and time on the phones being this coming Thursday Jan 3, which could indicate to an early preview prior to announcement, just thought you should know if you havent already.

  • crazychef

    Im willing to buy any one of them as long asthey support tmobile frequency here in the us and possibly tmobile lte when it deploys

  • Dacha

    Sony C650X “Odin” – 131.6mm x 69.7mm x 9.8mm,
    Sony C660X Yuga – at 138.6mm x 71mm x 8.1mm.

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    its 5″ on both

  • TjaldidTjaldid

    i’m wondering if the battery difference is still the same as rumored 2300-2400mAh and 2800mAh

  • Cheng

    hmmm. I like ZL’s bottom notification light more, it’s like a damn SMILE! a stripe! (though stll not that special big as xperia S) hopefully it will be different colors like on our S, showng blue, green, orange, red, purple depending on status etc.. but i prefer the camera on the top… the 3-resistancec is not very important…Im nowadays more fan of design~~ still hard to choose….

  • Alvin

    WOW!!! the design, features, specifications, and all things on both products are sexy and elegant ( design ), perfect, and amazing!!! I’m still confusing of what should I take… I love Z because of its design, Water and dust resistance, screen size, and phone size, but I’m also love ZL because of its design, unique notification light, front facing camera placing, screen sizes, and its not so big, not so small size, maybe it’s small too!! Oh God, find me the right option…!

  • Alvin

    I think they shipping it in March, not february…

  • Alvin

    Both Phones are actually global phones, Z for International Markets, ZL for North American, European, and Asia….

  • Paul

    I will buy whichever is waterproof

  • Alvin

    But it is still smaller and thinner, and maybe lighter than HTC Droid DNA/Butterfly, It is Small Enough phone with 5″ screen…

  • Alvin

    Yes, I know that already, too, but It couldn’t and shouldn’t be like that, too…

  • Strange

    Whichever has a camera button.

  • Eugen Hannibal


  • xperiaboy_vince

    i love both of these two, I’d personally buy both if possible! =) I just hope they put on external card slots of up to 32-64GB on either of the two and I’ll definitely go for it! Well, do you think they would?

  • Chong Benedict

    ZL is cool! The front facing camera is on the bottom this time! I love the ZL!

  • jag

    i hope they will be shipped right away.. maybe feb or march will be great!

    btw.. ODIN looks great for me.

  • jag

    any source for this?

  • Alvin I wasn’t talking to you, It was a directed comment to Xperiablog as an FYI. Possibly read my comment properly and if you do respond read what you write before you post it, your grammar is disgusting.

  • Avinash

    ZL looks so Cool! *_*

  • Scyte

    This. I hope they won’t be AT&T locked

  • I really would like the ZL, but would like it to to be water/dust proof as well. While Sony is starting to work on their style matching their abilities (or visa versa), I hope they start to work on “needing” less phones out there to compete.

  • I agree with u, ZL = asia ; z = Europe and north America.
    but me prefer the Z more.

  • Sony fan’s

    Pls Sony release this both Xperia Smartphone before February.if can make in this month.I’ll buy one for myself and replace my old Xperia ARC.My Xperia ARC very lag after upgraded to ICS.

  • Do you really need waterproof phone ? I would prefer scratch and break proof.

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  • Will definitely get rid of my S3 for the Odin!!!

  • Z doesnt has a dedicated camera key?? :O

  • Ryan G

    No dedicated camera button on Xperia Z?

  • Auni

    They’ll be flagships for about a week and be forgotten by Sony like the other flagships like Xperia S, SL.

  • Ashua

    apparently they are coming out in mid January so this is great and more info will be revealed at a Sony Press conference tomorrow 3rd of January ! ;)

  • i like Zl because of the camera in the front.. have sony experia s now.. and if the camera stays in that place i will buy a new phone this year

  • Kuksa-

    Definetly the ZL because of the bezel, notification led and the camera button ! If the ZL isn’t coming to Finland I will surely kill myself..

  • John Smith

    Yes! Bazel-less will be the next smartphone trend and Xperia ZL is more gorgeous than Xperia Z.

  • the smallest size with the biggest screen possible is always WIN for me.

  • i am looking forward to xperia ZL – i would buy a thicker but a shorter in length phone. but still these doesn’t appeal to me that much as the earlier photos showed ( i think the prototype in silver color. )

    so is it any other phone or was it just a prototype :

  • Khanh NPQ

    Sorry to say this, Xperia Arc is the last peak of Sony’s creativeness and distinctiveness, and has not been topped, all the 2012 Xperia are very forgettable, that’s not to deny the beautiful Ion and S, but only the Arc became classic here, and stood the test of time. I Understand Sony has to catch up with the market if half-table-half-phone is what people want. But the design has gone too bland! I finally gave up my P and switched to Nokia Lumia 920, now that’s a good phone.

  • Ashua

    Nokia phones are all but virtually the same compared to the 2012 phones of Sony and plus if you liked the Xperia Arc then why didn’t you just get the Xperia T. The Arc design returns and many of the 2012 xperia phones looked nice and had different designs compared to Nokia where the Lumia 900 and 920 look exactly the same just that the 920 has 4g and is just slightly taller, heck the majority of Windows phone 8’s HTC and Nokia nearly look the same and what about Apple ? Iphone is a example of the same design ! and heck the 4 and 4s is all but the same compared to other companies Sony phones are the most distinctive, creative and interesting designs compared to some other companies !

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  • Khanh NPQ

    True! Sony design is the best! I’m just currently fed up with the lack of quality in my Xperia P, it drops out signal… without letting me know (all the bars are there, but my family couldn’t get through me, and they were really freaked out!, I’m very furious!!! to find out with the manufacturer that it’s the phone’s fault :( ). I’m just worrying Sony’s quality is getting as mediocre as the VAIO’s.

    Another reason is I am getting sick of Android, it’s so unstable, and updates are fully of flaws! If Sony comes out with a sexy Windows Phone I’ll be there in a heartbeat!

    Third thing is: I favor the unibody design now, removable battery with the cheap plastic back cover is so outdated! That’s why I chose the P, but apparently the P’s quality is mediocre!
    By the way, Nokia Lumia 920 is a big improvement compared to the 900, if you hold them in hand, the Lumia 920 is made of all expensive materials, from the polycarbonate unibody to the high quality glass, that don’t need screen protector (apparently you can’t use screen naked with any Xperia just yet). I am very pleased with my red Lumia 920 now, it’s really fantastic, Nokia has not put out a good phone for a long long time, and I can certainly rely on Nokia’s signal… unlike the P, sadly.

  • Ashua

    I know what you mean but then look at Samsung if you drop the s3 it easily breaks on the spot and you have to wait for a new phone while the other is getting fixed or replaced. I know what you mean sometimes people are unlucky what happens to there phones when they break. Really man why Windows Phone 8 ? that is boring there are not a variety of apps in the market store, the phones can’t support HD display I am happy Sony is with Android and hope in Future Sony will be able to make their own os at one point with the expansion of the Vita OS ! ;)

  • Khanh NPQ

    Oh! I don’t think it’s boring, it’s got great potentials when being integrated with the Windows 8, and I really do think anything that is NOT free has what it takes. It is very power efficient, and very very easy to use and configure, for both geek & tech-shy audience.

    Android has a lot of apps, but a lot of them are not safe apps too, at least Apple & Microsoft hand-pick their apps, they don’t just let it pour in like Google. And also, Android,…. to the very core of it, … sadly looks a lot like iOS rip-off, and I am not even an Apple fan.

    Sony is actually on its way to re-creating its stand in the market, so they won’t take risks, I understand, but sooner or later, if they come to their senses, they’d realize they have to have whatever Samsung/HTC have in order to compete!

  • spatch

    The Xperia ZL by a mile — that super thin bezel all around is just about the phone design of my dreams. I imagine we’ll be getting the ZL here in Australia as part of the Asian market, much like the TX, so that suits me fine. I’d love to see Sony make the ZL available for general retail like they did with the S because I can’t rely on my particular carrier to show any interest in Sony handsets these days.

  • kurtdean

    Its smaller than sgs3

  • PRo

    @xperiablog- Have a look on the Screens of these phones. Its shows 3rd January on it………….. Sony can disclose them tomorrow…….

  • With global he probably mean the frequencies the deices can work at, so both are “world- phones”. But the question which device will hit hit which market still remains.

  • Raphael

    Btw I never had any problem for the last 5 years with my VAIOs (S serie) I ordered on Sony online store. I first thought the plastic body was too flexible until I got my foot caught in the cord which sent one of them 3 feet high in the air and crashing on the floor, fully opened and screen down. It didn’t have a scratch, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

  • Z :D

  • Whichever has the bigger battery for me

  • It’s like comparing Acro S with Xperia S! :D

  • Ramy Ayash

    Did you buy a Vaio E/C? Because there is no bloody way you could get a medicore VAIO S/Z

  • Looking forward to both of them.
    But if I were forced to choose by
    someone who is point a gun at me, I’ll have to say the ZL. That
    Notification bar is something.?

  • Ashua

    True good statement. How I see it is hopefully. If sony can do well this year and many years to come then sony might be in a position to make its owen os as it has the potential to with all the entertainment and game store (playstation. Mobile ) They would definitely Be able to do it all, android. May have its problems about. Malware and all but what about the virus on windows computers and macs and yet you don’t hear about virus on the chrome books? Apple and windows might be good on phones but computers they have to fix up on. And also I think android is like a establishment for where once a company is doing well like samsung right now then the company can be in a position where they don’t rely on them anymore. Look at samsung. Now it now is planning to launch its own tizen os in. 2013 Its own os that will be competing against android, windows and ios in 2013. Hopefully. Sony will be successful this is 2013 a new beginning and era! ;)

  • trisha

    omg… seems like Z doesn’t have the shutter button for camera? Can anyone confirm that?
    I need this function so much
    as Z is water-proof, I did always prefer Z
    but if Z really doesn’t have that….I need to reconsider

  • ZL is much pretty. But, isn’t water/dust proof. I really love this two phones.

  • Ney

    Is there any reason why Sony would create 2 different phones, with different features and with a lot of disadvantages on both sides (yet, so similar), when they just could create one handset, waterproof, with the size of Xperia ZL? Sorry, but I don’t believe it’s impossible technicaly.
    I’m just so discouraged to buy the Xperia since 2 years just beacuse I have to choose between perfect design/size and lack of camera shutter button or water/dust resistance…

  • so Australia, Africa & South America aren’t getting the ZL? Where are you getting these facts again?

  • lovebmw

    i think the water proof extra feature gets my vote… but the LTE band is not for the U.S. :(

  • Michael Hofmann

    Xperia ZL is much more aesthetically pleasing as it has a smaller bezel. It also has a deidicated shutter button and more ergonomically placed volume rocker. However, it has an ill located front facing camera (on the bottom right).

  • zuzuu

    if u take phone horizontaly,its seems fine to me. (ff cam)

  • Alex Ruiz

    Congratulations. You are a must-read-blog for my daily Internet browse.

  • Ahmed HHH

    What about he battery?

  • Kuksa-

    Xperia Odin: 131.6 x 69.7 x 9.8mm
    Samsung Galaxy SIII: 136.6 x 70.6 x 8.66mm

    Think about that…Odin has bigger screen but its still smaller after all ! suck that samsung !

  • Kuksa-

    I mean Xperia ZL

  • azzido

    Where is dedicated camera button for Xperia Z ??!! This is only one thing I miss in this device :( :( :( I would choose ZL because of this FACT but it is not waterproof… Is this really impossible to create waterproof device with camera button? :(

  • azzido

    can we expect oleophobic screen?

  • TheLoyalist

    It’s there but it’s smaller…both have dedicated shutter keys

  • TheLoyalist

    It has, but it’s smaller…both have…

  • Ashua

    Now thats interesting really tempted to get the zl now but waterproof. Is also a interesting feature for the z I don’t know which one to go for or wait for the dogo C550x

  • howarang

    if this is true, xperia Z will pack a 2.330 battery

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  • jag

    Yeah.. it would be great if they can ship it by mid of january as they said. Jan 15 as per ePrice

  • jag

    Yah.. it would be possible that sony would make their own OS… that’s why maybe they made PS mobile. but it would take time

  • Poor Fag

    Frigging rich bugger… I just got my XS last year and couldn’t afford to change right now =.=

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  • But both are bigger than my current Xperia S, which is already taller than I would like (would be perfect if it stopped at the clear bit).
    I chose the S partly because it’s the smallest phone with a 720p display

  • Ashua

    True I guess

  • AlexBurnout

    I want that ZL masterpiece. A TRUE work of a genius. Sony, you are absolutely the very best company on Earth.

  • Alvin

    masalah buat lo??? bacot lu…!

  • Alvin
  • farhan

    both look amazing and hope the battary is big enough to last through the day….
    which one is coming to middle east ??

  • jag

    thanks! so i need to wait a little more for this Z (i wont be getting the V now because Z is much better phone).. i hope it will be here in Singapore by march too

  • Khanh NPQ

    I have a VAIO S 2010 model. Battery is really bad, and process isn’t that smooth, it is a very average laptop for its price, performance is way behind Asus, Apple, Samsung, it doesn’t deserve what it costs.

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  • LoL, when the Ion came out i bought it but then i didnt really like how it looked so i got the One X and then changed to S3.. prolly did that in about 1-2 year span.. XD

  • Do these two new phones have camera button?

  • foki

    i belive both will be super duper, i love sony, mine pick would be ZL

  • anon

    masalah buat lo??? bacot lu….! <<<< there is problems??? you`re noisy…!

  • Maged

    can anyone tell if these phones will have ” Miracast ” technology in it ??

  • paul_cus


  • paul_cus

    The ZL has a nice notification light, but I’m still in the translucent light bar camp.

  • Like Poor Fag said, “Frigging rich bugger…”

  • Arthur

    Am i the only one who’s wondering why Sony decided to put the front camera on the ZL at the bottom?

  • Ting Yan

    Is Xperia Z gonna come to US? can’t wait!!!!!

  • Nice.

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