New picture of Xperia Z surfaces in Thailand

by XB on 3rd January 2013

in Rumours

What looks like to be another press picture of the Sony Xperia Z (C660X Yuga) has surfaced in Thailand. It shows the handset at a different angle to the front-on pictures we saw at the turn of the year. It’s difficult to know the legitimacy of the image, but it looks real enough.

The report goes on to say that the official Thai price will be 19,990 Thai Baht (£406, €500, $660). This broadly fits in with what we’ve heard earlier, that the Xperia Z will be priced similar on release to the cost of the Xperia T. As before, there’s no source on this report and anyone can just make up a number, so take it with a pinch of salt for now. We should know firm details in just under a week.

Via SonyXP.

Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • another257

    no camera button?

  • james

    good price

  • acey

    If it’s true ,price is nice! :)

  • Lythanhlong

    Oddly enough, in the other image, I cannot see the camera button but on this image, I can see it…

  • MG

    There is one but it is thin. Take a closer look.

  • Lythanhlong

    Wait, I think there is a camera button. Dw, my bad.

  • 655.2473

  • This may not be Sony news, so I don’t know if it interests you. But in any case, Canonical, the company behind the Open Source Ubuntu OS, has released the sdk for their Mobile OS. Which should be available sometime late this year.

    And with the fact that it is super easy to unlock Sony Mobile’s bootloader to install different ROM, I think I will be exclusively buying Sony Mobile phones from now on.

  • Ryan Liao

    Sorry, no camera button on Yuga what you saw is speaker mesh. If you are looking for camera button, go for Odin.

  • it’s a speaker…

  • it’s a speaker..

  • b0bbit

    Wait is that a camera button???

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Cheaper than Xperia V, by the way, what about V, is it available in Europe?

  • Loken

    price is right but more expensive than my nexus

  • Yep, Xperia V available in Europe… :)

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Found it, but, hell, it costs a lot comparing to Z

  • cherry

    by what i found, it has dedicated camera button. which joys me because last time as i read, Z got no camera button but is water resistant while ZL does include dedicated camera button while being not water resistant. i want both camera button & water resistant. now i hope this is not just a stupid render. i’ll break the neck of the renderer if so.

  • KinG

    is xperia Z and ZL international?

  • KinG

    can anyone reply me pls..cos i like the ZL hope it’s will lunch global…

  • MyLive

    Just curious about the back also side view appearance.. Does it really flat??

  • Tinboy

    Sorry for my english , I live in Thailand and this all info a got from Sony TH

    Sony TH said they will sell it in Thailand on 8th March (the pic tell only at March anyway) but they just released TX and V yesterday for 16,900 Bath and Xperia Tablet S 3G/Wifi for 17500 Bath.

    They said TX and V price will drop a little when Z come so they have to inform the fans for such rapid release.

    oh and they said 2 more models will come with Z in Thailand too.

  • MyLive

    I think it’s all about ergonomic.. with this slim and wide shape it would be really hard to take a steady shot with a physical camera button?

  • Sorry I just double post


  • Feanor

    I checked the pictures of the review in ‘mobile-review’ and there it seems that the Z comes with no dedicated camera button. Also the leaked press picture suggests no camera button. I will have to sadden you but I think under the volume rocker there is only some grille, like microphone. Let’s hope that the sexier ZL will be the camera-centric handset and it will see a global release. I guess Sony is trying hard to differentiate the two phones with pulling out features here and there.

  • TheLoyalist

    There is a shutter key…

  • TheLoyalist

    It’s a shutter key…

  • TheLoyalist

    it’s a camera button…

  • ASiAN

    Fucking Cool and beautiful. Dell, Sony and other manufacturers should partner with Canonical to develop, marketing and sales ubuntu devices!

  • lovebmw

    no camera button?

  • atb

    I will buy the Xperia Z as soone as it is release and there is cammera button on the uper rigth side

  • Soon we will see :)

  • Asian Boy

    Fuck! we asian want ZL!!!! Fuck u Sony!

  • ONLY 500€ for Z? OMFG! Amazing!

  • Manjunath

    which phone is this ????

  • Raphael

    Not yet in France :(

  • eisuke

    Even rumours say March release of Z/ZL?? I need a new phone quick, my X10 died ages ago. Was wondering if I should wait for this phone but forget it! Gonna go for T!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sony’s epic premium looks <3… the reason i dont buy crap from samsung is cuz of lack of the premium feel which lately i have seen in LG along with sony and htc…. I have a feeling 2013 will see Sony come back to the Limelight in cellphone market. though i miss the nxt design this still looks wicked

  • cherry

    i’v checked on gsmarena & several i-don’t-even-read-what-website-it-is site & i found that its a dedicated shutter. i hope that’s not just ear candy. :)

  • cherry

    it is? wow i sure as hell hope it is. :)

  • “they said 2 more models will come with Z” – said the guy from thai

  • Nabil

    Xperia V

  • SonyXP site admin is working at Sony Mobile TH.

    Sony news from SonyXP admin can be treated as fact, IMO.

  • Ha ha!

    You were wrong ! As i said – No camera button !!1

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