Sony Mobile UK Store confirms Xperia Z box contents – no dock included

by XB on 1st February 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

The official Sony Mobile UK Store website has now listed the phone for pre-order. The pricing at £529 is similar to other UK retailers that have already listed the phone. The handset is available across all three colours – black, purple and white. There’s no launch date listed, but we pretty much now know that the handset will launch on 28 February in the UK.

What piqued our interest, is that the listing confirms what is inside the box for the UK unit. Unfortunately, as we expected, there is no dock included. The contents listed include: Quick charger EP881, USB media cable, Wired Headset EX300AP, Internal battery (not sure why this is listed?!), and Screen protector. If you were looking forward to the dock being bundled in the package, you’ll have to buy it separately in the UK.

Via GSM Arena.

  • Mathieu Power

    In France, Sony will give us a dock and a white NFC speaker with the Z ! YES !!

  • kickerr

    Are you sure? If so, it will be awesome for you

  • lovebmw

    in the US they might give us Xperia Z without LTE :D FML

  • you are late to release this phone in India i am waiting for this phone but you are really very late.

  • Samuel

    I was hoping that those stories about the Xperia Z not coming here with the dock were false, giving the steep price.

  • Samuel

    That’s quite the good deal. Might as well find out if I can procure one from France. :)

    What’s the retail price out there?

  • Mathieu Power

    Yes I am sûre :-)
    The dock is “DK26” and the speaker is “SRS-BTV5”.
    AND for 1€ more they give us a EP800 :-). I am lucky to live in France, hum ?? :-)

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  • Chelios

    How the fuck can it be late? It hasn’t been released yet anywhere.

  • xperiax10.awesome

    And the price !!!
    £ 649 i.e. $1000+
    Price in US will be around 800 dollars, so its Ok :-)

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  • Tough as metal!
    How solid does a precision engineered smartphone need to be? How
    about as solid as a car? Xperia Z’s frame is made from glass fibre
    polyamide, the same material that’s used as a metal substitute in
    automobile parts.

    And the good news is that i copied this from SONY india obviously they gonna launch the solid smartphone in India :)

  • in germany —
    Schnell-Ladegerät EP300
    Kabel-Headset EX26AP
    Integrierter Akku
    Ladestation DK26
    2 NFC-SmartTags NT1 (Schwarz und Rot)

    the same just 2 nfc tags and i cant undestand why the dock is different model here?

  • jjghj

    UK always get the short end of the stick :/

  • m sacha

    sony never ever said it was going to be released the moment they announced it…

  • Nothing yet for Mexico :(
    Frankly I bet we’ll have the ZL at Z’s price and no gifts as usual.

  • penubag

    While us Yankees get nothing

  • Where did you hear this?

  • lovebmw

    Dude, if you compare the lte bands that are coming on the z, none match the US… and there is a Z that will be released without LTE, Sony mobile USA website has the Z coming soon… you do the math

  • lovebmw

    800 for a device without LTE for the US is a joke

  • zer0rec0rd

    Vielleicht Weger Der Verschiedenen Steckdosen-Adaptern In Manchen Ländern …

    Maybe Couse Of The Different Power Connectors In Each Country..

  • Cheng

    damn I m glad we get the dock included here in China~~

  • In India sony is giving a premium mobile case and a sony over-the-head headphone with the Z… :D

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