Xperia TX Jelly Bean update to land in March

by XB on 7th February 2013

in Android, Firmware, Xperia T

Sony Mobile has confirmed our earlier reports that the Sony Xperia T and Xperia V Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean rollout has begun. New software features include updated versions of Sony’s media apps (WALKMAN, Album and Movies), a new launcher (leaked here) allowing up to seven home screens and new app tray sorting/search, a new auto scene setting for the camera as well as Google’s native Jelly Bean features such as Google Now.

Sony Mobile also confirmed that Xperia TX (LT29i) owners will have to wait until next month for the Jelly Bean update. As no other phones were mentioned in today’s report, we expect the original schedule remains the same. As a reminder, the Xperia P, Xperia go and Xperia J will be updated from the end of March. Following this, the Xperia S, Xperia SL, Xperia ion and Xperia acro S will be updated from April onwards.

Thanks Silas!

  • muffin man

    what about the xperia sx and gx ?

  • LawSH

    So sad.

  • NikAek

    And the XS at the end ..waiting…ok ,i am sure that the S despite the high price at the beginning has sold maybe the most including P,U,Go,Sole etc ..and what ???the 2012 flagship will take this upgrade last..good lesson ,personally i will remain with the S and the neo v of my wife and i will not buy Z or something new ..even the the Xperai tablet S they have left without any update ,they wanna be apple for sure..pity

  • kiikooo

    just received it for my T Uk version. :))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Mariano

    So………i bought an Xperia S and i have to wait until May perhaps June to have the f… update, very well, sony sucks

  • Herman

    If you wanted to receive immediate updates, you should’ve bought a Nexus device instead.

  • Mariano

    Dude, i live in argentina everything here cost a fortune, i cant afford a nexus device (i want one), if i could afford it, i would have bought one back then

  • The thing is I bought a Sony mobile device, because i read that Sony is update the 2011 product line. And I thought “this is an amazing new update attitude, better then Samsung, cause they did not update the SGS.” Now when I’m looking even the SGSII (from June 2011!) got the JB earlier then the SXS. What the hell? Do you understand now?

  • ninexblue

    Not up to Sony, that’s up to Docomo. I have been looking for any news on that but haven’t found any. The only mention of it I uncovered was a blog site predicting Docomo would not update them…

  • Herman

    Well, the Galaxy S II of someone I know still hasn’t got Jelly Bean either.
    And it’s even an unlocked one.

  • Herman

    By the time the Xperia S was released the Galaxy Nexus was still cheaper in most countries though. If the Galaxy Nexus was too expensive back then in Argentina, the Xperia S would’ve also been too expensive I presume. It really couldn’t differ much.

  • Andrew D

    This is so Fxxxing Sad!
    Xperia S will be outdated in may with its 4.1 while others get 4.2 and 5.0 !
    This puts me in a position where i have to say that Sony sucks big time!
    I Think we should give our Xperia S all back and ask for a refund! They should give us the Xperia Z just to make it up to us Xperia ‘S owners.. But then again,. im sure Xperia Z will be outdated too in a few months….This Sony policy ssucks .. Very dissapointing.

  • Norio24

    I personally dont care about Jelly Bean anymore for my XS ! Bye Sony

  • Dime

    sony must make JB the best for xperia s without phone bugs and with every single new technology because :

    -for xperia s was made some mistake , it wasn’t the same politic to sony as the other phones xperia arc,t and v shortly i’ll tell that xperia s got ICS after the updates to xperia arc and arc s which was not the same as xperia t,v to get JB after xperia s get JB ,also xperia s will get JB after all sony phones i want to say it will be the last phone to update to JB and on that time samsung , nexus lg now and motorola will start to take JB 4.2.1 and we will get 4.1.2 and what is more important we even don’t now what is going on with the xperia s future with updates it could be forgoten like arc,arc s so SONY don’t disappoint XPERIA S users because there are a lot of them which means a lot of money because for my next phone i’ll think twice if i want to buy a phone from SONY because what was made with the xperia s update it wasn’t fair at all… and i’m sure that here are more people which are thinking like me …

  • “I Think we should give our Xperia S all back and ask for a refund! They should give us the Xperia Z…” What else do you want? A house?

  • Dime

    SURE even LG now and motorola will be better for software updates … so i don’t want to talk about samsung number one company really … i like very much the software ui and design from sony but this is stupid they late a lot …

  • Dime

    they dosen’t they first must own an xperia s … read my opinion at the top :)

  • metalhead

    Wow some people are so ungrateful if you want the Xperia z so badly go buy one and quit moaning

  • Andrew D

    No , just making my point in that its a fucking policy they have over there at sony, but the way things are goin i wouldnt even buy the Xperia Z

  • Andrew D

    Nah,. i dont think i’ll buy another sony device,.. im gonna stick to my Xperia S as long as it goes,. then im going to buy something uptodate… not some crap polcy shit that sony has…

  • Mariano

    Pardon Me, i didnt explain properly, i bought the xS in june, 400 dollars on amazon, one friend went to USA and took it here, otherwise i had to pay $5000 pesos (a lot) just to have it, the only nexus i like is the nexus 4 and its more expensive than the XS, my only choise is to wait the jelly bean update, and then sell it to buy a new one,

  • cloth

    I still cant understand how they can update P,J and Go before Xperia S….I’ts a fucking joke!

  • What policy you shithead? Just say it that you want Xperia Z, if you said you wouldn’t but it, why did you ask them for it?

  • Adrian Casillas

    What about the TL?!

  • Mariano

    TL=TX march

  • w511201

    Xperia S JB is April WTF sony? Xperia S >>Xperia P, Xperia go and Xperia J

  • DragonClaw

    Xperia S will get something more than what P and Go will get. That’s why, may be.

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  • Sony Mobile User

    Ok then. Please go

  • Sony Mobile User

    Because you don’t get the latest android jelly bean? So you just buy the phone only for the latest android? Sony is providing mobile phone to the customers, so accept it as it goes

  • smf

    Waiting for TX update…

  • I thing Qualccom was late with the JB driver for S3 SoC.

  • Our S will be updated last!
    I wonder if we will ever get 4.2? :(

  • Andrew D

    I think this is an open forum…. So i guess i have the right to post my statement. Youse all have a problem with that? Well , youse all know what to do.
    Sony is screwing up big time his Users… i understand Sony wants to sell ,but Sony should also have in mind all them already users ..

  • Andrew D

    I was making a point, but youse know what? GO and fuck yourselves,… better yet, stick that Xperia Z up you ass and turn it on vibration, youse sick fucks.

  • Andrew D

    No ,its only fair tho that Xperia S as the 2012 flagship gets its 4.1 sooner than all the rest that came on the market, but if you wanna just fuss around about it,. thats your problem

  • leimide

    I wonder when will the JB update for Xperia Acro S roll out.

  • Andrew D

    I hope your right, but the way things are going, im sure that Xperia S will be forgotten…
    and thatsthe sad thing about it, 2012 flagship and is up last against the newly ones..So sad…

  • khalis

    Fine :)
    My Xperia GX is waiting for! :)

  • aww… he mad

  • Sony Mobile User

    Yes, I understand. I do not blame anybody. Just my thought that if you are not happy with Sony, at least give some positive feedback. Everybody makes mistake, so does Sony

  • ProWeirdo

    What the fuck?! Sony said that Xperia S WILL GET JB till the end of March, not that it will begin to roll out in April! They don’t treat their customers seriously!

  • DragonClaw

    That’s why you buy an Android. The community never ever ditches a phone. Android being open-source, you will always get the latest from somewhere. All you need to do, is to gather enough courage to unlock your BL.

    Btw, in case of Apple, when Apple stops updates for certain devices, they try to make it obsolete. The minimum required OS version of all apps on the App Store is 5, or higher than 4.2. But these are the apps that would run perfectly on iOS 3 devices.

  • xperialover

    April that suppose to be fucking 4.2.1. for the Xperia S

  • Sony Mobile User

    I got your point. I hope that Sony must take it in high priority about the user feedback. Just hoping

  • Sony Mobile User

    Anyway, Xperia Z will be launched in Malaysia on March 6, 2013 =)

  • Sandun Siribandu

    I am a TX owner & I WAS a Sony fan before I hear this News…

  • meskey

    Xperia p and go gets jellybean before the XS…feel so let down considering the XS was Sony’s flag ship phone last year.

  • Luis

    it better be good cause sony has dissapointed me with my xperia Tx. Not buying any sony anytime soon

  • PVV

    So Slowny…

  • I’m not judging or anything but it doesn’t make any sense how the mid-range Xperia P, Go and J are getting the upodate before the high-range Xperia S, SL, Ion and Acro S. Plus the Xperia S and Ion were the first Sony phones to be announced.

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  • Raymond Chan

    I hope when the JB rom for P and Go release, the project which port JB rom form P and go to sola and U can start. I can’t wait for the custom JB rom for sola. P.S. I am a sola user

  • Ben-Amie Lim

    April for my ion.. I have few more months of waiting.

  • KazeFuu

    I can understand why people would feel mad that one of the first phone announced last year is getting the update last, but to say that you hate sony because of it and you won’t buy another phone from them is just overreacting. Personally I bought my phone because of the UI, design and specs of the phone not because it had the latest android, while it is nice to have the latest software, my xperia works awesomely with ICS either ways. As someone else said ealier, you can always root your device and go for JB and stop complaining about sony, which, is trying to bring the update to all their 2012 lineup.

  • Love my tx after root

  • Mazin Hanna

    SONY, I have a question, how do you feel when SAMSUNG started recently rolling JB out for SII which is 2011 flashgib? SONY S mobile was considered one of the best and will have JB as soon as it is out, even it’s price compared to SII, was much higher during 2012, now look what happened, prices of SONY S goes down, in my country there is a $100 different, while it was $200 higher than SII when I bought in 2012. The worse, JB is already out for SII. May anyone raise a question, why we are carrying SONY? why we are your fan if you never supported us????

  • slavisa italy

    I bay Sony xperia s August 2012 pay 420€ after half year no more update I am not happy.last Sony’s phones I don’t bay more prefer anything else.sorry Sony never more!

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  • uidesigner_sony
  • AimollA

    How did u root it, i cant seem to find any tutorials on the tx.

  • AimollA

    How did u root it, i cant seem to find any tutorials on the tx.

  • SMF

    Today: March 7, 2013

  • Siraj eddin

    Today is 15th March and there is no sign of JB updat for Xperia tx !
    Shall we wait till April?

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