Xperia Z sold out in a day in France

by XB on 20th February 2013

in Xperia Z and Xperia ZL

Sales of the Sony Xperia Z started in France via the official Sony Mobile website on 18 February, however stock of the handset sold out in just a day. Both black and white colours are now out of stock, with more stock expected on 28 February.

Of course, what we don’t know is how many handsets Sony had in stock in the first place. Sony Mobile France says that the number was “significant”. The Xperia Z has already arrived for a number of people too including a free wireless speaker (SRS-BTV5), see a couple of pictures below. As a quick reminder, the Xperia Z is expected to go on sale at the Berlin Sony Store tomorrow. A wider launch is expected in the UK and other regions from 28 February.

Xperia Z sold out in a day in France

Xperia Z sold out in a day in France

Pictures via @ProLaG and @Konneh_21.

Thanks farhan!

  • 3zeez

    How About Japan Sales ?
    Could you provide a number please ?

  • I’ve recieved mine today :D

  • tk007


  • m


  • Keon Fraites

    I would have already bought my Xperia Z but Crysis 3 requires DX11 sooo I had to place my purchase on a new gpu immediatly placing a longer wait time on my Xperia Z D: I love this phone I still find it hard to let go of my Xperia S though >.<

  • Sasa

    Tell as more about screen, colours, contrast, etc.

  • e.d

    this is just the beginning of the END for rivals

  • lovebmw

    All it took is a little bet of listening to fans, and Valla its raining money on SONY now…. what would happen if they completely listened to us? Oh my….

  • Probably shouldn’t say ”France” but maybe the site

  • ze_raketes
  • just ordered mine today…I´m from germany…o2 says it takes 2-3 days to arrive. on the date for delivery is the 23.2. and on facebook sony said by tomorrow it will lunch in berlin and will then be availibil at partners at the same day

  • David Lettinga

    They would sell a lot more too if there were on more U.S. carriers

  • bimmersonygasm

    US release now!!!!

  • SonyFan

    140000 Units were sold in a week !!! Thats really Good
    edit: source:
    just translate it

  • SonyFan

    BEST WISHES SONY!!! Sony is going to Succses !!
    2013 Year of Sony
    2013 Best Phone Xperia Z
    Xperia Z CM10.1 development started today from FXP Team !!

  • Does anyone know if the version being sold in france is C6602 or C6603

  • Coolkid

    R.I.P. every other manufacturer…:)!!! JK

  • Well, nothing really to tell about the screen. It’s gorgeous. The loud speak is really loud too. Buttery smooth the interface.

  • No it’s not :) “Bientôt disponible” means available soon :)

    Only Sony Mobile online store had it in stock.

  • farhan

    It’s the c6603 in France

  • SONY-holic

    are you sure that the loudspeaker is loud? cause I thought it will not due to its waterproof… said so

  • See? Always best to try it yourself!

  • It’s loud as my XS. Wonder why they said that it’s not loud.
    Maybe their unit had a prob.

  • It would help if Sony would release it world wide sooner especially in the USA. Also release the ZL worldwide so customers have a choice!

  • Thiago

    I really wanted to buy the Xperia Z, but I might say that I not very atractive to a 5 inch display. For me its too big. =T

    I hope they made a mini version or something like that with 4.3 inch

  • ze_raketes

    Sorry my bad! :/

    Since Amazon uses orange for something that is “almost” in sotck and green for stock…I assumed lol

  • Noeh

    DAT HANDWRITING.. Its cute =P

  • Fryo

    Yes for now the xperia v is the closest to it but the SOD bug…….. :(

  • Hey mate, can you try playing a video and see if you can take snapshots? Again… play, not record a video. Thanks :D

  • MyLive

    AFAIK we can take snapshots while playing video since A200 SE..? Well in a low resolution actually..

  • themanspirit

    While GSM Arena found the XZ to be within 4dB of the XS for Pink noise/Music: XS 61.8dB versus XZ 58.3dB.
    It was the measurements for Voice and Ringing that XZ tested well below average:
    * Voice XS 72.7dB versus XZ 60.1dB
    * Ringing XS 69.6 versus 61.6dB.

    Bear in mind a difference in 2dB is noticeable.
    They are not alone in finding XZ to be far too quiet too.
    I sure hope the XZL does not suffer from this trait.

    Bring on the GSM Arena Battery Test for XZ!

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  • Evita

    Is NFC speaker compliment in first lot?
    just wondering

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  • really awesome. love ypu sony, te best!

  • fried_egg

    Orange UK have said they are not carrying the phone. Idiots.

  • Shaf

    Can you tell me where your from, n where did u get it from n how much you paid for it… Thanx

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  • Try it yourself at retail location!

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  • Raphael

    After 6 weeks of teasing, Sony can’t even stock enough phones for the launch week… Damn ! They really suck at selling many phones globally. We want to buy Xperia Z ! not restocking dates !! (btw restocking on the 28th at Sony Store is already pre-sold)

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  • mango

    I’ve got mine :)

  • Ashua

    Idiots indeed.! And plus I think I will get my one from phones 4 u or carphone wherehouse just on the same contract deals on the carries rather then get it directly from the carrier it self!

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  • Yes!! My current model is Xperia Ray. Bought 5 months ago.
    Perhaps will buy a waterproof model (Acro S, V, or Z) towards end of the year. Likely Acro S, since it will be the end-of-line and at a more affordable price. The Xperia Ray that I bought was updated to latest 4.0.4, no problems from what others who bought much earlier. So perhaps another positive of waiting, is the phone would have been updated and any bugs fixed.

    Feel free to comment/suggest/compare: Acro S and V. (of cos not Z since Z is the ultimate prime)

  • SonyFan

    Between Acro S and V…choose the V…its already JellyBeaned…and the newer Device with better hardware…i own the Xperia Z since 09.03…its just wonderfull…and today i showed it to my friends…first reaction : WOW!!! is it the new Xperia Z?!! and so on…

  • Thanks for the comment. I didn’t noticed it (very new using Discus). I guess what you’ve written sums it very nicely. Xperia V is indeed a good machine, good size (hence your friend’s reaction). And based on Gsmarena’s benchmark, it beats quad core phones like LG Optimus and even S3. (Quadrant benchmark)

  • Hanna Alex

    Sony can’t even stock enough phones for the launch week… Damn ! They really suck at selling many phones globally.

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