Xperia SP promo videos and pictures

by XB on 21st March 2013

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Xperia SPSony announced the Xperia SP (C530X) earlier this week. Our view is that it is a beautiful handset and we are very excited to see the transparent bar make a return, this time with customisable notifications. We didn’t get a chance to bring you the press photos and promo videos on announcement day so here they are in all their glory. We’ll produce a similar post for the Xperia L shortly.

Sony Xperia SP promo videos

Sony Xperia SP press photos

  • 2rooi123

    Just plain lovely. Sony is the best

  • Ridhwan

    Beautiful phone. Viva SONY!!!

  • Kevin

    In Mexico Xperia ZL went out to pre-order today for 11,200 pesos with the speaker included and that is around $900USD some are complaining about the price but I don’t care I’ll buy it anyway

  • Xyor

    You’re rich……..=_=……

  • Kevin

    No, but I really want it and mostly people complain Xperia Z wont get to Mexico

  • tim

    Beautiful phone, the only thing i don’t like is having the camera bulge out! I hate that on my current One S, it scratches the bottom of the ring around the lens.

  • Xyor

    Same here…I almost ordered the ZL, but I found a seller who’s selling Z HSPA+ version so I just picked up that one and close my wait time

  • Julio Spinoza

    I was about to preorder the ZL, but first, is to expensive here in Mexico and second the Xperia Z C6602 will be fully compatible with the bands of telcel,iusacell, so I decided to pre order mine in the US and is cheaper by the way, 800 dlls with TAX and deliver to my door

  • Kevin

    I know that but I don’t care about the price so I’m just waiting for the 19th so I can have it :)

  • jag

    the red looks so cool! i think the black is awesome too… nice mid ranger there sony! ^^ soon it would be all xperia in one’s pockets. ^^

  • imran

    i was about to buy xperia s but then xsp has launched now, so people please suggest should i go with XS or better wait for this one?

  • Cheng

    definitely for SP. SP =Xperia S+P+U in one~~~
    if u want better specs and more durability and resistance; monstrous Xperia Z is the way to go ~~~

  • rajesh

    you should wait for xperia sp. superb what a design yr… when to launch??

  • afzal

    Sexy device…

  • Red,black and white! They could probably become Sony’s signature colours. The SP is beautiful handset and good value at around £300! Much better than Xperia S and T

  • Proximity

    Black Xperia SP has the black frame around the display, the same with the white one…so why red one has not the red frame? IMHO it would be a greate style with the consequense of colours ;-)

  • JustMeW8

    I can’t decide which one I wanna get. I was saving for the Xperia V, fell inlove with the design. Now with the SP. Loving the transparent bar and the fact that its cheaper. But not a big fan of the design :/

  • acEy182

    V has bit weakest battery but I think water/dust proofing is 1 one big + for Xperia V .

  • Xperia S Android 4.1.2 Jelly B

    Xperia S JB ???? WHERE???? SONY

  • MyLive

    Somehow I feel xperia SP design look like ZL in a different way.. With it’s flat but ‘chubby’ back cover.. And unlike NXT series S, P and U… These Z, ZL, SP and L, each has different yet distinct look which is cool and make them less confusing..

  • vortex0307
  • spatch

    Xperia ZL or SP? I’ve loved my Xperia S, and never upgraded to the T or TX, but a 4.6 inch screen at 720p with customisable notification lights — now that’s tempting.

  • hamboy

    I was torn between the two as well. Whilst I think the ZL looks nicer I don’t think it offers enough to justify the extra cost. A 1080p 5-inch screen is excessive (for me personally) and the SP will have much better battery life.

  • Nabil

    It is better than the V in specs:
    – Bigger battery
    – Bigger screen (I can’t belive 4.6″ is ‘small’, it also looks small)
    – Better processor
    – Jelly bean out of the box and i will be supported longer
    – Better design and materials (IMO)
    – Cheaper
    – …

    Not waterproof though but I think it’s not worth. I’d go for the SP.

  • Definitely XSP

  • rickiking

    simply Stunning! especially the white.

  • Joao

    The best of design with the worst of the screens! Fuck

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    There already 3 “first view” videos from russians. And SP is just great device

  • Dave

    i really love design and specs but the weight is a dealbreaker – will get a V isntead.

  • I love everything about Xperia SP but the VGA front facing camera!!!

  • Flawless Victory Sony

  • DeLorean75

    I couldn’t agree more. My thoughts exactly.

  • Jock Block

    Hope the camera will not be as crappy as the Xperia Z.
    The reduced megapixel count is a good start, can’t wait for the first reviews…

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  • SEPI

    Sony is not the best on updates
    TX jb????

  • Julio Spinoza

    in not about the price, is about that the Z is waterproof and the ZL is not, the store will give me my phone the first week of april, so in time, we are pretty close

  • ShinOrochiX

    Sony’s designs are the best by far but their firmware…don’t get me started…

  • DeLorean75

    I agree about the excessive 1080p resolution on a 5″ screen. To me it’s plain pointless to go beyond 330 ppi. Just a waste of money and battery power.

  • Xlash Andraid

    Agreed. But if we have XDA, who needs official firmware? :D

    My friends are waiting almost impaciently to cook ROMs for new SONY devices. I’ll get this beautiful phone, is just great, and it shouldn’t be as expensive as Xperia Z.

  • Xlash Andraid

    Les conviene mejor comprar el Xperia Z en Estados Unidos o alguna tienda como Amazon o eBay. La neta, aquí en México todas las compañías de telefonía celular son unas ratas, van a ver que el Xperia SP lo van a poner como a $9,000 varos.

    It’s more convenient for you guys to buy the Xperia Z in USA o some store like Amazon or eBay. To be honest, here in Mexico all the celullar companies are damn thiefs. They’r going to sell Xperia SP about $9,000 pesos (around $691 dollars)

  • Julio Spinoza

    I already bought my Xperia Z in a store in the USA, I am not going to pay extra 300 dlls for the ZL that Sony is already selling here in Mexico, besides, the ZL is cheaper than the Z, no waterproof and plastic structure, but is his choice, not mine

  • XenoN

    Oh GOD! Why I bought my Xperia TX this January? :(

  • sony xperia SP price is about rs.22,000 – rs. 28,000


  • there iz a colour difference in the frame in black and white versions.
    the white one is lighter in colour almost silver

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