Socialife ported to older Xperia phones

by XB on 11th April 2013

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SocialifeSony’s Socialife app has replaced Timescape in its 2013 Xperia line up. It can be used to keep track of your Facebook and Twitter feeds, along with any subscribed websites. If you’re not running an Xperia Z or Xperia ZL and want to see what the fuss is about, then you’ll be glad to hear that Socialife has been modded to work on older phones.

The mod does not require any changes to the build.prop, so it should be easily accessible to all. It is also working on a number of 2012 and even 2011 Sony Xperia smartphones. You can download the modded Socialife here and install like you would any other apk file.

Thanks Felipe!

  • Andrew D

    Why do I need a Facebook account?
    Im not in Facebook but G+….
    I think this should be used with any social network account..and not only FB

  • Yessir!


  • Jamie

    Can confirm this works on HTC One X

  • it is just the MAIN-account to have a Sociallife Profile… all Networks and RSS setings will stored into that account… you can also use an Sony account

  • Xperia arc 2.3.4, error in package !!

  • kamesvara

    It works out perfectly well in my xperia p

  • Alex Ruiz

    I don’t need this app, I don’t have any social life.

  • blurb8

    This app is installed on my tablet, yet I cant use it. I dont have facebook.

  • Keon Fraites

    Works pretty well on my Xperia S

  • TechGuyChris

    Seems to just freeze on Xperia ion when it says retrieving data.

  • work on my acro s, but i am still waiting for JB update….

  • Carlo Lim

    Why is it called SociaLife, when it needs JUST “facebook” to have an account? I mean, There’s “TWITTER”, “GOOGLE” etc.

  • it’s great, thank sony. <3 :) xperia live ICS.

  • Works fine in xperia S ;)

  • Dhruv

    Can’t sign in with my fb account. Shows the error – sorry, something went wrong
    we are trying to fix it as soon as possible from fb.

    Help please.

  • jxPerience

    timescape still better than this. It has Xperia trademark when you post on facebook. “via Xperia” unlike this one “via Sociallife”

  • jxPerience

    cause you’re a loner and no friends? get out and have some life with that you will have a social life

  • Sheikh Masud

    Slow, complex, doesn’t fit in my 4″ screen (feed + friend ), internet data hungry & etc. I’m gonna stick to Flipboard.

  • Sad…

    Had a few minor hickups after setting accounts.. Like unable to get new posts, unable to like/comment… Reinstalled the app a few times and now permanently unable to get updates from facebook… =(
    The rest still working fine though..

  • Works on xperia s but to be honest… I don’t like and i wont use it.

  • fubhknk

    It can’t connect to my facebook account on my xperia s,maybe because there is no israel at the registeration process?

  • Darklauber

    The Facebook stream is blank. He also does not refresh
    The Youtube Stream works fine.
    Is this a problem of Facebook?
    Is it a problem that occurs only in Germany?

  • Darklauber

    I can`t refresh the FB-Stream… The others work fine…

  • Darklauber

    Same Problem :(
    I am from Germany

  • anonymous

    This app should be called “Internet Life” and not “Social life”
    If you have facebook and twitter that doesn’t mean you have a social life and vice versa….
    I’m not on any of this platform but I have a social life, go out with friend, cinema, football, beach, party etc etc …..

  • Works fine on my Xperia S (stock ICS) @ Portugal FB, YT and TWT working fine, but i dont see the utility of these!

  • fubhknk

    The same,lm from israel

  • FixMax

    All works fine. IDK what happens with yours.
    I use VK , Twitter , Facebook , Google Reader (i know,that i soon will be closed) , and some RSS channels.
    Anyelse it will greate if they add G+ and Instagram :)

    P.S. I’m socialman…

  • Darklauber

    I can post @ Facebook with Socialife, but the Stream doesn’t Update :(

  • fb

    FB is blocked in Iran, blocked life

  • Jesse Gregory

    Xperia PLAY running NXT Light Edition (2.3.7) and I too get an error in package. This must only work on ICS/JB

  • Andrew D

    tell me how

  • Felipe Pimenta

    Google+ has no Public API (that means no Third party API can get info from G+)

  • Installed on my Xperia U. Works fine and the Widgets are awesome. Definitely better than Timescape, which I used till now.

  • Works fine for me. Germany here, too.

  • cDh

    Well looks like it only works in ICS and JB… damn

  • Laurent Picalausa

    Very nice they rebooted it to older phones. Now I can use it on my xperia P aswell. But… On my xperia tablet I can login with my sony network account and on this version only with my facebook account, anyone know what the problem is?

  • Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and websites only updates sporadically for me, both on Xperia Z and Xperia tablet S. The app simply does not work, so I really don’t understand why someone would bother porting it. :(
    I’m from Norway.

  • dereknobuyuki

    Facebook is not required. On mine (not a hacked or modded version of socialife) there are on screen prompts to setup accounts.
    Basically in this day in age, you need a Facebook account – not to use but just to facilitate logins and their platform.
    huge numbers of people don’t really use Facebook anymore and for good reason but most of them still have an account.
    it would be pretty awesome if Google plus would support feed reading type applications more readily though but in the end flipboard does support your Google plus feed so why use social life

  • dereknobuyuki

    I’ve been trying socialife for 3 days since the tablet Z arrived but fail too see the advantage of this over FlipBoard

  • Andrew D

    Ok. Thanx, but on mine it says only with a Facebook account… Anyway,….thanx again.

  • Everyone use 2011 xperia With Official ICS have instal it ? and is this works ?

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