Video shows off new Android 4.1.1 update for Xperia Tablet S

by XB on 23rd April 2013

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XTS_JBThe Sony Xperia Tablet S Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean update started to roll out at the end of last week. Apart from the update in Android version, the new firmware brought performance enhancements as well as the addition of the TV SideView app, camera UI improvements and updated WALKMAN, Album and Movies apps. Sony has put together a quick video to show off all of the new features which you can check out below.

  • name

    Inb4 obnoxious, bawling xperia (l)users

  • name

    *xperia S

  • Hannad Ahmed

    You know you can edit your own comment. I´m just sayin.

  • Love the music

  • kiikooo

    Does Sony seriously not see the lag in almost All of its apps?

  • To put it out simple its half assed update with locked bootloader and no root.
    No jelly bean homescreen.
    No jelly bean lockscreen.
    Low res fonts that look pixelated.
    A sony remote app that bugs out while setting up forcing you to re setup remote if it does’t save properly.
    Random shutdowns are indeed fixed.
    Camera improvements actualy can record 1080p now.
    bluetooth wifi interfearance issue been fixed.
    Stock browser is much faster but still crashes on sony’s own forums.
    I just hope this half assed update got rushed out due fix and that polished update follows soon.

    I wish they just updated jelly bean without their outdated skin thats not even in this update.
    Along with the standard apps from sony.

    But looks like even this is to hard for sony to do.

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    The Android UX on tablets are really bad, i think sony should overhaul the UI, gestures based UI is good for tablet. Plz just make a difference.

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  • their always been lag even in older android visions also even worse, clearly they bloat the code and not optimise anything at all.
    They would be better off just using the standard jelly bean update and just adding their own apps to it.
    Now their just wasting time………
    and give out half assed unfinisched update.

  • Basharca

    Honestly for me it seems over complicated, a lot of things are going on. The average user won’t need all this mess. Although a Jellybean update is more than welcome.

  • kiikooo

    I have to be to honest though i like what Sony has done with its launcher. I mean i like it more than the HTC one. I just got the one and im choosing between it and the Z. So far i like the Z more for small details like recent apps and small apps but the HTC for how smooth the software is overall. I still get lag in my Z swiping between home screens which is not acceptable nowadays to me.

  • faysal

    xperia s jelly bean!!!!!

    seeing this makes me want it even more

  • zerocools

    You wanted an update, they gave it to you. If you’re not content with what they give you can get rid of the device and get the Nexus 10 and port the Sony apps yourself.

  • ??? ?

    Where ????Xperia S Jelly Bean WHERE ??? oh fuck

  • reDalerT

    Up yours, that’s where! stfu already

  • Andy

    The video does not tell you that the time setting now shifts in the background to several hours earlier, that you can no longer use hidden SSID’s with wi-fi, that account sync can no longer be set on a per account basis, and many other changes that are frustrating and just plain dumb.

  • salem

    LAGG! so much lag out there

  • Anon

    The Xperia S has had 1 OS upgrade. How many more do you want?1

  • If only xperia tablet s was that polished……… right now :|

  • i want jelly bean they given me frankenstein jelly bean update with ICS homescreen and skin……..

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