Xperia A hands-on photos and videos

by XB on 15th May 2013

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Xperia A_Hands_10The Sony Xperia A (SO-04E) was announced by NTT DoCoMo earlier today. The handset is the Japanese version of the Xperia ZR (C550X). We thought we’d share some hands-on photos and videos of the device, especially considering we haven’t seen any real life pics of the Xperia ZR, only promo videos and pics. We are liking the look of the mint coloured Xperia A, which one gets your vote?

Xperia A hands on videos

Xperia A video sample

Xperia A hands-on photos

Xperia A

Xperia A

Xperia A

Xperia A

Xperia A

Xperia A

Xperia A

Xperia A

Xperia A

Xperia A

Via Gizmodo Japan, RBMen, and Watch Impress.

Thanks @musumappa!

  • Mac

    Is it just me, or is the antenna upside down? looks stupid as fu**

  • faysal

    dam the s4 looks ugly as hell next to xperia a… or any xperia

  • RonRon3050

    Will be a performance beast for sure according the
    720p display n the 2g ram.:)

    This is the perfect phone

    Sony take my money<3

  • scw

    The antenna is for the One-seg function, which is a Japan-only feature. So no worry.

  • It’s real… Xperia ZR and SONY – C6802 coming to Indonesia

  • FlowXT

    Better than the thick detachable antenna of the AX or SX etc which you needed to carry around separately.

  • FlowXT

    It will also support NOTTV in Japan, which is broadcast at 720×480 30fps, a significant improvement over One-seg’s 320×240 15fps transmission.

  • Xyor

    I would want to know if it will be released with mint?

  • Tyson R

    dam the ZR looks gay as hell next to galaxy s4… or any galaxy.

    Ps. at least S4 still has a buch of great features like smart scroll, s translator, air gesture and more.

  • PRo

    And they are as gimmick as you :P

  • you mean the overpriced plastic with the same design and gimmick features consuming lots of ram and space? some of the features are ok, but personally I think the rest are just garbage, not to mention when those functions are not working sometimes. I’d rather go for overall user experience.

  • nanimu

    great features? O RLY?

  • Kwanfork

    is that a lanyard slot at the bottom? there are 2 holes there, i think the smaller one is the microphone.

  • faysal

    if you love samsung phone go to a samsung site….. don’t come here and talk shit about sony phones… i would have banned you by now if i was the moderator…. clearly you are jealous of xperia phones and not happy with your galaxshit.. otherwise you wouldn’t have spent the time to come here to troll on sony phones…

  • Ryan

    Sony C6802 and Sony C6833 models spotted in Indonesian E-Postel. Here’s the link:

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  • ProWeirdo

    hmm Sony… Nice smartphone you got there!

  • Steen Bo Jørgensen

    looks great in the mint:-)

  • wait, if ZR is C550X, what it is C6802 ?

  • Mac

    Yes I know, but still. It don’t have 2 ruin the look of the phone.

  • in this link , sony register c6833 and C6802 with c5502 (xperia ZR) will be released in indonesia. so this is xperia “gaga” ?

  • viva_xperia

    i think u too much use eye tracking on your samsung phone so your sight must have a problem…………why don’t check that on samsung s health …….;)

  • every body has the right to view his opinion…

    btw this it’s not for international market …so i don’t know why people out side of japan care about it…just waste of time

    and it’s just another phone from sony …no big deal

    and xperia a looks ugly compare to sgs4….


  • Is the Xperia A the Xperia ZR?

  • Typical Samsung Plastic Fanboy! Samsung phones are ugly and have too much bloatware and useless gimmicks!

  • no one welcome u… get out here pls sam fanboy. :P hehe

  • both! A – Japan, ZR – international. ^_^

  • faysal

    you have no right to compare galaxshit to xperia, sony is on whole another dimension which samsung will never be able to reach..
    constructive criticism is welcome but embarrassing xperia phones by comparing it to ugly samsung phones is a crime..

  • Josh96

    Because people know the international version is Xperia ZR which has better design than S4 which samsung designer took from a soap. Samsung sucks at design and the best at making unnecessary bloatware which will ate up half of the storage. Go buy Xperia Z and I am sure you will never get a Samsung phone again…ever.

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  • ryq24

    Samsung is being investigated by Taiwanese police for hiring students and telling them to bash their competitors online including comments section. So those defending Samsung are most probably paid hack!

  • ugly phone

    too thick.. as ugly as samsung

  • Ah, get it, thanks!

  • cyleo

    I lol’ed. Could smell the irony from over here. “Great features” lolz.

  • idk, it will be revealed soon with C6833

  • I hope so, I Like it too,..

  • lolzer

    sorry, is copycat feature. Air gesture is firstly used in Xperia sola last year.
    smart stay,scroll, pause etc?? try it, you’ll know how problematic it is. Even sammy fanboy review sites complained about it..

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