New firmware (9.1.A.1.142) certified for Xperia T and Xperia V

by XB on 14th June 2013

in Firmware, Xperia T, Xperia V

Xperia T and V 142 firmwareA new firmware build has been certified by the PTCRB for the Sony Xperia T (LT30a, LT30p) and Xperia V (LT25i). Firmware version 9.1.A.1.142 is likely to be a marginal update over the current update on the Xperia T (9.1.A.1.141) and Xperia V (9.1.A.1.140). Hopefully we’ll see this ‘142’ firmware hit handsets shortly.

Xperia T and V 142 firmware

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  • yuskhayru

    looks like there an update for xperia v. hmm

  • Silas Arentsen

    Lt30p nothing on ptcrb (Xperia T)

  • Herman

    Wow congratulations, you actually read the title correctly!
    What an achievement, seriously!


  • kakooli

    Sony is on a roll on updates. Btw, ion users stfu we dont love you

  • LaceeWearsPrada

    FUCK YOU MORON!!! Btw, you’re a piece of shit :)) We don’t love you too :$$$ -.-‘

  • kakooli

    Do i look like i give a fuck about u guys if u love me? Fuk no i dont. U guys bitching and whining wont do u any good. I hope sony doesnt releas jb for u dumbfuks

  • Herman

    Well, I would love him (her??) just to irritate you. How ’bout that? :)

  • rayleigh

    Sony Xperia V is lt25i not lt29i which is Xperia TX

  • SXperiaIon

    I hope you choke on a d*** you rude asshat

  • XperiaBlog

    Thx, we’re swimming in codenames right now!

  • Supernova

    I think I’ll end getting Xperia T, and these are good news because SONY are updating their main devices continuously, at least for now. Hope SONY update it to 4.2 at least, so I could get custom ROMs based in Jelly Bean..

    Why Xperia T? Because after Xperia Z, it’s a really beutiful and elegant phone, and I think I don’t need more power in a smartphone than that.

  • Guest

    You don’t need Sony to update to 4.2 to get Custom ROMs. Modded/ported apps may be, but CM10.1-based Custom ROMs are alive and well without Sony thank you very much.

    Doesn’t the SP uses the same hardware as T anyways?

  • Supernova

    Well, SP has a 1.7GHz Adreno 320 dual-core, while Xperia T has 1.5GHz 225 Adreno dual-core. SP has a better one but I like T more.

  • yuskhayru

    did i hurt you? sorry. im pretty new about this.

  • psychok9

    No news of the update?

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  • disqus_08T17DzMHr

    is there any new ftf bugs fix for LT26i LT26w LT26ii not the 6.2.B.0.211 that ain’t fixed the bugs

  • SonyFan

    Yesterday i chatted with sony and asked when 4.2.2 will roll out for XZ…she said” i dont have info when it will avaible but we are working with lot of presure on the updates”…
    Thumbs up so that everyone can see that sony isn’t annoying the customers
    Sorry for bad english

  • Uchiha Dare Nial

    I read this article from my Xperia ion android 4.0 ,and I am waiting it eagerly…but I won’t hate Sony because I love them :3

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  • WaLu

    I post this comment for replying to u. Hmm

  • i ‘m using Xperia V and i will update & install .

  • nagabn

    Hye guys. When the firmware update will be available for Xperia V?

  • nagabn

    Hye guys.. WHen the firmware update will be available for Xperia V?

  • wayne

    Just done update on xperia t looked ok now handset won’t boot up. :-(

  • jana

    my Xperia V (LT25i) get

    9.1.A.1.142 JB up date now ………………

  • APai

    9.1.A.1.145 seems to be out for lt30p/ Xperia T

    certified the day before on june 25th according to PTCRB

  • Apoorv

    hey.. R u able to make Video calls?

  • Apoorv

    hey XperiaBlog..

    would u please make a petition to Sony for updating Xperia V (lt25i) to be able to make native 3g/4g video calls.

    it sucks to have purchased such an expensive phone and not have such a basic function

  • lony

    there is none available update in my xperia v whats the problem??

  • sh shaek

    can u able to use video call via 3g.

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