Sony Mobile attracts ex-Samsung owners to drive UK market share

by XB on 1st July 2013

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growth_1Sony’s Xperia Z handset has helped it to drive market share in the UK and now sits as the fourth largest handset manufacturer in the region. Research house Kantar Worldpanel ComTech has reported its latest smartphone sales data for the three months to May 2013, which revealed the findings. According to the report, “38% of Xperia’s users are ex-Samsung owners, the majority of whom have upgraded from the Galaxy S2”.

However, Sony still has a long way to go if it wants to challenge Samsung. Kantar reports that nearly half of smartphones sold in Europe are a Samsung. Android is dominant across Europe, holding a 70.4% share across the five major European markets (Great Britain, Germany, France, Italy and Spain), up from 61.3% a year ago.

This news correlates with IDC’s recent European Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker, which reported sales for Q1 2013. Within the smartphone segment, Sony sits at number three behind Samsung and Apple with 3.2 million units shipped, representing a 100% year-on-year increase in market share.

IDC Sony market share

Via IDC and Kantar World Panel.

  • DrazenDodig

    I expect Sony to sell a lot of phones in Q3 as in Q1 they basically had only Z, nothing else… even now, they mostly have Z + E/J… soon complete Europe will have full stocks of SP/L/etc, and that should help…

  • lovebmw

    Good JOB SONY, faster updates, closer release dates and penetrate the U.S. and you will be at the top again in no time.

  • ater

    All thanks to…

  • (C):stem

    SONY should follow some simple steps:

    A) Keep releasing awesome and beautiful devices, like always.

    B) Designing a really sexy UI (It’s done: the Honami system dump is the prove)

    C) Trying not to copy every move samsung does, like releasing huuuuge devices.

    D) Releasing faster updates.

    E) Not deprecating past devices and updating them with at least 2 Android versions (there are people still buying Xperia S, P, T, etc.)

    F) Not releasing a lot oh phones per year, so the support doesn’t become a nightmare for both engineers and users.

    And tada! we’ll have a new king.

  • Lesso Iga

    What a shame! $hitsung changed the game by focusing on distribution and advertising but we all know Sony is always made great products but if wanna get to the toppest again they have to raise the marketing budget as well.

  • Babylonbwoy

    They told us that 2013 is a breakthrough year for Sony!

  • Babylonbwoy

    I forgot to say that they also attract devs for example guys from team hacksung developing for fxp now, no need to drop names.

  • Gaston

    Release a bug fix jelly bean firmware for xperia s or I’ll be the one ex xperia owner going to Samsung.

  • ZAM

    Get ready Apple,v(SONY) r gonna peel ur skin & eat u soon ! ;)

  • Cristi13

    I wonder how many sony users left for samsung (especialy after xperia s fiasco, btw it is not the only one). Sony is probably the most interesting company, they create great products(some of them iconic) but they have this ability to fuck them up sometimes. Anyway I know I will be hated here so…

  • Kristian Kenneth Carl

    All the best SONY! Samsung ang its PLASTIC will be dawning soon!

  • Tech Gospel

    Yay! Sony just has to work on closing the gap between launch date and global availability date. They lose so many potential customers when their products aren’t in stores after a launch.

  • Ben Lim

    Just jump on board to SONY from those ugly phones!

  • shanefalco

    sony is eighth in the world … so wait before celebrating, first he has to overcome ZTE and Huawei are the sixth and seventh. Sony it still has a long road

  • (C):stem

    People I know who own the Xperia S don’t have any complain about it, the only problem I find on that one is the plastic cover, other than that the phone is good, and, like I said, there are people who’re buying it now, even if the phone is a year old. Now, if you talk about the delay of updates for it, you are partially right, because yes, SONY has to make a big improvement on that department, and I hope they’r working on it.

    And I’m sure past samsung users didn’t exactly switch to SONY because Xperia S but they did for Xperia T, TX, V, Z and/or ZL, mainly for this last two.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    I hope one day sony will offer hardware upgrade and replacement ( with some cost to be charge ) . until now iam still seing xperia s as one of the most beauty and iconic design from sony. But leaked of proper hardware makes people push this sexy device away from their wishlist. As the owner of xperia s, xperia v and xperia z . All the best sony. Makes and believe.

  • Chico88

    My friend’s XS is still on 2.3.3 and happy about it :P

  • Luke

    I have Xperia S and the update landed more than a month ago. tell your friend to use the companion to get his phone updated.

  • Hong

    Sony should put more Ads on FB like Samsung, you can see their Ads everywhere in FB thats why their fan page gathered 22m fans and sony only 9m I never see Sony mobile Ads in FB. That’s why samsung can esily brainwashed its user due to large fan in FB.

  • Asad Ahmed

    I just love this person :)
    p.s: I’m not gay ;)

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    It seems obviously you personally had trouble to handle your smartphone. Dont like it, dont bother it.. Move on to a place where you can really get what you want. No manufacture create a perfect phone. So either you used what u had now or go and buy other more advance spec brand out there. The smartphone itself means nothing if the user itself dont have a brain to work with it. Get it?

  • DStyle

    Those so called “fans” must be Samsung employees and hired college or university students.

  • DStyle

    Damn right. He is far more better than Howard Stringer.

  • vik

    Buy sony share and become rich

  • Why users upgraded from Galaxy S2 to Xperia Z.

    1. Xperia Z looks nicer than Galaxy S4.

    2. Xperia Z is cheaper than Galaxy S4.

    3. Xperia Z reminds the users of Galaxy S2. The S2 is the last decent design by Samsung.

    4. Xperia Z is waterproof.

  • Gitarooman

    agree with G, music and pop culture is a powerful thing, they need to get young ppl and hipster to jump in to their products, playing popular songs or using popular artist in your ads to advertise your product. Use catchy music to burn that image into ppl mind. Sony music has a massive catalog, since they are the biggest music distributor, should be easy.

  • Gitarooman

    all about profit honestly, thats what sony really care and need first. If you look at the net income from Huawei, ZTE or even HTC, they are peanuts compare to XZ. High end phones are the way to go because they have high mark up. Samshit can sell a billion phones but still won’t get the profit margin like apple.

  • Nebu

    I’m planning to trade in my S2 and buy a Xperia Z

  • Nebu

    I Updated my Xperia S to 4.1.2 JB without PC Companion. I just searched for software update in settings and i downloaded and installed it. It is working fine.

  • Nebu

    Tell your friend to go to Settings>About phone>Software Update and you will get a notification “1 update available”. you should tap the update and it will be downloaded . after downloading press install .It will be installed . Now your phone is Android 4.1.2 Jelly bean.

  • Babylonbwoy

    True that, known story.

  • Cristi13

    What are you talking about, did you even read my comment? I was talking about sony and their ability to create great products but later to screw them in some way. Oh and i didn’t sold this phone because I wanted to gave sony a chance(not just about the update) and the fact that in my country the price for xperia s dropped really quick. So I decided that it doesn’t worth my time and money so I’m gonna keep my xps how it is (i’ve installed custom rom, don’t worry), so looks like I can handle my phone. Btw it is not the first time they srew their phones (x10, arc). Look i’m not asking for the perfect phone, I’m asking for a phone that i don’t need to install a custom rom to make it work as it should. Oh and one more thing, i’ve also learned that brand it is not good for any customer, just get what you like and stop believing that if you only buy sony phones(or samsung), they will give you a prize or something, just look at nokia, brand loyalty is one of the things that kept them alive

  • Jack Tsiwt

    Agree…..He is the true Hero for Sony ….Only a Japanese like him can turn the business around.His experience ,dedication will help the Sony prosper again….I love you Kazuo Hirai….

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  • sony

    I love sony product

  • Nobody cares? Just don’t come back crying.

  • kjmok

    i’m certainly one of the ex-Samsung now-Sony Xperia Z user! :)

  • Justin Foster

    For some reason, when I look at him, I’m awkwardly reminded of Kazuya Mishima…O_o

  • Emil Oskarsson

    You just read my mind xD

  • Lunkz

    But don’t take Justin Biber please

  • Jhonbert Magana

    I know right? I just post a comment saying that there’s a feature from GS4 called aqua mode similar to touch block feature coming to ZR and they started replying like I just commented something bad to Sony. I mean it’s okay to be a fanboy but pls don’t be like a Sammy fanboys who don’t even think before posting. Sorry for my English.

  • Cristi13

    It’s not just sony or samsung fanboys, is the fanboys in general regardless of the brand, is like they receive a prize or something for defending their beloved master.

  • Izamanaick

    “v(SONY) r gonna peel ur skin & eat u soon” ? lolwut?

  • Jhonbert Magana

    You’re right about that. But there are still fanboys who are intelligent enough to point out what is wrong and missing to their beloved Brand.

  • Lava Man

    I’m here for this man and stand for him.

    Ps. please dont sell Sony’s entertainment division. haha

  • RealFanBoy

    Hi Boss, Where is PlayStation Phone? …Maybe Xperia Play 2 ?
    Oh please we’ve been waiting such a long, long time.

  • Cristi13

    And the ones that point out are asaulted by the others and the cycle continues. And there is us, who silence them both lol

  • karamelakimo

    go go go sony
    we love and believe in u :)

  • Chico88

    Already told him so, but he did not bother to update. He said as long as the phone works properly is okay. So I guess not everyone is into software updates.

  • Jack Tsiwt

    i think they will not sell it,its one of Akio Morita’s goal after losing format battle to VHS ,he said if he has distribution company or entertainment company he would win it over VHS….and also content distribution will help them fight over the competition,Sony and Columbia picture for movies online,Sony Computer entertainment for gaming ,Sony BMG for Music online,together they can cater a whole pack of entertainment to the consumer…BANZAI SONY

  • edwardzhang

    Time to release Xperia Z2!

  • Light Fox

    Of course, Sony has Justin Timberlake already

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  • josesl16

    So Samsung’s sale is almost 5 times Sony IN EUROPE. Shit, that’s pretty far chasing Sony has to make. And LG is slowly creeping up from behind?

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  • aldopucci

    You are pretty right man! Although I guess the most iconic design is the Xperia SP!

  • Jordan White

    Another Xperia Play wouldn’t really be viable for Sony, the original didn’t sell well.

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