New Album and Walkman apps rolling out – Gapless playback and Music Unlimited integration

by XB on 25th July 2013

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New media apps_2Sony Mobile has begun to roll out new Album and Walkman media apps for the Sony Xperia Z. The latest Album app has version number 5.1.A.0.4, whilst the Walkman app has been updated to version 7.9.A.0.1. Amongst the changes include gapless back in the Walkman app as well as Music Unlimited streaming integration. You can find download links for both apks below.

Album 5.1.A.0.4
Walkman 7.9.A.0.1

New media apps_1

New media apps_2

New media apps_3

Via xda-developers.

Thanks Sami!

  • charmaine6719

    working great :)

  • Diogo Simões

    it will work with Xperia S?

  • cachanilla86

    Only Album works on JB 4.1.2, Walkman its only for 4.2 (Tested on my SP)

  • moiz

    Can any one help me for xperia z ultra home launcher and apps for xperia z non rooted.i will b vry pleased

  • moiz

    I cant download walkman app xperia blog?????

  • Mercast

    Can i install them on 2011 xperias? Does anyone know?

  • raf

    only the album app works

  • boosook

    Too late… I switched to Spotify and I won’t come back to music unlimited. Spotify’s app is much better designed than music unlimited, and does not have all the problems that M.U. had.

  • cachanilla86

    I don’t think so, first you have to install a proper port of the ICS/JB apps, only this new Album MAY work, Walkman no because needs a newer Android version, it doesn’t work even on 4.1

  • Mike Gonzalez

    Love the new album app but when are we getting a new camera app with Honami-esque features ?

  • Audi360

    Sony is always too late, they have music and films company but video/music unlimited services are still not available in many countries.

  • Diogo Simões

    Like Portugal -.-

  • a1234

    or Austria…

  • HugoMathee

    When pressing the back button on the Now Playing screen, does it navigate back to the song list? Or does it still close the app?

  • Andrew D

    Thinking of going to Oppo Find 5…. any suggestions Sony?

  • Malachi

    Awesome, can’t wait to try this

  • Lunkz

    I’m happy with PowerAmp

  • the_black_dragon

    For me the new Walkman was the reason to by a MU Update the first time :D Okay… and i still had a 30 days test-abo and 25€ credit from Xperia Privilege :D so free 3 month music

  • Mac

    Dropbox message:
    Error (509)This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled! :(

  • aj

    go and search on xda…..i have an xperia x10 on jelly bean 4.1.2 fera lab rom with xperia honami launcher and a few other apps n even my 2010 xperia x10 feels awesome ;)

  • Zzzzzzz

    Wow. I love the new Walkman App! I’ve been wanting that “play queue” button in the display of the current track being played. The album is kinda slow though when loading “My Albums.” Now just waiting for the unlimited music feature to come to my country.

  • Guest

    Will this come to the Xperia SP?

  • Gisbert12843


  • the_black_dragon

    back to song list… “Now Playing” is not the “Home” Screen of Walkman anymore… it is now just something like an overlay screen

  • Eduard Va

    I hope they will take a look at some free podcast players on the market, as Sony Walkman on Xperia Z has the worst search and index system ever existed from windows 3.1 until now! There is no logical order in the search results and you can’t see file name if the name is bigger than x characters. Also in the search instant results there is no graphics loaded! So you can’t see what episode is on player and you can’t chose to play the last episode of a podcast.

  • Eduard Va

    Like România. Sony has his own map for EUROPEAN UNION….

  • AnDY

    So can anyone upload the file and post the link here?

  • Nokianss

    News of Gadget and technology (July 26, 2013) : goo .gl/SQJk9t

  • Billy de Fretes

    please some one who already download this apk mirror to others :D

  • Sahil

    I had flashed with the official firmware…. Will i receive the ota update?

  • Dun

    Wait for Oppo Find 7!!

  • Abdullah Robben

    like middle east :(

  • Andrew Tan

    Just install, working perfectly awesome. :)

    The dropbox link is dead, here the alternate link -

  • mnevil

    wow. very smooth and clean!!!!

    Sony did a great job!!!

  • zaqout56

    how can i backup my album and walkman,and how to install these apps?

  • tositem

    or Indonesia

  • tositem

    thanks for sharing the alternative link :)

  • [A]dri[A]n

    Xperia ZL? D:

  • Works great on my JB sola, as far I can see. Only album not working.

  • Engston

    Or Malaysia.

  • Jhonbert Magana

    Thank you!

  • xperiakita

    Is there another-mirror-link?

  • Puma Nike

    On my xperia TX only album works, when try to install walkman it says “Parse error”???Somebody help??)

  • Jhonbert Magana

    Check Andrew Tan’s comment.

  • hiho

    Seriously, this update is only intended for Xperia Z

  • xperiakita

    Thanks for your info.

  • Tech Gospel

    Hope they start including crossfade too! I love the Walkman app, but since I don’t use Xperia Home, I bought Power Amp instead. I don’t know why iOS and Android don’t include it by default.

  • Jhonbert Magana

    Can’t install Walkman app. “Error parsing package”

  • Jhonbert Magana

    Do you have trouble installing Walkman app?

  • mnevil

    maybe 4.2.2 only

  • mnevil

    dude. download the apk. put it in your phone. then install it from there.

  • xperiakita

    Yes, I did. Any solution how to install Walkman app on my Xperia S? Or, Walkman app just for devices running Androd 4.2?

  • p-47
  • Guest

    Or Venezuela

  • johkhz

    Or Venezuela :/

  • joe

    i think he is referring to his current walkman and album apps. he want to back up those two before installing the new version.

  • Batuhan Süersan

    Same here, in Turkey too :(

  • Jhonbert Magana

    When installing it. It says “error parsing package”.

  • KKTK

    How much mem it eats in mem when running?

  • PowerSonic

    it may come if u call it politely… :P

  • karthik hegde

    Release for Xperia sp too…!!!

  • Adrian M

    Can’t install Walkman app. “Error parsing package”. WHY ??
    Album is working

  • Salar

    There is a solution in Xperia S themes and apps section on XDA.Use that,That works.I have this version and It’s awesome
    (btw It doesn’t have recently added playlist)

  • salar

    Yes.There is a solution in Xperia S themes and apps section on XDA.Use that,That works.I have this version and It’s awesome(btw It doesn’t have recently added playlist)

  • APai

    How I wish Sony adapted google’s ploy – roll out apps outside of core framework (UI in sony’s case) to older sony phones – small apps/ music player etc. it would be a huge hit with sony fans

  • mountain

    or Hong Kong

  • disqus_LnE6AsKOeX

    Impressive, only missing one vital piece to the puzzle – with Walkman Music Unlimited integration, the ability to throw Music Unlimited content over DLNA (to a BRAVIA, VAIO or SA-NS510) is still absent. This would complete the Walkman experience on Xperia. Otherwise, a good step forward!

  • XperiaDood

    No need. If you don’t like the update, go to Settings > Applications and select Walkman/Album. Uninstall the update from there, it should put back the original version of the apps you had.

  • Vivek

    for xperia s can any one post the link how to install it on this device….

  • jon

    Can’t install Walkman app. “Error parsing package”. WHY ??
    Album is working xperia sp

  • lun91

    Why I cnt install the apk file into my xperia z?it’s just show no apps cn perform the action.

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  • Pissed off

    Same on mine.How can i download the file.

  • diego

    I have the Xperia Z (C6606) and when I downloaded the apks, only the album worked. The WALKMAN gives me the message “Error parsing package”. Any idea as to why this is happening?

  • Jemarhel Supriana

    download the files again and install them again…..

  • Xadiq

    Add scrobbling to and it’ll be perfect. :D

  • Marshall

    Did they add the ability to see folders in the library instead of just artists and albums ?

  • Herman

    Question: did you perhaps download it directly from the link using ES File Explorer?

    Sometimes it gives me a pop-up where I can choose ES Downloader but it’s just a link you’re downloading. Somehow…

  • Nebu

    Will it work on my Xperia S running Android 4.1.2 ??????

  • SeVeMaS

    it only works for Zperia Z JB 4.2.2 users

  • SeVeMaS

    needs JB 4.2.2

  • Joe Muchoki

    that is because you need to unzip using a computer first

  • Jerry Berglund

    And sweden is still waiting for many of those Sony service. But I think we do have music unlimited though.

  • Dave

    Album app : A lot, too much lags :-( Much better Walkman.

  • Mac

    Only album. The Walkman only works on 4.2.2

  • Mac

    Dropbox worked fine now. At least for me x) no need of PC include using that metod.

  • Ben Lim

    Album OK
    Walkman Error
    Xperia ion JB

  • Mustafa Kalender

    xperia s
    no root
    walkman is not working

  • ahmed

    Album it seems lagy

  • Andrew D

    It’s gonna cost me more,.. i’ll think about it. Thanx

  • Martin Ambre

    The new Album app crashes on Xperia S when entering My Albums -> Faces

    EDIT: It stops crashing after adding at least one tag to at least one photo

  • Martin Ambre

    Walkman fix…&postcount=167

  • clive

    page not found

  • falesh chaudhary

    worked fine in Xperia ZL 4.2.2..
    But its kinda..strange UI…and the online button that is in Walkman App is removed…didnot like it..
    so uninstalled it and dont know why Sony is not giving music unlimited in India….it has one of the biggest market here…..

  • trnz

    did u get jb for ion???

  • Nokianss

    News of Gadget and technology (July 28, 2013) : goo .gl/Otfalv


  • afzal

    After update gallery, be2 seem to slow rendering and enhanced image. Acting like x-reality rendering and enhanced.

  • Mark

    i got this ota yesterday and Album app is still laggy from time to time! no matter what app version u use, Sony needs to FIX firmware first!
    I really dont know what the developers in sony doing? when one man from xda-developers
    can port all media apps such as album walkman… And make them work on EVERY rom and perfectly smooth! AND this is just one MEN! IS this NORMAL ? devs in sony are really BLIND if the Firmware testing Takes whole month and they release the fw with bugs..

  • mustafa

    What’s gapless playback?

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    I didnt get official update and installed frm the link…. Bt it’s affecting the Image quality as so much noise creeping in. I have uninstalled the update and its fine nw…. Is it due to manual installation ??? Is any one there ???

  • Hosaka

    Walkman app only for 4.2.2

  • Ben Lim

    I flash it myself using flashtool

  • Okazuma

    You need 4.2 on your TX.

    Album also works on Xperia S with 4.1.2

  • Okazuma

    Walkman works only on 4.2 or higher

  • Okazuma

    Album becomes faster after a while…..on my Xperia S is perfect.

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    The Movies app has also been updated.

  • Maxman

    Also wondered about that. Scrolling between pictures in landscape mode is SO laggy (@ XZ 4.2.2) and the pictures take MUCH longer to load complete (get sharp) especially when you take pictures with 6+ MP)

    If you want to try it out set your brightness to maximun and look at a big picture (you can see it best when it`s plain) and in the first seconds you look at the picture you will notice how long it takes to sharpen the picture.
    Tried to uninstall the Update but Album doesn`t work anymore (reinstalled the update.)

  • Maxman

    Try scrolling between some hi-res pics und fullscreen mode. On XZ it`s laggy as hell after several days now. I even wiped the album cache several times but still laggy and pictures take hours to load completely

  • Maxman

    For some reason i can`t do that. Tried to uninstall the album app but it doen`nt work anymore. Had to reinstall the update.
    (on XZ 4.2.2 )

  • Dave

    Sorry but what does mean? The lags still for all the time. In other phone there’s no this kind of problem. Mustn’t wait antything . This is a very bad version. Sony must be improve not just the album app but some things in 4.2.2. I’m very pissed off! It is not possible after months that the new app version still worse than the previous!

  • jeahzur

    Give link pls

  • Anzilleo Kristello Mozihim

    It’s on the same link that Xperiablog provided.

  • Jhonbert Magana

    Downloaded using pc.

  • trnz

    Ok thnx… The official update is still not available in India.

  • Giannis Kosmaidis

    And Greece :(

  • Giannis Kosmaidis

    Where is the newly added option in the walkman application?

  • JOE

    L’ALBUM marche bien meme si toute les fonction son pas la parce que j’ai un XPERIA S et le WALKMAN ne veux pas l’installer je ne sais pas pourquoi.

  • JOE

    A oui je tourne sous jelly bean 4.1.1 d’origine

  • Gokul

    Have installed the new updates..but cant find the Music Unlimited streaming integration in Walkman.. please help

  • Himanshu

    My walkman app got removed automatically from my Xperia S

    Need a link for apk…

    Using earlier version of walkman 6.x

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  • rockstarmani

    thx a lot bro

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