New Honami pic shows notification light

by XB on 27th August 2013

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wpid-543151_207562082736886_1217667739_n.pngA new image of Honami has leaked showing the device being charged. As a result it also shows where the notification light is located. As you can see in the picture below,  the light sits conveniently at the very top of the handset.

The image also highlights that the micro USB port flap is on the left side of the phone,  which probably means that the microSD and micro SIM is accessed on the right side of the phone.


Thanks Ben!

  • Ana Heluši?


  • Ana Heluši?


  • Aspire5550

    Literally the best of sony getting better…lol!!

  • MannyTheMan

    yeah love those things that make my phone like a spaceship

  • Monsieur Jean Pierre

    There is the same at the back ;)

  • iUi

    Ooh, nice.

  • oh my, really nice :)

  • Makiz

    I’m curious about the glass… will it carry the shatter-proof sheet or not this time?

  • Sanoj

    That’s cool

  • mah

    Its not Honami, its the Honami Mini, u ppl r in fr a surprise, just wait for Sep-4th ;-)

  • Babylonbwoy

    Same here, and if they will mix like on the Z Gorilla on one side and Dragontail on other…and if the logo is on the film or on the device, lots of unanswered questions.

  • lovebmw

    why are they using the USB thingy isnt the magnetic one better?

  • Babylonbwoy

    maybe they don’t have the dock, or simply to show where the usb port will be.

  • not a troll just a guest

    Good job sony! but i wish you could integrate the transparent light like the one on xperia sp….seeing from d reflction he is using a sg4

  • roeshak

    One word and word only…. Bezels

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Yess… It is as I knw Sony… It gives fancy stuff to mid or Mid to high end model…. Its definitely Honami Mini for Sure :)

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Now ears will glow Red while calling :P

  • mah

    I said cos Ive seen this Z1i in person, i guess this would outsell the Z1, cos its compact with gr8(same as Z1*) spec, u can c the pic n c tat its smaller than the other leaked images of the Z1 , its gona fuck many competitors :D

  • Herman

    Cn u plz maek ur cumment esier too reed?

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    yep… If the specs are as same as high end Z1 then it looks logical to say that it vl out sell every smartphones as it vl create a new segment :) So whts the official Name of the phone by the way ???

  • surethom

    Very nice location, love led notification lights.

    I hate charging flaps, I so hope this has wireless charging so I dont have to keep removing it.

  • surethom

    I dont get all these large bezel lovers, the bezel could be half the size still usable but the phone would be less wide, which is very useful.

  • surethom

    Prefer wireless charging or the magnet dock, the PAIN is every flipping phone will have the magnetic port in different place so you cannot use the same one with all new sonys, this is where the iphone has always one, only 2 ever ports types.

  • Conor

    Really nice. But why does Sony really feel the need to release so so so many handsets? Surely three handsets will suffice, Low Medium and High are only needed in my opinion.

  • 3rdflyleaf

    I’m more concern if the front glass is not gonna be oleophobic-coated. I don’t care about the shatter-proof film.

  • Burhan KARADERE
  • roeshak

    They’re not bezel lovers. They’re just Sony fanboys who can’t see no wrong and keep coming up with lame excuses to justify every blunder Sony makes.
    It’s the same old same old crap you get from fanboys the world over.

  • InspectorGadget80

    damn can’t sept 4th get here soon enough

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  • Mac

    naa man, I don’t really like the led position this time, better at the bottom. but I guess dey need 2 change something in the looks.. maybe I’m going to get used to it.

  • mah

    @ herman hope this is clear for u dude

    i have seen the Xperia Z1i(Honami mini) in person, & the Xperia Z1 is the Honami, if u compare this pic with the pics which leaked before u can find that this one is smaller, the Z1i is 4.3″ beast with HD resolution and the rest of the spec is same with the Z1, so the battery wld last longer than Z1, those ppl who were longing for a compact flagship(nt like tat f****n S4 mini) will find their dreams come true with this device, the only thing im confused is , the external lens accessory which they r launching fr the Z1 n other z series phone is slightly bigger than this phone, wonder hw v can use it on Z1i’s back :/

  • mah

    chk the above post, ive made it clear fr u

  • surethom

    I so so hope this is true, a flagship 4.3″ phone with flagship specs to replace my Xperia S. :-)

  • Carlo

    These “BEZELS” thingy started when LG G2 introduced their thin bezels etc. I don’t get why people started bluffing about it then. Can Bezels affect the performance of the phone? NO! Can it distract you? NO! So, bezels aren’t important as long as the phone has Great Specs and performance.

  • Herman

    Well, that lens accessory seems to have a spring-mount to attach it to any size phone. So the mount would probably fit anyway :]

  • pytajnik

    I’m in love

  • jangaleon

    that is so cool.

  • Tush

    Hi guys. Will the presentation of Honami be streamed live online?

  • [A]dri[A]n

    This started far before the LG G2. Sony itself has the ZL, which has the screen taking up most of the front panel. That’s what the bezels should look like on any phone. If a phone is gonna have a bezel the size of the Honami, it might as well utilize capacitive buttons to justify it. Even the Xperia Z has a huge bezel. And no, bezels do not effect the way the phone operates, but it does make the phone incredibly ugly, which in this day and age is pretty important.

  • SC

    It is around 12-13cm tall if you consider the usb plug to be 1cm wide so it is definitely not the full 5 inch Honami

  • Carlo

    What I meant was, these comments about bezels started out when LG announces their “thinnest bezels on a phone” when they released LG G2. Look for some old post in this blog just before LG G2 has been released and you can’t see any comments about a bezel. All they cared before was the camera, design and some specs, No bezel comments at all.

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  • [A]dri[A]n

    I’ve been seeing plenty of bezel comments way before the LG G2 was shown. I first started hearing the bezel complaints back when the Xperia T/TX/TL was released, as that phone had a rather big bezel for a phone of it’s size.

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  • Esato guy

    will it have 20mp on this lil phone with s-master audio chipset,what more info you can give to believe you

  • Netto Dashius Hexareus

    no.. he ment 2 use ful splingzz.. xD

  • thinhpg

    Xperia Z1 Honami will cost about $ 800 in the Indian market…

  • Zzzzzzz
  • Rob

    I’d say at least five.

    High end: Small device (~4″), medium (~5″) and large (6″+)
    Mid: Medium sized device.

    Low: Small device.

    If you buy a premium phone, you’d be happier if you could pick a size that fits you. Instead of having to sacrifice the high specs and go for a smaller but shittier unit (Samsung, I’m looking at you! :P).

  • Rob

    Cradle works fine on the Z, I imagine they will have one for this new one too.

    Best would be if they could waterproof the usb port and leave it without flaps entirely. Although that sort of ruins the sleek look :)

  • surethom

    I dont mind using a cradle, but the big annoying problem is a new phone & a new dock, There is absolutely No excuse not to use a dock for all new phones, apart from it is a money making exercise for the company.

  • Brad Williams

    That is not a 5″ screen!!! :) Besides if any of you know Sony phones at all, you will know they always release their flagship phone in Feb. All the other models are teasers to keep you interested or buying throughout the year.

  • Brad Williams

    The word I hear is it maybe a carbon fibre back????

  • Brad Williams

    The cradle works fne on my Z too but i hate having to remove my leather case everytime i charge.

  • BK08

    Actually it cannot be the mini because the side of the front camera. If this,in fact, is not the honami, then it might be another phone.

  • Rene Pedroso


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  • Rob

    How are they making extra money on the cradle when they include it with the phone?

    On another note, from what we’ve seen on Z Ultra and leaked pics there is hope that the days of having different cradles for each device may be coming to an end :)

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