Sony Xperia Z1 – promo videos galore!

by XB on 4th September 2013

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Xperia Z1_8Want to see Sony’s newest Xperia Z1 in all its glory? Then feast your eyes on a number of official promotional videos below. We can’t wait to see this beauty in the flesh. We have attached nine videos of the Xperia Z1 and there’s also a couple of videos on Sony’s SmartTags NT3 and the SmartWatch 2. A lot to be excited about if you’re a Sony fan.

  • Alessandro Romano

    such an amazing piece of technology!

  • Uchiha Dare Nial

    2013 and beyond is definitely Sony’s year…

  • xperiax10.awesome

    If you dont have XZ – this is the device to buy!!
    Even if you have XZ – you will desire this ;-)

  • Mr.Xperia

    Can’t imagine what they’ll come up with in Q1 2014

  • 3rdflyleaf

    I really hope the glasses are Oleophobic this time.

  • X-Ray

    so… should i buy the ZR or wait for the Z1?

  • adecvat

    No OIS, FAIL!

  • andi

    Bye bye,….. my lovely Xperia Z thank u for being my partner for 9 month,….and my new partner just born,…:)

  • Purnama

    wait for Z1 mini (if exist) and if 5″ is too big for you…

  • Wait, what the — where is Z1 Mini?

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  • Jam

    170gr for the Z1, Bye Bye, too heavy!!!

  • Dexter Moregan

    BIONZ engine is not the Sony OIS?

  • Dexter Moregan

    Shut up! and Take my money

  • samshitnot3


  • Jam

    No chipset audio S-Master MX Mobile ? disappointed..!!

  • raxxta

    Yeh i know…hopefully you get a mini-saw in the box to help remove it :p cos the rest of the phone is fine!

  • Rene Pedroso

    Great Vids guys

  • raxxta

    Would including that be cheaper than just buying quality headphones?

  • ProWeirdo

    Definitely my next phone.

  • X-Ray

    Z1 mini … if its exist they should call it the ZR1 ^-^

  • rexperia

    so tired to see people who keep talking about bezel..did you guys have another word than B.E.Z.E.L please!!!

  • rexperia

    then try to find something which made by plastic!

  • AJ

    z1 mini who?

  • parfa

    will all those camera features also come to the xperia z? i don’t wanna complain about sony nor the xperia z (i love it!!!!) but didn’t think that there would be another flagship for 2013 whilst the xperia z was actually the original flagship what kinda dissappoints me and i at least expect sony to give the xperia z the same features :(

  • aj

    even if u have xperia z this is an awesome upgrade
    stunning display
    stunning viewing angles
    aluminum borders increasing the premium feel
    better water proof
    stunning camera
    better speakers (i guess considering size of them)
    fastest phone on planet

  • Billy de Fretes

    damn.. you just making me think to sold my xperia Z :) i’m absolutely get Z1 when it’s available in indonesia

  • dfsef

    you don’t have to worry about that. there’s an OIS equivalent feature with bionz. since the sensor is 20.7MP, you can be assured that the videos will be well stabilized since digital stabilization only involves frame manipulation. the bigger the sensor, the more effective the stabilization.

  • SomeBody

    170gr is too heavy? WTF is wrong with people these days? That’s less than 0,5% of your body (and less than 0,3% if you are not a skinny girl with 40kg) and you find it problematic to carry that ‘weight’ with you?

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    It has Omni Balance design dude… Many people Say “Ohh it is So Light whn holding it”…. And it’s my “XPERIA Z” of 146 gram which is heavier than S4 ;) Chill, feel it whn it arrives !!!!

  • lucasarg

    whit this videos i have a SUPEReyeorgasm! XD

  • bimmersonygasm

    came here to comment that line exactly and and you beat me here. PS4 and their Z line smartphones. Japan should be proud of Sony more than ever before. :)

  • Uchiha Dare Nial

    Ohh nice ass by the way

  • hans
  • Colby Leong

    I HATE SONY!!! DO you know how hard its going to be now, to not go out and buy the Z1 or even the Z1 mini, I just got the Z!!! I told myself I wont buy it, but….20.7 MP, and Triluminous?

  • K!NG M$

    Wake up and smell the coffee fanboys! You guys are such a pitiful. Nowaday Sony is just a trash company and Z1 is just another sucky fucking FLOP device! nothing can compare to innovators like apple idevice, samsung galaxy and moto x.

  • Uchiha Dare Nial

    Said by you,the type of faggot in the internet and real world

  • AA

    Can anyone explain to me, does Z1 uses a better TFT panel (e.g. IPS) for the display than Z? And what is the difference between Bravia engine and this Triluminos + X-Reality display technology? TIA.

  • sonyguest

    This is a moment of triumph for Sony
    The best of sony has definately become Better !!!

  • Jam

    Galaxy Note 3 got 169 gr for 5,7 pouces,
    Z1 8,5mm GN3 8,3mm

    There’s a little problem, sony must do better on this way !!

  • sonyguest

    Watching the IFA and samsung just released the note 3
    Except for the 4K recording capabilities I feel only 1 word describes it
    Yuccckkkkk !!!!!

  • bimmersonygasm

    sure is. Brazilian girls are da bom

  • K!NG M$

    What a shame! Sorry asshole but the truth is your shitty Z1 have nothing can beat Galaxy note 3.

  • Brad Williams

    Lmao. I feel your pain. :D :D

  • Brad Williams

    Get your hand off it you dickhead!!!!

  • Tony

    Well, do not reply to the post so that way you do not suffer heartache. SEEEE.

  • Carlo

    Nothing Can beat eh? Yeah right. Like your “BIG NOTE 3” can swim.

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  • Carlo

    You’re just jealous cause you can’t afford these phones from SONY. AND, it is not PLASTIC!

  • Carlo

    The new SmartTags are just Beautiful! Like BE-A-U-TI-FUL!

  • David Lettinga

    And you have nothing better to do than comment on Xperia Blog. Yeah Samsung is great

  • David Lettinga

    Can’t wait to leave Verizon for Z1 or ZU can’t decide yet. If ZU had all these features it would be amazing

  • nidou bossy

    Thanks GOD im still using Xperia S and i didn’t buy the Z because Z1 is way Advanced now

    and fuck yeah!
    Japan is made in Sony :D

  • sreenamboothiri

    Sad being a Sony Fan :(
    whenever sony launches a new phone…i feel like buying it…no matter what range it comes..!! sony is not allowing me to keep a handset for atleast 6 months.. :(
    Xperia Pro – Xperia P – Acro S – Xperia Z – Zperia ZR…. around five phones in less than two years..!! and I love all those phones :)
    Now Z1 started breaking my heart B-)

  • mark

    wtf!!! go sony!!!

  • ysonyy


  • Mras

    Now, should I snap my ZU and shoot my Galaxy Camera and buy this? Coz this is FUCKIN AWESOME!

  • JG

    9months? Where the heck did you that Z in January?!!!

  • sonyguest

    So what exactly does you note 3 have
    Im personally feel the leather back and plastic is bad and the design is once again quite similar
    So sorrry if I broke your saksung loving cheap heart

  • Eivas

    Does your note has aliminium on sides and glass on back .? ._.

  • Jam

    I don’t have Note, I have an old sony, and I don’t care for aluminium or Glass, I don’t want a freezer, that’s all

  • Karri

    All of this is… so much marketing fluff that I don’t believe in the Z1 as much as I used to.

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