Now this is what you call an Xperia collection

by XB on 13th October 2013

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Xperia Collection_1We thought we had a reasonable collection of Sony Xperia smartphones, but ours is not a patch on what you see below. There are twenty-eight Xperia phones mainly from the 2012 and 2013 ranges from what we can tell. Seeing these all together shows off Sony’s design prowess, there’s very few duds here. Now who can name all 28 (there are some duplicates)?

Xperia Collection_1

Xperia Collection_2

Xperia Collection_3

Xperia Collection_4

Xperia Collection_5

Xperia Collection_6

Xperia Collection_7

Xperia Collection_8

Xperia Collection_9

Xperia Collection_10

Xperia Collection_11

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  • Brandon Dean

    It is sort of impressive how much of the DNA of Sony sort of carries on from phone to phone. The Z line definitely feels like Sony kicking things into high gear, when you see those phones in context with the rest.

  • Micro

    oh my, pink XS? O___O (and tipo will always be the ugly one, sorry :D)

    no, seriously – I would call it the new Theory Of Evolution.. it’s so clear which ones are SE or Sony’s. XS definitely was a huge change there.

  • John-Mark Christmas

    Can I choose what I want….for free? :D

  • Uchiha Dare Nial

    I fapped

  • cs098

    Every single one of them look absolutely gorgeous, but my favorite smartphone design is definitely the xperia tx.

  • Rizky Maulana

    where is 2011’s xperia ???
    why sony ?? it’s rasist !!!

  • cp2020

    There are same phones in different colors on those pics. Still…nice collection.

  • raf

    The person who own this collection is in paradise

  • LeCoffee

    plz can someone tell me what is the name of phone on 9 and 10 picture, just below xperia Z1

  • zaimi

    It’s xperia SL

  • zaimi


  • Tangent Lin

    Has been my cover page :)

  • Micro

    yep, my bad

    I didn’t really know there were pink ones anyway hehe ;]

  • kingofswing

    Sony Xperia TX

  • VenetiCAT

    you mean the white one, that the xperia z1 is on top of? thats the xperia tx..

  • 3rdflyleaf

    Specially the X ray.

  • zaimi

    for a ladies

  • Micro

    haha, that’s clearly why I didn’t even know about them :D

  • zaimi

    I own white XS

  • mountain

    Its pretty. And all of them are in mint condition. Now think of the same collection, but with galaxies and iphones, and see what you get.

  • Sean

    If your going to call someone racist at least spell it right.

  • Grammar Police Chief

    Well, well, what do we have hear? Spelled “rasist” wrong? This isn’t going to end well for you.

  • o_O

    I saw…

  • Zeke

    I’m not seeing an XPERIA X10i.
    what’s an XPERIA collection without the grand daddy of them all.

  • xperiamaniacs

    Xperia x10i its jst gorgeous n killer starts it all

  • Afiq Mazlan

    cool…. but one question…. why do you have red xperia ZL ? isn’t it is officially released only in black andd white ?

  • Micro

    I personally prefer darker colors (my XS is black too), those pink, cyan or extremely yellow are kinda exotic for me ;] Black fits my style, that’s all :) I was considering the purple once, it have it’s “character”, but as usual I ended with black one ;)

    imho it’s really cool, however, that xperias can be found in so many colors that actually fit the design, so anyone can pick they favorite style, I love it about them

  • Micro

    I would dare to say that my personal favorite so far is Z1 ;] for me there is something special about it, that Z couldn’t even stand against and I can’t explain, what’s somehow odd because they are very similar (Z and Z1).
    But yeah, every single one (but Tipo ;D) are beautiful in their own way :]

  • Grammar Police Inspector

    Who promoted you to the rank Chief? You made a schoolboy error when you spelled ‘here’ as ‘hear’. You need to turn in your badge.

  • Night of Xperia Z

    Ya, agree. Each of them is UNIQUE
    But I love my Z the MOST.

  • Richard

    Why only the back side??????

  • cs098

    I like the tx because it is the most refined version of the xperia arc. The arc’s unique and beautiful curvature that is improved in the tx can’t be found outside the xperia lineup. The z/z1 is also beautiful, but it’s nothing we haven’t seen before (iphone 4/4s, lg optimus g) Don’t get me wrong the z/z1 is still more beautiful than the iphone and lg especially the z1.

    I think the z1 looks alot better than the z is because of the aluminum frame. The z has way too much glass and became a little monotonous. The aluminum frame not only gives you better ergonomics and feel, but adds in the subtle curve that immensely refines the xperia z design.

  • wish i had THAT much Xperias :) drool worthy phones :P~

  • cs098

    in asia there are exclusive red editions for certain xperias.

  • urangsundaasli

    I love my Hikari/LT26w/Acro S

  • philippe sun

    yes, especially white TX, it doenest have a wow factor there, but it makes a elegant feeling sort of phone doesnt impress you at first but you just want to keep comingback to look at it.

  • philippe sun

    yes, two ZLs, their gates are easily distinguished

  • cs098

    I just love the subtle elegance on the tx. The new sony phones are still elegant, but lacks the subtly I enjoy in the tx.

    I just want to buy one for the hell of it even though it’s severely lacking in specs.

  • niek

    Missing Xperia Sola

  • Samir Maric

    i need anyone of these phone…..,

  • nfs2010

    Wow – that’s one heck of a collection that everyone can be jealous of. Here is a list of the Xperia phones I bought since 2010

    2 X10, 1 X8, 1 Arc,1 Play, 1 Ray, 3 Arc S, 5 Ions (for parents & siblings – no JB – lol), 1 TL, 1 ZL. My list sounds awfully shorter that this colorful one.

  • Guest

    ohh this is huge. I love the colours. Can you spare some? :) :)
    Any ONE is fine :P :P :P

  • Guest

    I love the Xperia Z Ultra

  • Guest

    I love the Xperia Z Ultra

  • Guest

    Oh lord. This is not SONY official site….. this is a FANPAGE

  • x-perience

    Just like watching victoria secret fashion show!!! Very sexy device mades from sony… Keep it up sony.

  • x-periance

    How about xperia tx with curve glass at the back. That will be a big wow!! :-)

  • Ben Ling

    From the pictures,i can see that there were

    4 Xperia ZR
    4 Xperia M
    3 Xperia ZL
    2 Xperia Z Ultra
    2 Xperia C
    1 Xperia sola
    1 Xperia V
    1 Xperia SL
    1 Xperia go
    1 Xperia tipo
    1 Xperia Z
    1 Xperia Z1
    1 Xperia L
    1 Xperia TX
    1 Xperia ion

    The missing Xperia were Xperia T,E,J,miro,acro S,neo L,U,P & S.

  • Ben Ling


  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    How i wish if they forget about the tft shit screen

  • vigneshprince

    yes i love XZ its great!!

  • Murad

    Wooooow great , it should be paradise for sonyfans to use everyday one phone.

  • ice4banday


  • demon

    No xperia p-.-

  • Mac

    Seems very much so man. but what about xperia TL?
    I just don’t understand why do they don’t have any acro s in there.

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  • xzzz

    it’s great to see how ZL is in same size with ZR, SL, and SP

  • spatch

    I wanted the TX when it came out, but it wasn’t enough of an upgrade from my Xperia S. Then Sony announced the Xperia ZL and I fell in love. I still think it’s the ultimate Xperia design, although I often look back fondly at the Xperia Arc.

  • penubag

    @Micro Interesting that you say you like the Z1 best. Out of curiosity, what color do you have?

  • DStyle

    Welcome to the Sony Xperia family photos. :)

  • jag

    it’s like tony starks’ “house party protocol”.

  • ChrisC

    Sony’s phones is kind of weird that even you don’t switch it on, you still want to hold it, play with it and look at it!

  • <3 <3 <3
    I feel naked with my Xperia Ray, S, Z and Z1 now.. :D

  • Anukul

    missing the pioneer and most sought after xperia the x1

  • Micro

    black one

  • Melfes Wired

    where is my Xperia SX? XD

  • Xperian

    Honestly the Z1 is pretty corny, Xperia TX looks much nicer but for me, the Xperia V is most attractive smartphone, very charming and unique!

  • Nikhil

    No Sony Ericssons :(

    Special not a single phone from the rocking and evergreen 2011 XPERIA

    Ya they still have higest amount of developer support even after two years of launch and 25-30 custom rom, out of which 8-10 are absolutely stable. including CM 10 and Slim Bean

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    They all look so damn gorgeous one can’t even tell which one looks the best! :O

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    X Ray is the BEST looking smart phone EVER designed! :D

  • Micro

    Yes, this is entirely true mate. There is a line between very nice design, the charming, and this more “premium”, “professional” type. I love TX (and even S, honestly I’ve fallen in love with it the very first time I saw it), however, I simply feel better with premium class design (overall), this fits me better and no matter how good are TX, V (they are great indeed) I still prefer to cross this line :)

  • ProgressFX

    i luv my z ultra silver.

  • josesl16

    Don’t worry, I still envy you much.

  • Karl Soong

    i know this lord, and we tell him LOCAL TYRANT.

  • Serrum

    xperia p is that light magenta one at the left

  • rus_media

    One of the unique design is my Xperia ZL

  • chopchop

    No xperia p…bad collection

  • Sathish Arun

    its there. . . have a look again!!!!

  • luigi


  • spade


  • roeshak

    Too many damn phones released in such a short space of time resulting in poor software support. That’s all I see when I look at this collection.
    Sorry to rain on your parade!

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    I wonder how does he charge all of them..

  • spade

    No matter what colours of Xperias it comes with, the front panel must be a black one xD

  • My Xperia S representant is in Pink? Nice

  • Midnight

    nope. tha’ts not a P. The back of the phone is different and XP doesnt come in Pink . that’s xperia SL.

  • notbugs

    I still love my Xperia Arc which i nowadays use as a dedicated music player. It has something special in how it feels when you hold it in your hand. The only downside with the Arc is its poor internal memory. But now i only have 3-5 apps installed so it’s no problem, but for daily use as a phone it’s obsolete due to the memory issue.

  • Zios

    Yasssss!!! the Xperia x1 is truly a unique phone, i love its design so much, it’s like a combination of the sense of quartz design and arc Style. And the x1’s UI looks very cool too.
    Oh goshhh I wish sony will make a smartphone with a unique slider QWERTY keyboard like this again.

  • Babylonbwoy

    Unless you hold it in your hands you won’t notice all the differences between XZ and Z1, on photo both looks similar but the feel of Z1 is really better, more robust, more premium feel, better UI, faster etc.
    But once again they messed up the launch with yellow tint, backlight screen issues and all. I have to change mine because of these issues.

  • Kevin Low

    The Xperia magic card deck. Major props to whoever gets that.

  • penubag

    Thanks for clarification. I’m wondering what you mean by better UI, aren’t they the same except camera UI?

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  • 3rdflyleaf

    Lol. Galaxies. My eyes would bleed

  • Evita

    @disqus_ikjlPmQz8N:disqus S is in Pink version on the left side

  • Ben Ling

    No Xperia S doesn’t have pink color,only the SL.

  • Martin Ambre

    unlike the ugly samsung

  • costunga

    The best designed Sony smartphone is the red Xperia Ion in my opinion. Looks so nice.

  • costunga

    It was my first Smartphone <3 Very nice Design and I even liked the Windows sofware at this time. Loved the device. Until Android got popular and a HTC Desire came to me :D

  • khan

    Someone please guide me whether to choose Xperia Z or Xperia Zr . This will be my first smart phone.

    Camera is my priority and I handle cell phones quite roughly

  • Babylonbwoy

    User Interface, both Z and Z1 are on 4.2.2 but the rom isn’t the same, mostly white/clear background instead of the dark one in Z.

    Only thing I don’t like in this UI is the accent color they use (when you apply a theme) the red one looks like pink, the orange one looks like it was washed out.

  • Martin Ambre


  • Martin Ambre


  • Mac

    I’m kidding ;-)

  • Mac

    Yep that’s what I thought about my neo, would probably be rocking that one still, if it wasn’t for the internal and ram mem.

  • Mac

    camera button on ZR even if it’s a bit 2 close to the bottom. or do a I n wait for the z1f that hopefully will be here soon.
    But if you can, I think u should get a hands on in a store or by borrow money from a friend. Cuz there is quite big size differences.

  • LeCoffee

    thanks :)

  • khan

    yeah i borrowed xperia z from my friend for half a day. i loved the phone. the looks, the glass finish just that phone was getting heated up.
    But was stern that i’ll buy Xperia Z.
    Well when i went to the sony store the salesman kind off confused me with zr. He mentioned me about the removable battery & and also better battery life of zr.
    Please enlighten me is it a drawback to have phone with non removable battery & the battery life of Z is it good? he also pointed out that the glass finish at the back is a drawback as i may drop the phone & the back glass may get scratches and may crack.
    SO. I thought lets buy zr
    i would have taken zr at the store that time although i didn’t like the back part. But considering the durability, battery life as said by the sales man. But when i checked the front camera i really didnt like it.
    See now i am heavily confused.
    PLEASE guide me this will be my first smart phone & yeah i will be using this for a 2,3 yrs.

  • Mac

    Okay man, if you are going to have it in 2-3 years I would say wait again. The z1f will be the next phone I’ll get. I was about 2 buy the ZR but as you mentioned it has a poor front camera n also the internal memory is only 8GB. For me the Z is 2 big, ZL is very close to be okay but still a bit 2 big but also lacks water resistance.
    So if you can wait a bit more and your able to spend sum extra bucks on a new xperia then I suggest the z1f for sure. But what do you think about the Z1?

  • khan

    z1 way to expensive for me 40k on a cell phone is way too much.
    yeah i think i should wait few more months for z1 mini & i hope it should be less than or equal to 30k
    the wait would be quite hard
    as i have been using 5233 nokia for almost 2 years

  • Mac

    Did you see my edit?

    Yep I feel you , I think it’s expensive but the thing is that, back in the day you could have the same phone for years if it didn’t break but now with smartphones we have 2 switch after like 1,5 year because the phone doesn’t get the newest update or we running out of ram, got 2 many apps slowing down the phone and so on. But now the phones are getting real good so we can keep them for a while longer if we don’t have 2 have the latest.
    Hopefully the z1f will be less expensive but if you don’t like it when it comes out, probably the Z and ZR are even cheaper than now.

  • Mac

    If the ZL came out here when it should then I would have been a proud user of a white one but now I have the Acro S and next phone needs to be water resistant. So maybe z1f or a 4.6″ ZL with water resistance ;-)

  • khan

    yeah my friend mentioned about the stamina mode. Thats quite a saver itseems. He did say that the battery drains really fast during skype calls.But that natural can’t help. Nevertheless He just loves his phone.
    yeah true a year and a 2 and you got to switch to a new one.
    Lets hope for z1f not to be overpriced. Fingers crossed.

  • Martin Ambre

    hahaha :D

  • Mac

    Yea, but there is pretty nice powetbank cases/bigger battery + deeper back cover that u can add to the phone if you want some more juice. But unlike the ZR the Z must add bigger bezel 2 make the extended battery 2 work.

  • Kikic

    Totally agree with you, I love my sexy sleek Ray

  • Kelvin Correa

    The Xperia Z1 is perfect for me. I got anything that I really wants, no slow motions whatsoever

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