Sony D5503 model number caught on Postel website; gives no hint on the name

by XB on 20th November 2013

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Sony D5503 PostelThere was a time when if a Sony Xperia phone appeared on the Indonesian Postel website (this is the telecom regulatory authority in the country) it would have revealed the name. The Postel website had a 100% success record on revealing the names of new Xperia models ahead of time. Well Sony must have had a word with them, because nowadays the only thing revealed on the website is the model number. Step up the ‘Sony D5503’ or what we know will be the Xperia Z1 mini. There’s no hint of a name, but its sheer presence on the website could indicate that it will launch within a couple of months.

Sony D5503 Postel

Thanks @bakaBozo!

  • [csizor

    I would like Xperia Z1J (J stands for “junior”), Xperia Z2 or Xperia Z1i (i stands for “international”).

    Whatever is the name, hope SONY releases it soon!

  • sisore

    Judging from its current status, there is along way to go for the certificate alone to come out.
    Come quick, D5503! :v

  • Raj Singh

    This is cool and all but I’m eager to hear about 2014 Xperia flagships, hopefully with the new Snapdragon 805 processor for Ultra HD screens, not that we need Ultra HD screens but, sure, why not.

  • scws

    Z2 cannot be justified as it is clearly the same phone as Z1, only with a smaller screen.

  • @atWidget

    My TV is 1080p and now we will have 4K in 5″ … Oh God… I don’t know if I want smile or cry…

  • Kyutae Choi

    Xperia ZU released half and one month later that posted on Postal website in Indonesia.

    so…I guess Xperia Z1s will be release at end of Dec. 2013

  • Andrie Putra


  • J.

    have any idea about Xperia Tianchi?
    its a 6 inch phablet i know, sumthing else??

  • urangsundaasli

    yes….segera datang ke indonesia

  • Quark Gluon

    If that happens, I don’t want to live in this world anymore!

  • yaya r

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