Sony DK32 Magnetic Charging Dock for Xperia Z1 Compact

by XB on 10th January 2014

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Sony DK32 Magnetic Charging Dock_4Sony provides separate magnetic charging docks for the Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra, so it’s no surprise that Sony will launch the Magnetic Charging Dock DK32 for the Xperia Z1 Compact shortly after the handset launches in February.

Apart from size, the dock is no different to the DK30/DK31 docks for the Z Ultra and Z1 respectively. It has a magnetic connector, which steers the phone’s charging connector to the dock to enable charging. The dock includes interchangeable adapters so that it can be used both with and without a cover.

We would expect that the magnetic connector to be the same size as found on the Xperia Z1 and Xperia Z Ultra. Therefore, if you were one of those that already own a DK30 or DK31 dock and have stripped the magnetic cable from it, you should be able to use this directly with the Xperia Z1 Compact.

Expect pricing of the DK32 dock to be similar to the DK30/DK31 docks i.e. around the £25/€30 mark when it launches in late February.

Sony DK32 Magnetic Charging Dock for Xperia Z1 Compact

Sony DK32 Magnetic Charging Dock_1

Sony DK32 Magnetic Charging Dock_2

Sony DK32 Magnetic Charging Dock_3

Sony DK32 Magnetic Charging Dock_4

  • redwan

    i want the xperia z2

  • redwan

    i want xperi sirius or z2

  • redwan

    i want sony xperia z2 or sirius

  • Clarence Alvarado

    So you mean if I do have Z1C, will it fit on any DK dock?

  • Tech Gospel

    Why doesn’t Sony make their charging docks universal?!?!?!?

  • hansip
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  • Data

    While I do not own any Zs, can anyone advice me if the charging connector can be used to carry data as well? Thanks.

  • Dmitry Solovei

    Why they not including them into boxes?

  • Mark Finney

    It’s just for charging. It’s permanently connected to a power plug.

  • Freepat 75014

    I just don’t understand why the hell does Sony come out with new Dock each time !

    I just bought an Xperia Z1 plus its DK31 Magnetic dock in Dec, and I love both, with a few bemols…, that do not seam to be adressed here, despite the new reference….

    DK31 looks exact same as this DK32 and features listed are same too. Zero progress, then why a new model ? Is that for a different magnetic port again ? (Xperia Z port was very different from Z1’s forcing a new magnetic Dock and new magnetic charging USB cable options too). What is the change here ? Can’t we ever get tangible specs and INFORMATIONS on beloved Sony products ? And Not just this marketing BlaBla…

    The bemols on my DK31 are several that Sony has to adresss on future docks :

    1/ The cases need to be selected carefully, so the phone with its case can fit the special adapter for cases of the Dock, without having to remove the case each time and use caseless adpter on Dock. I had to return on Amazon 2 x models of Z1 cases that did not fit my Dock adapter for cases, before I found the only case that fits (= The beautifull KRUSSEL case, much thinner and superb in Black, while reasonnably solid).

    2/ The attachement USB cable of the dock to USB charger is a bit too short for typical bedside usage, like Did Sony improve that on Z1C ? Is it USB3 capable now, or at least 2A/10W compatible now and on what type of connexion if yes ? Is this DK32 magnetic dock 2A/10W capable ?

    Also in case of any improvement I’d be interested to know if DK32 is also retro-compatible with Z1 as I need to buy a 2nd Dock for my Office for my Z1…

  • Freepat 75014

    Just charging but you get a lot of benefits to use that genius port. Due to the water resistance of the Zs, The other Micro-USB port in covered by a water resistant door, and if open that door 2 or 3 times per 24h to change your phone, after a few months it will wearoff and not be that water resistant any more. Not mentionning the Micro-USB female ports can wearoff too or get damaged. Using magnetic port you save your Micro-USB and its door ! Plus it’s # as fast charging as with Micro-USB, despite neither ways take any benefit of the new 2A/10W Fast USB chargers, that they use in 1A/5W mode only…unfortunatly ! Please Sony Enable 2A/10W charging on my Z1 !

  • Colby Leong

    HAH! Beeaking Bad!

  • taio

    Your statement about the Micro-USB port isn’t 100% true. It depends on how you take care of your phone. Those components are made to last at least 2 years, not 2 months.

  • Tech Gospel

    It’s actually counterproductive. I’d gladly buy one universal dock for every room in the house if I knew future Sony phones could use them, but since they have a unique dock per phone, I avoid buying them unless needed.

  • Guest

    Yes, either do a universal one or make one for mid-range too, I’d love one for my SP :(

  • statistics

    3ppl has the xperia S,
    11 ppl has the xperia z/z1

  • udufhbfbf

    The thing about making a universal 1, is that they will be locked down via that universal design for future designs. e.g. Xperia z and z1 Pros and cons…

  • Tech Gospel

    Oh come on, the Z, Z1, Z Ultra, and Z1 Compact docks have less than 1mm in difference in the adapters. Apple’s dock fit every iPod and iPhone until the lightning connector, all they needed was a change in adapters… the fact that the Sony magnetic docks can have adapters means that it wouldn’t be much trouble to have made them all compatible. I don’t expect the same dock FOREVER…. but even within ONE design generation would’ve been ideal.

  • Data

    I see.. Would’ve been nice if it could carry data as well. My concerns are the wear and tear of the USB flap after frequent usage.

  • Guest

    Agreed, Sony has like 3 different docks in one year!

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  • Freepat 75014

    I bought my Sony DK31 Magnetic dock and my optional Sony USB Magnetic cables exactly for not wearing the Micro-USB port and its water resistant door, like you. And that works very well. I only connect the phone on Micro-USB for some heavy datas exchanges with my PC less than one time per week now, so zero risk to wear neither the door nor the female Micro-USB port embeded in the Z1. while charging it 3 times times per day or more only on Magnetic port,Hence why I have the Dock in my bedroom and the Magnetic cable always with me, plus std Micro-USB cable in my Thinkpad bag for datas only now.
    On my former HTC EVO 3D I had bought a dock including a male Micro-USB port plugging into the female port of my my phone. Dock falled on the floor twice with the phone plugged on it, and last time it killed the male Micro-USB port on the dock, and severely damadged the female one on the phone, althought it still works. This can’t happen when using Sony Magnetic Dock DK31, nor its Magnetic cable. In case of choc either will split from the phone and you’ll only have to reconnect them magnetically… assuming none exploded on the floor, of course. But dock is very light so no risk. Phone more risky per tests seen on the WEB…

  • Joseph

    technically they are to some extent….I have the dk30 dock which is for the xperia z ultra and it works fine with one of the attachments that is supposed to allow a case on the ultra but no case with the z1 if you have a case the dk30 will not fit the z1…..or so I have found out :D

  • Jeff Herd

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  • Mac

    Still waiting and will have 2 wait until mid May..

  • Steve

    It’s possible with a lot of handwork to make the DK32 work with a cover in place. You’ll need to shave the thickness of the two vertical sides of the cover adapter with a file or an Xacto saw to both fit the phone+cover into the adapter and make sure the tiny pins align and engage. Each model cover will require custom fitting. Then make sure the oval cutout in the cover for the magnetic connector in the DK32 is large enough to allow the connector to move upward and engage the pins on the phone. Cut as needed. I’ve now got a cradle that works with my cover in place, albeit at the cost of an hour of hacking, filing and cutting.

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