Does the Xperia Z1 Compact have a plastic back instead of glass?

by XB on 8th February 2014

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Xperia Z1 Compact_WhiteThere appears to be mounting evidence that the Xperia Z1 Compact does not come with both front and rear glass panels as initially advertised. A number of sources claim that the rear of the handset is not glass but is instead made from plastic.

Pretty much every review out there talks about the handset having front and rear glass panels, but we imagine most media outlets have just towed the company’s line on this rather than looking carefully to see what it is made out of. V3’s review talks about “a polished polycarbonate back and Gorilla Glass front“, but they were the only ones to pick up on it.

Sony Mobile’s own representatives insist it comes with a glass back (see below), but what looks like recent confirmation of this comes in the form of an amended white paper for the handset. The white paper was amended two days ago 6 February and normally any changes to the white paper would result in a version change on page two of the PDF document (see here for an example with the Xperia Z1).

However, this time there was no version change, so is Sony trying to sneakily hide a change? Possibly. As you’ll see below, they did change the wording from the old white paper (PDF), compared to the new white paper (PDF) that the Sony Developer World site now links to.

The wording has changed from the following “Both the front and back are made of durable tempered glass“, to “The front side of the phone is made of durable tempered glass“. You’ll notice Sony has taken away the reference to the back being made from glass. We didn’t notice any other changes putting both documents side-by-side.

Both the D5503 and M51w variants of the Xperia Z1 Compact were changed on the 6 February 2014, with the same amended wording. So, this doesn’t look like an accident to us. Sony has purposely changed the wording and therefore our conclusion is that it is pretty likely that the back is indeed made from plastic and not glass, as initially suggested.

Does this change your view on the handset – for the better or worse? Do you feel misled by the initial indications? If you are a owner, do you disagree with the above and feel that the back is glass? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Sony Mobile reps claim that the back of the Xperia Z1 Compact is made from glass…

Xperia Z1 Compact plastic back_2

…however, Sony recently amened the Xperia Z1 Compact white paper removing the specific reference to the back being made from glass

Xperia Z1 Compact plastic back

  • fucksony


  • Micro

    oh, this would be so awkward.. :(
    I love Sony, I really do. But every time they seems to make something fully perfect, something just comes up like this one.
    Z – screen cracks, the flaps issue (oh, and the weak screen glue)
    Z1 – non-ips display
    Z ultra – no flash
    now Z1 C – plastic back panel..

    I just don’t get it

  • mikhailovich

    Honestly, does it actually make a difference to the final user experience? It’s not like it’ll automatically make the phone unusable or anything like that. And it doesn’t even look ugly. While it certainly is a really bad move by Sony to make false advertising, it’s not that big deal.

  • Mr. No

    What does glass do for you that the poly doesn’t?

    If this is true, people would complain that it cracks easily, and wish it was plastic.

    If it is plastic, some people would demand it be glass because it scratches to easy.

    There is no win here, and this is probably just a marketing mistake, as the Z1 and Z1s are glass. Much of the language was probably copied and pasted into the Z1 Compact information.

    But anyway, queue up all the idiots who want to rip on Sony for stupid little reasons, yet they still come to a Sony fan page.

  • Björn Wittmann

    has anybody else issues with micro cracks on the back? I own a Z1 compact for 3 days now and the handset has quite a lot of cracks on the back side. In comparison to the Nexus 4 it is on a completely different of level.

  • xperiaz6603swe

    Does not bother me much cause plastic be much antislippery than glass :-D

  • fuck you micro

    u mad? arent you enjoying ur piece of shit phones? mr micro penis?

  • MarkLastiwka

    I noticed that the white paper lists the Z1 Compact working with the DK31 dock, but I thought Sony made the DK32 dock to work specifically with the Z1 Compact. I wonder if this is an error in the whitesheet or if the Compact can work perfectly well with the DK31 dock.

  • Fynjy7771

    Even if it is plastic it looks very premium. Moreover, good plastic may be even more practical, cause glass is easier to break.

  • Fynjy7771

    Even if it is plastic it looks very premium. Moreover, good plastic may be even more practical, cause glass is easier to break.

  • Vadim Katznelson

    The simple fact that V3 says the front glass is Gorilla Glass renders their info bullshit. The front glass is Dragontrail, while the back is Gorilla Glass (not sure if 2 or 3), which is the same construction we find in the Z, Z Ultra, Z1 and Z1s.

    Everybody RELAX

  • Sami Mrabet

    I don´t care if its made of plastic or Glass.. its not like it makes the Phone Bad

  • SPartacus



  • Feanor

    Wowow, easy guys. I was playing long time with the handset today (the rear thing, no dummy) and I was under the impression that the rear panel is glass. In any case it is transparent because there is this characteristic sense of depth. I think it’s glass. Don’t read too much into this white paper, it may be some mistake. Unless if Sony found a way to do plastic look exactly like glass, so no problem.

  • Mi3

    ??? mean you’ve never seen clear plastic?

  • sony

    please stop.

  • sony

    please stop !

  • Feanor

    You mean you can tell them apart? The only way to tell is to try to scratch them and if it’s easy to scratch, it is acrylic. But it so happens that Sony uses a scratchable antishatter film, so I doubt you can tell them apart really. And obviously I didn’t try to scratch the display model. Fact is that it looks good, and identical to the rear of the Z1 and Z. They were both standing right next.

  • cleverthansony


  • malin

    After feeling on it, after reading this, im pretty sure it’s plastic *-) it dont have The cold feeling that glas has, dont sound like glas stunds exactly as plastic when i knock on it.

  • Mi3

    That’s exactly what sony is counting on, that you can’t easily tell the difference between the two. So no, it doesn’t make much of a difference but a lie is still a lie.

  • Micro

    It is premium, even if it’s true about the plastic, it is a premium phone and IMO it doesn’t make any real difference. The phone is smaller, and would be even lighter, which is not bad at all.
    The same with Z1, people was complaining about the non-IPS display, the bezels etc. I really like those big bezels, help holding the in landscape. And I don’t really care about viewing angles, I don’t need to show everyone what I am doing all the time.
    Glass or not, unlike samsung, it’s still premium. And it’s a very good, high-end, the real mini-flagship phone – unlike samsung mini plastic galaxy dummies.

  • nidou bossy

    plastic or glass , Sony design is unbeatable!

  • Raymond De Guzman

    Glass or plastic it looks good but should this be true I guess Sony wouldn’t be hurt if they just state that this in the first place. You know for some this wouldn’t matter but for some a lie is a lie even if it’s a small thing.

  • That is actually good, because it’s always lying on its back.

  • Sasa

    Sony Mobile website :)

  • RealityCheck2013

    I love the feel of my Z1 :P Quite a turn on really(did i just say that out loud!?!?) :D

  • Feanor

    Well, first of all there is no proof that Sony really changed the material. But if they did, then they have changed the White Paper accordingly, so where is the lie?

  • xperianer

    i asked in different shops in germany, they all said its mineral glass on backside.
    so…IF this would be not true…this would not change my opinion about htat phone,its still build pretty nice


    it would change my opinion about sony, because that would b a big fat lie.

    we all know promotions, they give us nice promises how beautiful and usefull a product is, soso nice camera etc.

    but this would be a simple lie. a differences to a promised super smartphone camera.^^

  • xperianer

    edit: where is my 4.3 for the awesome xperia t :/

  • Micro

    don’t get me wrong, most of those things don’t make those phones any worse (perhaps the Z is some exception), I own Z1 and I love the display, I don’t care if it’s IPS or not – it looks AWESOME. ZU actually don’t need the flash, and Z1 compact won’t be any worse with the different back panel. Those are still very solid and premium devices.
    I just wonder when such a small things will stop coming up, because they keep feeding haters you know.

  • Colby Leong

    Either way it’s a great, compact handset with flagship features and a screen that shows Sony has caught up with other flagships. Unless the device itself feels different in terms of material when compared to the Z1, then it shouldn’t matter. Sony may not say it but the Z1 Compact us pretty much there new flagship phone.

  • Colby Leong

    As long as it ain’t that disgusting material, and feel found on the Galaxy S3 and S4.

  • hansip

    I personally don’t mind about it, i mean, it’s still the same reflective kind of plastic that looks like glass, so aesthetic value is still there, it’s not the same as with, for example, Galaxy S4 glossy plastic, which have it’s own texture behind the glossy surface. Plus you get better shatter resistant when you drop it for instance, so it’s for the better i guess.

  • metcarded

    The xperia Z back panel also feels and sounds like plastic. But I’m pretty sure it has been confirmed to be glass.
    I don’t doubt that the Z1C is all glass, but having a plastic back wouldn’t be that bad. It would make the phone slightly more resistant to drops.

  • Christian

    If it helps against the flash bleed (if it doesn’t refract light as the glass), and it looks and feels like glass, and maybe less weight than glass, then I’m all for it. :)

  • iKushtyy

    Could be plastic, that explains the light leakage when using the camera with flash. Personally, for me, this has more implications though.

    1. Does the back have shatterproof film on it? If it’s really plastic, surely the film wouldn’t be needed (or are Sony just being lazy with their Sony logos?).

    2. If true, it doesn’t bother me that it’s plastic instead of glass. What bothers me is the dishonesty of it. Telling me something is something when it’s not really grinds my gears.

    I’ve just chopped in my Z1 because the irratic touchscreen was annoying me, and I was gonna replace it with a Z1 Compact, given that the panel is IPS, although I was also hoping more than expecting that the touchscreen tech is better. However, if Sony are being dishonest with this, I might have to go elsewhere. I don’t like HTC or Windows Phone, and I refuse to get a Scamsung because they fall apart, and TouchWiz is s**t. If Sony have screwed the pooch, I’m going back to iOS.

  • Gandalf

    In Middle Earth, in the fire depths of Mordor and inside the magical cave of shutupalready

  • Mohammed Khired

    about xperia z1 display u r right..

    when they said that xperia z1c’s display is ips i kinda felt bad , beciz my goal was xperia z1c but i couldn’t wait too long and i bought xperia z1

    after xperia z1c released ,saw a video comparison between xperia z1 and xperia z1c

    xperia z1c has a good even perfect colors display , but the brightness was too low compare to xperia z1 , then i felt that i made the right decision of buying xperia z1….

  • Micro

    I don’t know about you, but I really feel I have a phone of my dreams now. I know what you mean there, I felt that thing too when I saw the comparison here on XB, it was impressive indeed. There are still some things to do on the software side (the freaking BT for example), but I love this display and I can’t imagine any replacement for it.

    BTW – I went with my boss in some Sony Center last month, because he was looking for Z Ultra but wanted to see it first and try it out by himself, he was in love with my Z1, but was simply considering the bigger one. And you know what.. he chose Z1 because he liked its display more. Not because of the size, he still wish it’s bigger. But he’d rather the non-ips Z1. I can’t tell why, he neither. We both like it more, and he doesn’t even know what’s the IPS…

  • nafatha

    I don’t like this kind of article while the source is full of bullshit. in SONY I.BELIEVE. do you xperiablog?

  • nidou bossy

    if u compare it with Samsung S3 mini or S4 mini, Trend , or Ace… they all are nothing! really… my friend bought Galaxy trend and it killed him cuz it’s so laggish despite the 1ghz cpu and 512mb ram… Xperia Ray is wayyyyyyyy faster and fluid than it!

    i have note that… Samsung mid-range devices are so laggish… my bro in-law has samsung galaxy dus which is almost same look like Ace III and trend , and it get laggy so fast… to make a call the caller number pops up in a delay… swiping is laggish too!!! compare it to Xperia Ray, Miro, Tipo or even E… it’s way different, regardless the bloatware packed in the OS, it’s still flawless, unlike Samsung’s mid-range phones!

    that’s why I’d never change Sony with other brand!!!

  • nidou bossy

    I can’t believe how they complain about this piece of design!

    this beautiful phone looks so appealing!!!

    bitches, please wear ur glasses before u start ur bitchy complain!

    this hot phone can cause u a boner!

  • nidou bossy

    Well, Z1 has a great screen size as well as the chassis.. i don’t care about gibberish of people who complain about it’s big size!
    i had the phone in my hand and it’s really breathtaking… Samsung my ASS!

    nowhere to compare a lilwayne crap with Eminem’s rap!
    same for Sony to Samsung!

  • nidou bossy

    ur place is not here!

    we eat u alive! lol

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  • nidou bossy

    u can tell from his name!

  • Micro

    Samsung my ass
    dude, you made my day xD

  • Fabianto Virgilio

    i don’t care plastic or glass, sony design is still the best and elegant. Perhaps it is just a maketing mistake.

  • maniacee

    It doesn’t matter it’s just a beautiful and awesome phone .
    It would be really nice if somebody kicks the hell out of this stupid Blog writer n get somebody who really loves sony you stupid jerk Don’t just write up something for sake don’t do negative on Sony again go n stuff your brilliant findings in your ass

  • Mirrorpurple

    My Z1 display has a yellow hue but after the whote balance update came then idgaf already…
    I dont need IPS because i dont want other people to see my stuff when im in public transport… I wonder why people are crying for better viewing angles… Especially reviewers

  • Carlo

    People complain about Sony. The Z1C is a proper compact to the Z1 when it come specifications. Look at the S4 mini and One mini. Can they match this unit? Since people are complaining about the material used, why not look at Apple’s 5C? That unit is highly overrated.

  • xperiaDROID

    Even if it’s plastic, so what? Sony uses premium plastic on their phones, so why worry about it? It’s not a Samsung phone (I’m not talking about the Note 3).

  • Jerry Berglund

    Hmm… maybe its not glass, or plastic. Maybe Sony got help from Scotty from Star Trek and used Transparent aluminum? Its stronger than any glass would be or plastic. lol.

  • Castor

    What does glass do for you that the poly doesn’t?
    BREAK hehe
    also resist some scratches

  • Mirrorpurple

    Sony… WHY YOU LIE TO YOUR CONSUMERS!!! Kunimasa Suzuki you…. Smh

  • Castor


    If they used clear plastic to simulate glass or if they used glass but not a dragontrail or gorilla .. there is an issue. it’s ok if it’s opaque plastic with some pattern on it but having clear plastic or a less than durable glass would be a problem.

  • ycleft xperia

    Y do you care?

  • xperiance

    wow so much negative feedback about z1 compact. i guess z1 compact already bring fear to other mini brand version.

  • nidou bossy

    lol… i was honest to god but yeah :D

  • mustafa

    I have a simple solution, take a hammer and smash it. If it’s glass it’ll break easily if it’s plastic it’ll split

  • roeshak

    You’re the idiot. The article is about misleading information to gain marketing advantage and not about the pros and cons of glass or plastic. It’s idiots like you that just make it difficult to maintain civility.
    Just another die hard idiotic fanfool with nothing sensible to say so you interject with stupidity as usual.
    Goodness! Give me strength! Save us all from the fanatics!

  • SPartacus

    Lol I could care less about votes. And I doubt they would care about Sony in a Samsung forum, it’s not a direct threat to them. On the other hand it looks like you Sony fans are obsessed with bashing Samsung. I wonder why. Feeling a little inferior maybe?

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  • yoga

    Sony you fucking pig just cheating innocent people sony xperia is a crap z1 is a crap throw it should be discontinued. Soon fucking pig sony

  • stenbergs

    “What does glass do for you that the poly doesn’t?”

    I’ll tell you what. No matter if the back is plastic or lower quality glass, the front glass stays in scratched in a way the back doesn’t. The back of mine has one big straight scratch right across it from one side to the other plus various other minor scratches all over it. I am just glad the front is keeping up so much better since there was no screen protectors nor cases for it when I bought it a week ago or so.

    Attached two photos. I know I didn’t manage to get the light identical but there really isn’t much to see in the front picture anyway. Also i had to scale the pics down substantially due to the size limit here.

  • stenbergs

    Come to think of it, the big difference in light reflection front vs. back could quite possibly indicate different material. Although I did manage to take some darker pics if the back too but then the scratches wouldn’t show very well.

  • TrixzD

    What are some of you reading ? The article is nothing to do with what’s better but more the fact Sony have lied and said the back is glass when it appears it is not. Yeah the phone looks great and feels great but they still lied

  • Mikel

    I have the white version of Xperia Z1 Compact and I would say the back is definitely not glass. It is some kind of plastic, and it gets easily scratched. So far the worse I can say about this oustanding phone.

  • Husam Al-Balushi

    Does it have shatterfilm on the back ? Because most Xperias do. If yes, you can remove it and it would look good as if it came out of the box. But be careful, if you tear it off too hard you might open the back panel. Did this to my Old Xperia Z and it drowned. Got a replacement anyways :D

  • Husam Al-Balushi

    It might be just the plastic shatter film. My Xperia Z has it on the front and on the back.

  • hoeshak

    Fuck off troll, he was sensible and fair.

  • roeshak

    And her comes another fool to join his fellow fool in the kingdom of fools!

  • nidou bossy

    lol…. we’re not bashing samsung when truth said… we live the fact that sony is doing better than samsung now… build quality Samsung never had it… they need to learn this from Sony, apple or even HTC… specs , well sony now is beating the ass of samsung in that term…

    now sony specs are far away and ahead of samsung’s … so the only blessing for samsung is the Note 3.. phablet category …. S4 specs are so weak to compare with Z1 lol… mid-range samsung are so way behind compare them with Sony’s…. yet, Sony keeps it’s build quality and design philosophy the same even in the mid-range phones… unlike samsung, same design with a bad user experience! not bashing again.. it’s a user experience! got it? lol

    well, we absolutely feel so superior cuz sony has improved A LOT in the design department also in hardware … so it’s like that:

    Sony > Samsung

    when we criticize facts, u call it bash cuz u have nothing to criticize us with! lol

    and damn, ain’t shame to be a Sony fan.. that’s a big pride!
    and we love Sony, not in mobile dept , but ALL Sony… Gaming, Imaging, Music…etc ALL IS GREAT!

  • ShiroiTaka

    No issues here and had mine for 10 days so far :) Its a brilliant phone!

  • SPartacus

    Wow you must have an IQ of -150. Samsung is still first in sales, Sony is not even 3rd. So no Sony is not doing better than Samsung. Note 3 still has better specs than Z1 and S5 is on its way. You can’t compare S4 to Z1 since it came out months prior. You are in no position to speak of bad “user experience” when you are completely biased and have never used a Samsung phone. Also, I have nothing to critisize you with? Seriously? Funny joke. So there, your facts are invalid and you proved you’re 100% biased which means you are bashing and hating.

    ps: maybe you should go back to school and improve your english, your posts are seriously hard to read.

  • nidou bossy

    sales is commercial matters for the manufacturers, but many samsung users migrated to Sony.. cuz they know how troll is it… no matter what sony’s sales rank, it’s still improving and doing way better than samsung in all the aspects… you do not compare Note 3 with Z1 since they aren’t from the same category and even if we’d compare them, it’s just that samsung Note3 got an extra 1gb of ram and little more clocked cpu than Z1’s but it doesn’t mean it’s better than It. and yeah, talking about user experience , not bashing but my friend and brother in law both has samsung smartphones… both are suffering the lag of each of their devices, both looks alike despite the different specs and model names… kinda boring isn’t it? I even used it , and personally It’s laggish and not as fluid as Sony. so yeah, im not bringing a myth and all based on true facts buddy!

    PS: I’m not American, or was born and raised in US, UK..etc and my english is almost native, speaking, understanding, reading, writing…etc!

    not just that.. same for french, some german words, and also im learning spanish now…

    and you buddy? lol

    is because u didn’t find anything to bash me with, now u turning to the way i write as my english is sucks! lol

    come on, it’s ur fault cuz u don’t get it well… everybody in here get me right… i hope u aren’t an alien cuz this is so odd!

    and yeah, we’re discussing , so it doesn’t really bother me cuz i have a self confidence and i’m not waiting u ro anyone else to tell if my english is not understood or misspelled!

  • hoeshak

    Why don’t you try engaging in a debate instead of being a flamer?

  • roeshak

    Debate? By calling others idiot. Don’t even know why you got yourself involved, my comments were for the idiot above. Instead of calling people names, if this article riled him so, then he should be attacking xperia blog for running it instead calling others names.
    If Sony’s deliberately misleading consumers then that’s a story worth running with. Who cares how upset fanatical Sony fans get. Kudos to xperia blog. I’m glad Sony’s been caught out because they would have attempted the same thing with future devices otherwise.

  • mohamed

    i think they are trying to fix the flash leak

  • insomniac

    ‘ve had my Xperia Z1 compact for 3 days now and even though I’m very careful and don’t just shove it in my pocket the first little scratches are arrearing on the back. To me proof that it’s not glass!
    Not a big problem for me since that also makes it lighter…

  • Mo
  • Mo
  • Jobs

    You have issues.

  • Henry

    And then, the flash light seeping (or bleeding) through the chassis and lens, distorting the pictures taken. Oh Sony…

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  • pcgeek

    Sometimes while you are sharing contents with your friends, like photos or web pages, the viewing angle issue becomes pretty annoying.

  • Andrew Bienkowski

    Yes I have small pin sized cracks and I was using roxfit fusion gel shell from the beginning :/

  • Andrew Bienkowski

    Soooo premium it has loads of scratches after using for 5 days with roxfit case

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  • Jeff Martinez

    Eh, doesn’t matter to me, I just want this phone!

  • sony

    no. z1 compact have front and back durable tempered glass

  • Bunny

    which is sometimes.. most of the time the phone is ONLY for you.

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  • shanefalco

    If Sony uses the plastic then all is well, though Samsung uses plastic then is criticized because it is not quality. The objectivity you know what?? The camera of Z1compact is lower in quality than that of the Samsung S3 but no one says anything! Are you a mindless fanboy! The comparison photos for you:

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  • Der Saenn

    We dont talk about Z, Z1 …and and and … there never anybody said they would be plastic – but about the compact. Now you say its glass – but how can you say that?
    Are you SURE … or do you make also only empty blabla

  • Der Saenn

    We talk about the material and not the design!

  • Der Saenn

    Its not “overrated”. I bought the Z1 because i had enough about plastic. And if the compact is plastic i would not promote it.

  • Der Saenn

    Thats not useful. If its plastic, it has of course no protector, made of plastic. And if its glass and you pull away the protector you lose also the Sony emblem.
    If the shield is scratched does Sony change it for a small price.

  • Der Saenn

    I think its not really lied. It was more a mistake. I guess they make the promotion not themselves and did not realize the mistaken text from the first moment. And for me is the material a point of interest. I bought the Z1 (normal size) because it is not plastic. If i knew that theres a plastic cover over the glass i would have also there been thinking different about…because at this phones you cant change easily the cover like usual phones if they get scratches – they are are waterproof. Only good that i know now that Sony has a service that changes the protector for a small price if its scratched.

  • Der Saenn

    I own the Z1 in normal size and i can tell you only that it has some importance if the back of the compact is plastic, because the backside gets faster scratches cause the phone is always lying everywhere on this side. I wanted a phone with glass because my Galaxy S2 got scratches on the backside when the front side was like new. So i changed the back after a while. No problem. BUT you cant do this with a xperia cause they are waterproof.
    Sony changes the protector-shield of the glass for small money – but if you have scratches on the housing thats made of plastic – then it will becomes change that.
    So it is really interesting what kind of material the compact already has.

  • Der Saenn

    As i read now at “phone-arena” it gave a statement of a Sony manager that the phone IS on both sides tempered GLASS ! It seems that a stupid non authorized person began to make a big story about the sentence and was all just based on his own fantasy that the backside is plastic.

  • nidou bossy

    so what? what’s wrong with the material and build quality? this phone shuts up galaxy S4 and even note 3 in term of build quality….

    if u want a gold plated phone, go for htc one or iphone! lol

    even if the back isn’t made of the same glass like z1, it’s still very premium and well finished design!

  • Der Saenn

    Plastic is FOR ME not “premium”. Thats wrong then with the material.
    Design does not match at all. Ive got a Z1 – and i wouldnt have it if it would be plastic.

  • Vadim Katznelson

    Shut the fuck up

  • Der Saenn

    Yes, if you have no arguments then shut up.

  • Der Saenn

    You are not right. I owned the S2 with similar camera than the S3 has – and in the comparison did the Z1 match – it was just also in my opinion not better at all and so it can be disappointing cause i expected a bigger distance to a phone thats since 2 years on the market. The Z1 cam matches also against S4 and Note3 – but then becomes the difference really small – and the Z1 is in my opinion not better under all circumstances. Its just more clear and the videos are more precise, not such fast disturbed or shaky, but wth the colors has the Z1 sometimes a problem.
    And No – i would have not bought a Z1 if it was plastic. And i would never say that plastic-cover from Sony is better than one from Samsung.

  • Der Saenn

    You will always feel plastic. You have on all xperias a plastic protector on the glass.
    If this will be sratched can Sony exchange it for less money.

  • Der Saenn

    I own the Z1 – and i had before a Samsung – but i cant follow your Sony Hype….sounds for me just childish. Sony has a much more noble design, but Samsung has no problem to match with the features. Samsung became not the leader of the Android-phones, cause all the clients would be dumb. For me was the Z1 material and the designe the main point making decision for Sony. But absolutely not cause Samsung produces crap.

  • Der Saenn

    As i was writing in a other forum gave a Sony employee for answer that the compact is both sides glass for sure.

  • Der Saenn

    You explain your text – or its just stupidity

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  • Battal Aljadei

    SONY’s using new plastic which’s cost about $400 for 1 KG,
    samsung’s using used recycled plastic which’s cost about $200 for 1 KG

  • Divya Bharathi

    Very interesting thing I just come across at – I could choose any number of pants and shirts (from the list) at very heavy discount rates (up to 75% off online) – more we buy more discount – I never seen this before.

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