Sony Mobile reconsidering Android KitKat for the Xperia SP?

by XB on 12th February 2014

in Android, Firmware, Xperia SP

Xperia SP KitKat Under InvestigationSony Mobile has never officially confirmed that the Xperia SP is on the list to receive the future Android 4.4 KitKat upgrade. The only devices that will definitely get the update according to Sony are the Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia Tablet Z, Xperia Z Ultra and Xperia Z1 (we would imagine the Z1 Compact would also make the list).

However, Sony’s product pages for the Xperia SP did hint that Android KitKat is likely as far back as November 2013, with the version overview pointing to KitKat being a “future version”. This status has remained the same, until just now, when the product page has been changed to “Under Investigation”.

Given the delayed launch of Android 4.3 for Xperia SP owners, it was initially meant to launch by the end of 2013, maybe Sony has decided not to bother with KitKat. Or maybe, it still is on the agenda, but Sony doesn’t want to get people’s hopes up. Maybe it appeared on the “future version” as a mistake. At some point, Sony will clarify the upgrade cycle for some its lower-level handsets such as the Xperia L and Xperia M, so we hope to get clarity at that point.

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  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Completely agree, SP is mid-range and 4.3 must be final version for them

  • xperiaDROID

    Bullshit. A mid-range doesn’t mean it won’t receive future Android versions.

  • Sabin Jamal

    What the helll !!!!!!!

  • XV user

    now sp users can join zr/t/v users to complain about the 4.4 update…:p

  • You mad bro?

    we want 4.3 for xperia tx!!

  • xperiaDROID

    Okay, here comes the whining from the SP owners again. Seriously, don’t lose your hopes so fast.

    Maybe Sony is fixing the update, Sony did the right way of changing it to “under investigation”, because if they keep it to “future version” or “next version” with a roll out date on it and they suddenly delay it because they didn’t finish fixing the update, you guys will whine for the update and urge Sony to roll out the update quickly when the update isn’t even ready to roll out yet.

    Remember, Sony is trying their best to give us the best experience to our phones and you guys should thank Sony for that.

  • panagi?tis

    A phone with less than a year since it announced and they consider the update? What’s next? All new phones will stay with the current version of Android? That’s why I join WP team. At least they got true 36 months guaranteed updates

  • Guest

    Seeing as you just copied and pasted your comment, so will I.

    They never put a release date, just ‘future version’, so if they now backtrack and take the 4.4 update away, then its not really the best experience, is it?

    And just to add to that, what do you expect? This is an SP article saying that the once future update might not ever come now. Do you think we will applaud and cheer for Sony? No. Quite the opposite, the phone can handle the update and its mid-range so we should get that final update. If you don’t like the ‘whining’ on an SP article, then don’t click on it or read the comments.

  • Kasun Deemantha

    what the hell…
    1st reason we buy this phone bcoz it get kitkat…
    now they make jokes with us…….
    i hope sony will release kitkat for us…

  • mosu

    They kept XSP users hopes up by posting a future kitkat for the phone then suddenly they will say it’s not official “why is it in sony website?” sony had announced it and i think they must do it. As an XSP user it’s ok for me not be updated to kitkat if sony didn’t announce it. I was disapointed because they have to keep our hopes up then they do this.

  • Guest

    Oh, and the phone is less than a year old, so its not exactly old.

  • adreno

    is baddddd

  • Yongt

    Maybe Sony think in give us (to Xperia ZR, SP, maybe T,TX,V users) the future version of kitkat, maybe 5.0

  • Xperia user

    you mean they jump the update like 4.1.2 to 4.3..??

  • Chris Breault

    This is disappointing; the main reason why I got the SP was it was supposed to be 4.4 Capable

  • xperiaDROID

    “If you don’t like the ‘whining’ on an SP article, then don’t click on it or read the comments.”

    Typical comeback from you guys. Sorry, you can’t stop me from clicking on SP articles and reading the comments, I can do whatever I want, you can do your shit, I can do mine. The problem is that you guys whine on an article that isn’t even related to updates, so you should tell yourself to not click the article and read the comments if you can’t handle people getting mad at you. Come on, we all here are Xperia owners, we should be friendly to each other. Just look at your attitude, you’re like telling me to get lost. You sir, should go take a chill pill. I’m very disappointed of what Xperia owners have became these days.

    And as I said, don’t lose your hopes so fast. An update that’s “under investigation” doesn’t mean the update won’t come, it’s just “under investigation”. That’s all.

  • Xperia user

    I agree because it wouldn’t make sense that sp get kitkat first while zr is still under investigation since it come from Z series…

  • Muhammad Arif Rahman

    RECONSIDERING…!!??? WTF..!! ~%|£{%}€~£ SONY.!

  • laci_csk

    Sony is the best

  • R

    I will be happy if SONY jump to future Android version…

  • again sony…

    W/e we are still waiting for 4.3 on V,T,TX :)

  • laci_csk

    Lemon Pie, android 6 ?

  • ????????? ?????????

    Yeah! I can start whinning again!

  • danzel15

    Guess nothing good comes from the xperia s-series… update-wise at least…

  • Yongt

    Yes, i hope so

  • Prasanth Namboothiri

    Undoubtedly ZR Deserve the taste of Kitkat

  • Tharindu Bandara

    Typical sony.Leaving smartphones after 1 or 2 updates.

  • laci_csk

    Wait at least 1 month from now.

  • R

    could be better…

  • Patrol619

    “Sony Mobile has never officially confirmed that the Xperia SP is on the list to receive the future Android 4.4 KitKat upgrade.”
    Well that’s not true. Sony Mobile confirmed dozens of times that it will receive KitKat.
    Here you are:

  • Guest

    Erm, did you fail to see everything else I typed? How can you say that’s a typical comeback when i’ve made several points which you have clearly just ignored. A typical comeback would be a personal insult to you which has nothing to do with the article.

    I’m speaking for myself, but I have personally never whined on an article that isn’t related to the SP. In fact, i’ve actually told other SP owners to stop, and to take their problem to the official Sony forums, because this fan made site can’t do anything to help them.

    There is nowhere in my comment that’s telling you get lost or even implying it.

    You do realise you’re doing the opposite of being friendly, throwing accusations around and bunching every SP owner together, assuming they ALL whine on unrelated articles.

    I just find it ironic that you’re on an SP article whining about SP users whining…

  • laci_csk

    Chill down everybody, dont worry be happy, JB 4.3 is arrived.

  • ani

    1 thing I understood is tht if u r buying a low end handset u should not look for brand. They will dump you with bugged apps and os. Its better to go for local manufacturer with good hardware service. I made a mistake by buying xperia m by paying more for the brand and got dumped with pathetic camera app and other bugs. I know this is a fan forum thats why I shared my feelings thats all.

  • rossi

    so true……….i welcome your comments

  • super max

    fuck sony ! fuck

  • Bryan Ng

    Sony should really consider, knowing any device having dual-core with 512 mb ram is Android 4.4 capable.

  • jack

    FK sony, where is 4.3 for TX ?

  • laci_csk

    You talking by yourself?

  • rossi

    plz don’t use such language

  • rossi

    how did you noticed?????
    so not true

  • Oscar Fernando Go through This Link… Its Sony mentioned in their website

  • Oscar Fernando

    Its under invetigation

  • Concha

    Are you sure about the 36 month? Because there hasn’t been any WP8-smartphone available on the market for such a long time yet. ;-)

  • fp vip

    Just when they deliver, they break another promise. That is what this is.

  • lightninglion

    The SP could sure use kit Kat because of its low memory usage.

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  • Ben Ling

    Z1 Compact…

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  • sony fan

    LOLL Sony are trolling the sp users….at least sony being honest to zr/t/v users..:p

  • Lukas

    Oh Gosh for XT and V it is impossible because Qualcomm will most likely abandon the chipset used and not make it compatible with newer versions of Android (just like Xperia S Snapdragon s3 chipset)
    Furthermore Sony isn’t the one doing more than they are expected to. 18 months and your phone is old, let’s see if they will try to fight against Samsung and their up to 3years updates for flagships with Z series but this whole update drama now makes me cringe and I truly hate myself right now buying a Sony again and not a Samsung…

  • hansip

    Well Xperia SP is actually a unique product actually. So a much further consideration should be taken. The explanation is that:
    1. It has led strip bar, they need to improve the SDK for each new version of Android
    2. It has dual core snapdragon s4 with adreno 320, cmiiw but this configuration never have I seen it to be used with other
    other manufacturers

    All that enhancement from Sony does no doubt need greater RAM than just a stock KitKat so they need to investigate further for a Device with 1gb of RAM. If I’m not mistaken the only ram shaved apps was the google ones so project svelte is not that guaranteed.

  • ashim

    In Sony india

  • ShinOrochiX

    The thing is that there was no roll out date on it, by doing this Sony have only cast a shadow on the Xperia SP getting Android 4.4. I think they done this because they know that they take long to roll out updates so by putting it under investigation they can ‘kill off’ the SP for good-leaving it on Android 4.3. As by the time it would’ve been estimated to receive Android 4.4 (after the Xperia Z series) the successor to the SP and well as a load of other devices could be announced.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I’m pretty sure the Xperia zr will receive Android 4.4 kitkat or else I will loose all hope for Sony giving the fact that both the Xperia zl, zr and z sports pretty much the same specs

  • Peter Singh

    Shut up, you dirty old man-get a proper job.

  • ShinOrochiX

    Give us the source/link to the tweet. For all we know this *could* be faked.

  • sp user

    If the sp doesn’t get 4.4 even after confirmation then bye bye sony

  • laci_csk

    Like yours?

  • techielover

    the company who is focusing on less phones will giving you better updates in sony case so many devices to focus on surely some might not be getting enough treatment ;(

  • AA :P

    hilarious, they’ve shafted multiple phones 7.5 was released to 7 phones after people made a big deal out of it. 7.5 never will get 8.

  • AA :P

    this is a raw deal to SP users if sony indeed reneges on 4.4. simply because SP was released recently and 4.3 was on course. since it was released in april 13, it was mid cycle, and the least they could do is give 4.4! 4.4 is supposed to be lean with memory (unless of course sony has a new UI that eats up 1gb on 4.4. )


  • XV user

    undoubtly zr will get kitkat…its a high-end phone after all…

  • AA :P

    I get confused these days. T was supposed to be a high end phone as well, but since it ages it becomes a mid range phone. and if they measure the phone that way – then flagship phones will get just a year of updates – if you buy the phones during the right time of their FW release cycle!

  • Thompson

    Tell Sony to just update the phone to a working kitkat and add all the other stuff later as an when it gets developed.

  • Sourav Banerjee

    Pls check PC Companion and confirm whether the update is available in India? C5302 model

  • Sourav Banerjee

    Xperia SP is an upper mid-range smartphone so it will soon receive 4.4. Xperia L,C,M are the mid-rangers and they might not get

  • superbeginer

    just like before php(pemberi harapan palsu or at english mean betrayed the promise)

  • Abz

    4.3 is the final version for you and your mom, but not for me :), go suck yourself. SP is not just a mid-range.

  • Abz

    Because SONY edit it from future version to under investigation

  • Abz

    Great, I am saying, if no 4.4 for SP, no SONY smartphone for me and the rest of my family in the future.

  • Abz

    But SP is newer than the ZR, isn’t it?

  • mukul verma

    nope, still delay..

  • LancerEX

    I really don’t understand Sony. :( Almost bought this last December but ended up buying the ZR instead. After a few weeks Sony released their 4.4 update info, SP gets KitKat while ZR is still under investigation. And now this? :(

  • XV user

    I think T was called a high-end back then in 2012 because sony does not released the phones with high specifications like quad core,large screen and others…but nowdays with sony released phones with powerful specs like Z series…the T was considered a mid-range in term of specs..i also quite dissapointed with sony looks like abondoned their last year flagships in update regarding the T and V still decent phones and deserve to get more updates…

  • Mateusz Matulewicz

    You think that Sony company will be all days crying because of your words? :D

  • Abz

    I would just want to say good work on 4.3 for SP, and fuck you also for breaking your promise to SP user for updating to 4.4. One month before you said SP will sure get 4.4 update and one month later you say “nah, we need to reconsider about it, Z series have the priority for the 4.4 update bra bra bra…” FUCK you SONY. Liar!

  • mukul verma

    sony is going to loose many many customer if dey didnt update sp to 4.4, we all customer had spent $440, & what we got only one update in 18 months, thats bullshit. sony had sell vaio deptt, & soon going to sell in mobile division if they didnt fulfill what dey promise & at-least 2-3 updates in 18 months of life cycle of phones.

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  • Abz

    rubbish SONY creates rubbish user just like you man :)

  • Abhijit Biswas

    Do you want to MOVE APPS TO SD CARD?

    Pls sign my petition to get the move apps to sd card option add from Sony in a future update…. just like samsung did! Also share it to get more signatures asap… We have used a petition like this before to get Sony to give us a ETA period for update for xperia sp,t,v to 4.3

    We can make that happen again! Lets get that feature by fighting for it!

  • AA :P

    not really, T was an in between model, it squarely faced galaxy s3, and it was the first phone with the 13mp cam. and also the new design for that series with a curved back.

    it was for sure not a mid ranger. (it sold for around $500-550)

  • AA :P

    instead of moving apps, they moved the ETA… and they’ve been moving it around since december :P

  • Lukas

    But Sony treats it like a mid range phone…
    Just like XS

  • Xperia user

    not sure but thats not only reasons to get kitkat…ZR clearly have high chances to get kitkat because it have higher specs(high price) than SP and nowdays we can see that sony tend to give more priority to their current flagships(ZR is from Z family) so its logic that zr should get kitkat first…

  • Lukas

    No but there are some more users who aren’t fond of the way Sony handles those things and effs with us who bought these expensive hand sets

  • Lukas

    Honestly what is this? Investigating?

    I mean tell us what hinders you at giving an update and don’t play that 18 month game it’s Sonys fault it takes them a year to finally get the not even newest version rolling (XT, V etc)
    If Qualcomm does give out drivers for the chipset there is nothing that is hindering this update especially as it is flagships we are talking

  • XV user

    yeah…by looking the trend sony keep delaying the update it seems they abondoned the best phones in 2012 and give more priority to their current flagships…T was a flagship and high-end phone in 2012 but nowdays they treated it like a mid-range phones…

  • Abhijit Biswas

    That’s called delaying and I am sure if my petition turns out to be a success, we will get that update! for moving apps to sd card…

  • Micro

    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!! :|

  • aekara21

    the funny thing that sony had said in their blog…(search it)…that they would try to give 4.4 to older devices besides 2013 models…

  • Timbo1

    Very well said. People need to realize this. The phone can definitely handle Kit Kat.

  • panagi?tis

    Well we gonna see but 920 that is more than a year old got all updates so far and will get 8.1 and very fast. Not 2 months later than the already delayed 4.3!

  • The bad news is you are right. Sony doesn’t give a shit once they’ve got your money from a product sale. Their support and customer care ranks among the lowest in the industry when it comes to the Sony Vaio range and their Xperia mobile divisions. When something goes wrong with a Sony product, good luck getting it put right. The experience is utterly horrendous.

    You might say this has does something to explain why their brand continues on a devaluation trend. They are selling off the Vaio business. They are struggling to make ends meet with the televisions and will probably exit that business too. And they are not making much of a dent in mobile computing either with the Xperia stuff.

    The only really dependable division at Sony is the entertainment division.

    They are the opposite of Apple. Apple goes out of its way to delight its customers. Albeit they are paying over the odds for a lot of the products, they are getting a customer experience that keeps them coming back time and time again. Sony also has a premium but the overall experience you get in return for your money is bargain basement trash.

    So yeah cute reply. But if you love Sony then it’s not really something to be grinning about.

  • Subham

    But don’t forget that Kitkat was made for low spec devices specially!

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  • francesco

    i got an old galaxy s plus, and it def handle kit kat, so the problem is not if it can handle it… ;)

  • Gareth McStravick

    Has anyone installed the latest 4.3 update yet? Any feedback on bugs / issues? It isnt available in NZ yet and want to check if that dread battery drain issue from 4.1.2 has been resolved. I think it was the wakelock that was killing the standby. Any comments relating to the update would be awesome!

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  • baudwalker

    Yes I have JUST upgraded, Applications like facebook open a lot slower tan before

  • baudwalker

    XSP is ONLY under investigation for 4.4 KitKat. Like some of the other xperia phones how were under investigation for 4.3 they did not get it. Is this Sony’s way of saying NO?

  • baudwalker

    XSP is ONLY under investigation for 4.4 KitKat. Like some of the other xperia phones who were listed as under investigation for 4.3 they did not get it. Is this Sony’s way of saying NO?

  • brandon

    OMG! they didn’t stand with their previous statement?! … oh wait … we’re talking about Sony here right? that sounds just about right

  • killp


  • hcch

    Haha yes but Sony definitely can’t handle this update lol

    …or rather sad as I’m a XT user and on the same ship that is about to sink

  • Timbo1

    How long has the T been out? I thought companies made a deal with Google for support for 18 months after launch or something. 4.4 is really no big deal on Nexus devices but that’s not the point. How well did the T and SP sell for Sony to pump cash into making another point upgrade?

  • Gareth McStravick

    thanks thats good to know, if you can let me know if the battery drain issue has been resolved that would be awesome!

  • baudwalker

    Sorry, But I have never had a battery drain problem

  • Sarge

    Shut The Faaa……. ZR …U just stop thinking about it.

  • xperia sp user

    Xperia sp can handle anything best cellphone i have ever used i like it more then xperia z it can do everything i want …thanks Sony :-)

  • AA :P

    sony treats it like an untouchable, sadly. we’re yet to receive its first update, that too at the end of its life.

  • cho

    this is why sony is never going to be at the top of the smartphone market

  • Sun

    SP is too special and unique…that Sony cannot manage its updates??
    I see words cannot be kept numbers of time…i see “Future Version–>Under Investigated”

    Anyway, the 4.3 update is really cool~~~~ My SP now is back finally, its soul.

    No more device that is strong in hardware, but without soul please.

  • Sujain Jain

    Anyone in India receiving 4.3 update??

  • Kuya

    UP UP UP

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  • ahmad saeedi

    ??? ?? ?? ???? ???? ??? ?? sp ?????? ????? ???? ? ??? ????? 4.4 ???? 4.3 ??? ????? ???? ?? ??????
    fuck 4.3 :|

  • Concha

    Well, there is a difference between updates for WP and updates for SONY smartphone using Android. With the WP updates you get new features which Android already has STOCK Google, features never featured before on WP. On Android there isnt much new that makes BIG difference, mostly TWEAKS. An Android smartphone running 4.2 may not be so much better with 4.3, depending on which features the manufacture has included from Google Stock Android. Or they may have included a feature already but it may be new to Google.

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  • zeb

    sony should have to give 4.4.2 update for sp?

  • zeb

    atleast sp should recieve the last update 4.4.2 kitkat update from sony

  • zeb

    google has build the kitkat for lower end phones and sp of mid range so it should get the update from sony and sony have to give an update for sure.. after z series sp is in que

  • Sujain Jain

    4.3 in Mumbai anyone?

  • rick

    i’ve been a loyal sony customer for a very long time now. even back on the sony-eric days. but my SP will probably be my last sony phone since my stock SP was buggy. don’t get me wrong, their 4.3 update fixed the phone’s major issues and the (standby) battery life is heaps better. but i just don’t believe sony knows how to keep their customers satisfied. kit-kat is still non-existent on sony’s entire mobile phone line-up. and i know a person who bought SP because they posted that the future version would be “kit-kat” … and now, they took it back. so if they decide not to release kit-kat on SP, i’m sure as hell know that my friend isn’t going to purchase a sony again as well.

  • erfan yosefi

    Sony him to the ground and wait for the sp that all the user has to be 4.4, 4.3, came out really sorry

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  • Rokku Boboy

    Sony didn,t stop making new phone.
    Just focus on update.

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  • Paul

    “Future Version” was valid until they sold all phones that they had still in stock.
    Once they sold out those, they changed the status to “Under Investigation”.
    I wonder if that would fall into the category “False Advertisement”.

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  • erfan yosefi

    Hi, why do not you program your Sony Xperia sp update please go to the KitKat?

    I’m really sorry for you

  • erfan yosefi

    Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) has many problems, one of which is not using the Bravia in the multimedia section. Another problem is that the Xperia SAP on Earth does not work and should be hand included in the work.

  • erfan yosefi

    Android 4.3 (Jelly Bean) has many problems, one of which is not using the Bravia in the multimedia section. Another problem is that the Xperia SAP on Earth does not work and should be included in the work.

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  • Tim Aries

    Agree man, I turned to BlackBerry 10 for the same reason. You don’t have to catch your breath keeping up with the update news again.

  • TornyiBarnabásazIsten

    Don’t be stupid they don’t give a shit about your petition. They want to sell new handsets, not hacking old ones.

  • Abhijit Biswas

    Just coz your phone didnt an update or something, dont cry and be filled with ahtred, they will give us the update, the same way they gave us an ETA for the 4.3 update after a petition! So this works, and even if they don’t want to give the update, they will have to mention it! So whichever way it goes we will have an answer!!!

  • jxxx47

    There are some lags here and there on my Xperia sp after 4.3 jellybean update.I hope that Sony sends the much awaited Kit kat for Sp users asap !!

  • Vahid Nasiry
  • moses

    hey..guys even the Xperia E1 an M2 gets android 4.4.2.then why cant Xperia SP can get it?.i think the Xperia SP will get android 4.4.2 when the Xperia M2,E1 and T2 ultra gets it…So please wait guys

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  • Divya Bharathi

    Very interesting thing I just come across at – I could choose any number of pants and shirts (from the list) at very heavy discount rates (up to 75% off online) – more we buy more discount – I never seen this before.

  • night_wing

    did anyone received an update 12.1.A.1.205 on xperia sp in india?

  • Thiago Mello

    I used to be a Sony fan boy particularly for the quality of the pictures. Owning a SONY SP made me rethink everything I knew about Sony. Its probably the worst phone I have ever owned. Opening messages is the most gruesome task ever. The app doesn’t work 95% of the time. The phone takes an increditable time to load the widget ”favorite contacts”. The MAJOR issueis the battery which takes, NO JOKE, 4-5 hours to charge, Its beyond increditable… the only way to use this phone is on mode stamina always on if not battery life is around 4 hours. Some times apps open fast at others they take up to 20 seconds to open. Picture quality doesnt come close to an iphone and for those who know thats not a compliment at all seen how iphones have crappy cameras. Night pictures are aweful Im not sure why Sony’s night shots turn out greenish its a little better than my Sony Neo but it still has awefull night quality. I most likely will never buy a sony again.

  • Kiran

    Stuck with this buggy update on my xperia SP.

    I’m damn sure that I will never buy any Sony product and will
    never recommend it to my friends/colleagues. Was using Neo V and made a big mistake by
    upgrading to this phone. Well Chinese phone makers are far better than Sony in
    all aspects (value and promise)

    As promised Sony has not provided the kitkat update and has
    withdrawn the plans to do so.

    Few of the problems that I have noticed.

    Touch screen struggles to recognize touch when
    phone’s charging

    So called walkman does not play WMA media ,
    shows up all the audio files in a single page (no folder wise selection , I got
    a 32GB card installed)

    Sometimes the phone thinks that earphones are
    still connected and the earphone icon does not appear in the status bar

    Camera fails to save the previous shooting mode
    (reverts to stupid superior mode though the earlier selection was manual)

    Too many bloat ware and unnecessary RAM

    Only 839 MB of RAM available for usage

    Ringtone assigned to a contact defaults back
    after few days (Just don’t know why)

    New 3.5mm jack standard, unable to use few of my
    old earphones

    And finally now no Kitkat update , Please don’t
    fool customers by making fake promises

  • ratnesh

    NO more update to XSP, no sony at all……ur portfolio is just waste of ur money

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