Xperia SP sees new firmware (12.1.A.1.192) certified

by XB on 26th February 2014

in Firmware, Xperia SP

Xperia SP_C5303_12.1.A.1.192A bug-fixing and performance update is heading to the Xperia SP (C5302, C5303, C5306), judging by the latest PTCRB certification. Firmware build 12.1.A.1.192 has popped up on the site, which would replace the current update (12.1.A.0.266). This would move the build number from 12.1.A.0.XXX to 12.1.A.1.XXX.

Users have reported on a number of bugs within the Android 4.3 update, especially with the illumination bar (for example it remains on whilst on a call, some are also suffering from problems in the Album and WALKMAN apps). We’ll let you know when/if the update starts rolling.

Xperia SP_C5303_12.1.A.1.192

Thanks Kamen and @Roden95!

  • Varun

    Oh yea bug fixes….bring it on

  • cyapalmos

    I wonder if this why I never received the 266 update on my 5306

  • Diego Mendes Fernandes

    It’s good, now i can go from .256

  • Rahul Malhotra

    when they will release update for XM??? n thank God I didnt bought sp…. hav always seen people complaining….

  • Karel Komjathy

    Xperia T&V get firmware certification with number: 9.2.A.1.199

  • Karol Revoredo

    Quando ouço música o meu Walkman para. Espero que resolvam isso. :) *-*

  • Gregor

    No new firmware for Xperia Z? Will it ever get 4.4?

  • hey

    Wow Sony really acknowledges there are other mobile phones who need updates, not just XZ XZ1…

  • Silas Arentsen

    Hopefully fixing the reboot issue when phone is on 100% charge and some other issues

  • Rishabh

    Are you sure you checked by connecting your ph to a computer because many have complained that due to some technical error they never received over-the air update.

  • András Csaba Sz?cs

    Embrace yourselves… I hope there won’t be three version of this update and I hope we’ll get it faster than the 4.3 update…

  • Kater

    I suppose this change is similar to the difference between 569 and 101

  • P vuth

    My phone can not charge after update to 4.3 for 3 days , i did nth to it, no root , no custom rom. I find that it can charge by press reset button when it off , but after i restart the phone and plug in again , it not charge again , plug ,any usb cable and still nth happen , any advice? :(

  • Guest

    I haven’t even got the first update yet… :/

  • Guest

    I got 5303 and haven’t got the original update yet, and have been checking on pc companion

  • Pablo Calero

    how it works? or how to install?

  • Imran Haziq

    i’m still waiting for bug fixes for xperia ZL.

  • hello sony

    my xperia sp is heating up more than before after 4.3 update….it is not able to handle high end side graphics games, before it was working fine… .hanging up…. not responding. .needs to restart.. hope this update fixes all the glitches.. #ibelieveinsony

  • Robby Andri Wijaya

    finally–you know i have faced that problem already—its like my illumination bar doesnt wink as usuall when i play the music.its not even wink at all…:(
    please fix that SONY–i believe you– MAKE believe right? hehehe…

  • Rajat

    I hope the new firmware fixes the Mobile Bravia Engine2 bug as after the 4.3 update BE2 stopped working on my phone.

  • Subhadip Winchester Chakrabort

    And rebooting issue when I select choose input method in the notification bar.

  • Subhadip Winchester Chakrabort

    I just want to list all the problems I am facing. Hope it includes all ur problems. And I hope that Sony is looking at all these problems…..
    1. Rebooting issue when I select choose input method in the notification bar.
    2. On applying themes the system gets highly laggy.
    3. After applying themes the sound increasing or decreasing bar dissappears.
    4. Loading pages in Chrome takes a lot of time now.
    5. All apps suddenly force closes.
    6. Camera app is sloppy. The Ar effect option does not work under artificial lighting.
    7. The app switcher takes a lot of time to swipe between tasks or apps. Simply multitasking seems impossible.
    8. Cant handle heavy gaming anymore.
    9. The device warms up quickly.
    10. Suddenly theres no option of adding widgets in lockscreen and on swiping right no camera app is appearing.
    11. The dedicated camera button stops responding.
    12. The led notification gone crazy.
    13. Screenshot option has dissappeared.
    14. Improved stamina mode doesn’t seem to be improved at all.
    15. The sound suddenly seems to be so low.

    But most of these problems go if u repair it using pc companion. But lots remain still.

    If u want to improve atleast the laggy interface then go to pc companion and repair. Believe me it really works.

  • Aries delos reyes

    I hope this update will fixed my illumination bar wherein it remains colored white despite a number of times i changed the settings for sms notification. And i hope the next update will be kitkat..

  • Arvind

    wifi bug 4.3 association rejected message… please fix it asap…

  • Subhash K S Hebbar

    Same for me also. Even my phone not ringing when playing the music.

  • Ghita Dragos

    hope they fix the data connection problem :(

  • András Csaba Sz?cs

    It’s not out yet but when it is, connect your phone to the PC Companion software and follow the instructions there. :)

  • András Csaba Sz?cs

    I also experienced point 9, 12, 13 (although you can do screenshots with holding down the decreasing volume and the power button).

    My problems are:
    16. The keyboard continues to disappear when I try to write. Sometimes I have to wait long minutes to react to someone’s text or Facebook comment or anything.

    17. When I’m on the phone talking to people, I hear their voice lagging. It’s kind of like a voice of a robot talking or when you hear something that’s been slowed down. After updating it was all good and working, then it became laggy.

    18. The launcher seems to be even slower than before. I mean I tried out different launchers and they weren’t laggy or slow.

    19. When I quit apps or even the app drawer, the background seems to reset itself. I mean for a second the background image is zoomed then it gets back to the way I set it before. Weird…

    20. Also, when I quit apps immediately, the widgets and icons of the apps on the launcher are disappearing (you see an empty square insted of them) and you have wait seconds for them to load. If you don’t wait and go to the app drawer before the launcher loads everything, all of your app drawer arranging settings are gone, so you have to quit the app drawer again and wait for the icons to load. I also experienced this issue back then when I was using an Xperia X10i. My mother also have this with her Xperia Tipo and my father has that too with his Xperia Arc S. It might be a type issue thing.

    Oh, and one more thing but it’s not Sony related: everytime I launch (even right after a reboot and clearing cache) Shazam, it keeps getting the error that “Couldn’t record audio, another application might be using the microphone”. But I heard it’s some kind of bug with the app itself and not the device.

  • Teo Jurado

    and?… In Spain only have for Vodafone and Movistar the .266… the rest, no one…. What’s happend with the official firm?

  • android

    What network are you on I am on o2 and still not recieved the update I’ve waited so patiently

  • croatiazg 3 bug? It kicks me out in 1 minute of gaming and i didnt have that probl.on 4.1.
    Bravia engine?

  • Neil Ashley Jerome Pais

    Main Issues
    Camera – Horrible
    WIFI range not fixed (old bug)
    Heating up very quick
    Daydream not working
    Ram consumption higher
    Illumination bar AI horrible
    Gallery App glitchy
    Walkman App glitchy
    Apps force closing
    Phone rebooting automatically
    Gaming performance decreased
    Bravia engine seems to be not working

  • Louis

    Well, I’m just hoping there’s “application transfer” for this update. Due to low storage for phone hardly install games on it. Well, I was hoping that this application can be transferable to SD card. What do you think? Advantages to all user.

  • Abhijit Biswas

    pls sign and share this petition to get a move apps to sd card option on all xperia devices….

  • Sachin S

    My phone is heating after 100 % charge

  • Abhijit Biswas

    Well I have only two bugs,

    1. Audio quality is really bad..

    2. Wifi range has improved but it constantly while showing that its still connected, wifi stops working, need to reconnect!

    Everythings sles is good and working well… Well they could improve the image quality even more!

  • Abhijit Biswas

    pls sign and share this petition to get a move apps to sd card option on all xperia devices….

  • Sachin S

    I am also feeling same heating problem………….

  • nam

    Front facing cam flips photos horizontally. Anyone has this too?

  • Erdélyi Gábor

    21. FM-Radio not turning off while receiving incoming call.

  • Shahed Hossain

    After updating my xperia sp (5303) to 4.3 the phone loosing its charge rapidly much more than before. The highest power consumption after screen is happening by – I searched and found in Google that this is because of fast dormancy enable. If so please disable it by firmware update or give us access to disable it. Another thing the phone heats up and lags much more than before. Ram management also not good. Active noise cancellation is not working too.
    I have done factory reset several times but the problem still exits. Please fix these problems in the new update.

  • Andrew

    Really hope Sony gets it right with this update. The 266 update was like one step forward, two steps back. It’s littered with bugs that made it even worse than 4.1

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  • John Jonathan Salud

    22. Can’t play Flappy Bird properly because of every few seconds lag unlike the 4.1.2v. Yes the update is laggy.

  • John Jonathan Salud

    Do you play Flappy Bird? Can you compare the gaming performance between v4.1.2 and v4.3? My Flappy Bird on 4.1.2 doesn’t encounter lags, but on 4.3, I encounter lag every 10 seconds estimated.

  • Kline

    At least you’ve gotten it. I’m STILL WAITING since December. It’s almost March! TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. BIG BIG FUCK for Sony and my God damn carrier. These people are KILLING SONY. I WANT THEM TO GO TO HELL.

  • Sachin S

    Superior Auto 5MP Photo, Unable to change it.

  • Shantanu Kudale

    basically..too many bugs in one update..! hope the new one fixes all of them..!!

  • Diego Frias

    Am I the only one who haven’t experienced any bugs? All working perfectly in my 4.3! :o

  • titilev

    pe wi-fi sau 3G ai probleme

  • imhays11

    I put my update on my phone on hold..too many complain bug..should I update with this new firmware when it release or wait a little longer?

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  • Arun

    Hi Subhadip, For your info.. Screenshot can be captured by pressing volume down key+ power button…

  • Subhadip Winchester Chakrabort

    Yeah I’ve experienced number 16 and 20. But number 16 doesn’t happen anymore. That is after I have repaired it using Sony pc companion. But yes sometimes the gesture typing stops to respond. I don’t know why. And thanks for telling how to take the screenshot.

  • Subhadip Winchester Chakrabort

    You better repair it once or twice with the help of pc companion. And then hopefully wait for the guys at Sony to start rolling the out the new build soon. But not soon enough to retain all the bugs.

  • Subhadip Winchester Chakrabort

    Thanks for letting me know.

  • Subhadip Winchester Chakrabort

    One more thing. Where the hell is social live by Bambuzer and Info Eye app in the so called Smart Social Camera App. Doesn’t look that much social without the Social Live app.

  • Kushal

    hi everyone. i thank everyone for their updates about 4.3 bugs. i thought of moving to 4.3 so that it fixes the WIFI issue. but i see the bug still exists.. and one more thing, the incoming call volume is too low, its hard to hear any thing on busy roads..very disappointing from sony team.

  • Ghita Dragos

    3g nu se conecteaz? mereu ?i nu cred ca nu are Vodafone conectare 100% în tot Bucure?tiul… Iar înainte de update nu aveam prob asta

  • Ghita Dragos

    From what i’vd seen, the problem with the forceclose is a app problem (at the chrome update from 2 days ago chrome was force closing everytime, wrote on Google play chrome page and today got the new update and the browser works fine, same with clean up master, avira and so on….)
    3,6,12,15,19,20, and I have 3G connection prolems, there are moments when it dosen’t want to connect… And yes,I have coverage 100%

  • dipeesh

    After 4.3 update UI are improved but there is a major problem in my phone get very slow and hanging I’m very confused what is sony done in 4.3 JB
    ram get only arround 180mb like entry level smartphone please help us sir

    Sent from my Sony Xperia™ smartphone

  • dipeesh

    I’m also. Facing

  • johnylim

    Really ???
    only some problem i;ve noticing.

    Heating up very quick- than before
    Ram consumption higher
    Battery consumption higher

    and Volume Bar sometimes not show up after / before restart

    I am using australian C5303 ftf firmware which leaked on first day update

  • robsonkxd

    Nice 4.3 update though with alot of bugs
    country Zambia
    model ; C5303
    Camera – Horrible in short
    WIFI range not fixed (old bug)
    Heating up very quick- than before
    Stock launcher freezes when browsing pages
    Daydream not working at all
    Ram consumption higher
    Illumination bar – Horrible – stops working in seconds
    Gallery App glitchy
    Walkman App glitchy
    Apps force closing
    Gaming performance decreased,can’t play games with higher resolution like need for speed most wanted 13
    Battery consumption higher and the icon when charging while off it doesn’t show at times

  • nickyvengeance

    Search Real Racing 3 Graphics in the Google playstore and use that to start the game.

  • Neil Ashley Jerome Pais

    Please check the camera after the update… It’d make you wanna break the SP. Why SONY?

  • Neil Ashley Jerome Pais

    Check your camera. Play a game. – Camera extremely sloppy and phone heats up like a pan.

  • Neil Ashley Jerome Pais

    People who haven’t updated, wait for the bug free version. Or DO NOT update. The update is loaded with bugs.

  • Diego Frias

    Camera isn’t sloppy at all and playing GTA it doesn’t heat up!
    Maybe the only problem I’m facing it is the battery during less than in 4.1 :/

  • Diego Frias

    Download it from XDA man! Flash it with Flashtool and you are done ;)

  • techielover

    A beautiful phone being totally wasted by software bugs hell lots of bugs!!!!

  • randy

    the only issue that i’m experiencing on your list is the issue with the bravia engine

  • thamjid

    Issues in my xsp are
    1. Bravia engine
    2. Illumination bar
    3. Heating up when charging
    4. Higher ram consumption
    5. Faulty Battery usage statistics
    6. Walkman stops when using with chrome
    7. Lack of restart option and Screen shot option in power button
    Once my phone shows your phone is shutting down due to exessive temperature and turned off.
    All other feature are same as or better than 4.1.

  • Robson Kanyama

    nice update for Xperia sp though with alot of bugs
    model C5303
    country Zambia
    main issues/bugs
    WIFI range not fixed (old bug)
    Heating up very quick- than before
    Stock launcher freezes when browsing pages and zoom for pages it doesn’t work
    Daydream not working at all
    Ram consumption higher
    Illumination bar – Horrible – stops working in seconds
    Gallery App glitchy
    Walkman App glitchy
    Apps force closing
    Gaming performance decreased
    Bravia engine seems to be not working
    Battery consumption higher
    Launcher like Nova lost its transparent UI, it cannot access
    it anymore
    screenshort is missing
    Zoom both in /out not working when viewing Web pages
    NFC icon missing
    Battery icon doesn’t show at times when charging while off

  • Robson Kanyama

    nice update for Xperia sp though with alot of bugs
    model C5303
    country Zambia
    main issues/bugs
    WIFI range not fixed (old bug)
    Heating up very quick- than before
    Stock launcher freezes when browsing pages and zoom for pages it doesn’t work
    Daydream not working at all
    Ram consumption higher
    Illumination bar – Horrible – stops working in seconds
    Gallery App glitchy
    Walkman App glitchy
    Apps force closing
    Gaming performance decreased
    Bravia engine seems to be not working
    Battery consumption higher
    Launcher like Nova lost its transparent UI, it cannot access
    it anymore
    screenshort is missing
    Battery icon doesn’t show up when you’re charging while the phone is off
    Zoom in/out not working when viewing the Web pages
    NFC icon not showing at all

  • Neil Ashley Jerome Pais

    Yeah, hopefully. Fingers crossed.

  • Neil Ashley Jerome Pais

    Do test your camera and compare after the update.
    You would know what I mean.

  • Neil Ashley Jerome Pais

    Well put. I totally agree.

  • Neil Ashley Jerome Pais

    SONY should not update this phone unless all these bugs are fixed.

  • Neil Ashley Jerome Pais

    Sony need to reconsider rolling out this update unless all these mentioned bugs are fixed.

  • Robson Kanyama


  • Robson Kanyama

    Please don’t update your device there alot of bugs just wait for the new firmware

  • András Csaba Sz?cs

    You’re welcome! :)

  • Mohamed Mmb

    Screen gives a little flicker and flash when we open bar notices or any black background .. jb 4.3 >>(12.1.A.0.266)

  • Mohamed Mmb

    Screen gives a little flicker and flash when we open bar notices or any black background .. jb 4.3 >>(12.1.A.0.266) and battery is losing in 1 day after this update

  • Subhadip Winchester Chakrabort

    Well I think the device name isn’t Xperia SP it’s Xperia Force Close. Really, now I think my puny Samsung phone is faster than this one….

  • rand

    i too am not experiencing like 95% of the bugs being mentioned by the folks here. if you visit the other post regarding the firmware rolling out … majority of the folks there … myself included are happy with the 4.3 update. i’m starting to think that there’s an issue with a specific SP model. as for myself, i’m perfectly happy with the update.

  • randy

    unlike most people here, the only ISSUES that i’m having with 4.3 are the ff:
    – illumination bar with walkman app not in sync with audio (not a biggie since i’m not using walkman as my music player, i only tested it when i read about the complaints here)
    – bravia engine (not an issue to me cause i don’t use that feature as well)
    – accuracy of battery indicator. there was this one time when i was charging the phone, it showed me 98% charged, when i pulled the charger off, it switched to 90%
    – i would also like to have the screenshot on the power button to make a comeback
    – the transparency of the notification bar and navi buttons with nova launcher stopped working

    the list of IMPROVEMENTS however (with my phone at least) greatly outweighs the bugs:
    – better battery standby time. from 10-15% decrease after 8hrs of standby, down to only 3-5%.
    – wifi reception has improved
    – my bluetooth earphones now display the song title etc on its lcd display due to the BT version update with JB 4.3
    – no more black screen when pressing the power of button to wake the phone during standby/sleep
    – screen is more responsive when laying down on a flat surface. but that bug hasn’t been 100% fixed
    – plus all the goodies that 4.3 brings like the lockscreen widgets etc etc

    things that HAS NOT CHANGED:
    – UI performance
    – camera image quality
    – gaming performance
    – heat while using or charging
    – app stability

    again, everything i listed here are only based on my phone’s ‘reaction’ to the 4.3 update. if sony will be able to fix the bugs with this latest firmware, then i’ll be even more happy. don’t get me wrong though, back when i was still using xperia pro, a friend of mine was perfectly happy with the update (like i am now with my sp) but i experienced nothing but issues with it. force closing apps, bad performance, lost my contacts, etc etc. its weird that we all have SPs but are experiencing different results with the update though

  • kerto

    Notification bar do not blink when the sound is almost at the bottom but when the sound is almost down it is blinking like Android 4.1

    In menu there is no deliver tools

  • Vasanth

    I think 4.1.2 was way better than 4.3… Damn my phone heats up more than ever… Camera quality worse than before… And really don’t like the white background….. I’m downgrading to 4.1.2…

  • Haroon Rashid

    Has anyone else noticed that the Xperia SP is not listed in the smartphone range on Sony’s global website? It might be just for me but check it out for yourself:
    I tried changing regions but its still not listed.

  • jay

    Got 4.3 update but found only a few bugs
    1. Volume button not displaying.. Its like a rectangular bar showin no movement on pressing up dwn vol
    2. Camera lost its little sheen it had
    3. Auto boot.
    4. Battery runs out of juice very soon
    5. Google+ crashed twice
    6. Display light takes a second when screen is touched when its dim
    7. Lock screen slide to right opens another useless window. Not many widgets to opt
    8. Illumination bar indifferent in behaviour
    9. Bravia Engine works only in videos
    Some good points
    1. Display colours enhanced
    2. Themes are a blessing
    3. No homescreen lag
    4. Buttery smooth touch experience
    5. Enhanced Wifi range
    6. Good Web browsing experience
    7. No heating problem
    8. Call interface improved
    9. Keyboard looks pretty cool
    10. Black death no more while pressing power button.
    Need an update urgently from Sony to rectify bugs to make it a great phone. Sony don’t give us 4.4 kitkat ever but make 4.3 the prefect one. Thanx

  • Diego Mendes Fernandes

    That’s the point ^^

  • sumit

    I am also facing problems with illumination bar and Bravia engine is also not working.

  • dipeesh

    My xsp full time lagging after 4.3 update ram is around. 150 and camera issu,Walkman.issu,can’t. Run application smoothly my phone is like an local entrylevel phone

  • lhpzasdas

    Mine is brazilian (C5302) and is showing only the same problems as this australian.

  • mukul verma

    i had asked on twitter but no one had replied from sony, i think they had discontinued xsp. i also asked doomlord, he replied no idea. xsp had gone..

  • Haroon Rashid

    I doubt it’s discontinued because phones like the Xperia tipo is still there, which is discontinued. Either way, I hope it isn’t discontinued and the page is just down for maintenance.

  • Titi Lev

    aceeasi problema o am si eu
    ii pornesc 3G-ul si nu vrea sa porneasca netul in nici un fel

  • mukul verma

    i dont think so the page is down for maintenance, page is updated regularly with newest flagship xz2, no one knows why it is not showing in product page,but only in support page. sony is also not responding on twitter, i had asked 4 times till now,but no reply from them. & xsp has lots of bugs in 4.3. i dont know if they had to provide us a full of bugs 4.3 then why they roll out in march, why not in december.

  • dirty party

    4.3 update is just breaking everything including very basic thing a phone supposed to do. It is not even qualified to call as a beta release. After many delays sony imposed an alpha release of firmware on xperia SP users.

    Most annoying bug experienced today, early morning alarm didnt stop ringing as screen was not coming up, it took 2-3 minutes for the screen to come up.

    Time for sony to release Beta for interested customers to test rather than leaving everything to house testers.

  • Tino Bärtl

    Here in Germany also have some of the problem that flashes the screen permanently in 1.5 seconds clock or flickers …. Is with me that way, and flash the annoying huge and is only darken the display bearable

  • kyle

    Sony is just lousy it takes them 2+ months to release I firmware with tons of bugs they lock the bootloader in Canada so I can’t root now I’m stuck waiting how many months this time and there software repair is a damn joke in done with this shitty company time to go to nexus

  • JTLtd

    I get this also on C5303 UK Unbranded, first flashed with C5303 AU Generic.266 and noticed the screen flicker/pulse every second or so… so I factory reset and flashed with C5303 Central European Generic .266.. flicker/pulse still there.

  • cyapalmos

    ooh maybe I’ll get to use wifi and bluetooth at the same time now

  • koh tomes

    After update,my need for speed most wanted cant launch it anymore..force close.

  • Haroon Rashid

    Not sure about the delay but the phone is back on the website now :)

  • A7XFAN

    Yeah phone is back. I have a dream!…

  • Shazzla

    C5303 ,Android V4.3 (PC companion update,no other programs were installed)

    Stamina doesnt work. Absolutely not. Sometimes suddely turns on and after -for example- a phonecall ,stops working.
    Led notification in Stamina mode goes crazy. (It doesnt care about what i set)

  • ????? ???????

    I have similar problems with many app after updating. The only thing that helps – uninstall and reinstall app again. Data resetting doesn’t helps.

  • ????? ???????

    I really hate this new Camera launch sound. Now everyone near me knows that I’m planning to photo something.

  • Niwaz Uddin

    same here… why Sony..?

  • khan

    hey…i have experienced that after .3 update the camera has a lot of bugs…autofucus has issues..and one thing that is troubling me the most is after taking a snap there is some kind of shadow or halo around our hair(p.s most prominent against a white background)…has anyone else experienced this issue?

  • Sabin Jamal

    where is the fucking update ? Died while on the way ?

  • fayaz

    mobile heats up too early compared to 4.1.2
    low audio quality on headphones
    daydream drains the charge
    consuming high RAM
    multitouch is not working previously we can use upto 10 fingers now just 4

  • Ragesh

    I’m also facing all those issues.where is the new update????

  • Harshit

    Hey anyone with an update on the release date? :(

  • Rahul

    3 weeks now.. Update yet to roll out :(

    Sony Y U do This?

    Either roll an update for all the bugs fix or just send an update to reset to the older android version! (4.2.1)

  • Neil Ashley Jerome Pais

    Yes, the camera just died after the update.

  • Neil Ashley Jerome Pais

    I agree on the touch issue.

  • Neil Ashley Jerome Pais

    Same here.

  • Neil Ashley Jerome Pais

    Lag still there.
    Heating a lot more than before.
    Black death still present.

  • Neil Ashley Jerome Pais

    Yes, i have the same issue too.

  • Neil Ashley Jerome Pais

    Please wait.

  • ajay

    After the update sp is the worst phone in the market it lags do that a phone worth 5000-10000 is better than sp in terms of smoothness. Sp lag so much that a person will become mad while using the phone

  • ajay

    When ever I open uc or opera it get stuck for a minute and multitasking is impossible

  • Pierpaolix

    after upgrading the firmware on my Sony C5303 reboots itself, even 5 or 6 times in a row.
    Help Help!!!

  • Kevin Ying Chen Yun

    i would love to see this update fix the battery performance overall. ever since i updated my SP to 4.3, the battery life took a large hit and that is the one big letdown for me. other than that, i have some apps crashing everytime i boot up my phone, but i guess that’s no biggie, i can live with that.

    other than that, everything is swell. performance is top-notch after the update; faster response time, no lag, very very smooth, I = happy. plus the themes, it’s a big plus plus.

    so yeah, all i want from this update is to fix the battery life.

    p.s. camera is as bad as ever, maybe they’ll fix that too in the upcoming update? i doubt it though.

  • Arashi

    Did anyone get this update? Does anyone know when it will start rolling? Seriously, I loved this phone when I first bought it, but with every update it got worse, and this last one…. geez! Sometimes I wanna throw the phone from the 17th floor.

  • jishneo

    Just got walkman update 8.1.A.0.3 (India)

  • Only Good thing came with 4.3 was Wifi range .. and that’s it ruined everything else .. absolute crap update

  • venkat

    Where is the update
    Its been almost a month after certified still no upgrade

  • Neil Ashley Jerome Pais

    It’s been a while since the SP got the bug fix update. But I am still hoping that SONY decides to roll out a bug fix and save the SP soon. I loved my phone when I got it. After the update I just feel real sad and let down. The camera is just so embarrassing compared to the previous version. The phone can be used to fry an egg as it gets so hot while gaming. Also issues with the Phone app. At times on screen buttons do not function.

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  • Hedwigx


    I dont want latest update we need lags free, bugs free and most apps not working (crash), this phone slower then clone china set. We wont buy any sony smartphone anymore and not recommend to anyone’s, and i wish sony smartphone close like sony laptop.

    One of useless sony smartphone

  • Rahul

    i am having the same problem.. the wifi wont connect to any of the networks

  • Vahid Nasiry
  • vineela

    My xperia c5302 gets stuck whenever i put it on charge…does this happen to anyone else? This has been happening right from the beginning…This being my first smartphone I thot it is common for every phone :/… My chrome always snaps shut even after following the instructions like clearing data n blah blah!N now..after 8 keyboard keeps disappearing all the time!n while watchin videos on youtube my phone suddnly restarts at tymz!hw cn i fix all these??

  • Maxx Payne

    i have same problems most of my app not responding viber wont work

  • Subhadip Winchester Chakrabort

    Hopefully the new update that’s possibly coming next month fixes all the issues. Although people are only talking about flickering lights. Which I don’t have. I hope that people at Sony acknowledges that there are much bigger problems to solve and much more annoying bugs to fix other than flickering lights.

  • Divya Bharathi

    Very interesting thing I just come across at – I could choose any number of jewellery items (from the list) at very heavy discount rates (up to 75% off online) – more we buy more discount – I never seen this before.

  • fred

    the only way is to update the devices into a kitkat os.

  • Paul Crawshaw

    Also problem with wifi ‘association rejected’. Anyone know a fix yet? Can anyone tell me how to go back from 4.3 to the previous software version? Thanks!

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