New update (14.3.A.0.757) now rolling to Xperia Z1, Z Ultra and Z1 Compact; fixes KitKat sound bug issue

by XB on 9th April 2014

in Firmware, Problems, Xperia Z Ultra, Xperia Z1

Xperia Z1 Compact_14.3.A.0.757Sony is now rolling out the Android 4.4.2 KitKat bug-fix, just as it had promised last week. Firmware build 14.3.A.0.757 replaces the previous KitKat build (14.3.A.0.681) and fixes the sound bug issue which frustrated many. The issue related to sounds from the handset being played through the internal, rather than the external speaker.

The update is rolling out across all variants of the Xperia Z1, Xperia Z Ultra and Xperia Z1 Compact. We have included a list of regions where it has currently hit right now, however expect this to broaden over the coming days. If you’ve downloaded it, let us know if it fixes all of the issues you’ve had with the new KitKat build.

New update (14.3.A.0.757) now rolling to Xperia Z1, Z Ultra and Z1 Compact handsets

Xperia Z1 Compact_14.3.A.0.757

Xperia Z1 Compact_14.3.A.0.757_2

Xperia Z1 Compact_14.3.A.0.757_4

Xperia Z1 (C6903) firmware 14.3.A.0.757 rolling to following regions

Xperia Z1_CH_14.3.A.0.757

Xperia Z1 Compact (D5503) firmware 14.3.A.0.757 rolling to following regions

Xperia Z1 Compact_CH_14.3.A.0.757

Xperia Z Ultra (C6833) firmware 14.3.A.0.757 rolling to following regions

Xperia Z Ultra_CH_14.3.A.0.757

Thanks minimal and pivo!

  • Zino

    I havent even received kitkat on my z1c yet :/

  • Z1Compact User

    Im from philippines didnt receive any updates yet .is it now available OTA ?

  • ss

    Dear Sony, plz fix fuck’n Xperia V bugs

  • Ajie XZU

    tengs sony
    the best from sony , the best for you <3

  • Mirrorpurple

    Any performance improvements?

  • afg

    I hope it fixes some of the other buggs too! Shitty update!! (and yes I did a factory reset before updating)

  • Sherkhan

    Anyone recieved the bug fix update for Z ultra C6802 in India ??

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  • Robert Szombati

    Good for my Z1 but where is that *big update that should fix those bugs in 4.3 for the V? C’mon Sony, my old V is still in very good conditions and I’d wish to have it bug free!

  • XperiaBlog

    Not when we tried it, only PCC or SUS.

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  • Micro

    LOL at the screenshot with Z1Compact list, the Polish one have branding name Nie wiem – it literally means I don’t know xD

  • hyper0926

    Damn Sony this issue is there in Xperia L for like months why dont you fix? We also paid the money as well.

  • Sony Turkey
  • Clarence Alvarado

    Usually OTA is way behind PCC and SUS updates.

  • jj

    Okay. Where’s KitKat for Z/ZL/ZR? Sony starts forgetting their first Z family.

  • ????? ????

    i have z1 compact in Egypt can i have

    New update (14.3.A.0.757) via Sony PC Companion ???

  • Ahmed Noori

    i think it will arrive tonight on pc companion

  • Gordon

    Am downloading for Z ultra 6802 now. its available

  • islam gharib

    can i have

    New update (14.3.A.0.757) for my z1 compact in Egypt via Sony PC Companion ???

  • Mac

    Z1 compact unbranded in Sweden got it! (PCC)

    But I can’t get that Xperia Update checker 2 work on my win7..

    Edit: Hope this solves some other issues tho.

  • Aishwarya

    When would the fix be available in INDIA for my C6902 Xperia Z1? This baby is just 10 days old and is filled with nasty kit kat bugs :/

  • Jon Crawford

    Still waiting for Android 4.3 update 136 for my sim-free UK Z1, nevertheless any Android 4.4. Apparently Sony thinks we’re not worth upgrading.

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  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Can you brief the bugs, I have been using the Z1 and except for the lockscreen wall paper issue and the lockscreen music widget where i dont get the album art refreshed when the songs change, i didnt notice anything.

  • Mohammed Khired

    maybe means “Unknown” …

  • Fafiq

    He’s right, it means “I don’t know”. ;) Trust me, I’m from Poland

  • Micro

    wouldn’t be that funny, “nieznany” = “unknown”, but “nie wiem” has the very same meaning as “I have no idea” or “I don’t know” :]

  • ProWeirdo

    No. It really means “I don’t know”. That’s weird, they could write “unknown”…

  • Mahesh Maan

    I hav z1 after kitkat update my phone doesn’t show the call log it shows blank.

  • boney

    It’s the Sony midrange experience.

  • manutd

    STILL 14.2.A.1.136 in Romania!how long do we have to wait???

  • pata nahi

    faster battery draining is the main issue.

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  • pata nahi


  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Hmm, interesting, I am a heavy user. I am on wifi close to 6 hrs a day and otherwise on 2G network and 3G if needed. I play few HD games like 2 hrs, on whatapp chat that can go upto few 100 msgs across 4 hrs. Random foto shots and mayb 30 min to 1 hrs music on BT. Frequent email check on chrome. and 2 hrs of voice calls. I get close to 18 hrs. Mayb you should check if any of ur apps are trying to write on the SD card but cant due to google restriction. check if the media server service is killing the battery. If that is the case you can remove the SD card and reboot the fone and then add the SD card.

  • F

    Download call log manager, then delete the call log from it. After that start making calls and it should appear on your call log

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  • sandokan66

    Till Ceausescu comes back.

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  • Mahesh Maan

    Thanks a lot, its working fine now

  • Kenny Mak

    Malaysia when

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  • Dissed

    And still nothing on my Xperia Z… FU Sony…

  • Diego S.

    I’m having the same issue here! Is that the name of the app? Do I download it from Google Play?

  • Shai

    Have you used SOMC backup and restore app ?

  • Mahesh Maan

    No actually I searched for call log manager but there is no app name as such but I got call log monitor app so I used it..

  • Mahesh Maan


  • xperiaz6603swe

    Congrats hope this fix the Shit about the phone please sony give us others 4.4.3 and skip 4.4.2 :-D

  • fraulein

    so, guys, did somebody already update his/her xperia? pls tell after check how it works now?

  • Mac

    I believe my speaker broke because of this issue.. Now it’s not better, with every notification theres a crackel in the sound.

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  • Diego S.

    Got it! And what did you do exactly? This empty call log is the only bug that’s annoying me about 4.4

  • Gabriel Voica

    use SEUS,i already have it…will post a video on my youtube channel later…

  • Gabriel Voica

    i have the update already,updated thru SEUS…
    i will post a video on my youtube channel later after i test it for a couple of hours to see how things have improved or not.. from Romania,regards.

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  • DCXperiaZ1

    Has anyone done the update yet? Has it fixed the bugs?????

  • Sherkhan

    thanx will try it tomorrow….. thanx for the info

  • Dido

    1 month

  • a

    In U.A.E. I just got the update. Tell now no sound problems

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    open ur fone dialer, open menu @ the right bottom n click filter call log n chk all items .

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    updated to d bug fix release 757, the fone works just like b4 :D no bugs earlier no bugs now.

  • kokalo

    just downloading in Austrija

  • James Lee De Ath

    I’m in the UK still waiting on O2 network…. When I get the update/fix for my Sony z1. I’ more info

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Think about it this way, how much support do samsung and HTC give their mid range handsets? In my opinion Sony is the best when it comes to update or releasing new firmware updates for mid range handsets :p

  • Adrian969

    I feel sure that Z will recieve a simplified version of 4.4 with lots of the new features from Z1/Z2 not avaible. Probably it will be some annoying bugs too that will not be fixed, making people want a new phone.

    Just like what happened with X10i and the 2.3-update, a annoying soundbug that maked musik skip a bit while listening. It never got fixed by Sony. Or the Arc that got 4.0 but with lots of preinstalled apps that was unnesecary but could not be removed, wasting 50-10MB of internal storgare that was needed for other stuff. The result was a slow phone that always run of out storage for apps.

  • grav1ty

    And that’s why so many people fucked up when Sony is releasing so much smartphones. They just ignore even 1 year old devices. As a customer, you will always have the shorter one. Trust me, too many Flagships arent good for customer experience, if they can’t (better won’t) support it. Forget those new Features with new Versions of Android, they don’t even fix bugs, which where there while it wasn’t 1 year old. And when your device has passed the “Sony-Support-Time-Frime”, they say “Sorry guys, but we do not support this very old crappy device any more”

    You are reading this from a Sony user

  • Adrian969

    Yes. But still Sony is the best at market right now. The other are doing worse with their models.

  • the M

    Im downloading it in Egypt now

  • Deki

    Are there any other big fixes except sound issues?

    I’m waiting for it…

  • Danni Kristensen

    1. Open Call Log Monitor
    2. Check all items on the list, and delete them using the bin in the top right corner

    TIP: The calls are sorted by date, and you can just check the date fields. It’s a lot easier.

    After that, open your phone dealer, and make a call. It should now appear in the call log area.

  • MikeViller

    whatever devices you own at a certain point you go with customized rom …… my samsung i9100 was updated once by Samsung. I am running KitKat on this device thanks to custom rom and it work great…….

  • Tim Westerholm

    Downloading atm… in Sweden. I’m having problem with Google play keyboards. Any tip to make it runs faster? Using Swype (paid version)

  • Erik Engelsen

    Not out in Australia, Hopefully Coming comes out soon, so can’t wait to get rid of this sound bug

  • Robix

    Updated phone 4hrs ago, until now no problems detected with sound. Before update – was.

  • Oki

    Just updated my Z1. it’s okay, but i can not change LOCK SCREEN WALLPAPER!!! It stays blue.
    Who has the same problem?

  • Abdul Ghani

    which phone

  • Rose

    I have all day update Z1 on my computer.. and It not exist and do what I want it do.. I will have my photo and videos on my computer.. but it stands it is not working… on media go

  • Z1CompactUser

    anybody who got new updates on movies 6.2.A.0.8 ?? New ui and it good access on movies app.

  • JP

    I just received the Movie update. Yes, it has a new UI, but I am still experiencing the bug in which I cannot find certain movie information via the integrated Gracenote. For example, I search “Thor” or “Pacific Rim”, the app tells me “No network available blah blah”. This used to work before the 4.4 update.

    I guess this is a 4.4 bug rather than the app itself? I’m still waiting for this system update that hopefully fixes not only the sound bug, but other bugs as well. I really getting impatient with Sony. :(

  • mercast

    Hahaha. That’s so accurate and witty. I agree.

  • JG

    Movie app for z1 has an update OTA. Just wanted to share this

  • JG

    So, how’s the update?

  • MastaMold

    Using Z1 here in the U.S. when we getting update?

  • darannechelle

    Nice new UI for movie app but little awkward for movie poster

  • Rene Pedroso

    I still haven’t received the KitKat update on my XZ1 (C6903). I still have Build Number 14.2.A.0.290……. Ughhhhhhhhhhh

  • Hamed Azizi

    Now rolling to Iran.

  • Ralph

    i’m still currently at 4.3 jb(didn’t update due to the comments/bugs i’ve read on the first kitkat version). do i need to upgrade to 14.3.A.0.681 first then to

    14.3.A.0.757 or can i upgrade straight away?

  • grunt

    seems like the audio bug has been fixed on mine. good job sony!
    however another new bug appeared. i’ve set my z1c to vibrate mode (via smart connect, every weekdays 8-6pm sound mode turns to vibrate), but when i received an SMS, the sound mode change back to normal, and then notification sounds dinged.
    i manually change it back to vibrate, receive another sms, same thing happened.
    i hope this is just a bug from smart connect, not from kitkat itself.. anyhow, please resolve this issue!

  • Lim earn chia

    when malaysia will get the lastest firmware ?? Sony Xperia Z1

  • kokalo

    bugs gone :)

  • ash

    For me swype is far better than google keyboard

  • ash

    There is a new smart connect update which I received yesterday. Try updating and report back.

  • Lim earn chia

    When sony will release the latest firmware for sony xperia z1 (6903) in malaysia ?

  • Sandeep Kumar


  • gordon brown

    Happens to me at this moment with my Xperia Z1, I was waiting for the fix, thank God Sony noticed. In the meantime what I was doing to resolve the issue was going to the settings, volume, slide the ringtone to the left, let the “example of volume” noise to be hear, slide it back to full, click done, should reset volume being heard from main-bottom speaker rather than
    internal speaker.Android 4.4.2

  • sTEVEN

    I tried this morning both with SUS and PC Companion and there’s no update available for Romania. Which carrier do you use?

  • Amit

    Is it available in India for xperia z ultra ?

  • raymond

    updating….from Oman

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  • ALFA

    Thank you for the info.

  • Gaurav Shukla

    Don’t know.. Hey have u get an update of app “video unlimitted” u gt it today bt when i opened it say u have moved out of location -_-

  • mohd

    No you have to update your phone step by step first 681 version then.757

  • ash

    Released its update

  • suit up !

    When is it gonna release for C608 in India? The previous firmware update for 4.4.2 is also not released

  • ahmad

    Dont listen to him, i live in jordan I’ve updated my phone from 4.3 JB to Kk 757 directly via Pc companion

  • Enyx

    Still got the distorted notification sound. :(

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  • JG

    nice, thanks. Is your unit experiencing lagg on the home screen?

  • eMon™

    Just updated mine via SUS. From PH too.

  • JG

    how ’bout PCC? I just triedit but still no available update.

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  • Gaurav Shukla

    Its not available for india.. Fr z1

  • Amin

    Has anyone done the update yet? Has it fixed the bugs?????

  • Maxx Tan

    Just connect your phone to the PC and use the companion software to update. You won’t see this update from your phone.

  • sini j

    i am from germany, didnt get an update yet,.. connected thru pc companion bt still cant update. why? could anyone help to solve this problem.

  • JG

    After I updated the movie app, the video unlimited update notice came up!

  • Amin

    Try With SUS…

  • gjrff

    When does it come for the Xperia Z?

  • Riffienkuningas666 .

    When they are fixing the lockscreen wallpaper issue..

  • Amin

    1 month later !

  • Ralph

    Which is which? lol. I’ve connected to pc comp but the latest update is still 681.

  • Ahmad

    what’s ur m0b ?

  • SinaKing

    Now Live For Lund Sweden <3

  • hansip

    Just change into other theme and it will be changeable. It is because of Sony unique default KitKat live wallpaper is applied when you choose the stock theme, hence Lockscreen is locked into live wallpaper one.

  • WiZe

    This update still not available in Switzerland (At least OTA) but just got the Movie update and now, Video Unlimited is available!! Good news…. Now, my Z2 Tablet amd my Z1 would like to meet with my preordered Z2 :-)

  • Yasir Fawad

    last night updated , Z1 compact here in Pakistan. Bugs are now fixed.

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    For Z it is expected by mid Q2, so that shoule be out by end of may

  • jag

    that movie poster depends on the last watched video, right?

  • darannechelle

    Nope!!! When you link a video on gracenote, that’s what im talkinh about, UI is more square type, so when it view a movie file, the whole rectangular poster has been cropped

  • jag

    aah… ok. no need to put 3 exclamation marks. hehe! you should have explained well awhile ago. geez

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  • WiZe

    I spoke too fast; Video Unlimited still not available in Switzerland despite I could download the app today :-(

  • tdl

    and do the most of you, xperia owners, have the bug with camera, when it works it warms up the phone?

  • shiva kumar

    not yet in Indian sub-continent :(

  • shiva kumar

    but got the Movies 6.2.A.08 update and Video Unlimited 11.0.B.0.4 today in India. yet to experience these updates.

  • Gabriel Voica

    not a carrier phone,it’s unlocked…try again with Seus..

  • Deki

    Which other bugs are fixed except the sound bugs?

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  • sTEVEN

    Thanks for answering. Mine is unlocked too and there’s no update yet, either on SUS or PC Companion. I’m on Vodafone network…

  • sTEVEN

    Prior to release, the update must be first approved by the carrier, that’s why I’m asking on which carrier do you have the SIM card.

  • Yasir Fawad

    lockscreen wallpaper
    improved camera UI, but not yet as fast as was in the 4.3
    camera loads fast now

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  • Mirrorpurple


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  • Erik Engelsen

    wahooo Finally Bring on on the update

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  • anshdoc

    Got it in India via pc companion. Keep on retrying till their server becomes

  • sadasd


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  • Armaan

    Update Available Now In India

  • suit up !

    Hey All,
    Sony Xperia Z Ultra (C6802) from India, receiving KitKat now

  • Gabriel Voica

    i’m on orange

  • Abdul Ghani

    available now in saudi z1 lte

  • William

    I can’t update my Xperia Z1 (C6903) here in the Philippines.

  • Deki

    Thanks! I just got the update! For now it’s stable, the UI is more smooth and the camera is faster, not a problem at all. I put Live Wallpaper, the original from Xperia (Air) to see if the bugs are there…

    Thanks. :)

  • ash

    I updated in india. Maharashtra

  • Diego S

    Thank you so much! The call list appears in my dialer now!

  • Diego S

    Thank you so much for you help!

  • Paul

    I’ve the Z1 in the UK and the checker says O2 pay monthly has the update but what about the o2 pay and go? when will I expect to see kitkat? Just got the phone today so would like it up to kitkat soon as.

    Had it on the Nexus 4 and I liked it…Sony please kick it out to the little people :-)

  • Gabriel Voica

    yes…check my review on my youtube channel…

  • gef

    …not yet available in philippines…. ive check an hour ago…

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  • Sherkhan

    yes its available in india ….downloading now ….

  • Kris

    I am really disappointed with the KitKat Update for my Z1 Compact. After two weeks of use, it still feels very rushed and unfinished:

    + Soundbug is history now. Works fine
    + Design is also better than Jellybean, although it’s not a big change
    – Quickactions in the notification bar now need two clicks instead of one. Very disappointing when driving.
    – battery seems to be drained slightly faster than with JB (however, google promised the opposite with Kitkat)
    – from time to time my phone seems to freeze with no reason. For example a few minutes ago, when my alarm clock rang and I was not able to deactivate it (the screen didnt accept an input). Or yesterday when I was making photos and the screen all of a sudden became black, but I was still hearing the sounds of making inputs.
    – Kitkat camera bug. When starting the camera app, i get the info “camera not available”. Also seen the same problem with my friend’s Z1 and on my brother’s nexus.
    – not able to write on my SD Card with Airdroid because of Kitkat’s restrictions

    Anyone else who also experiences the same problems?

  • laughingoh

    no update in hong kong

  • Jake Mendoza

    after i upgrade to kitkat my z1 is having problem with the power button..and now.its totally not working..i cant turn on my mobile.though when its charging the screen shows normal.logo stuffs and battery icon.and also the led light is there anyone else having same problem like what i am experiencing right now?!can u please give me some advise..tnx

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  • ash

    yes, alot

  • Sergei Edoardo Garcia Ortega

    Still waiting for the update here, can anyone confirm the following bugs have been fixed?
    – Overheating with high end games, sometimes even just browsing apps
    – Buggy sound
    – Slow camera loading speed
    – Reduced battery time
    – Increased ram conmsumption

    I’m considering downgrading to 4.3 :/ Even if I’ll miss the full screen support…

  • Amin

    What Is your Channel address?

  • Peter

    YEAH finaly the netherlands is the first who receives the update, now downloading :-)

  • Martin
  • Deki

    The sound is fixed, the UI is better, more smooth; camera is faster… I see it more stable than before. The camera was crashing all the time, now it’s great.

    I have almost 1GB ram consumption, but I’ve never cared for that. The phone is fast… :-)

  • Amin

    TNX Dear !

  • Amin

    reset factory maybe help you …

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    its on sony s official blog

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  • madan

    Criminal p

  • indian

    Pakistani mc…

  • hyper0926

    what the hell? That coz they never need an update? tell me any Samsung or HTC that have software bug that causes the phones loudspeaker not to work when needed. Its our basic needs dude. Im not talking about improvements or latest android. The Basicssss!!!

  • mark

    My screen is still not working properly. Random touch how can I fix this. Please help me

  • ractimansi

    I have a xperia z1 compact that still is on JBean. No notifications OTA, nor any update through companion or update service. I’m from portugal. Anyone else like me?

  • Kris

    You can’t get KitKat OTA. You need to update it with Sony Update Service (Windows) or Sony Bridge (Mac), as the Update is 1100MB big.

  • Kris

    Oh, sorry, I didn’t read carefully :) I have no idea. Maybe your provider is just too slow with releasing it.

  • Kris

    Switzerland had it yesterday already :P

  • Kris

    Das Update ist seit gestern (also Mittwochabend) erhältlich, wenn man es mit Sony Bridge for Mac runterlädt, bzw. Sony Update Service (Windows)

  • Marcosource

    I was hoping the update fixed that bug too… That damn dynamic wallpaper kills my battery ='(

  • Boris J

    What abt the below bugs? are they fixed with this? SONY PLEASE :(
    – Slow camera
    – Reduced battery life
    – Increased ram conmsumption

  • Boris J

    which network are you with? i did not received anything yet. Im with Vodofone

  • Boris J

    you need to do it step by step. Wait for some more time and do it. Don’t just hurry like we did and suffering with bugs :(

  • Boris J

    what are the improvements you see ? can you tell us please

  • Yasir Fawad

    hahahaha, boht takleef hea tmhe.

  • gef

    ..have you received this new update?

  • janjan

    please help me my screen is touch screen is not working properly :( any suggestions?

  • erika

    me too im xperiencing that issue and its not even fixed what should we do?

  • salam

    my screen is jerking not wrking properly!!! sony fixed this!!!!!

  • dongbavaristozzzznessss

    how do i solved my touch screen problem its always touching on the screen even if im not touching it how can i solved this!! SONY update please!!!!!!!!

  • Kenzo Fai

    Sony Malaysia page stated i can update my Z1 to this version, but PCC don’t. Any other Malaysian can update?

    Android version: Google Android 4.4 (Kitkat)
    Latest available software: 14.3.A.0.757
    Release started: 2014-04-10

  • darannechelle

    Its available for my z ultra 6am ago

  • KItaMenang

    why no singapore :(

  • lionking

    Still your phone battery drain is faster ? Still your phone is become hot?
    Please answer for your new update review.

  • Timothy Lee

    Same here, unable to update, just checked at 11.35am.

  • anshdoc

    I feel these bugs are fixed in z1 compact atleast.

  • Nicola Lombardi


    From The Netherlands update Xperia Z1 complete.
    Provider: T-mobile, finally it reached.
    I have to say, it’s a nice update design-wise, still have to test the rest like camera, walkman etc etc.

    So far just one little annoying sound when pressing back.
    I was able to remove it after disabling the keypad sound and vibration.
    Device get’s heated up like crazy while using full brightness, also the battery empties very fast. It’s nice to have a crispy beautiful Triluminos screen but come on Sony it has to be battery efficient. Might as well do not have that glorious display, if for battery reasons I’m oblige to put the brightness on a minimum to have 3/4 day of battery life.

    I’ve always been a Sony mobile fan since the P900 forwards, I stopt when the galaxy S1 came out. I started to use Sony again since the Xperia Z (amazing design), now I upgraded to Z1.

    Come on Sony stay on track you guys have the hardware, now fix software to work properly with the hardwarde!

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  • Rob

    What a coincidence, I’m an orange.

  • Ralph

    Just updated firmware. Been using it in few hours straight downloading content. No issue(camera, touch, heating,lag,etc) so far. :)

  • Karam Abeer

    This kept happening sometimes when I use the camera even after the update!!

  • Micro

    seems like the bluetooth problems are gone too (Z1), since yesterday the sound didn’t break even once on any receiver I tried, and the “Throw” stopped messing up with every device around. We will see, but looks (especially sounds) promising so far.

  • VJ

    Yes the Update fixes the bug…the unit is working perfectly fine. Cheers Sony!!!

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Say that to the outlet who upgraded their galaxy s3:s to Android 4.3 when the update came out. Some phones died and couldn’t be repaired :p

  • hyper0926

    Lol dont exaggerate too much. I know the s3 4.3 update was buggy but they fixed everything.


    I did dowloaded here in Panama.
    Hope they fix the battery issue. WithKitkat the battery drain faster.

  • Limo

    When is Z Kitkat coming? My Z is telling me it’s is hungry and what’s some chocolate….

  • Timothy Lee

    Got the update for Z1 already. (Malaysia)

  • Jani Perkiä

    YES thank you Sony! I just bought Xperia Z Ultra and I though I was going crazy since the sound came from wrong speaker at times. I was just writing you email when my phone beeped that a new update was available.

  • Kenzo Fai

    Finally! Thanks ur inform

  • Christian Alfonso Sanchez Mazu

    In Colombia, ready update today!!

  • Boris Guzii

    F*ck where is update for C6902 ?

  • Miguel

    Overheating and battery drain bugs still… this update just fix the sound and minimal issues. The camera can’t work due overheating. Sony, please.

  • leyla

    Is the touch screen issue solved?

  • Jaissal S

    I’m in the UK and am updating my Z1 to the .757 version right now! Through PC Companion. Yay! I bought the phone on its own without a contract.

  • Kris

    4.3 was better and more stable than kitkat ;)

  • Kris

    Seems to be a common bug, not just with Sony devices, but with Kitkat in general (my friend’s XZ, my brother’s Nexus 5 and my Girlfriends Galaxy S4 have it too). Only restarting the device helps here…

  • kokalo

    Nop,does your?

  • Stephen

    got my update last night in ireland for my z1
    my speakers were working fine before update so ive noticed nothing new

  • Stephen

    4.3 had more bugs than a 200 year old mattress

  • someone

    Can someone help me? I can’t seem to change the lockscreen on my Xperia z1. I tried everything. I turned off the phone and turn it back on, changed the theme, and.also cropped some photos as lockscreen wallpaper. How can I change the lockscreen wallpaper?

  • Alisson Santos

    BRASIL: Essa atualização estar com bug de chip da operadora. Sinal conecta e desconecta.

  • Micro

    change theme to earth (or anything but Air), (reboot), change it again but this time to Air and there when prompted choose the STATIC wallpaper. Reboot if needed. Helped me, problem gone forever.

  • Sherkhan

    Xperia Z ultra Kitkat Bug Fix Update with New Movies App

  • someone

    Would that mean I have to reset my phone deleting my file? Or does it just mean I have to turn it off and then back on again. Sorry I’m a beginner about this stuff ans my Xperia z1 is my first ever smartphone.

  • Micro

    reboot = just turn off and back on, no deleting any files ;)
    AFAIK it’s a common problem after updating android to KitKat on xperias (perhaps not only on them), especially if you had an animated wallpaper right before the update.

  • Smartphone World
  • Jon Carlson

    What about the z1s???

  • Marcosource

    Still can’t change the lockscreen wallpaper in my Xperia Z1 (KItKat). Sony please, fix this and fix it fast.

  • Ralph

    Slept with 50% battery remaining and woke up battery totally drained. No wifi/location etc when i slept for 8 hours. Downgrading back to 4.3 :(

  • someone

    Still can’t change my lockscreen wallpaper. I tried doing what you said several times.

  • Roberto Gadelha

    Please, just please, give us, Zed One owners TimeShift Video NOW!

  • karam abi karam

    camera is not cleare after update?? please sony do anything for the cam to be like before kk

  • rale

    I hawe one problem. I dont wont information of a new software updates at notice bar on my xperia z1 because you cant erase that information and that information alwaus stay there. Thanks in advance.

  • Ralph

    For those who wants to downgrade back to 4.3 . Latest fix drains battery alot even on standby mode. Camera error appears eventually as well.

  • David O’Dea

    As anyone received the 14.3.A.0.757 update in the UK yet? It’s getting frustrating waiting for it, especially when Sony started rolling out on Monday 7th. I missed countless phone calls yesterday because of the sound issue, it’s unfair.
    I keep checking Sony PC companion, but no joy.
    Sony Xperia Z1 user.

  • engelis

    i have already updated the latest firmware but still no sound from my ear speaker! ggrrrrr

  • kristian

    updating my xperia z1 here in ph via pc companion, but still my touch screen is not responsive what should i do?

  • mary

    remedy for unresponsive touch screen? xperia z1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Diego

    Italy, no brand Z1 upgraded Yesterday…

  • fraulein

    i use z1 compact. after the update when I receive messages in ‘what’s up’ or even calls, sound has a stutter for a second. this is so annoying. i’m a bit disappointed :(

  • mohammad

    In the begining sony lied about z1 camera and with all installed updates still the camera is noisy in 20px.after that sony give us an update (4.4) that has alot of issues more than sound.problems like keyboarx disabling.touchscreen i just feel that sony lied alot.and just it was so better to buy samsung galaxy or iphone.we paid alot of money but sony does not pay attention.i test 4.4 on my z1 and my friends and we both decide to downgrade a developer and i know it well that those masterminds in sony are idiots.

  • Amit Verma

    Updated with new firmware 14.3.A.0.757 , Sound bug still exists, My Z1 C6902 (INdia) still has the problem.

    Attend or call to any other no i.e. when you are on call ,while turning on loudspeaker, harsh irrritating sounds are coming on and on…..Anyone has the same bug issue still with your Z1 india….??? and any solutions..

    i have installed via PC companion , repaired (factory reset) via PC companian, and also installed via sony update service and reinstalled again via sony update service but not solved.

    Also tried HARD reset power and Vol up , not worked.

    Any Help Please?

  • mikaela

    If I downgrade my z1 will the tiuch screen issue be solve? Please reply thanks

  • Jo Cindy Yee

    I already upgraded the latest firmware in my sony z1, and i could not back up my error occured. Pls help. :'(

  • Jo Cindy Yee

    I already upgraded the latest firmware in my sony z1, and i could not back up my error occured. Pls help me how to fix ths. :'(

  • Abu Saleq Rocky

    after update on 14.3.A.0.757 on my z1, its still the same problem.
    1. more battery usage
    2. takes more time to recharge
    3. over heating
    4. camera lags
    5. UI lags
    6. more RAM usage
    but sound has been fixed. onlyyyyyy

  • Tim Lias

    Heads up – 14.3.A.0.757 kitkat update available now for z1 C6903 (unbranded/UK) – via Sony Pc Companion and a usb lead!!! Been using it now for 2 days and all is working fine,as far as I can see so far.

  • ryan

    Heh. Didnt fix a thing for Xperia Z Ultra.

    Well played, Sony.

  • Z1 COMPACT here, unbranded/UK. Got the Kitkat update. still have some freeze in quick cam button for the camera app, being using the update for 2 days now. and the new splitscreen with notification/quick settings is a pain in the arse, COMPLETELY NOT ERGONOMIC compared to 4.3. I am totaly let down by the lack of TAP TO WAKE, RINGTONE OFF WHEN FLIPING THE PHONE and other small ergonomic uses of the sensors that the COMPETITION IS USING SINCE 4.2/4.3… why oh why SONY ?!? Being a dedicated user for almost 10 years now… CHECK THE CONCURENCE SONY, EVEN WHEN IT COMES TO SOFTWARE.

  • Farid Mamedov

    I have Xperia Z1 but after update (14.3.A.0.681 and 14.3.A.0.757) my device doesn`t support my headphones

  • Ricardo Ca

    I confirm that is available for z ultra c6843 via Pc companion. I will not update though. I dont like these kitkat restrictions. Can anybody point to a way to root/unroot Xperia Z ultra with these firmware (14.3.A.757)?

  • Ricardo Ca

    Have you tried using sus?

  • engelis

    I still have the problem after the update… sound in ear speaker… :(

  • Joeblo

    I updated my Z1 3 days ago and since then i haven’t been able to get the battery to last more than 6 hours. It goes from 100% to dead flat in 6hrs and thats mostly on standby and the whole time the phone is warm, if not hot. Also since the update the movies application will not recognize the mp4 movies on the sd card or the new music files i have added. Has anybody else had this issue?

  • saeid

    my phone dosent charge in on mode

  • saeid

    my phone cant be charge when its on, help me please

  • fried_egg

    hitting EE UK today

  • Prashant Khatavkar

    New Android 4.4.2 Update i face Fixes Sound Issues on Xperia Z1, what can i do now

  • vinod

    Phone back key not working while on call and keyboard doesn’t work while on call

  • vinod

    Phone back key not working while on call.. And keyboard not working while on call

  • vinod

    Phone back key and keyboard not working while on call.

  • Pjusken

    This update made it worse.
    Instead of randomly don’t playing any sound form sms or when ppl calling.
    Now it got problems hearing what ppl says.
    And others hear stutter and crackling sound when i talk

  • Jose Miguel Agustin Rodríguez

    Right Now From Rep. Dom. And Everything Is Going Well, Just Need To Test The Battery.

  • xperiaz6603swe

    middle o q2 say maybe end of may beginning of june:)

  • gef

    ..after updating 4 days seem like battery drain fast like before..

  • Magic

    Any idea when z1 update Will be available in UK? At the moment I’m having to download YouTube videos etc to have any chance whatsoever of hearing them!

  • Luka Cuckovic

    Just got OTA in Serbia.
    For those who haven’t, just open notification panel and click on “quick settings” and voilà, the sound is fixed… At least until next time you change screen orientation or something…

  • Riffienkuningas666 .

    After new firmware and factory reset phone is rebooting. When it restarts itself it doesn’t ask pincode or anything…

  • Prashant Khatavkar

    New Android 4.4.2 Update i face Fixes Sound Issues on Xperia Z1, what can i do now

  • dave birney

    they lied about the back as well, they said it was glass first

  • dave birney

    what about that annoying pop up message every time you toggle the mobile data, is that still there? i have tasker toggle the data a lot so that does my head

  • Zhyriel ZA

    in the first thing, you should not update it to 4.4.2…need to stick to 4.3….i know this gonna happen, that is why I never update to KitKat…..i’m happy with Jelly bean…

  • Zhyriel ZA

    root it and downgrade to Jelly Bean 4.3…

  • joe

    go to developer option on setting and unmark protect sd card it work

  • Aleksandr Dobdin

    What about Russian users?

  • James Lee De Ath

    Over a week now without any news yet… Come on sony send it out to UK ppl

  • James Lee De Ath

    Over a week now without any news yet… Come on sony send it out to UK ppl

  • DamianUK

    Just a note. I was waitin on mine here too. OTA(on phone) update didn’t even show anything yet, even today. But hook it up to ur PC and go into sony companion and..whala there is the NEWEST (supposedly bug free) UPDATE, 14-3-a-0-757. Have a look :)

  • Mirrorpurple

    its already here…. go SUS

  • AfricanJedi

    Do a factory reset and reinstall firmware with PC companion.

    Will solve all issues.

  • Abu Saleq Rocky

    I did it already. Its become hot, use more battery in 3G network. If i use power saving options then its ok. Camera starts very slowly sometimes. But quality become good. In 4.3 i had always minimum. 600 mb ram free. But in kitkat its 400 mb. For lags i disabled google plus. Now its less lag

  • Kenneth Jamieson

    Anyone from Canada get it? I’m with Bell and still waiting. #canadianproblems

  • kslawko

    I got this update yesterday (Poland). I hate it already because I found out that my apps can’t write to SD card (and some of them can’t also read it!). This is outrageous…

  • kslawko

    Micro – This sounds like SF fo me… how did you treat your phone in terms or charging/discharging? What is its history? Did you allow it to discharge below 20% anytime, did you charge partially during the day? It seems impossible to have such long lasting battery in this fellow…

  • siga

    Plzz help me..after im upgrade to kit kat 4.4.2 my phone running ok but the problem is im cant power off my phone…

  • Stephen Lim

    After I update my Xperia Z1 to the latest version , I had encounter some problem, the screen automatically becoming horizontal, even when my phone is standing vertically.
    Anyone had this problem?

  • nadir

    just done updating my xperia z1 to 757 build here in saudi arabia. and so far no problems encountered at all.

  • tastytenner

    Since updating to kit kat 4.4.2 build 14.3.A.0.757,
    Not having experienced any of the issues it was supposed to address,
    I am now having major battery issues….
    Where a full charge, 100%, would normally last me 2 days, I’m lucky now
    To have it last half a day… On stand by…. Less if the phone is used…
    From full to 55%, in the time taken to search for this thread and write
    This post….
    Anyone else with this problem..
    I see it is an issue with 4.4.2, and 4.4.3 is to be released to
    Resolve this issue….
    When is 4.4.3 being released, O2 uk?

  • Actman

    Yes. I too encounter this problem.

  • Huzefa

    The heating issue has not been resolved yet..:(

  • Tushar Mittal

    After update…the ringtone and notification sounds seem to crack just at the start…after which it goes on smoothly…any fix for this??tried the regular repair service from pc companion


    got the update for xperia z1 c6902 , it was only 14.5 mb, but really a f***ing update, increased the charging time into 2x normal time, means it requires 5-6 hours to fully charge and the most disappointing and frustrating thing is the fast battery draining while using wi-fi, before this fix, my z1 was working pretty well in wi-fi , but now drops to 20% in wi-fi with minimal usage. :-( . can anyone help me here?

  • Micro

    I thought I would better post a proof rather than talking about it. As you can see, no charging. almost 2 days of my completely NORMAL use – SW2 24/7, 6 hours of talking through the SBH20 + some music too (bluetooth of course), some web surfing, apps updating, several photos taken, blah blah. No wi-fi, because I have a very weak signal here and 3G drains the battery faster in this case – I intentionally disabled it to make it loose more power (it’s clear the 3G is poor on the bar) You can see there when the battery was drained faster- there was the talks (6 hours, 23 minutes, 9 seconds exactly, you can do the math so you will see how long would it stay without the talks). And it still have 33% and Stamina says one day of the battery is left, which is perfectly accurate in my case. Low battery mode is set to 10% (but I never let it drain that much, so I can’t say how long would it stay in this mode). That would be 3 full days without worry – pretty neat for a quad core fellow ;) I’m gonna let it go empty this once, I’m curious now how it ends ;)


    got the update for xperia z1 c6902, INDIA , it was only 14.5 mb, but really a f***ing update, increased the charging time into 2x normal time, means it requires 5-6 hours to fully charge and the most disappointing and frustrating thing is the fast battery draining while using wi-fi, before this fix, my z1 was working pretty well in wi-fi , but now drops to 20% in wi-fi with minimal usage. :-( . can anyone help me here?

  • ahpish

    After upgrade to 757, seems okay. But sometimes it hangs and requires to push the hard reset button. And most annoying part when i changed camera storage to SD card. It hang right after I push the camera snap button.

  • kacee

    My camera hangs and crashes after the update. Sometimes I can’t open it at all. Help.

  • roajah

    Still buggy after the update. The ringtones stutter when starting to play, on z1.

  • shiva kumar

    After using my phone with this update for more than 10 days now below are the observations:
    1. Sound bug got fixed
    2. Heating issues fixed upto certain level
    3. Camera getting crashed at times got resolved
    Whats has not fixed is
    1. Sound cracks while ringing at times
    2. battery charging time increased by 2x

  • Hesperus

    downloading right now for my Z1, Poland, Plus branding

  • jo

    Out for Canada Toda

  • Renata

    So I just installed this update on my xperia z1 and my phone won’t turn back on.. It keeps restarting and loads for about 2 minutes, shuts off, and then it automatically turns back on and does the same thing over again. This has been going on for about 2 hours now.. Oh and my phone is heating up.. Help!!!

  • ripqhy

    I don’t like this kitkat update.. Sooo laggy..almost 80% use of RAM every time of the day.. Sometimes 90% or more…

  • Darwin Ortiz

    Ya instalé la nueva versión y me parece que el problema de la batería aún sigue, por favor pueden corregir ese descargue, dura menos que con la antigua versión gracias

  • liampaulmassey

    Hallejulah, before they released the Kit Kat 4.4.2 update here in the UK they fixed the sound bug then released the update and the .757 bug fix at the same time and I updated it on 12th April

  • Julian

    I have some headphones for my study of music. And I think since the last firmware upgrade I no longer support me, I need someone to help me telling me if this firmware does not support other headphones that are not Sony.

    And if there is a way to fix this issue.


  • deebu(bubbly)

    But my z1 compact gets heated up aftr the new update

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  • Harrison Sealey

    Updated the z1 a few weeks ago. had no issue before the update but now Camera and flash programs take up to 10 seconds to start, apps crash and hang. Im trying to roll back the phone to the previous build, and if that doesnt work, i will root the phone and install a mod, maybe someone else can get it right. Wish me luck!

  • bahar

    my z1 compact gets heated up after the new update!!!!!! what should i do? i cant feel my fingers because of the heat !PLEASE DO SOMETHING.

  • Frosted

    Mine as well

  • Darcu

    Still no update in Australia! I am missing so many calls due to this sound problem. Please fix it!

  • nimekasirika

    every time I try and update, i keep getting asked to login on … feel like there’s a bug there … can anyone help?

  • moses

    does this update contain any bug??

  • oscarmantilla17

    lo unico feo es que el celular se recalienta en todo momento parece que se fuera explotar y eso que le cambie la memoria extraible por una de 16GB de clase tipo 10

  • Jonathan

    Does the next update have slow motion video recording?

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  • Hazwan Haspin

    my xperiz z1 compact didnt show the contact lists…please fix it!…

  • Ankit

    I have been facing serious issues with Camera since the update.
    Camera stops working, phone hangs up only option that works is to lock the screen and again unlock, after that i am able to get out of the camera app. I have to use hit and trial method to click the pics, sometimes it works and sometimes it gets very annoying. Please fix the problem as soon as possible.

  • Caprey Chamberlain Lance

    Hi, i have problem with getting in Google Play after the update, can’t even enter… Anyone of u have this problem? What is going on?

  • Stephen Archibald

    Hi ive just updated to the new version 4.4.2, build no 14.3.A.0.757,, this software which was suppose to fix the speaker problem were the sound is playing from the ear piece, this new software has failed to work!!! the sound is still coming out of the earpiece when meant to be coming out of the bottom speaker,
    it is so frustrating, since the phone is waterproof I may just throw it in the blender to destroy it!!

  • vikki

    Since my new update my battery life is droping extreamly quick! Is anyone else having this problem. As in 20 % in 3 hrs and its not even been used. As I am asleep

  • Stan Stefano

    I just instaed the latest update 757 and I have big issue with low call volume. Almost 50% lower. HELP!

  • weird cos i updated this new firmware and now my internal speaker isnt working for calls. fml

  • donut

    I bought my z1 seven months back..the phone will work properly for most of the time…but sumtimes i dont get any sound if i play music..even i cannot hear my ringtone if sumone calls me..but i am solving tis issue by hitting the bottom of the phone with my hand..then the sound is heard properly for a certain period of time…then again the same problem occurs..i hav to hit the phone..sum body help me to solve tis issue..thank you

  • moonier

    My phone still have sssssss sound when press home button, app button, return button, multi app button. Audio bug still not fix! Im owner xperia z1 compact from malaysia since 15 aug 2014. My experia model number: D5503. Android version 4.4.4 Build number: 14.4.A.0.108

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  • thanks for such great article.

  • siva


    i am using sony XPERIA Z in my mobile while opening camera i am getting file not exits error

    can u pls help me

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