SmartWatch 2 gets bug-fix update (1.0.B.4.154/1.0.A.4.11)

by XB on 6th May 2014

in Accessories, Firmware

SmartWatch 2_1.0.B.4.154-1.0.A.4.11Sony has released an update for the SmartWatch 2 that moves the build number to 1.0.B.4.154/1.0.A.4.11. We noticed no big changes in this update, with Sony flagging it as a bug-fix update. Users are reporting better touch response for widgets and tap to wake. If you’ve downloaded the update, let us know what improvements you have noticed.

SmartWatch 2_1.0.B.4.154-1.0.A.4.11

Thanks @gavinlew!

  • Micro

    we have more new widgets to place on the clock face, like music volume control, music player controls, more calendars, more icons for new events

  • Those came for me with other extension updates a few days back. I’ll see if I notice anything. Battery life since the new update isn’t as great as before, but it could be the custom watch face.

  • Micro

    hm.. could be, I don’t remember updating the music extension once I did after the big SW update, but I’m not sure now, all I know those widgets are new after the current update. You might be right though.
    Anyway, I noticed the battery life drop too, the very first thing I did now was plugging the watch to the charger to see what happens after. Previously there was enough to charge it once per 3-4 days, now at most on the third the watch begs for a wire.

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  • Fafiq

    But firstly I must push power button to wake it up, because when i’m doing it with double tap I can’t swipe to unlock. :/

  • Frederik

    I’ve contacted Sony regarding this: It’s how it is! It’s only meant to light up the backlight to arround 40-50%, and not “unlock” the watch :-(

  • Fafiq

    So unlocking by swipe down or up on lock screen is useless, because you need to push the power button to Wake up SW. I like this new widgets for music player but in my opinion the are too large, cause I need different informations when I’m dont listening music

  • Frederik

    I agree..

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  • Chema Ortega

    the alarm program is lightly diferent… anybody notices this?… bigger buttons for delay and cancel the alarm… seems faster for me now … It looks like is a bit faster…

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