Sony to launch new QX Lens-Style Cameras? Would you buy one?

by XB on 17th June 2014

in Accessories

Sony QX100Sony plans to shortly release a new QX lens-style camera according to SAR. The Sony DSC-QX10 and DSC-QX100 cameras launched at IFA 2013 in August last year, so it wouldn’t be entirely surprising to see new models launch at IFA 2014 (perhaps with the Xperia Z3?) The report says that a new model will support 30x zoom, but no further details were given.

The question for current owners of the device is would you like to see an update for this series? What features do you like and what would you like to see improved? If you’re not fond of these attachable cameras, what didn’t you like? Let’s hear your thoughts below.

  • Ruben Ali Fuenmayor


  • zymo

    Build in xenon flash, better/optimized software, better battery life and more manual control.

  • Diogo Simões

    Yes!!! :D

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  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    This guy gets it, something to help performance would be awesome. The QX10 and QX100 were great just very laggy

  • Michael Hofmann

    All the general tech specs of the RX100 mk3 e.g. Bionz X, fast zeiss 24-70mm lens. Much better manual control and battery life. RAW support. Better synergy between the camera and phone. Improved deign, the qx100 was not more pocketable than a normal compact camera, the size of the qx10 please for this model.

  • Battal Aljadei

    Beside what zymo said a 4K and FHD with 60fps + night vision would be cool .

  • AudioInjectedSoul

    I didn’t like that they couldn’t shoot full hd videos. I’m actually thinking about getting the Rx100 mk3 instead. It’s of course more expensive, but it can be used stand alone and I think it’s actually smaller and have more features too… And I can use it the same way as the QX :)

  • SonyXperiaBug

    Full frame sensor, xenon flash, 4k video, better software must be on par with dslr camera. Lastly the most important aspect that Sony lacks with the release of both lens style cameras is the PRICE!!! No matter how innovative a product is, if the price is not reasonable then it will not sell for sure. IMO the price of both lens style cameras is overrated and overpriced by Sony, the features are not that reasonable with the price. If they have cut down the price, it must be a hit when it was released but unfortunately it was not…

  • SonyXperiaBug

    Edit: Full frame curved sensor + waterproof + 4k + xenon flash + changeable lens + reasonable price = Sony the best!!!

  • Wolf

    I want better software optimization and that new curved CMOS sensor so it can be made smaller! Lastly be cheaper too.

  • software7001

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  • Hendry Sbastian

    overprice, better i buy sony cyber-shot wx-80

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Duuude way to long, I stopped reading after, “Get Informed.”

  • kater

    well, I think QX100 would be better if sony try to renew the algorithm, even though i really enjoy using it now, especially at the nighttime or catching photos of cats :D.

    now is the serious, QX100 have the same hardware as RX100 M2. These hardware are, no less than 2 years, the best for the market. So it’s software’s problem that constrain the improvement of this product. Besides, 30X zoom means a really poor quality of images. for the purpose of cutting down cost and improve the sales, it’s better for Sony to improve the algorithm in stead of give out a new QX

  • Faster connection

  • Bilal Ramadan

    I’m just enjoying with my Qx10 it’s really great but I wish that Sony brings the camera apps of Xperia Z services to the QX10 and QX100

  • xperiax10.awesome

    Please think about those who wasted their hard earned cash on QX10 & QX100, Sony can you focus on improving those first !!

  • Bilal Ramadan

    That’s right

  • Sridhar D

    Valid point. Sad that Sony hasn’t thought about it :)

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Pls include a proper apps with this lens.

  • alex

    IMO, these QX10 – QX100 lenses are not needed. QX100 is big and carry it every day you can not, and if specially arrange a photo session, it is better to buy a complete DSLR camera, and not this toy. Sony should do a good camera in a smartphone, and not to engage in any nonsense.

  • Xajel

    I took a quick look to search for any QX in caps to indicate that he’s talking about the topic or not, when I didn’t saw anything I moved for other comments

  • Mahinthan So

    No.. I will buy a lens for my DSLR.

  • XperiaDev

    Sony should focus more on their phablet too, the Sony Xperia Z Ultra series to compete with the Samsung Note series because it’s possible. Thus maybe launching the Z Ultras at MWC 2015 while launching the Xperia Z4 at IFA 2015 should tighten Sony’s fame up.

  • Davincith

    If its function is better than my Z2, I will buy

  • limo

    Tried QX10 on 2 XZU, lag after 5 sec without WIFI on, better with WIFI on. Then tried on XZ2 and old gen SE ARCO Hd (Jp), both has no lag, (also with WIFI on)
    WHY?? I cannot understand?? Should not just phone hardware, communication issue more likely.

  • Zann H

    Main issue with prev QX lens is the delay between camera and phone. While delay is due to remote/wireless itnerface, there should be some kind of direct connection when mounted on the camera. Perhaps a direct connecting on the mounting adapter to the micro usb port on the phone. This should provide almost instant display & shutter reaction.

  • Mokhtar Mouhib

    I dont get the point of make a new lens, the qx10 is enough, they will be ok for the next 2 / 3 years, its better to make a phone with a HUGE sensor ( like lumia 1020 not the s4/5 zoom crap), imagine the sexy design of Sony with an insane camera and android.. That would be AWSOME

  • Davincith

    I don’t have a delay problem. There is just 1-2 second delay when I try it at Sony Store.

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  • shortb

    better get the wx300. you can also control it with your smartphone. it’s a complete camera and it has 20x zoom. it’s even way cheaper than the qx100 and only slightly more expensive than the qx10. also has a longer battery life.

  • Yong
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  • Sumo

    The QX Len’s is a good idea and product… but I rather Sony put my work onto their phones than accessories.

  • Sumo

    *more work onto their phones

  • azhy

    I have iphone 5s and qx10 I thing I wasted my money really my Iphone takes better pic its the software sony! Not the camera it self although Iphone s sensor made by you.

  • josesl16

    The QX10 is no toy, its lens is taken from the lens in Sony DSC-RX100, which is one of the best compact cameras that have been shown to beat even some entry-level DSLRs. For the price, it’s really a great deal, and you don’t have to bring another camera unless you do photography for a living.

  • josesl16

    Camera bumps aren’t sexy.

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  • a

    QX10 does not have the RX100 lens, the QX100 does. QX100 have the same 1-inch CMOS and the same Bionz processor and the same lens as the RX100. Entry level DSLR, e.g. Nikon5200 have a DX sized sensor, which is way larger than the 1 inch sensor of QX100 and RX100.

    QX10 on the other hand, only have a 1/2.3 inch sensor, which is pretty much the same size as the one on Z1 and Z2. This is the most common sensor used in economic digital cameras. Not great, but ain’t rubbish. It only packed 18.2MPs, not necessary a bad thing, the low-light performance should be slightly better than Z1 and Z2, yet no where near the QX100. The only advantage that the QX100 have is its 10x optical zoom.

    If you consider the current price of RX100 and QX100… don’t really see a point of buying QX100. The QX series doesn’t have the ability to output raw files unfortunately. Although the QX100 should be able to outperform the Nokia 1020 and even the mighty 808.

    The 1inch sensor and Zeiss T* lens package on the QX100 can easily outperform entry-level DSLR with standard lens in similar focal length.


    I’m expecting the QX200 or QX100 II to packed the new lens the RX100 M3 have, the same Bionz X processor of course. The depth of field should be amazingly narrow and should be the best and the priciest selfie accessories in the market. Improved battery and performance of course. Really just a minor update to maintain its rival in the competitor less market. The matching model in Sony’s Cyber-shot will be RX100 M3

    QX10 II or QX20 on the other hand, is going to packed a 20x optical zoom lens, the same size sensor, better processor. There will be some gimmicky female-friendly feature packed with it. The price is going to drop a tiny bit. Overall, matching with Sony’s WX-350 camera.

    Yes, the QX10 II will be matching the WX-350. The cheap and mighty economic DC. For those of you who think carrying a QX100 is like carrying a DSLR… You probably don’t have the chance to own a DSLR. DSLR itself is much more larger than QX100. In fact, even a lens in similar focal length is only slightly smaller than the QX100.

    So yea. STFU.

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  • sonyluver

    Perhaps on z3 but how it can be released before z3 cuz its cant be released and the z2 just came out so no z3 till months and the Qx10 and Qx100 supported z1 and z2 and any other device that download the lens app plus sony lines hafe nfc in the bak so it should be able to use it on z2

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  • Raj Singh

    F yes, I totally would. Hopefully they’ll improve on the originals. A flash and viewfinder would be super, super helpful. Mind you, it takes pretty crazy shots at night already. I have the QX10 but would/will gladly buy the second generation QX100 this time…

  • alex

    Why i need buy this QX10, if Lumia 1020 shots not worse than this QX10…? And Lumia 1020 much thinner ) On nokia phones, you have phone and DSLR in one body.)

  • Tech Gospel

    Hmmm… was excited for the first ones but now not really. It’s a nice idea but ultimately, I’d rather have a full RX or Lumix with Wifi control. I have an Eye-Fi card for my older cameras that don’t have Wi-Fi. Works just fine for file transfers, no remote. but decent for the price.

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  • mode893

    1020 has a great camera but calling it a DSLR is laughable, and Sony phones are much thinner. With the attachable lenses you have a choice for having a thin device, or having a DSLR worthy imaging device on special occasions without the bulk stuck to your phone permanently. I find the 10x zoom on my QX10 particularly useful, and night shot quality is much better than just Z1 alone even without flash. However, I wouldn’t upgrade if connection is still as laggy as it is now.

  • Musa

    Great product. Would’ve bought the current model.. However will buy if these improvements are made
    1. Takes too long to connect for critical action shots this is a breaker
    2. Disconnects easily
    So needs a major improvement there
    3. A flash support would be nice
    4. Battery life is really poor
    5. Not very pocket friendly quite a hassle
    So if they could make it slimmer would be great
    6. And the usual upgrades in camera specs

    1. If you’re able to take shots whilst taking a video
    2. The app is more like the Nokia app. But being simple at the same time
    3. Improvements in speed of the shot that’s taken
    4. Less lag. Needs to be more fluent

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