Hands-on photos of the discontinued BKC50 Tablet Cover Stand

by XB on 22nd July 2014

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Sony BKC50 Hands-on_19A month back we reported that Sony had discontinued the BKC50 Bluetooth Keyboard with Tablet Cover Stand – a case for the Xperia Z2 Tablet that incorporated the BKB10 Bluetooth Keyboard. The reason given was that Sony couldn’t use a closing magnet in the case as it would have affected the sleep mode/wake up function of the tablet. Therefore there was a risk that the tablet could fall out.

That doesn’t seem to have stopped Sony Japan, who still appears to be exclusively selling the tablet cover. The tablet cover has received some poor reviews because of these stability issues, however the included BKB10 Bluetooth Keyboard is well thought of. If you’re intrigued in how the BKC50 cover stand turned out, check out some hands-on photos below.

Hands-on photos of the BKC50 Bluetooth Keyboard with Tablet Cover Stand

Sony BKC50 Hands-on_1

Sony BKC50 Hands-on_2

Sony BKC50 Hands-on_3

Sony BKC50 Hands-on_4

Sony BKC50 Hands-on_5

Sony BKC50 Hands-on_6

Sony BKC50 Hands-on_7

Sony BKC50 Hands-on_8

Sony BKC50 Hands-on_9

Sony BKC50 Hands-on_10

Sony BKC50 Hands-on_11

Sony BKC50 Hands-on_12

Sony BKC50 Hands-on_13

Sony BKC50 Hands-on_14

Sony BKC50 Hands-on_15

Sony BKC50 Hands-on_16

Sony BKC50 Hands-on_17

Sony BKC50 Hands-on_18

Sony BKC50 Hands-on_19

Sony BKC50 Hands-on_20

Sony BKC50 Hands-on_21

Sony BKC50 Hands-on_22

Via SonyShop-Satouchi Blog and Kunkoku.livedoor.biz.

  • Ado Kanashii

    it really wasnt bad…. pitty!


    Looks like they may have replaced the magnet with a elastic draw cord of some kind.

  • Veeren
  • Murad

    Did i see right , back of cover doesnt exist camera place ?

  • hottie_poo

    I had one for Tablet Z and got rid of it the next day. Totally defeat the purpose of light and slimness

  • Hamed Azizi

    What is it? Z3 ultra?

  • Rikimaru

    I didn’t saw it too…
    Come one Sony make perfect cover should not be a challenge for you.
    How possible they do mistake in this…

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    an amazing product wasted. :(

  • Veeren

    Maybe .. But reports saying its Z3

  • WorriedInEurope

    Am I the only one really worried that we’ll never get an official z2 tablet keyboard-cover-stand?

  • goldenblls

    This is just the kind of accessory that increases the productivity of tablets and makes them more like laptops. Especially for those who touch type like myself.

    They should have persevered and sorted the issues out. I would buy one of these in a heartbeat.

  • BoogerblasterHK

    Yeah you know I was going to buy a z2 tablet based on this cover. Oh well, guess i’ll wait for the Z3. I’m based in Hong Kong so I can get the japanese stuff shipped over easily…if this got better reviews i’d probably buy it anyway, but that elastic cord is pretty cheesy. All it needed was a snap close sewed on.

  • Jon Crawford

    Guess what’s just turned up on SonyMobile’s UK site:

    “Bluetooth® Keyboard with Cover Stand BKC10”


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