Lifelog updated (2.1.A.0.6); better battery life promised

by XB on 12th August 2014

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Lifelog update_1Sony has updated the Lifelog application from build number 2.0.A.0.12 to version 2.1.A.0.6. The biggest complaint that many users had with the last update was battery drain. Sony says this is now fixed with this new update bringing “power consumption improvements”. Other changes include notifications about achieved goals as well as extended Sony Entertainment Network support. You can download the update through the Google Play Store right now.

Lifelog update_1 Lifelog update_2

Thanks Gavin and Phil g!

  • Mariano

    i downloaded this update this morning, battery life improved a little bit still not fully compatible with stamina mode

  • Jackos
  • xperia

    without smartband this app is nothing…

  • Ado Kanashii

    why ? i ask you this cause i dont own smartband only smartwatch 2 do you think is worth it to download it? and why? i aprecciate ur time

  • Ado Kanashii

    how to patch? can i just intall that as an apk? there are 3 zip files in that page.. i think im a little confused…

  • Fra84

    Will be it on 4.3 in future? Or 4.3 can’t support these apps?

  • Jackos

    Uninstall and install the modded version if you’re not rooted. is only for non Sony devices.

  • goldenblls

    I love the Smartband. Plus, I’ve already noticed better battery life. Good update.

  • Simi401

    I’m quite sad,as for me, the update made the whole App doing stupid things!!?
    I’m having a CONSTANT record of driving, as if i’m sitting at home, it says 60mins of driving per hour, every hour, it has te EXACT same step-count (Yesterday: 144steps per hour (nonesense!?) ) and the battery is draining even worse,so…what the heck is going on!??
    Hope they’ll fix THIS soon :S :(
    i REALLY love the App, but now it’s quite useless… If someone still has the oler apk it would be REALLY nice, if you’d share it, so i can downgrade ’till it’s fixed :) Thanks ;) (I’ll post some Screens of the Problems soon commenting this Thread)

  • Simi401

    That’s what I’m talking about -.-
    (Yep, sry, it’s german, but so am i ;) )

  • Simi401

    I’m prety sure, it won’t become available for 4.3, as the SmartBand-App also doesn’t support 4.3, which is due to the need of BT 4.0, which is mainly only available with KitKat :S Sorry :S

  • Kristian H.

    After update, it drains battery even more than before update, so no help here. And it says i have been travelling allday long. And top on that, i cannot use google location services because battery drain. My phone is xperia zl and kitkat. Makes me want to ask from sony: what the h**l are you doing?

  • Daniel Carreras

    Nope, if anything its worse than before the update for me. I’d be able to go through work and easily use the phone for 2 days before the latest update. Now, the Android System is constantly using 32% of the battery, and Lifelog 20%. It’s getting a bit ridiculous since when I first got the phone I could last 3 days without charging easily, now its barely a day :(

  • Ishu

    i agree with you. i bought Z2 6 days ago. for the first three days battery was very good. in three days i charged my mobile only once. but on 4th day i updated it to .314. now even with stamina mode ON, i get only 18 to 20 hours. SONY please fix this. ASAP.

  • KK Cheung

    After the update, every time I go to the app, it stays on the last seen time screen and I need to manually go to the current time.It is worse than the last version. Sony should rectify it asap.

  • phil g

    I’m really liking this update. Syncing the smartband with my Z1c is a lot faster now.

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