Walkman update (8.5.A.2.7) brings Material Design and Lollipop compatibility

by XB on 29th January 2015

in Applications

Walkman 8.5.A.2.7_Material_5Sony has updated the WALKMAN application that now includes a new (subtle) material design, compatibility with Android 5.0 Lollipop and the ability to use any equaliser of your choice. The update includes a new icon and gives an idea of the direction that Sony is heading with a much more sober flat design compared to Google’s native Lollipop experience that uses brighter colours. So what are your impressions? The 14.0 MB update is rolling out OTA right now (the APK can be downloaded below).


Walkman 8.5.A.2.7_Material_1 Walkman 8.5.A.2.7_Material_2

Walkman 8.5.A.2.7_Material_3 Walkman 8.5.A.2.7_Material_4

Walkman 8.5.A.2.7_Material_5 Walkman 8.5.A.2.7_Material_6

Walkman 8.5.A.2.7_Material_7

Thanks to all that sent this in!

  • Stanley Lu

    Almost Feb! Can’t wait for Lollipop on Z3 ~

  • Leon

    Not for Z1Compact in Germany

  • Rifqi Ramadhan

    Light beat effect not work on Xperia SP. LED just light.

  • fcukMATERIAL

    Material design is terrible. Total rubbish.

  • Uchiha Dare Nial

    I can confirm this update on Xperia Z2 Malaysia region

  • xperiaDROID

    Don’t use Android then.

  • bobeobi gzigzigzeo

    Jesus, it’s ugly like hell

  • rahul

    i can’t believe sony ruining such beautiful app, i won’t be updating my walkman app

  • M2

    Working on M2 Aqua.

  • J.

    but u r waiting!

  • jumbo3220


  • Goh Kaixuan

    I know right! I was so sad when I saw it. Any idea how to downgrade?

  • jumbo3220

    apk is working on Xperia L (Android 4.2.2 JB) , UI is ok but old design is appealing than this, hope it will looks good with original Android 5.0

  • jonny

    i am starting to like material design more. but ios flat look is still shit

  • Pixelado

    I can’t be the only one who’s unable to download from dhost. Everytime I click the download button I get redirected to the description page :-/

    And btw no, I don’t click the ads.

  • Pixelado

    You’d need to uninstall the new one and sideload and older version, unless you are on stock sony software and can “uninstall updates” for it, which takes you to the factory installed version.


    Stupid! Android is an open source OS So Sony don’t need to follow Google’s material design

    I prefer 3D UI more than this ugly material design,
    I hope Xperia UI will have cool animations like PSVita’s UI and TSF SHELL


  • Luca

    This design is perfect! I am using a Xperia SP with Cyanogenmod 12 and Sony really know how to deal with Material Design! Here are a few other screenshots

  • Rifqi Ramadhan
  • mUSICA

    well its good..an classic … looks nice n diffrent

  • bao trung giang

    I love it! Pretty smooth

  • Yassine Toumdi

    aside from the look , it’s really snappy !

  • Dexter Moregan

    I like everything in new WALKMAN except the background of a player. I prefer the previous version

  • David Hvatov

    Nooooooooo! Fuck sony! Horrible icon!

  • Tsakane

    what theme is that? link please

  • Kabuto Kouji

    The new icon is horrendous!

  • Matt

    wtf man, yeah go fuck sony because their program crashed on your CUSTOM ROM. =,= oh logic where did you go? tell us that when youre using stock rom

  • Jayson Hull

    HATE IT!!

  • Niels d. G.

    Almost all developers are following material design, it’s going to get old and boring pretty quickly if every app on the market will have the same plain and characterless design. Bah.

  • David Hvatov

    I said fuck sony because of icon and new walkman design, not for crash by custom rom.

  • markus

    how did you instal it on cm12 ? did you just instal apk ?

  • rubinaish

    Funny… I saw on the Update Center that Walkman is going to get the material design, and I INSTANTLY knew, that right now there’s some serious flaming and hating going on on Xperiablog.net… Keep calm people, everyone gets used to it… Like we always do.

  • Srikant Boddepalli

    Can you share the link of ROM you installed on Xperia SP ? i have installed one and it so buggy

  • rubinaish

    There’s also an impressive Lollipop theme for Xperia on the Store, one lite version for free and the other one around one dollar. Worth the money in my opinion.

  • Stanly

    You forgot you used “and”.

  • rubinaish

    Let’s hope they soon update the other major apps like Album and Movies, looks weird this way…

  • Luca


  • markus


  • Ritwij

    Exactly. The soft buttons look cool.

  • Luca

    I use the buggy one, too ;)
    But here is the link to a much more stable 5.0.2 ROM:http://forum.xda-developers.com/xperia-sp/development/5-0-2-resurrection-remix-lbl-t2994816/post58478649#post58478649

  • Benz

    The Album/Song cover should be bigger

  • Marcos De La Fuente Sánchez

    I think the background changes depending on the photo of the song you’re listening to

  • Marcos De La Fuente Sánchez


  • Ossama

    same here

  • zeoxzy

    Why are the links on the left side bar so small?? Other than that, update seems pretty cool. Is it me, or has the album art work in the notification bar become bigger?

  • Killian Khoo

    Yup the album art seems become bigger on notification bar ~

  • zeoxzy

    Your right, it does

  • Ritwij

    Well, try it yourself. Personally, I find it lovely.

  • Ritwij

    Yes, I noticed it too.

  • Ritwij

    By background, I think he meant the pattern and not the colors.

  • Srikant Boddepalli

    here is how it became :(

  • Winter Soldier

    It’s Like Old UI Design.
    Samsung Music Player is Better than New Walkman Player

  • Joel

    Im very unhappy, Sony removed the iconic Sony Sketch font from its Walkman brand…the newbies in the Sony R&D dept need to know we are the fans of Walkman and not Material design.. Wakman has lost its old charm.

  • Sadman Khan

    I’d like to go back to the older version please :'(

  • lucas

    It’s working in Brazil, Xperia Z1C

  • Dexter Moregan

    Yes. You’re right. the pattern is too pale

  • Dexter Moregan
  • I really like it. Now Sony has two options for Android 5.0:

    1.) Stay with they own design and turning back to Android standards.
    2.) Stay with Android standards, like they did thus far.

    A main reason why i choose Sony over all other options on the android market was at least because they doesn’t overload they UI like HTC did with Sense or Samsung with TouchWiz. They only added take adjustments, so you know it’s Sony if you hold it in your hands, but stay near the Vanilla feeling.

    So it’s right, that they adjust they own optic to lollipop.

  • Dexter Moregan

    Too much special effects for me. It doesn’t look rich or professional

  • Well. THIS is shit. I don’t want it flashy. No one needs those “cool animations”.

  • Boonerski

    I can’t wait to see how Sony would bring to the Material Design philosophy to their stock apps and just the whole UI in general. It’s clear that the Xperia UI will go through some major aesthetic changes when Lollipop arrives. Here’s hoping that it won’t be as buggy as the Kitkat update on my Z1 and that Sony won’t sell off their mobile division!

  • Dexter Moregan

    I use Z2.So, It may be its screen is too large?

  • Guest

    I like this Walkman Player Design.

  • Winter Soldier

    I like this Material Design.

  • tabish

    Is it available for xperia sp ota update 4.3?@xperiablog

  • Kev

    I don’t understand the hate that is going on. The design is fantastic! I really love how Sony is dealing with their own iteration of Material Design. Simple yet sleek. KEEP IT UP SONY

  • Leon

    Now available :)

  • rubinaish

    Don’t compare Samsung and Sony in terms of design. Just no.

  • doraemonboi

    but Sony is trying to follow lollipop i think. Make everything flat!

  • rubinaish

    No, end of life for your model in terms of design. You don’t receive any more updates OTA, do you? But if you do, then it’ll appear soon. Else, install the apk and be happy. We’re on Android.

  • Dakota

    I just wish there was a way to have Play Music all access in Walkman, or to get the songs you’ve downloade there to at least show up in Walkman. It’s really too bad that you can’t, because the Walkman app looks so much nicer than the Play Music app.

  • Khaled

    I love this new design! Glad these ugly wavy backgrounds are gone, I think the design will get updated again once Music Unlimited gets replaced by Playstation Music Sometime in March..

  • rubinaish

    Set it back to the factory settings in the app manager section in the settings, then install an elder apk.

  • Dexter Moregan

    This is too much for me. It’s not seems like Sony do.

  • doraemonboi

    Depends on ur taste. The Samsung playlist thing looks ugly. The rest is on par with Sony’s

  • night

    Weren’t we able to use other EQ before? Does anyone know a good one from play store?

  • gtop

    Bah, this seems a backward step in design to me. The shade of dark purple chosen for the toolbar and accents is pretty hideous. The layers of transparency and the subtle patterns have been replaced by bland blocks of colour. Design details seem to have been misjudged. Dull grey has replaced black in some places but not all (e.g. compare the new Settings screen with the following Sound Effects screen).

    The whole thing feels incoherent. For example, go to the Albums listing and:

    – instead of the elegant alphabet letters with simple rules separating sections, now we have horrible purple squares for each letter, and less visual separation between list items.
    – look at the top left, where the first ‘A’ square meets the toolbar – no clear separation at all, so the whole thing looks like an upside-down purple L.
    – scroll right to the Artists tab, instead of the subtle underlight effect for the tab label we now have a white underline that awkardly overlaps the top of ‘A’ square’ – really disjointed;
    – scroll left and right and notice the awkward the placing of the four tab labels – especially the Folders one, which gets scrunched on the edge of the screen, and pops back out again.
    – the left menu is completely disconnected from the rest – though it was in the older version too, but here the muddy grey just merges into the background and loses all depth.
    – the new purple progress bar at the bottom of the screen is hideous and difficult to see. Dark purple objectively does NOT contrast well with dark grey.
    – some of the menus (like action on albums) are *still* in old Holo style; the extensions list on Now Playing screen is some bizarre random design of translucent white.

    The design language is all over the place.

    Sony: we know you’re short of cash, but please don’t ask your unpaid school-leaver interns to redesign your apps for you.

  • Razvan

    No. New icon is really great. I like it

  • Sadman Khan

    Haha man i know how to do it :P I just don’t like this man.but gonna stick with it anyway

  • Khaled

    I agree with some of the points you mentioned…Can you post your feedback at the xperia support forum. I always post there and get feedback from mods, so far most of my concerns and requests have been answered by the development team in previous releases. I wish they have a beta discussion group on G+ like Track ID

  • Kinda surprised they didn’t take this opportunity to start separating Music Unlimited from Walkman, given the recent Spotify announcement.

    Oooh… Wouldn’t Spotify integration be nice?

  • materialisok

    overall the material design needs more feel to it. flat feels dull and uninspiring. I bet people will grow out of it pretty soon. but first, most developers will start getting on to the flat ui. designers are in a big rush to flatten everything.

    sony has done a decent job here. the background color changes only when you play the song – the song view. the album view stays grey and uninspiring. overall, the app looks duller than before. sadly.

    verdict: 50/50

  • Kamil1308

    Love it to bits. Waiting for album update now.

  • Ritwij

    And the icon. Breaks my heart. BTW, here’s a fan-made concept I saw around a month ago. The Walkman icon is almost the same. I hope the others are not!

  • Ritwij

    The screen is never ‘too large’ my friend. Never.

  • Ritwij

    One day….

  • Sandeep Parui

    MUSIC BEAT LIGHT EFFECT is not working on XPERIA SP!
    They have not tested it properly before releasing!

  • Sadman Khan

    Funny how this was a kitkat concept. I remember saying that i’d feel bad if this happened. And now this is happening on lollipop -_-

  • Anonymon

    New UI is kinda bland. Gradients are better!

  • Aiden Pearce

    All haters get ur sorry a** from here and troll somewhere else…
    Sony just gave a fantastice…MD Walkman…and now..i think its time for the …next android…..damn i now want album and movies..app

  • Timel

    Wow Amazing!!!!!

  • Timel

    Wow Amazing!!!

  • Joel

    If u had downloaded and updated to this material design and are cursing yourself, worry not downgrade to this version right now https://app.box.com/s/t03mrqkc1er8vz1j6fata71t9uzjw7so

  • Anonymon

    I originally liked Sony because of its elegant UI… but now? Meh.

  • gtop

    I actually really like the new design of Track ID – here Sony’s take on MD seems quite fresh, the emphasis on artwork gels nicely with the flatter design, and they’ve paid attention to the details and overall coherence of the experience. Shame they couldn’t apply the same thinking to Walkman though …

  • Nick Digenis

    When you swipe from the left, the home doesn’t go to the right like it used to do! :(
    Life ruined!

  • P9

    I smell beautiful feel and even one more awesome design. this just a start of Sony’s material design, isn’t it? hater, u forget ur word that u want the new look?

  • Giovanni

    Guys this version on SP don’t blink The led with Music rithym! Why!?

  • Kunal Shukla

    I don’t understand why are they giving this update to SP when it is never going to receive Lollipop. It will ruin the whole experience half gradient and half flat ui :(

  • Rajat

    This app hasn’t gone full materialistic..
    There is one thing remaining…..Visualizer…..It’s still showing Walkman’s old iconic logo

  • Fadi Obaya

    Maybe they aren’t fully finished with the visualizer part yet?

  • Rajat


  • mustafa

    I have 4 gripes: – dark material design
    – no second shadow on the icon
    – lack of animations
    – the hamburger icon turns into the arrow weirdly

  • Cercel

    I confirm the update in Romania, Europe but I’ll update when the lolipop update will be available.

  • sony

    it’s ugly as hell. the old sony ui was really good. why do they have to downgrade it to a mediocre design?

  • Prateek Bhanushali

    Has the facebook like button returned with this version ??? I miss that in the previous one !!!

  • Nayib Méndez

    I really like the update. Could this update mean that Lollipop for Z phones is coming very soon??

  • f

    your an idiot

    Sonys design is FUGLY

  • Raj Singh

    I’m fine with most of it. I don’t like how everything is purple when I go to playlist or library, et cetera.

  • You really have a great understanding of flat design. Yep, no sarcasm intended. That’s how I shall explain flat design to most people.

  • sony

    f for fugly!

  • Nawi

    Yes, Sony always update his apps before a big update =)

  • darkholme95_

    same here :(

  • Tashiro Yu

    I like the new design!

  • darkholme95_

    I lost music beat light effect on my xperia SP

  • Rene Pedroso

    I picked it up, thanks for the info

  • tong_its

    it’s all a matter of taste. call me old school, my fave walkman in terms of looks is the one in ice cream sandwich! jelly bean kept the gradients, but subtler. nothing subtle in this update! it’s like a windows 7 user who’s accustomed to the graceful beauty of aero, so the windows 8 home screen looks awesomely blah. mobile graphics going the same way…the mobile world is getting flatter everyday…in more ways than this walkman update!

  • darkholme95_

    MUSIC BEAT LIGHT EFFECT is not working on XPERIA SP!

  • Kaloyan Stoychev

    That’s ugly as sin.

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  • A.o.D

    Everything was looking ok to me until I pulled out this side menu. Why the hell did they take away the transparency! It looks so dull flat grey now :(


    I actually love 3D UI (Like PSVita’s UI and TSF SHELL Launcher) more than Google’s material design. Whatever It would be so great if the new Xperia UI will be the combination between the material design and the cool 3D animations like this.


  • Patrol619

    I like it very much, the icon and overall Look. Finally we got sonething new after 2 years I think. Can’t wait for Lollipop, bring it on Sony! :)

  • nyah

    don’t like it a bit, definitely need some polishing for the icon

  • mc

    Thanks for apk, it somehow installed on my Nexus 5, works perfectly :)

  • Tasfique Enam

    Screw sony!!!! they r stupid and dumb!!! with this update i lost add to walkman favorite play list!!! y r they sooooo stupid???

  • SPit

    they just can’t stop screwing SP lol. my lights don’t dance either.

  • yuno


  • Guest

    Just no.

  • Ethan ‘blaze’ Parker

    Just No.

  • Md Olyullah Akand

    Update request is still pending!! I didn’t update it yet. I like the old transparent design much. I am afraid whether I would like it or not. That’s why, waiting for my roommate to come. I’ll see it at his Z3C first. If I like, then I’ll update it on my Z1.

  • juanderful27

    I love the new UI. IMHO it’s a lot better now.. Old skeumorphism design is getting stale and very dated. It’s a refreshingly clean design update.

  • Lucas Dlugapolski

    Iggy WHO? Nicki Minaj Queen! :v

  • sam raj

    When I saw the word Material Design, downloaded it with so much of enthusiasm on my Z2 :( But it looks horrible..No blend at all..In the previous version, there would be a black gradient at the bottom right corner of purple background which beautifully blends with the black bezel.I really love Sony multimedia apps such as Walkman,Album,Movies etc..But this one is a big let down just like the monster sized app drawer icons on 4.4.4 update. But I have to admit that it feels much more snappier now.

    Now I am puzzled as whether to retain and get used to it or to revert back :( Will they make it better with subsequent updates? Worried if they would spoil the Album and Movies app too..Worries began over how Lollipop update is going to be..I always have loved Sony UI since 2.3…Don’t know what is upto happen :(

  • naeemh123

    I just want better camera and MUCH sounder volume in the lollipop update for Z2

  • Vasilis K.

    PURPLE!!! My color!

  • Sina Seyfi

    I don’t like it…
    I installed it, now i’m downgrading it to previous version because nothing is really new in this update, only everything is flat… effect of shifting screen to the right when you open sidebar removed and background removed… i’m shocked why sony removed background?! sony is well-known with this background and design language!!!
    it’s not redesign, it’s only applying android L api to this application to follow flat design and i don’t like it…
    I like flat design but not in this way…
    Waiting for next update…

  • Vasilis K.

    The visualizer is a seperate app. It has to be updated too to be materialized.

  • Vasilis K.

    Yeaah, maaaan!!!!

  • DestroyTP

    Samsung’s design is very ugly and simplistic

  • Snorky112

    lol no Samsung is shitty as f***

  • Kabuto Kouji

    can anyone please tell me what was the previous number version for this? was that the 8.5.A.0.6.???

  • Correction: “Launacher”…

  • Aby

    i liked the new version…..

  • Aby


  • sony lover

    Bring more material design apps out please sony I want album and sony select and movies and playstation app material design because I love the new look also its nearly February so bring android lollipop to my Xperia z2 asap so excited

  • sara

    It looks good on my z2 when will android lollipop come

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Whose dumb now? The option add to walkman fav still available.

  • Robcartoon

    Music beat light effects not working on Xperia SP devices with this new walkman.

  • Ritwij

    Shouldn’t it be like “Before + Iron = After” rather than “Before + Iron + After”?

  • Ritwij

    What phone are you using? Why don’t you have battery % shown?

  • Ritwij

    Maybe if you set your aspect ratio right, it won’t look weird

  • Tasfique Enam

    From the notification pull down… Its not there… Dumb!!! -_-

  • Yurikaneko????

    Kinda love the UI, the purple is more beautiful now it matches my Z1.

    But the icon… Hmmm…

  • Whoaaa…… don’t be so rude dude.

    You are correct anyway but it isn’t a big deal for me.

  • Settings > Personalization > Status bar icons

  • Killian Khoo

    Dont get me wrong…
    But I think you are got some bad taste in term of design…
    I think the new Walkman UI look way better a lot in terms of design to Samsung Music Player ….

  • Killian Khoo

    I like the new animation in the app..
    And I quite like the UI as well…
    One more thing, the performance seems to improved in this update as well.

  • Alaa


    We hope to see a new theme , Material design for Xperia Blog

    and new logo

  • Timel


    I’m so pity Sony fanboys about The new Sony UI hahaha it looks unbelievable cheap hahaha

    Good luck brainless fans, all you guys need to do now is trying hard to lie to yourself that “wow the new Xperia’s UI is very BEAUTIFUL”

  • Niels d. G.

    They really shouldn’t have removed the transparancy. They should actually have upgraded to the design of Movies and What’s New, the background blur out-of-focus effect in those two apps is lovely.

  • Killian Khoo

    I think this is juz a starting for Sony in Walkman app.
    or probably a testing phase for Sony in consumer part.

  • Niels d. G.

    The Sketch app, that one has a nicer implementation of ‘MD’ elements.

  • Celxiuz

    how to use other sound equalizer in this new update?

  • Khaled

    I think so too, the real update will come out when Playstation Music launches

  • spatch72

    This is what I’m waiting for! I can live with my Xperia Z2 for another 6 months while I wait for the delayed release of the Z4, as long as I get Lolipop in Feb or March, and I get updates for my Sony media apps. The Walkman app icon looks great!

  • Sarfaraz Habib

    Looking nice

  • It is personal preference anyway.

    Wait…. are you a brainless guy that are writing useless comments? Could you just stop doing that?

  • Gutt Grinder

    To be honest I like the design but at least sony could’ve increased the volume THAT WILL BE GREAT.. :D

  • ces

    ugly as hell! Why all That Black upon purple? Thats not make any sense :(

  • Timel

    I don’t understand also why some Sony fans still think that the new Xperia UI is beautiful LoL

    Maybe They’re not just too blind but their tastes is fucking lame LoL

  • Youssef Tarek

    It is like a fken app on Nokia E63 wtf, the colors are worse and at least change the visualizer it has no rhyme with song it is like a random video with songs

  • Timel

    I don’t understand also why some Sony fans still think that the new Xperia UI is beautiful LoL

    Maybe They’re not just too blind but their tastes are so fucking lame LoL

  • Youssef Tarek

    If u could make personalize in the settings that would be great like when I am playing the song and the song wallpaper cover all my lockscreen along with its options (play,pause next song,inc vol) that would be great

  • LeAnnZZZ

    Nice work, such a shame that in China I can not get in that App Store…

  • shahed

    light effect is not working for xperia sp in this new version of walkman. please correct the bug immediately.

  • Jacob Kral

    Eww I’m going back. Sony had nice design language, google’s (and apple, Microsoft, etc) “material design” is hideous. Google cannot design for s&#t and this whole industry trend to bland, flat sections of color is awful.

    We don’t need goofy web2.0 style, but we don’t need lifeless colored silhouettes either. Sony had it right, but now they’re giving in to this crap too. It’s a fad that already looks very stale and needs to go.

    Can anybody point me to the previous apk?

  • Jacob Kral

    No, it’s bland and lifeless. Flat design is lazy and uninspired. The whole industry is latching on to it because it’s an easy fad to follow, but it looks far worse than the nice gradients and opacity we had before.

  • Jacob Kral

    I honestly want to switch phones again with this ugly design. How do i downgrade back to the previous version?

    If they go to this for their other apps and platforms like the ps4 I’ll seriously consider selling all of my Sony products.

  • Jim

    You don’t understand why people have different opinions over a design? Clown..

  • bel57

    I don’t want to criticize, but the icon is so ugly… The old one was the best. Can’t imagine all the Sony apps with this style :(

  • mrjraider

    This new update ruined the one feature that makes the Xperia SP the Xperia SP.. And that is beating lights with music…

  • Tasfique Enam

    Now I have to open the app to pick a favorite

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  • Jonathan Bratanata
  • Ashish Massey

    Hey! Some artists don’t have their own image, so anybody know how do get their photos? Or it does by itself (gracenote). I don’t like Nicki Minaj’s pic in it.

  • Cyphr

    Is there any way to rollback this mess? This new UI is ugly as hell. I was so much in love with the Walkman App before this update. Makes me not want to use it at all now. If I try to uninstall updates, it takes me back to the factory default walkman version. Where can I find the last version of this app before this lame-ass material crap came out?

  • evil professeur

    still the best music app on the market, but the flat design is boring compared to the old one. Any chance we could choose between the skins?

  • turon

    this mod wins :p

  • Cyphr

    Gotta agree. Its fcking ugly!! It looks like those shitty high contrast themes for the visually impaired.

  • Shebo313

    RIP Xperia UI.
    This is EXACTLY what I hoped not would happen.

  • Download Walkman 8.5.A.0.6 below and install (link by Ben Ling@XDA-Dev)

  • If you want life UI go for TW.

  • Raj Irani

    It’s true, after this walkman update music beats light effect is not working even on my XPERIA SP!

  • Wallflower11

    Please help me i want to undo this update, someone please.. ='(

  • bob

    I noticed it has increased a bit on my phone.

  • Raymond

    I like the new design, question.. What about the other apps like album etc will they be getting it too? as it looks out of place now.

  • Sachin Gautam


  • damin26

    I am using Xperia SP, and with this update of Walkman, my illumination bar leds are not dancing to the music as they were used to do on previous versions… :(

  • Cyphr

    Thanks a lot!! :)

  • You are welcome :)

  • Arif Hisham

    Music beat light effect is not working after update my device :( btw im using sony xperia sp

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  • Jacob Kral

    Thanks, that’s the one I used :) much better imo.

  • Jacob Kral

    What’s TW, Touchwiz? Lol that’s the ugliest android skin out there and nothing like sony’s current design. If tw means something I’m unaware of, please elaborate.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Lol… Is there any word ” notification bar ” on your post ? Who dumb now?

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    Using z3, and just like Luqman mention the option is in personalization setting. :-)

  • sp no more

    Same here! Screw sony stop messing with my SP again!

  • what the foosh

    I am so sad it happen to my SP too

  • sp no more

    Damn! Same here!

  • matticitt

    Words cannot express how I hate this new design.

  • Faisal Armand

    Hey, how do you make walkman notification appear on the notification bar?

  • Ritwij

    Oh thanks. I have a Z2 and suddenly thought it doesn’t have that stuff, but I found it!

  • John

    Guys…how can I merge albums??.. I downloaded some songs and all were from the same album… Then I noticed that each song had a different album.. Although that I named the album of the songs with the same name… Can any one help me?

  • Ritwij

    Thanks. Please answer my another question below.

  • Ritwij

    See the difference in the H+ icons in both screenshots. One is from you and the other was posted by XperiaBlog. How do I do it?

  • Fadi Obaya
  • Dranir

    I’m a graphic designer and this new approach is really good. Love the material design. Sony please go forward and do your thing! You are going to the right way.

  • Nightcrawler

    Dull piece of shit, now even company applications look same as everything else. I’d say fuck google, but those faggots would definitely like it.

  • Nightcrawler

    What is this mod?

  • Howlett

    Not a fan of the new look at all.

  • r

    they should just have changed the icon and kept the UI same but with flatter actionbar

  • gmfady

    same goes to you damin, my dad has an SP & its Beautifully Workin!

  • gmfady

    .arif: my dad has an SP & its Beautifully Workin!

  • InspectorGadget80

    Only a week or two away for Lollipop

  • gmfady

    yepa, its gettin soo nearrr :)

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    H+ icon i guess it depend on region update variant.

  • Pickicool

    I want to downgrade… how ?

  • Pickicool
  • Region-specific firmware….

  • Play a music in the app and done….. or what?

  • SanzNya

    I have issue with my led bar on xperia sp with this updates. Please fix it..

  • name

    February its in 24h (GMT) after, we may pretend for it… Come on Sony !!!!!!!

  • Billy

    His dumb

  • Like everything except how it’s all themed purple…

  • michael akpovona

    Seriously the design is cool only that the datagrid ( I.e the list were all text are placed) should not be black bit should be transparent as usual or left white and then text black..anyway the new icon is amazing though.. I hope Sony can hear us

  • contra

    Did all xperia users got the update from official update center??
    If not or manually imstalled the apk then stop whinning about light bar!!!! Its just not customized for sp yet…

  • contra

    I meant xperia sp users..

  • michael akpovona

    Hello, ofcourse we got it from update center.

  • Tan Keeyong

    The design for player background is so nice. the while screen include noti and navi button are in same design now!!!!it make it feel light and pretty

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    To be honest iam kinda love the new design, its simple and clean. Lets wait and see the fully transformation sony will bring for 5.0 update. And i wonder the new wallpaper sony will giving this time.

  • embarrassed

    Every time Sony Mobile updates an app, they f### it up. The latest Movies app is terrible.

  • David Carballo Vázquez

    I really prefer the transparent side bar on the main menu of the app. Hope that Sony can add again this on a future update :/

  • Giovanni

    me too… the led with this versione don’t work :/

  • Giovanni

    yes, this version is buggy…. SONY resolve it now!!!

  • Giovanni

    yeah, me too….. :(

  • Giovanni

    yes, the led don’t working :(

  • Giovanni

    yes, this is a bug :/

  • Michael

    I can’t find the ‘edit music info’ after the new update. It seems like they removed it for some reason. Would you please return it? It was such a great feature

  • EPGuest

    Why does EVERYTHING have to be simple all of a sudden? I love simple. The less, the better, but I’m getting sick and tired of the Material Design hype.

    This update actually made it better, but keep the logo the same, please.

  • roeshak

    To be honest, my interest in lollipop has dropped considerably. It’s a face-lift for stock android which was badly needed. Sony should preserve their own ui. The more I see of what lollipop looks like on xperia, the less i like of it especially the new nav buttons.
    It doesn’t being much new by way of features and the new card layout of the recent apps menu just looks a mess!
    The focal mechanism is still primed for 13mp shooters so don’t see any benefit there either unless Sony finally decide to patch it like other manufacturers to better accommodate their higher res sensors. They haven’t done this so far so don’t hold out much hope they’ll do it this time. Focusing will still remain inconsistent. Just as it is now
    Lockscreen notifications we’ve had before which didn’t add much to the user experience since we can now access the notification panel from the lockscreen.
    The notification panel itself has undergone a makeover and is probably the only notable change but it’s not one worth any considerable degree of excitement or anticipation.
    What we need is for Sony to patch the software from Google making it fly on their phones. For starters, patching the base focal mechanism to accommodate the 20.7mp sensor is essential like Samsung do instead releasing phones with software primed for 13mp sensors.

  • Niels d. G.

    Parse error?

  • nik

    Got it from update centre only, using xperia sp

  • Ney

    Here’s how it should look like.

  • prima

    I love the new interface. But fix the light effect , its not working anymore

  • Opinion

    i don’t understand the complain when sony goes with material design,it part of lollipop updates,if u like the old one,don’t update it,stay on old version,if u like new one,update,no one forcing u to update dude,IMO sony does the right choice here

  • Daniel


  • name

    Now Feb, where is my lollipop ??!!! i want to taste it …. rrrr

  • TuneUr Tune

    Its ugly please give me previous update to this. I have uninstall all updates to get the factory update on my Xperia Z2. First launch the lollipops on all Z’s.

  • Adjaero Pascal

    Excellent….. Bring lollipop asap….. I’ll be looking to try out that bb passport very soon too :)

  • Kenny Cornwell

    As a graphic designer whose always loved swiss design, I love that flat design is in, and couldn’t be happier that skeuomorphism is out. Flat design, while recently having a huge push, isn’t some new fad, It’s been around since the early 1900s and isn’t any less timeless then skeuomorphism, heck some of the the most iconic and timeless logos feature flat design.

    The new walkman app and icon look much better IMO. However, Sony should have used Material light rather than Material dark, those black lines separating songs need to go, and they should have used a lighter and more vibrant shade of purple.

  • Ilija Miškovi?

    And it killed music light on xperia sp… :-o

  • amirali
  • cartoonist

    It is there for me..

  • Jacob Kral

    No offense but your credentials are meaningless. My girlfriend is a graphic designer too, and I’ve worked with her often on her work, but I didn’t start off my post that way. I’m really not trying to be a jerk about it, it just bugs me when people add on titles to try and make their opinions look more legitimate.

    Flat design like this imo is just bland and lacks character. When I say fad, I don’t mean that its never existed, let me clarify a bit… Everyone starts to copy each other to try to look “modern” even though it isn’t new, but it’s like a fashion trend in that younger generations have maybe never seen it, so to them it seems that way. However, that doesn’t mean it is better. Nearly every logo features flat design to be easily recognizable and better for printing. A UI isn’t the same as an icon though, so theres more to consider now than in the 1900’s such as usability (form over function and all that). The key difference is that most good or iconic designs have a subtle balance between various styles, or are boldly singular in the design language. The recent trend however is to feature giant blocks of a single color that serve no purpose, other than to say “hey look at me, I’ve got flat design too!”. That’s why I call it lazy, it’s not trying to be a good design, it’s just a thinly veiled attempt to look more in line with others. Spotify for example looks good, and Sony’s style looks good, however taking chunks of spotify and tossing them about in the Walkman app does not.

    Basically my point is, flat design CAN look good, but not when it’s half a$$ed like this.

  • Jacob Kral

    Your title means nothing in this regard, don’t do that, it just makes you look pompous.

  • Guest

    I very much like Sony devices but can’t stand this update. Actually I switched to Sony partially to get away from the ugly things vanilla android and other oems were doing. So I really hope they don’t jump on the bandwagon or I’ll have to avoid all their apps.

  • tw sucks so hard


  • Alex

    It’s ugly as hell,this is the worst update so far,I feel like I’m holding a kids toy instead of high end phone…uglyy!!!!! give us the previous version back sony! NOW!!!!

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  • raju

    How can use this option (use your favorite sound equalizer from Google Play.”?)

  • name

    It is mentioned in the “New features” , check the above screen shots

  • Abhigyan Malik

    Music beats light effect on my xperia sp has stopped working after this update.. so hate that !!

  • Haldi

    Can we have the Genres back please ? -.-

  • damn

    Damn HTC kept their promise..within 90 days they are seeding lollipop to m8..
    Lollipop now seeding to m8 india….where are you sleepinh sony????

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  • mck

    I hate this flat UI. It’s boring :/

  • Nikola Peric

    problem with music beat light on xperia sp
    fix it please!

  • Tefal

    How can I play my music stored on the SD card? I can’t seem to find where to select the folder…

  • jini

    the music beat light effect in my xperia SP didn’t work after updating. :(

  • not a happy camper

    Unhappy with the latest update, it has stopped the music detecting light effects for the light bar on my Xperia SP, that was the only feature I really liked about my phone

  • Jay Shah

    In my Sony Xperia SP, with new version of walkman, the light beat effect has stopped working… Please help to fix it.

  • Sherry

    Pleaseeee help me… I updated my walkman to this latest version you are talking about and the light effect doesn’t work anymore, when i play a song it simply gets on for some seconds and then gets off..just like in photo album :'( i use a Xperia sp device… Please help Me… I want it back :'(

  • Dave Mac

    How do you select songs for Walkman favorites? I can’t figure it out?

  • Dave Mac

    On a z2 phone, I used to be able to select the song with a star in the down swipe notification menu. Can’t do it anymore

  • Toni

    Thanks for fucking up the LED strip function on my Xperia SP Sony, well done!

  • Marlish

    Did any of you guys notice that this update removed the WALKMAN widget from the lock screen widgets?
    No longer does the now playing song show up on the lock screen. Is this a Lollipop feature? Or is it another bug from Sony?

  • ashish

    Same here, dude!!!
    They just screwed up the most eye catchin feature from our SP…..
    Do lemme know, if there’s any fix for it…

  • ashish

    Same here guys….
    They just screwed up the most eye catchin feature from our SP….. Wtf Sony is upto,huh! are they gonna fix it or not…. As an Xperia SP user, I really want a new update for Walkman with illuminati light fix…. Wanna see my illuminati bar beatin n dancin up again on the beats….
    Do lemme know, if there’s any fix for it…
    Don’t let us down Sony!

  • LukDub

    Some of us love new theme, some of us hate it. So why we can not choose individually the skin? Why we can not change it from preferences? Actually why preferences in Walkman is so… poor in flexibility?


    Anyone want old Walkman back go to settings app Walkman uninstall update done.

  • elango

    hey guys walkman 8.5.a.2.8 update was out :)

  • xperiafan324

    See that’s what’s missing, the detail… and material design itself is all about the subtelties and naunces that sets it apart from a mere ‘flat’ look, Sony imho, are just being lazy right now.

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  • bakter

    Agree. I hate this purple shit in the background! How the hell can I switch to a non little-girl color?

  • bakter

    I hate screens larger then 4″. You can’t hold in your palm and type correctly. That’s why I bought Z1 compact.

  • Wall Breaker

    wow that is pretty cool although I prefer a mix of this with some material.

  • sanjay ..

    Bad UI.. uninstalled the latest one and rolled back to previous version..

  • sanjay ..

    Yes very bad design by sony.. Im really sad and I don’t want to upgrade my mobile to lollipop. Bcoz this Walkman app will be given by default.

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