Sony Mobile picks up four iF Design Awards 2015: Includes Gold award for Xperia Z2 Tablet

by XB on 27th February 2015

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iF design logoSony Mobile has continued its long heritage of designing some of the most desirable technology around by picking up four iF Design Awards 2015. The Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet was the big winner, being awarded a Gold award, with the jury calling it an “honest, outstanding device”.

Other Sony Mobile products to also win include the Xperia Z3, SmartBand/SmartWatch and the Lifelog application. This builds on the success from the 2014 iF Design awards, where Sony was recognised for its efforts on the Xperia Z Ultra, the Xperia Z1 Compact and the Xperia. Here’s hoping to more success over the coming year.

iF Design Awards 2015: Sony Mobile

Xperia Z2 Tablet
– Recognized with the IF DESIGN AWARD 2015, Discipline Product – GOLD

Jury-Statement: “It is particularly difficult to stand out with a product like a tablet – but exactly this was achieved with the extremely flat Xperia Z2. The rounded edges and the ultra-light weight (only 439 grams) make the Z2 particularly easy to handle. The amount of components has been reduced to a minimum; details such as the connection of frame and back are excellently executed – furthermore, the Z2 is water and dust proof. The result is an honest, outstanding device.


Xperia Z3
– Recognized with the IF DESIGN AWARD 2015, Discipline Product


SmartBand, SmartWatch
– Recognized with the IF DESIGN AWARD 2015, Discipline Product


Lifelog application
– Recognized with the IF DESIGN AWARD 2015, Discipline Communication


Via Sony Mobile Blog.

  • gmfady

    Congrats our ?ly SONY & Xperiablog .. 4ward BE MOVED & We Deserve More ?

  • Bur

    If it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Sony keeps making it more perfect. Hope the Z4 will have even less bezels and just Xperia Z size.

  • gap

    Just give us xperia z4… Sony… WAKE UP

  • mike630

    10:35 in all pics!! :O What it means? :O

  • Snorky112

    its always 10:35 on sony pictures

  • mUSICA

    mayb its been 35 yrs for sony an it was born on 10th or mayb the month 10 th :p

  • z1c user

    See? Congratulations, Sony! I hope more people will be aware that your products are worthy to be considered! :D

  • Timel

    Great design but unsaleable! I can’t stop laughing hahahaha

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    And yet, typical PhoneArena, only mentions the AsusPhone 2 winning only winning TWO. Nothing about Sony. Sure, Sony could market better but bias, crap sites like PhoneArena who half ass and make deliberately bad comments and lack of information hurt a company’s brand as well.

    Nice work Sony, build off the awards and accolades. And more importantly UPDATE THE ALREADY GREAT, AWARD WINNING DESIGN

  • RealityCheck2015

    ‘iF’ only more people bought SONY Smart Phones & Tablets then i would be happy :(
    I LOVE’em ALL :P Can’t wait to see the Z4 Tablet next week to :P

  • gmfady

    its a smart think, but Indeed musica, SONY is Established wayy Backk at Tokyo, Japan (7 May 1946) ;)


  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I seriously don’t get why you are here. Like what’s the point?! You clearly aren’t a fan of Sony. Yet you don’t say anything good about another OEM.

    You’re like the Kardashian of this site. No one knows what you actually do or your real purpose. And you still leave a painful feeling in our stomach when we see your dumbass here because you’re only here for the attention.

  • japaneseaids

    so far xperiablog has 9 entries today. and yet in none of them it says sony released lollipop (they didnt)
    love you too sony

  • Tim Rox Westerholm

    Someone skuld get this guy banned from this site, seriously. He’s just here coz this place is the only one where he can get attention, no doubt.

  • Timel’s First Grade Teacher

    Sorry, he was always a slow child. I don’t really know how he’s doing right now, he just graduated a few days ago. But please, he is a little slow.

  • Shinchan Crayon



  • phil g

    Great job Sony Mobile! Let’s hope Hirai-san keeps the mobile division so we can keep enjoying these great products.

  • Shravan SP

    How about everyone flags his all comments!??

  • Timel

    I’m really sorry for that, I don’t think saying the truth will hurt you guys like this

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Truth?! What truth. Your whole comment history is just random shit. You offer no reasonable excuses, nothing. Just stupid comments about why you hate Sony and all that crap.

    Half the shit you can’t back up. How does Sony’s design suck if they win awards. How do their cameras and display quality suck when you don’t compare them to another device. And for that matter I’m pretty sure you’ve never owned a Sony device before, making your random crap of nonsense even more stupid and baseless.

    But by all means, keep being a dumbass, keep leaving dumb comments that are really the first and only thought you have going through your tiny brain.

    Also liking your own comments is the equivalent of licking your own balls just so it makes you feel better about yourself

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I like that motto. And the Xperia Z line does have a good design language through and through. Less bezels, and maybe a slight, but not too much more curving for better handling will be better. I just think that adding a different material to the device would be better. The glass makes it feel much more premium, but at the cost of being a huge fingerprint and dust magnet. And thr matte finish found on the Xperia Z Tablet and Zperia SP scratch easily, and when scratched show pretty obviously.

    In the leaked emails, with the leaked info from Sony’s supposed upcoming phones they did mention an all aluminum device. I think if Sony can perfect an all aluminum water resistant device that has smaller bezels they could have a true winner with the Xperia Z4.

  • Sonny_Au

    Z3 – the best phone ever

  • xperiafan324

    Elegance personified, LIKE.NO.OTHER

  • Gadget Lover

    Phonearena = Samsungarena. They pretend to be a Apple fan so that they can confuse their reader about their real sponsor (and that is Samsung).

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    The Xperia Z3 and Z2 take excellent pictures, but not always. Software is horrible, but to say the G3 is better, or that the Z3 and Z2 aren’t anywhere near the top is ridiculous bullshit. Their cameras could be better, it’s not the best, but it certainly is not the worst.

  • Timel

    LoL Dont act like you know me please, I own Xperia S, Z1 and SP but do you know the only thing that Sony better than Samsung and Apple is their design and may be… the waterproof feature which people will never care much about it, Just that!

    about sound, Samsung, Apple and Chinese brands have put DAC and Amplifier to their flagship phones but XPERIA Flagship phones have normal sound quality while Sony commercial like they’ll give the best sound quality experience to costumers, They are not even put DAC or Amplifier to Xperia flagship phones and also use Walknan name, Walkman app is just a normal music player app, it has nothing special!

    about camera, its Auto mode is fucking horrible, the worst auto mode in a smartphone I’ve ever used, Samsung and Apple are much better!

    about display, Samsung Super AMOLED is much fucking better than Sony Xperia’s display as well

    software and UI, Sony’s ROM is pretty stable but isn’t the best or the smoothest ROM and Now the Xperia UI is fucking boring and ugly! less useful software features, while Samsung has S Note, S Planner, pop-up call notification, smart Gallery, Air control and more… Sony is nothing, Sony smartphones ain’t smart at all. maybe they are just touchscreen phones ain’t smartphones LoL

    So… Sony is really suck and in the end they will go bankrupt!

  • Gadget Lover

    Total bitch site. Post half ass review just so that they can be the first to do it on the internet. I don’t think they don’t even try explore the capabilities of the phones. And if swinesung keep giving them money for praising their product and bitching about Sony what can they do. Remember that battery life test? After Z3C achieve 14h battery life the reduce the battery life to 10h but they rate galaxy alpha to have outstanding battery life where in the real world they are as good as iphone 5s ( which is to say bad battery life).
    I’m not surprised that they call G3 has better camera. LG heavily sponsored PA before and after G3 release. They have to praise LG.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    Well it’s about time you said something that wasn’t just nonsense and hate. Some actual insight, sure grammar worst than a first grader.

    Sound experience isn’t just about phone speakers. Sony, unlike any other OEM, has built in noise cancelling. While better built in speakers would be better, especially if powered by their S-Master chip, add that to the built in noise cancelling and they could easily be much better than the competition.

    I agree camera software is bad. But it’s not the worst. They need to tweak it but still, but it’s definitely near the top with Samsung and Apple. But not beating them for sure.

    Screen tech is based on whatever opinion someone has. The saturated AMOLED, which does have much better blacks and some advantages for battery life. But Sony keeps it more true to life, gives a white balance to adjust it the way you want, and has multiple modes for viewing. Those modes being X-Reality and a Super Vivid mode that gives it the punchy Samsung feel.

    Software is the same as screen, people go with whatever preference they want. I agree Sony’s is plain, but it’s fast and reliable. Touchwiz, currently, is bloated but givea a lot of customization. Plus Touchwiz also has those bloopy sounds that just feel childish to other UIs. All in all all those features you listed are gimmicks more than actual uses. A lot of people have Samsung devices but I have yet to see anyone use those air gestures to switch between pictures.

    And in the end your, rather incoherent and hardly readable, rant I still don’t see a point in you being here. You clearly have Sony, have little to say or offer, and what you do say is hardly literate. So why stay? Why keep wasting time to troll a site dedicated to Xperia devices? Just to say, “Sony is really suck”, yeah okay. Because that totally validates everything you have to say.

  • BruceLeeRoyJenkins

    I have a G3, the OIS does give some advantages over the Z3, but overall the Z3 is better. I don’t understand how people buy into PhoneArena and their crap when every other site gives high marks to Sony and their devices…. It’s kind of dicks to say it now, but you know Sony ain’t paying people off for good/ better reviews cause they don’t have the money. They’re getting good reviews from everyone else for a reason. Sony just has to provide us, and everyone else a legitimate reason to upgrade and invest into them more

  • Reza

    You’re the best ignorant on earth.. I must confess that.

  • Gast

    The Batterysymbol has changed?

  • Diogo Simões

    Guys… What are those “points” in the Lifelog app?

  • Gast

    Oh sorry. Lock at the last Photo. Idk why it has upload 3 pictures

  • nick

    Thats rainfall

  • FredrikAn


  • Cooperit

    Last day of february and no lollipop yet… So sad and disappointed of sony.

  • Diogo Simões

    I’m confused ahaha
    And why Xperia Z4 Tablet have the messaging app? :-?

  • roeshak

    Design awards mean very little. They’re not going to get Sony out of their current precarious predicament.
    There needs to be a root and branch review and overhaul of Sony mobile from top to bottom.
    2015 is all about damage limitation depending how early they can get a competitive z4 out on the market.
    The critical thing is coming back strong with a device next year that’s not only competitive bit ahead of the pack. Sony seriously needs to start implementing new features in the xperia line. Touch id is very popular and so a fingerprint reader of some kind should make it to xperias by next year at the latest.
    IP certification is great to have but it’s an insurance policy more than anything else. It’s not a daily driver but touch id is and so has struck a chord with consumers.
    Sony needs to start competing, this has always been the problem with the mobile division. To be honest, the most competitive device they’ve released to date is the z2 but we all know how they messed that one up. For its time, the z2 wasn’t just current, it was ahead in some ways. It just took too long to become widely available and by then rumours of the z3 had begun confusing customers. Then the below par z3 made its debut offering very little if anything by way of meaningful improvements.
    The result, Sony’s ended up selling very few of those but is instead selling loads of z2s at very low profit margins.
    Like I’ve said the 6 month madness has just caught up with them and placed them firmly in a very bad situation. Getting out of this won’t be easy especially with apples resurgence and what looks like a Samsung awakening in the offing.
    The future from where I’m standing is looking very unpromising for Sony and HTC. LG sells loads of cheap phones in poor countries so they’ll always be around but I think Sony and HTC have blown their chance.
    Samsung was putting out cheaply built devices and apple was still making toyish phones. That was their time to make an impact and they both failed miserably to do so.
    Well Tim Cook has faced reality with the iPhone 6 and 6+ while Samsung is now producing solidly built products. Take that together with the financial muscle of these two companies and it’s hard to see any meaningful penetration for either Sony or htc going forward.
    An opportunity missed!

  • chch

    You mean Blue award.

  • Guest

    no its same kitkat icon u can get that % in display setting

  • Nauman

    This is one good news but I wish Sony to move ahead make a watch as good as Huawei Watch .

  • Thumbs

    I hope the Z4 will look like a ZL version of the Z3 with Z2 speaker grills. I think that would be a winner. If the rumours are true that the S6 will also be all glass but won’t have microSD and waterproofing, it really shows the superiority of Sony’s engineering. So Sony please don’t sell your mobile division.

  • roeshak

    I think it’s been clear for about a week now that lollipop was going to be unveiled at mwc.

  • nick

    Lol i dnt see that..silly me…

  • Tjaldid
  • mike630

    we’ll never know xD

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