More leaked photos of the Xperia M4 Aqua emerge

by XB on 28th February 2015

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Xperia M4 Aqua_3Yesterday, we caught a first look of the Sony Xperia M4 Aqua in red. Now a few more leaked photos of the same handset have emerged, but this time we can see what the Xperia M4 Aqua looks like in white. It also looks like this particular model will have silver sides and white nylon corners.

The new pictures highlight where the small notification light sits as well as a full look at the right side of the phone, where the SIM port flap is located along with signature power button, volume rocker and dedicated camera button. So which colour takes your fancy so far?

White Xperia M4 Aqua

Xperia M4 Aqua_1

Xperia M4 Aqua_2

Xperia M4 Aqua_3

Xperia M4 Aqua_4

Red Xperia M4 Aqua

Sony Xperia M4 Aqua2

Via Digi-wo.

  • Igor Iceberg

    Looks just like Xperia Z3, I can hardly see any difference aside from the microUSB port…

  • Mahmood

    Wow.. No flap on the usb port. Awesome!!

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  • Jack

    Considering the lack of flaps, this could mean waterproof microUSB on the midrange M4 Aqua, which is great because the waterproofing won’t be compromised anymore for the flaps wearing off.

    New feat on midrange = available on flagship.
    And same design as flagship on an even affordable price will make it more attractive. :)

  • Igor Iceberg

    That’s true, but seeing how Sony Mobile’s business is doing, I don’t think that focusing on their barely recognized mid-range is the smart move for them…

  • Red John

    Yeasp, Thats the case.
    It`s exactly like it`s bigger brother, Z3, but much more cheaper.
    With same build quality ;)

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Agree. The flap can be annoying and make us feel inconvenience. I have Z1 and after use it for 6 month the flap is not so fit anymore. WTF ?!

  • filo9011

    Why didnt you use magnetic charger?

  • Alexx

    A good mid range, finally

  • Feanor

    How much I hate the nylon corners that supposedly protect the phone from scratching… They never match in colour completely to the surrounding frame and they “pre-uglify” the design even without having to damage it. Has nobody at Sony noticed?

  • Igor Iceberg

    Got Z1 myself and barely touch my microUSB flap,,, There are tons of magnetic charging cables and docks around, even cheap third-party ones (which are safe to use, because they just connect to your original charger)
    Here’s one I got recently, works well even with a case on.

  • ac

    well, it’s certainly better than back of i6

  • JackMerson

    Midrange is just as important as flagship.
    In my country, people tend to buy phones that has more value rather than the flagship. They also think that the better midrange phones (compared to other on same prices) means better flagship.
    I think this is a good move from Sony although maybe time will tell.Don’t get me wrong – your point isn’t wrong. It’s just that I think this is a good start for people to think that the waterproofing is not exclusive for only flagship, but also lower priced phones. Sony is now setting the new bar if you ask me.

  • JackMerson

    Bought one and it took almost a full day to fully charged my phone. Harder to find when you can’t buy it online. It’s also fairly expensive.

  • Feanor

    You mean iPhone 6? Yeah, but this is not difficult… The iPhone 6 is quite poor design-wise. However the leaked pictures of the Samsung S6 I seems that Samsung has copied heavily the frame treatment of the recent Xperias (the Z2 and Z3) but have done it better. No ugly nylon corners, softer corners, nice chamfered sides…

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    It’s slow than direct charger.

  • Igor Iceberg

    Almost a full day to charge your phone? Well that’s a problem with your charger, not the dock (which is just a cable in a plastic box).

  • ac

    rumour has it they are not gonna put a mSD slot in that. Until Z3 there was no plastic cutting the frame like on s6’s bottom they were all one piece metal. S6’s design totally rips off Xperia and iPhone and it’s still ugly if you ask me. They just can’t do it. Give Samsung gold and they will make it look like sh**. Sony maybe tried to give something between good design, better cell signal and durability. It’s a matter of taste though. I think it’s a good balance.

  • Amir

    better to sacrifice a bit of the corners design for protection. much better.

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  • Amir

    Better say goodbye to magnetic port as all sony phones from now on will not have mp anymore. this is really good thing imo. not forcing consumers to buy accessory and the usb ports will be flapless with ip68 rating and hopefully also wireless charging. good job sony! magnetic port is so 90’s imo. it’s time for a change.

  • Feanor

    I wish I could agree, but I think the Z3 is a very generic, understated design with no wow factor. I bought a Z2 after the Z3 came out because I thought it had a sharper design (and better neutral screen colours).
    And from the first pictures it looks like maybe this time the S6 may nail it in design.

  • Igor Iceberg

    I hope that’s how it goes. Magnetic charging wasn’t the best idea to begin with, when there’s the wireless Qi charging solution.

  • NAme

    I can’t place this in any segment. If it’s 5.2″ it’s too big to replace ZR or SP. Definitely too powerful with 2Gig RAM to replace M-M2. Considering it’s not a Z product it can’t replace the original Z and HD does not cut it. Price can’t be low enough for this. Probably will be too close to Z, Z1 and given Sony’s rep on midrange. It’s a really weird device. They also can’t make it around 4.5″ because of the compacts. Great specs but it’s hard to imagine this selling many.

  • JackMerson

    I know. But it took me months to find it. And after finding one, it didn’t work very well.
    I’m pretty sure it will work well if I bought the dock, but having waterproof microUSB port is better don’t you think? :)

  • ac

    we definitely have different tastes. Yeah Z3 is not unique in design but it’s still Xperia. I think Sony (Ericsson) spoiled us with great new designs in every segment that’s why for us it’s just meh and 6 month cycle made it age faster. Coming to S6 it’s still the same rounded device, you say you like z2 more because of sharpness but other than sides S6 does not have anything that sharp. I might just be me but I don’t know if z3 was generic S6 surely is, metal frame + glass sandwich + waterproofing this is just to familiari don’t you think?

  • Igor Iceberg

    How is it slower? Actually the “magnetic” part only holds them together and has nothing to do with the charging itself. That actually IS what “direct charging” means, since it just connects the same charger to the same battery, using just (+) and (-) pins directly instead of relying on the USB port. It’s exactly the same. Placebo effect most likely.

  • Amir

    Yeah, it’s just a matter of time until all sony phones will have qi charging. sony just need to prioritize it over other x feature. the technology is there. proprietary connectors suck. period.

  • lovelesh

    In red there is nfc logo but not in white why,, or is it available in dual sim

  • dre

    it’s probably shopped to erase the man’s face or some imei number or sth.

  • lovelesh

    Also there is no xperia logo in white one

  • SkyS1gn

    From the looks White M4 Aqua = White Z3 :O

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    I’m not so sure about technically itself. But when I charge my Z1 and check it by myself by comparing charging through usb port and magnetic I’m exactly found that magnetic is really slow than usb port.

    Maybe it’s because the magnetic charger I test have a problem ? I’m not so sure about that.

  • lovelesh

    Mns it is erase in oic or in real one also

  • mountain

    Actually, quickcharge only works with USB, while magnetic charging is standard speed, so yeah, magnetic charging is slower.

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Now I’m not so sure If I should change from Z1 to this M4 ? I don’t care about rear camera because I’m going to get RX100 mk3 anyway.

    Did anyone know if this M4 have IPS display or not ?

  • Amir

    all sony phones in 2015 have ips display. this is no different.

  • Igor Iceberg

    Probably has to do with the Quick Charge thingy. Well I usually charge overnight so that’s why I never cared about the exact charging speed.

  • Omarion07

    There’s so much space in the bottom bezel that could have gotten rid of. Whoever designed this phone seems to be in love with massive bezels!

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  • Igor Iceberg

    Yeah… but gotta admit those bezels come to a good use when you hold the device in landscape mode with one hand – gives you something to grab on to (especially in games and videos).

  • dre

    real one probably has nfc and xperia logo, they are most likely cleared later in PC. Also this could be a prototype device lacking some labels.

  • Lovelesh Khatter

    Hope the price is also not much high

  • mn

    If it has a slim profile and a large battery, I think it’s OK. Also waterproof… Midrange… Doesn’t really get better than that.

  • imdonewithit

    meanwhile its already march 1 in certain parts of the world including japan (tokyo).
    its not the update that annoys me its the fact a brand like sony cant keep its promises.
    htc had the same but they apologized, sony however is busy purposely show leaked pictures and releasing bs apps (that purple window shit). really sad.

  • Feanor

    My problem is that Xperia models don’t stand out much anymore, so people cannot really notice them, and Sony cannot afford to be unnoticed now that sales are doing bad. I think going for understatement with the design of the Z3 series and onwards is a bad marketing choice. They really need to look as expensive as possible, so they should get rid of the plasticky nylon edges and add again some detail, like the chamfered edges that they abandoned so light heartedly in order to improve ergonomic. It have looked like a good move but it made their design completely unnoticeable.

  • Fynjy7771

    Open holes in phones looks ugly, imo. It worsen Sony’s perfect Omnibalance. They could leave flop on usb port and resolve the problem of charging in more elegant way (contactless charging). I hope very much, that Sony won’t worsen their flagship design with opened usb port and provide it with contacless inductional charging.

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    The reason for the slow charging is because the poles do not attach to the fone properly. U need to try adjusting the position and see. I have a magnetic charger and it works like a charm,

  • Lovelesh Khatter

    Hmm ryt if it is mid range good if it is below 25000 Rs…

  • Timmy

    Xperia Z3 signature design

  • Lovelesh Khatter

    Any idea about dual sim variant I.e is it come with dual sim or not

  • Lovelesh Khatter

    Is it secondary mic in speaker pic or anything else

  • ryq24

    hope Sony will price this competitively . One of sony’s biggest problem why their mobile phone division is struggling is because their products are too expensive. More expensive than the more popular Samsung and LG..

  • Lovelesh Khatter


  • Antar

    Z3 body with cheap shit inside so they can sell off their same design in many ways. Never going to buy a sony flagship again. The design was the only thing standing out from the competition, but now it feels like even S5 is better, or at least unique.

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  • User2080

    wireless charging is inefficient. seriously, is it really that difficult to simply dock your device or to plug the charger in? USB connections are now a standard and you can easily find USB slots anywhere if you need quick charging. laptops can charge phones.

  • skrug

    I think magnetic is better than wireless charging. With wireless charging you have to place it on a plate and you can’t use it while it’s charging. At least With Magnetic it’s more like a usb cable and you can use it while it’s charging.

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    I wouldnt say Qi is better coz of the charging speed. The mag charger takes less than 2 hours for a full charge. Qi on nexus 5 take roughly 5 hours for a full charge. Qi technology needs to evolve a lot more

  • Igor Iceberg

    Well that’s the price of charging without an actual cable right now..

  • Kaarthikeyan Swaminathan

    Magnetic chargers are way faster than direct chargers

  • JackMerson

    Trust me I have. I even tried to put the port on its opposite poles (it actually made the phone restarts)
    And now I used another phone as my Z1 is now not waterproof (it’s broken now because of the water leakage)

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  • Feanor

    What protection? Without nylon corners the design looks good as long as you don’t scratch it. With nylon corners the design looks bad always. If they managed to match them properly, I wouldn’t have any objection, but they cannot and these nylon corners stick out like a sore thumb.
    They just make the new Xperias look cheap and unnoticeable. Sony should leave behind honest mediocrity in design and go for more show if they want to survive.

  • Amir

    It’s nylon for a protection reason. it absorbs damage much better. the sides are prone for damage. it’s there for a reason.

  • Saleem

    Still awaiting Z4 Ultra

  • xperiafan324

    More than that, for those who don’t use a dock, it’s always a worry of whether or not they closed it “properly” after charging so that it doesn’t break the waterproofing.
    Definitely great move by Sony.

  • May Czos

    Not really, look at those huge bezels.

  • May Czos

    Z3 design language but the body is different, look at those bezels. Cheap shit inside? Snapdragon 600/615, 2GB of RAM, 5/13 MPix camera are not cheap crap.

  • May Czos

    What? Sony’s are cheaper than Samsungs. Sony’s struggling because their phones are hardly available in two big markets – USA and China.

  • May Czos

    Some of them are better than the others, E4 has crappy screen.

  • May Czos

    I think it is M2’s replacement. Phones are getting more powerful these days.

  • ac

    like I said it’s a matter of taste. I get what you say but also they need to stick to a look so they could be recognized instantly. In that regard they are doing the opposite of unrecognizable. I watched Carrie reboot they were using NXT series in there, then I went to imdb and someone was saying it was an iPhone. Sony products were inconsistent in design. Also any Z is not unnoticeable, people ask about it when you get it out of your pocket. about the Z Sony was saying seamlesly integrates itself into your environment. They offer colors nobody else offer. Z3C design while sticking to OB is genius with that transparent sides and colors like mint and orange… Everybody criticized Sony for making the Z boxy, speaker on top was not comfortable, bezels were too much etc. Sony listened. Maybe they shouldn’t have. I would have liked different design every iteration but majority of the people don’t care appearantly. I am not arguing about your opinion, I agree some of your points personally. Also they said z4 will have full shiny metal unibody. If that doesn’t stand out idk what does :D

  • acehkita

    Yeah. I agreed with you, bro. I used magnetic charger to save charging/USB port flap on my Xperia Z Ultra. So, I dont need to open flap anymore, if I dont need to copy files manually.

  • acehkita

    Actually, it was fast enough to recharging my Z Ultra with magnetic.

  • NAme

    :D yeah I mean it’s obvious. But it’s too much of an upgrade if the specs are right. Maybe even better than the z and z1 with open usb, stereo speakers, z3 design 5MP front cam, 2g ram, 64 bit CPU… If it was S410 with 1G Ram I’d get it, but clearly it is an upper midrange unlike M or M2. And it probably have similar price to Z, Z1 while being a Sony midrange. That puts M4A in a weird position.

  • Igor Iceberg

    Even for the regular file-copying tasks I use “USB connectivity -> Pair with PC” over a WiFI connection. Not as fast as the USB cable, but gets the usual work done. Only when I sync my large music library with my SD card I use the USB Mass storage.

  • Amir

    obviously IPS is not the only criteria for a quality display.

  • Obongo

    Don’t like the default wallpaper. The default one in Xperia’s 4.4.2 Kit Kat was perfect (Air, Earth, Heat, Silk,Sunny, Vintage).

    One step forward, two steps back.

  • Thoughts

    I saw already on previous leaked pics this is old news lol

  • Emil Oskarsson

    dont you have a charging dock? Or do you connect your phone to your pc all the time? :p If you do try to connect the phone to the PC wirelessly :D

  • Devashish Shukla


  • DrazenDodig

    looks almost as good as Z3, so thats really nice… congrats to Sony for not having mid spec phones look like mid spec phones anymore.

  • filo9011

    I’m not sure.

  • shubham

    is the camera protruding? or its just an angle shot?

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  • Pull the flaps off

  • CopperStew

    Am I the only one shocked that the AC plug doesn’t have a cover for a WATERPROOF phone?

  • May Czos

    E4 has S410 equivalent and 1GB od RAM. M4 has to be better than that.

  • Bur

    I have one from magnector… My magnetic charger thingy came out of my phone… Didn’t notice and now I have waterdamage :( I can’t bring my phone to service, 2 weeks without phone bruh;(

  • Igor Iceberg

    Wow how they hell did you manage to damage the magnetic port? Got my Z1 from December 2013 and it’s still shiny like new.

  • Billy de Fretes

    the white M4? if that’s you mean, i believe the phone covered with case

  • ???cz

    What the hell is that in the second photo? I thought it had double frontal speacker ?

  • Rizky Maulana

    oh cute…. i hope there is other normal version (without ip68) for better bezel… :)

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    I don’t have any dock and magnetic charger right now. I just charge by usb to ac adapter. I believe it is the fastest charger anyway.

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  • F

    Looks like z3

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  • binoy

    Is that the previously leaked front pannel for the z4?? glad it turned out to be the m4. I thought z4 would look like z3.

  • shubham

    thanks mate!

  • Guest

    speaker on the left side….

  • Emir Zarith

    speaker on the side….nahh

  • adneon0

    If its mid range with 64 bit processor , front stereo speakers and at least hd screen.. then take my MOOOOOOOOOONEYYYYYYYY !!!!

  • Emil Oskarsson

    Well it will go a bit faster to charge with the magnetic dock charger though, since it has a higher Ampere output :p

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