T-Mobile US re-lists Xperia Z3; price dropped to $500

by XB on 24th April 2015

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T-Mobile Xperia Z3Earlier in the month, it had looked though as if T-Mobile US had stopped sales of the Sony Xperia Z3 (D6616). The phone had disappeared from the T-Mobile website and social media reps appeared to confirm that “the Z3 is no longer available.”

Well just like that, the Xperia Z3 is now back on the site and with a price reduction to $499.92 too. This saves $130 off the previous retail price. If you prefer to be on contract, the phone is available on a two-year contract for $20.83 per month. Seems like a good deal, although we don’t know how long the phone will stick around this time.

T-Mobile Xperia Z3

Via Android Police.

Thanks Jonathan!

  • azhy

    Good move sony

  • P9

    such like Z4 inter is really coming soon
    BEST Sony

  • azhy

    Apple sells hardware of 2011 phones with just cuztomizing their software , is that called innovation? They still stuck with 1 Gb ram when I open 3 pages on safari it closes the other two that I have had waited to load ! Its just the finger print that makes you say that they are the best ? Its not that useful believe me I have I pad air 2 and xperia z3 and had xperia z2 , when it rains the finger print wont save my phone its the water prof that does . And you say it has a bad camera right ? Its not like you see on phonearena , They are right with auto mode I mean manual mode but with auto iso and ect , you should try to adjust the iso and the exposure and the metering and focus , be sure it was better than my father’s iphone 6 but not sure for note 4 .. you should try the real world xperia phones by yourself not in internet and those phonearena boys . People says that sony is repeating same sensor camera which is 220 one right ?and its bad ! Its not bad acctually 220 is better than 230 and 230 is better than 240 which have been used in note 4 . Its all about the focal lens that sony doesnt do a great job with it so it focuses at higher iso and makes the pic bad . Sony doesnt want to make the design ugly with a camera hump to make the lens better thats their camera problem . Sony actually uses the best hardware
    – best sensor
    – latest processor 810 if it was 805 sammy boys would have said we dont buy it because its an old processor and now they dont have anything to say and they just keep telling us that snapdragon is not a good company so why does the note 4 with snapdragon is more expensive than the other sammy processor type ?
    – they are best in battery life and charging time too with quick charger 2
    – they bring updates fast as possible than samsung . Iam in middle east and still we are waiting for s5 lolilop update but I got it last week for the z2 before sammy

  • Review

    Let’s just wait for the Xperia Z5.

    Hopefully it comes with a design overhaul. Quite sick of the Sony blockish design.

  • Danny

    Since Z4 doesn’t seem to be much of an upgrade, getting the Z3 seems like the smart choice. Im T-mobile, so the 32GB is the awesome choice.

  • japolis

    230 is better.. but whatever

  • Jon Carlson

    Any word on an eta for the lollipop update for the z1s. Just gotta be persistent. Please let me know??

  • roeshak

    No its not technically. It’s a smaller sensor and the laws of physics say the larger 220 sensor is better. The lens could be sharper but the main problem of the z2/z3 camera is stabilisation. The lack of OIS means that the software is programed to use very high iso values to ensure focus. The m9 has the same problem although to a greater extent.
    Sony is downgrading hardware in a number of areas to make slimmer phones. Battery and now sensor. What the 1/2.3 inch sensor needed was OIS to make it shine bit that would mean a thicker phone which Sony doesn’t want to do.

  • japolis

    focusing is not a problem the pictures are sharp as hell but the colors are often far away from real life and theres noticeable noise

  • roeshak

    Colours are on the cooler side in auto mode or with white balance on auto. The z3 though has a very cold bluish poorly calibrated display so I wouldn’t judge the photos looking at them on that display. You should always adjust white balance manually especially when shooting outdoors in daylight. Use the sunny or cloudy options instead.
    There’s noticeable noise because the iso is too high in auto for anything other than strong lighting conditions. The software goes for such high values to ensure focus.
    In average to low lighting you’re dealing with slow shutter speeds so the sensor is more sensitive to shakes and movement resulting in out of focused shots. Cranking up the iso increases the shutter speed so focus is easier to achieve.
    OIS would help the camera focus in lower lighting conditions while using lower iso values to reduce the amount of noise present.
    The 1/2.3 inch sensor is one of the best available and only needed OIS to take its performance up a level or two but Sony has its own ideas. They don’t want a thick phone and neither do they want a protruding camera module.
    Too many ignorant people are quick to blame image processing for the poor photos they get. That’s just lazy and wrong. The problem more often than not is what happens before you press the shutter ie exposure, white balance, and iso settings and not what happens afterwards ie image processing.
    It’s just the lazy talk of people who know little about cameras and can’t be bothered to learn.
    You can wait for Sony to fix it’s auto settings to do better with white balance and exposure or you can learn to adjust those manually. You can also wait for Sony to implement OIS to curb the automated use of high iso values that result in noisy photos or you can learn to take better photos with low iso and a steady hand.
    In a nutshell, you can either accept the softwares limitations and learn to use the hardware with manual controls to produce great results or you can just sit back and wait for Sony to come out with an auto mode that does it all effortlessly for you lol!

  • Guest

    Every Time xperia with you
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  • Time?

    Finally it’s back

  • Azhy Najmadin

    Thanks for answering him , and one more thing he says that it focuses very sharp actually thats because of the higher iso , I used lower iso and none of my pictures were focused even with tripod , the center is fine but the edges are the problem , its the focal lens and the lens itself . 1/2.3 inch with 21 mp wont fit in just 6.9 mml it needs more space so that the light can reach to the edges . But instead of that sony is just makes the sensor more senstive in night by using iso 800 or 1600 and that causes the grainy picture . And 20 mp needs more light and time to work properly with that sensor size , it means the more mp the more noise thats why they use 8 mp mode in auto . They are now working on a thicker phone with lower mp “12” and ois but with same sensor size but with 25000 iso capability , the lower mp and the higher iso means less noise with right software ” use right setting with lower iso” and lens ” lower f with right focal lens distance ” ,and the ois makes the picture better . That xperia as gsmarena said it will be ( xperia p ) with 4000+ MAH battery . That sounds very good.

  • roeshak

    Yeah I saw the p2. Not sure if it’s real though. Looks more like a render.

  • Abhinav Tella

    I would call their marketing innovative lol, as they do have $$ to back it up.
    I would not be surprised if they had their own iFood grocery store and sold iApples, iGrapes, iPotatoes, iPork etc for 2x the normal price… they would probably succeed, with their brand loyalty.

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