Xperia Z4 Tablet build quality tested after being dropped, scratched and shot at

by XB on 18th June 2015

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Xperia Z4 Tablet shot atThe Sony Xperia Tablet series has always had decent build quality and judging by the torture tests below that doesn’t seem to have changed with the Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet. In the drop test, the Xperia Z4 Tablet is dropped from around waist height onto a wooden floor face-down and comes through unscathed. The tablet also survives being dropped onto one of its corners, shown in the second video.

When it comes to the scratch tests, the front of the display fares well against screws, knifes and the like, although you can see the display flex as the tablet is poked. The rear of the tablet doesn’t do so well, as it is permanently marked when scratched. The last couple of videos show the Xperia Z4 Tablet being shot at by an air gun. As you can imagine, the gun wins on this occasion, but we’re impressed how well the tablet’s build quality stands up overall.

Xperia Z4 Tablet drop tests

Xperia Z4 Tablet scratch test- front

Xperia Z4 Tablet scratch test- rear

Xperia Z4 Tablet shot at

Thanks Edison!

  • i hate that they INSIST on having that plastic back whats up with that they’ve used it since the first z tablet why not something different metal glass anything but super fingerprint smudge prone plastic

  • Jonfensu

    I don’t know if you own a Xperia Tablet , but the back feels good and is fine. Glass would be a bad idea for a big device device. Maybe Metal, but Sony have not used that before So we should wait until the first Xperia device with back metal

  • Makiz

    Xperia Tablet S, aluminum back, great feel but heavy.

  • Yomi

    xperia p is all metal back one of their best phones ever bright in the sun and never overheated

  • kaostheory

    T was aluminum back

  • Arsen A.

    OK, it breaks if you break it. We got it.

  • Niels d. G.

    They always knives and keys and other metal objects for scratch tests, but that is pointless because steel is much softer than glass. They should use rocks and sand(paper) for real legit scratch tests.

  • Raj Singh


  • Svnjay

    The Xperia P had an aluminum unibody.

  • I have the original Z and it’s the worst tablet I’ve ever owned. The back is not even plastic, it’s some kind of thin rubber that is fucking glued to the internals. When the tablet gets hot the glue starts to dissolve and the back starts making this typical velco tape sound. Overall the plastic frame is horrible quality and is not straight. Sony needs to start using metals again or just stop that humiliating agony. Also Z4 is overheating and the screen has pink tint to it. SO just you all know.

  • Shubham

    this is stupidity at next level! c’mon who carries screws in bag or knifes? wanna kill someone is it? and air pistol? i would have blown his head out with the air pistol! why to destroy or damage the device which is running fine!

  • Moonlight

    The only problem – you can’t put fresher Android on it!

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  • Kamil1308

    Bullshit. I have the Xperia tablet Z and its one of the best tablets I have owned. The back feels really good So i don’t know what are you bitching about. The tablet is super light and easy to hold. The frame is in great quality once again I don’t know what are you bitching about. My tablet Z never really got hot and back does not come one and for the last time I don’t know what you are bitching about. Looks like you don’t even own the tablet and made up all the bullshit.

  • Geese Howard

    Who the fuck carries air guns, let alone a might-be modified air gun? Try using a real gun on the Z4 Tablet if you want to really push it to its limits… Don’t rub it on peoples faces with useless pathetic reviews! Think about people who want this but can’t get it!

  • Piotr Nowacki

    Nie wiem po co tak przeklinasz, dosy? ?le to ?wiadczy o Tobie. Posiadam Z2 Tablet, i oprócz artefaktów przy trzymaniu za niektóre fragmenty obudowy, tylnia obudowa trzeszczy, bo bateria jest jakby w ?rodku odklejona . Do tego na kraw?dziach wy?wietlacza pojawi?y si? odbarwienia ?ó?te.tablet mam 11 miesi?cy z zestawem oryginalnej cover i pokrowca. Raczej nie kupi? juz tabletu od Sony.Takie s? fakty, mo?esz pisa? ?e kto? opowiada gowno, ale chyba do czasu jak sam nie do?wiadczysz problemów. I jeszcze raz proponuje nauczy? si? kultury – z rynsztokiem nikt si? nie liczy.

  • Andrew Erohin

    The air-pistol is MP-53M, got the same one at home:) It is not so powerful, it breaks a glass bottle from a distnace of 10 meters only after 3rd or 4th shot. Comparing to gas-baloon air-guns, it is twice or 3 times less powerful. If it made such a damage, real gun would just tear this tablet to shreds, no point shooting at it. Though a test is really pointless – any modern tablet won’t survive being shot. I guess this guy wanted to show that Xperia tablet is tough enough, but not unbreakale.

  • Kamil1308

    Przepraszam za wystkie bledy kture beda teraz popelnione. Mieszkam za granica wiekszosc mojego zycia wiec po polsku nigdy nie pisze gdy nie ma potrzeby. Ostatnio jak pamietalem bullshit to nie jest jakies przeklenstwo, to jedynie oznacza guwo prawda. Nie mam pojecia gdzie to moze byc oznaczone jako przeklenstwo. Dobrze rozumie ze masz problemy I ze kazdy nie ma ten sam tablet ale ja z tablet Z nie mam zadnego problemu, zadnej bateri ruszajacej I zadnego zultego ekranu. Tablety sa zrobione z ruznych bach wiec moze dlatego niektuzy maja problem gdy inni nie. Jeszcze raz przepraszam za gramatyke, wiem ze cieszko sie to bedzie czytalo. Milego weekendu ci zycze.

  • Geese Howard

    Whoa… you are an expert in air/gas guns dude! (Bows down) But anything is breakable, and we’re talking about gadgets… sometime they should make their tests more realistic or practical. Just saying…

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  • dido99

    Sony makes as always, strong, and offers us a very good produit.I will would have this superb resistant tablet.

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