Xperia T3: See the first hands-on photos and videos

by XB on 3rd June 2014

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Xperia T3_Hands-on_1Sony Mobile unexpectedly announced the Xperia T3 smartphone earlier today. This is a 5-inch 720p handset with IPS display, 1.4GHz quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, 8GB storage, 2500mAh sealed battery and 8MP Exmor RS camera. The mid-ranger utilises the OmniBalance design in a chassis measuring just 7mm in thickness and a stainless steel frame. It has a matte plastic rear cover with sloping edges that should make it easier to hold.

Pricing for the Xperia T3 remains a mystery right now, but while you wait, you may want to see some in-the-wild pictures of the handset. The Russian tech media managed to get hands-on with the device and we’ve included some photos below, including a hands-on video (in Russian). The viewing angles of the display appear to get credit, along with the ergonomics of the device. For more information click on the source links below.

Xperia T3 hands-on video (Russian)

Xperia T3 hands-on photos

Xperia T3_Hands-on_1

Xperia T3_Hands-on_2

Xperia T3_Hands-on_3

Xperia T3_Hands-on_4

Xperia T3_Hands-on_5

Xperia T3_Hands-on_6

Xperia T3_Hands-on_7

Xperia T3_Hands-on_8

Xperia T3_Hands-on_9

Xperia T3_Hands-on_10

Xperia T3_Hands-on_17

Xperia T3_Hands-on_18

Xperia T3_Hands-on_19

Xperia T3_Hands-on_20

Xperia T3_Hands-on_21

Xperia T3_Hands-on_22

Xperia T3_Hands-on_23

Xperia T3_Hands-on_24

Xperia T3_Hands-on_25

Xperia T3_Hands-on_26

Xperia T3_Hands-on_27

Xperia T3_Hands-on_28

Xperia T3_Hands-on_29

Xperia T3_Hands-on_30

Xperia T3_Hands-on_11

Xperia T3_Hands-on_12

Xperia T3_Hands-on_13

Xperia T3_Hands-on_14

Xperia T3_Hands-on_15

Xperia T3_Hands-on_16

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