Sony Mobile teases new Xperia with “greater focus” to land next week

by XB on 24th August 2015

in Imaging, Rumours, Xperia Z5 series

wpid-wp-1440445392784.jpegNot that there was any doubt, but Sony Mobile has confirmed that a new smartphone “with greater focus” will launch at IFA 2015 on 2 September 2015. We expect that Sony will launch a new Xperia flagship, along with a smaller ‘compact’ sibling. Sony is most likely to market these as the Xperia Z5 and Xperia Z5 Compact. A phablet version is also expected by the end of 2015, but this may not be ready for an announcement at IFA.

The use of the words “greater focus” most likely points to the new flagship using a new camera sensor, similar to that seen in the recently announced Xperia M5, which will feature a Exmor RS sensor capable of 0.25-second Hybrid Autofocus utilising Phase detection AF (PDAF) for faster shutter speed response and Contrast detection AF for added precision. We’ll bring you more details as we have them.

Thanks bornatalebi and Tobias!

  • Lukáš Pávl

    Not happening.

  • omar

    Why not? Sony are experts in cameras.

  • iia3ezu

    DSLRs, not phone cameras.

  • Sweggity

    The camera needs to be better than Galaxy Note 5 at least.

  • Vuyo Ncube

    They should worry a bit more about dynamic range, noise suppression and QHD video.

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  • KzX

    You high?

  • Geese Howard

    “Greater Focus” – Sony, don’t just focus on one area but be versatile! Make it happen on the Z5 Sony!

  • Timel

    so it is pointing to the phase detection auto-focus. Remains to be seen if they make reference to stability as well. Also, will it be a teaser each day from now on?

  • Timel

    funny thing is that Sony is touting the ‘fast focusing’ on this phone while everything will be clear only after 9 days..:)

  • jmaxim917

    Sony should barter their camera lens for software with Apple and Samsung since it’s common knowledge that those companies use Sony’s lenses but do a much better job with their software.

  • omar

    Why not their dslr experts make a good software for smartphones?

  • kido

    like the m5 doesn’t have this fast focusing feature already…..Common sony what other goodies do you have up your sleeve? Give us a camera worthy of the flagship status it carries.

  • Terroantula

    Just big me a massive Nokia 1020 style camera bump and a giant sensor. Make the Sony RX100 Phone!

  • Utsav Shah

    No. Software is ok. We need better picture quality.

  • Could they give some information on 6.0? Perhaps the more likely it is they say “now we are now focused on delivering Android 5.1 to all Z line”?

  • omar

    It comes from a better camera algorithm

  • Utsav Shah

    You and I know that. But to sony mobile, camera software means all those portrait retouch, timeshift… bs.

  • Svnjay

    We need more AR modes!

  • Svnjay

    “Also, will it be a teaser each day from now on?”

    That’s what OnePlus does and it’s really annoying.

  • Alvin

    Oh yeaaahh baby..!

    But please fix superior auto and use new sensor, if use the same sensor, please make the algorithm and post processing even better, o yes, also software.

  • Alvin

    Would you just wait?

  • king-james

    Xperia Z5 Cyber-shot! Come on Sony! Let’s go!

  • kido

    Ok :P

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake


  • Timel

    True that..I haven’t even bothered following the 1+2 after what they did with their invite system for 1+1. I don’t like companies that make you beg for their products…

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    My money is on it’s still laggy camera software with same old thing.
    No camera api2, well Sony has this problem which they kind of follow apple’s strategy so if Apple releases something like “oh hey you want raw shooting”, then Sony will consider releasing it too.

  • gamer324

    Their DSLR ‘experts’ actually suck at jpeg compression too, read any Sony alpha camera review, while the quality blows others out of the water (because the Sony professional cam hardware is THAT good) they still have issues like overly aggresive noise reduction and less color detail retention in jpeg form. It would be good to have RAW support and all, but that’s not a day-to-day use-case. I’d much rather Sony gives us control over how much noise reduction we want in the pictures, and also multiple techniques to choose from on-device within the camera app settings.

  • Clarence Alvarado

    Motorola is now enjoying the taste of the best camera experience with the Sony’s 21-Megapixel IMX230 sensor with OS-PDAF. Hoping Sony will also have the bragging rights of owning their in-house camera sensor in line with their camera expertise.

    Ante up the game also with f/1.8, 25mm G Lens and IR focus assist sensor to compete with LG G4, together with the inclusion of 3-axis Optical Steadyshot for mobile and Intelligent Active Stabilization to compete VDIS of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+. And unlock its full potential by adding manual shutter speed and manual focus. Then I’ll shut up and take my money now.

  • The_Newtype

    Sony has no interest in giving us the camera phone that we actually want. Their greatest strength is also their greatest weakness: camera expertise.

    Sony will never put a -legit- sensor or load competent software in a mobile device as they know this will almost certainly cannibalize sales of their high end P&S business. We know they can do it; they know they can do it. The only thing stopping Sony is Sony.

    I predict that we will continue to get mobile phones with cameras that are simply “good enough.”

    Having said that, I hope they prove me and others wrong with the launch of the Z5. Now that Nokia/Microsoft have all but given up, let’s hope Sony can step up and create a truly monster smartphone camera.

    (Panasonic has tried to do this with their CM1, but, at $1000 USD, and mediocre hardware, this device wasn’t going anywhere)

  • ymytbb .

    Greater focus aside, I want to see a new and fresh design. Designs count A LOT when people choose phones.

  • betatesterz

    “Their DSLR ‘experts’ actually suck at jpeg compression too…while the quality blows others out of the water”
    That’s why we’ve been whining for Sony to give us RAW functionality. But I guess from Sony’s perspective, nobody wants to keep 20Mb images per shot on their phone, so might as well not do it.

  • Could be fun :)

  • Itsarapong Intoum

    Totally agree with you. Their strategy kill themselves.

  • Gary Ohanian

    Not for me it doesn’t. Design is probably the 6th most important thing for me.

  • Faisal Armand

    Better lens too please! Everybody is blaming software but nobody realise that the so called “G-lens” is not very good! I once took two indoor pictures at ISO 800, one without the back cover and one with back cover and the results are shocking. The pic taken without the back cover looks crystal clear as if it was taken at ISO 200. So that means lens sharpness isn’t good

    Everyone thinks that Sony G Lens is an award winning lens, yes it’s true. But the G-lens that won awards is THIS G-Lens

    Not this G-Lens

  • el_sur

    It’s a truly stupid premise really, on Sony’s part. They have to know most people don’t want to carry multiple devices (pocket camera and cellphone) . pocket camera sales are declining in favor of smartphone cameras. Why Sony just gives it away to Apple and Samsung is ludicrous. At least have people by your Xperias if not your pocket cams.

  • Kunal Shukla

    They better not use the M5 camera hardware on a flagship device

  • jamie evans



    aha someone told my point i actually feels that g lens is crap i have z3c and hx50v cyber-shot both have g lens and after taking picture with both when you zoom its look lack of details and on other side i have old SE vivaz and Kodak camera and their pixels looks very clear and sharper when you zoom

  • Husam

    This is exactly my point… smartphones sales is way higher than point-and-shoot cameras sales, so the real money is in the smartphone business… keep on making awesome DSLR and RX100’s and focus on smartphones cameras… no one cares about point-and-shoot cameras anymore as long as you have a great cameraphone.

  • Yahia Al-Maghraby

    maybe 4D focus feature !

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  • the truth

    it will has fastest af under 0.1 second according to rumors and 24,8 mp sensor 23 mp advanced camera mod.
    z5c will have ois. but it’s not lens-based it will has shift sensor ois because two-axis ois is shit.

  • lucilleccanty

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  • lucilleccanty

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  • fried_egg

    Z1 contract is up in 2 weeks… give me give me give me

  • Matt

    if a friend of mine want to buy xperia phone ill will ban them from this blog. especially if they are into the camera.

    the comments section are just full with camera “experts” that compare dedicated device to a phone and wanting the hardware to be upgrade, and knowing exactly whats wrong, like the software or lens or many things in between , while many review and me personally do not have any problem with it. It is actually OKAY ,even DXO mark (professional camera reviewer ,with more consistent method than googling and guessing ) says the camera are quite great, not as great as newer phone or a lot bulkier phone but not bad at all and you guys make it sounds like a potato cam.

    look at cheap camera challenge by DRTV on youtube . even a totally shitty camera with VGA resolution will able to make an interesting shot. not that you would print your phone camera photos at billboard size.

    So if you take a bad photo with your xperia , its not the tool ,its you.

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  • kido

    where did you get your info from?

  • I’ll have your Z1 then. Still an awesome phone pretty close to the latest Xperias.
    Thanks :)

  • fried_egg

    :) i kept all my phones upto my x10 where the resale value was 3 figures… same when i upgraded to the S, it was also worth 3 figures.. but the Z1 is worth only £65 to the reseller (they obviously sell it higher).. which is weird as it is such a powerful phone.. i wonder if it is because the battery is sealed and could be seen as “about to fail” after 2 years… im thinking about keeping it as a “small tablet” device on wifi not 4g… but as EE do not do like 02 and cut the bill when you “go out of contract” I either upgrade or overpay!

  • Alvin


  • fried_egg

    there is still a market for kids and cameras… who you may not give a smartphone to….. and sometimes its not “the right place” for a mobile phone but is for a cheaper camera… i have the sony hx50 which has a lot in common with my Z1, but the phone cant take pictures like the hx50 for a very good reason… it’s completely dedicated to pictures and has a huge proper lens and simple phones and tiny lens cant compete at all.

  • jxPerience

    Looking forward to Sony Xperia Zed? Say? 5; Z5

  • ludimilojko

    You are right, you can’t compare any phone camera with a real camera. Also you are right, nobody will print a phone camera photo. But … We saw what others can do. Be it Samsung, or LG, or … Their phone cameras are on whole other level than my Xperia. So why Sony can’t do that? I doubt that they don’t know how. We pay premium prices for our phone, and then the phone comes with an “OKAY” camera.
    Don’t get me wrong, i love my Xperia, and i don’t buy phones for their cameras. I have a Canon DSLR, a Samsung mirrorless, and a couple of old film Minoltas, but it would be nice to have a phone camera at least on the same level as other manufacturers, not just a “not so bad” camera.

  • Jaissal S

    Ok this may be the time where I upgrade my Xperia Z1! I’m excited! but I can see it’ll hurt my bank account more >.<

  • jxPerience

    and slow

  • Jaissal S

    Thats what I’ve been wondering. How much will my Z1 go for? To be honest I have dropped mine a few times too! I guess something is better than nothing right. As I’m on a SIM only contract, I’ll have to buy the new phone like that.

  • Matt

    THAT is the main cause, if they can have them why can we? we paid ! . . . . it ist not so bad . its good, see reading this comment section makes people think that the camera are so so. its fine =,=

    i do not know why, im not working for sony , and i suspect so are you and many of people in this comment section but every body are so confidently pointing out the suspected flaw of the camera and nitpicking . that is why it gets on my nerves.

    YES samsung flagship phones camera are generally yielded more consistent results. but is your xperia photos so blurred to the point that it isnt usable? no, does samsung s6 have 2 days battery? do samsung s6 have great active noise cancelling hardware on it ? or sleek design ? or water resistance? dual speaker? non constantly redrawing homescreen ? no. and we all do have them in our xperia phones.

    i do believe xperias are better phones in general. i mean not best at absolutely everything a phone can do . But really close to perfect. what use of a hexacore headset if its off?

    I do want more manual control on xperias it would be brilliant. BUT it is not a necessity whatsoever.

    but, some people cant afford a dedicated camera Matt, what about them ? well its your own fault , xperias are expensive that is the truth . you do yourself a better service buying a midrange phones and a digital camera or even an entry level dslr.

    but, in my country the price bla bla bla . . . i do not care about your country. you know your country better than i do it doesnt mean that the argument above applied to everyone.

  • dragonsneeze

    That must be why fake leather S5 and -looks-like-birefs-with-stripes- iPhone 6 outsold Xperias. Not to mention the glass sandwich design which is old for us is the best new thing about the new Galaxys. Design does count but comes way after the brand name for a lot of people.

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  • valentino

    You make me miss my Xperia Z3 sir..
    hahah yeah this guy “Matt” is true. Love what you have now. every phone have their own style. specialty. people here who complained about this and that phone go make your own company and factory. make your dream phone and sell it maybe people want it also.
    even though I jump to galaxy s6. I still tell people that xperia phones are great especially z2 and z3.

  • I mostly sold my older devices anyway because I could really use the money, but I always felt bad about how little you could get for a two-year old phone. Now that I have my Xperia Z1 for almost two years and it’s still in perfect condition, I’m considering upgrading to a second-hand phone in another two years, when it’s about 4 years old. Seriously, right now I can get about €175 for it, but to me it’s as useful as any recent Xperia phone. I don’t see a reason to upgrade. Since the Xperia Z1, I don’t find my phone lacking in any major way, even after two years. Especially since there is no all-round perfect smartphone out there yet.

  • Matt

    thanks mate. haha sorry for making you miss your z3.

    its fine to complain if your phone has a problem. you have the full right to do that.

    but if you buy a phone in hope that the manufacturer MUST add a feature to it that wast there when you bought that device . Youre either greedy or not very bright.

  • fried_egg

    i kept all my flagship nokias from the original “orange nokia” launch phone.. because i thought it would be retro funny to use them later… but 2g became 4g and the sim changed shape twice, and orange became EE using the t-mobile system half of their merged legacy brands.. i doubt they would work now without some “fun” needed. the x10 & s i knew were going to “age” as badly as my samsung omnia had so i took the money… but the Z1 was so good it still holds its own.. the only reason for changing really is the “contract” i would still be paying & the weight… the new features on the current camera app that has not made it to the Z1 (since background defocus has been added to the Z1) are largely gimmicks… and the Z1 gets very hot but doesnt have the issues the Z3+ has had… so its really a push to a “lighter phone” – 170g is weighty!

  • mukul verma

    there is a option at down (use classic site) of the page when viewing new site on mobile. use that option, it’ll revert back to old site.

  • mukul verma

    wait till another flaw came into existence which come out after stagefright issue, google released patch, & we are waiting for implementation on 5.1.1. new issue is named as CVE-2015-3864.

    link here-

  • Here’s my opinion: I LOVE heavy phones. Seriously, it feels like I’m handling a premium device. I just can’t see a light device as a premium one. I would love to have a phone over 200g. It’s interesting how I seem to be part of a minority on this.

  • fried_egg

    i thought the weight made it feel quality too.. but it also is a bit slippy and so more easily fumble fling… and that makes it easier to get damaged i am sure falling! the Z1 with its preinstalled screen protector thing (with the logo on it not the phone) does like to get very greasy front and back… guess my lock screen!

  • kaostheory

    With how much camera functionality is built into snapdragon CPUs, I’m starting to think the problem is more a problem with the cpu. Apple sticks with 8mp to be able to keep the speed of processing and allows them to perfect the algorithms. Sammy uses the 16mp for similar reasons. Is there any manufacturer using the 21mp and implementing it better than Sony?

  • Battal Aljadei

    Sony fans complains about the camera image quality and sharpness but Sony turn it’s efforts to the camera focus !
    is this Company have a hearing or eyes problem ?!

  • ludimilojko

    I don’t know what is your understanding of a “good” and “fine” camera, but Xperia cameras are neither good neither fine.
    We don’t have to compare Xperias to S6. Many midrange phones are far ahead of Sonys flagships. As i said, i do love my phone, it’s working more than good, but in terms of camera quality, it’s just average. I don’t care, but most of the users do.
    And sure, improving the camera or adding more features is not a must. They can leave it as is. What are the results? Customers are leaving. Sony is loosing more and more money every year. With every new model they are selling less and less phones. How will it end? It’s yet to see.

  • Jaspreet Brar

    So the update is coming about to 28 sep.??

  • Abdul Ghani

    It looks like sony was using qualcomm algorithms look at m5 and c5 reviews its not in English but the samples are danm amazing no grain at all in indoors and low light pictures and all samples were shot in superior auto…..looks like sony using mediatek And its algorithms did the trick for better pictures

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  • Timothy Crayon

    To disappointing you, no stupid thing like Korean crap shamesuck Note 5^^

  • PoweredBySony

    will see..i don’t think Sony will put OIS on the z5 and i don’t think that the z5 will have sd820. Hope i’m wrong.

  • Svnjay

    Hopefully Sony does a phone with the first G Lens that you shows.

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  • Timel

    I have taken Note of your comment

  • Matt

    Look, Im by no mean a camera expert. I’m just a hobbyist but here the thing I know and I will write it once. One should not go this deep while talking a phone camera.

    1. Z series uses BIONZ chip as image processing pipeline. Not Quallcomms. That is why if you unlock the bootloader the image produced become worse. Because it disabled Sony imaging engine embedded.

    2. There are 3 factors that should. Play nice with eachother to produce a good image.

    (the text below is the explanation form one of my favourite photography blog)pixel size, pixel density and sensor size all contribute to how well a camera deals with low-light situations (high ISO performance) and how well it sees range of light (dynamic range). Pixel size is a very important attribute of a sensor’s overall performance – typically the larger the pixel, the better the overall performance. Pixel density is closely related to the pixel size – larger pixels equal lower pixel density, smaller pixels equal higher pixel density. That’s because pixel density is measured by the number of pixels per inch. There is a fourth, very important attribute that very few people mention when talking about pixels and sensors that also plays a huge role; it is the software algorithm run by the image processor that analyses the data from the sensor and runs a series of image processing steps to reduce various artifacts, reduce noise, apply sharpening and more. This is commonly called the “image processing pipeline”. All four of these factors significantly impact the overall image quality and are closely related to each other. A good camera should have a good balance of pixel size and pixel density, sensor size and image processing pipeline.

    Let me give a few examples to clarify this a little more. If you have two identically sized sensors – one with small pixels (hence higher pixel density), and one with large pixels (lower pixel density), everything else being the same, the former should generally produce lower quality images than the latter, especially when it comes to noise

    So xperia camera sensor with really high pixel density is inherently prone to noise. And Sony just trying to combat those with image processing, might be too aggressive on kitkat but much better in 5.1.1. And that is also why iPhone 8 megapixel sensor have less noise overall.(apart prom OIS and the other tech that also can influence the results)

    And yet some people wanted 24 mp sensor on the next xperia. for What? Noise party?. In comparison My DSLR only have 18 mp sensor -_-

    Last tips. Put it to manual lock iso at 50 and use a tripod or steady surface… Edit dark places later in another program or computer. Too complicated? Wait until you see RAW photo workflow not only complicated you have to buy a software just to make RAW photos usable.

  • Matt

    Look my explanation up there :)

  • Mathias Cronqvist

    It’s not the blog’s fault dude.
    I blame Timel.

  • Matt

    Average customer cant even differentiate iPhone photos and a DSLR photos which is clearly different . How can they if it all uploaded to instagram?

    But when They want to buy xperia they Google reviews (which says that camera on z series are one of the bests) for example phone dog and pocketnow

    Aaaannnddd they found xperia blog. And read comments from you lot. Xperia users (I hope even you have xperia) endlessly bashing the camera.

  • Abdul Ghani

    If Sony really was using aka BIONZ images should had less noise and more details like m5…. its just marketing from sony for using BIONZ name when u dismantle z series phones u won’t find BIONZ chip inside like the main camera from sony that BIONZ they are calling is the algorithm which they made which is crap like poop and that is fact

  • Matt

    its an image processor , not magic. read my explanation up there.

    fact? on what base ? did you dismantle it yourself ? M5 is a new phone and of course there are improvements here and there =,=

    as i said ABOVE many many things plays a role in image quality. you dont know if the sensor is 100% identical on both z, and m series phone.

  • M110

    To all people nagging about camera on smartphone. Just buy a real camera with big sensor (like a6000 for ~$600) then you will realize what you are missing using your smartphone to take photos.

  • azzido

    Very well.
    1 question: what is the reason you cannot set 8MPx resolution on your Xperia? This is exactly what Auto mode is doing. And it is great.

    If I will do 3 the same picts using 8, 15 and 20 MPx the best one is 8MPx and worst is 20MPx, for the above reason described by you.

    Then, what is the reason for high MPx value? Is there any at all?

    Yes there is: zoom.

    High MPx is used when you are taking 8MPx pics for zooming, better zooming. That’s it :)

    Hoping for G-Lens in Z5 and Cyber-Shot.

  • ludimilojko

    So, it’s my fault Sony is loosing customers? OK, i can live with that. What i couldn’t live with is to say that Xperia cameras are awesome, fantastic, best i’ve ever seen and stuff, help someone to buy it, and that someone to say “ludimilojko lied, this camera is not so good”.
    By the way, i bought my current Xperia listening to reviews. So did other people i know. The images from our phones are not even close to the images from various reviews. I even saw a review of a (if i remember correctly) Samsung S5, with impressively good images. But the idiots forgot to remove the EXIF data. They were actually taken with a Nikon DSLR with a 18-55 kit lens, and presented as images from the S5. Later they changed the images, but i don’t believe anything i see anymore.

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  • Abdul Ghani

    i said xperia z123 3+ dont have bionz image processor inside i have dismantle z2 there is no bionz chip on it and u can see on the videos of dismantle on the motherboard or near camera there is no chip sony made really bad software because of qualcomm and bionz for mobile is just marketing ………. look at the videos of m5 its using mediatek all shots are taken with superior auto and they turn out to be superb and why is that it even beats z3+ and it dosent even have a bigger lens and bionz

  • Abdul Ghani

    well sony made really good software for xperia m5 and c5 u can see on youtube the front camera also rocks with details hope they implement the same software on z5 too

  • Faisal Armand

    Lol not a phone with that big fat ass G lens, but with a G lens that inherits the quality of a true G lens: Great sharpness, no corner sharpness, no flares.

  • Yasir Fawad

    Here all the snaps are from Sony xperia z3 compact

  • valentino

    Bro. the Xperia Z3 camera produce great pictures. Especially in Manual Mode. If you stick in Auto Mode, yes you will dissapointed. I never use 16 MP of my S6 I stick on 8MP or lower (i use 1:1 resolution now so its easier to post it in instagram or anything and memory conserve). same as the Xperia Z3 before.
    the XZ3 is really for expert user in photography if you want a great picture and it’s not your fault too. if you think its bad. because most of people do snap and go. which is mostly auto and they want the color really pop out. these people tend to go to samsung or apple. with sony you create an art. not just snap and go. try to shot in manual mode. you will get the best picture from it.

  • Matt

    im just taking facts that is real.

    meanwhile i do not know BIOZ is software or hardware because i did not make the phone. its like nvidia g sync , hardware on desktop but software on laptop.

    all i know is m5 is newer and sony make improvement on it , just like they did on 5.1.1 and just like i said before, its not only the lens , many things plays roles in image taking.

    IF the sensor of m5 and z3 are 100% identical, by 100% i mean real identical not just the pixel count , then you can blame software.

  • Matt

    well im not attacking anyone so it is not your fault.
    yea that is the nature of online reviews :( nothing can be truely trusted anymore.

    either faked or with pre release software that ist very good yet

  • Matt

    its a part of the image processing , called oversampling , that is what the auto mode does.

    similar to lumis oversampling but not as good (i do not know why maybe software or manybe hardware since lumias are thick bastard ahahah).

    why the 20 mpx is worse? it is actually the same , pixel count on the hardware doenst change even if you changed the image resolution taken. but the 20 mpx doenst have the advantage of oversampling, that is why it looks worse than the 8 mpx counterpart.

    You are right. the 20 mpx advantage is zoom. plus 25 mm wide angle lens make it easy to do digital image stabilization.

    i am also hoping for the z5 to be good, not sure it will be faultless but good. im eyeing the z4 tablet now :) need a good tablet to accompany ny lonely z3

  • ludimilojko

    No, buddy, for photography expert is at least a (D)SLR. Or a medium format camera. Or a large format camera. A phone camera is not for experts.
    And what manual mod? There is no manual mod on Xperias? There’s just a mod with less aggressive processing. If i want a manual mod, i will take my Canon or Samsung, set the aperture, the shutter speed and ISO, take the photo, process the RAW file in ACR and save it as a 16-bit TIFF. I’m not an expert, but in the last 15 years of using SLRs and DSLRs i’ve learned what is auto, what is manual, what is saturation and what is clarity, how to sharpen and how to remove noise. And i’ve learned how to process images so the colors will “pop out”.
    I’m a little bit tired of all these “experts” from Instagram, who bought their phones a year ago and now are teaching others not to use auto mod and how to create art.

  • Matt

    hahaha nope its not the blog’s fault. rather the highly oppressing nature of the fans

  • Matt

    amen to that , experts and instagram are not belong in the same sentence

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  • Timel

    So you admit that the camera quality (which is the biggest deal for most people) of Xperia smartphones is worse than competitors, right? Yup, it’s the worst actually!

    Whatever fanboys say! But Most people care about quality of smartphone camera, handset manufacturers also focus on smartphone camera because they know what customers want, Apple, Samsung, LG, Nokia or even Chinese manufacturers like Oppo, Hauwei, Meizu and Xiaomi they are all focus on smartphone camera.

    But Matt, everything you said sound like you were trying to convince them to accept Sony’s mistake… the shitty camera problem which is the big deal… No one want to waste their money on smartphone that has the shitty camera *mark my words*
    Finally They will choose better choices anyway.

    Oh and You also said Sony has had good design(now it’s so boring) for you, Sony has also had 2 days battery life( 2 days battery is impossible, 2 days battery life means you can not use phone too much but in reality in just one day most people use their phone with many activities so it’s impossible to keep battery for two days like Sony claimed, I think fast charging is more useful than the bullshit Sony’s 2 days battery life and I heard that Samsung and Asus also have the world’s fastest battery charging) and water resistant feature(oh yes! It’s great but most people care about awesome camera more) for you… Blah blah blah, it means nothing if Sony won’t improve their camera, “mark my words”

    Sony must face with the huge losing of their money and their customers again and again because Xperia devices will be unsaleable as always.

  • Matt


    what phone are you using ? is it a samsung ?

  • marcyff2

    Sony camera department and sony mobile department are 2 different entities. Sony is like alphabet a parent company to multiple under companies. Doesn’t necessarily mean that 2 of the companies will work together. Doesn’t also mean that the 2 companies won’t work together ( e.g xperia play and playstation departments).

  • marcyff2

    right so it needs to be better then the top contender of smartphone cameras? I am not being a fanboy (mostly because i despise samsung) but all camera comparisons have put the note 5 far ahead of the competition

  • Timel

    I have 3 phones now Xperia SP, Xperia Z1 and iPhone 6 Plus.

  • valentino

    Well i’m not an expert too. but it’s produce great picture in daylight manual mode. it’s only look really bad when we zoom it in i dunno what it called “artifacts”? i only hate that thing. but when i export it to computer or other phones it looks great. no artifacts or something. quite curious though. The auto mode Xperia Z3 make me little bit dissapointed with Z3.

  • valentino

    it’s not that shitty bro. it’s quite good actually. well I never like the camera either. What I like are the music experience on XZ3, waterproof, 2 days battery, UI, Good design. what I hate, camera and long charging time.
    so I jump to the S6 now for awhile. Fast Charging is a great feature I agree with you but if you use S6 heavily you will need to bring your charger everywhere you go it won’t last a day.
    Basically it’s the same with sony it’s 1 day heavy usage 3 hours++ charge time.
    Somehow sony lock the quick charge 2.0 feature in Xperia. still recommend people to buy XZ3 though.

    but yes SONY going to lose if they don’t fix the image processing. I hate the artifacts. the Project Z is coming to a real complete though. A phone with best camera experience, best endurance, best music experience. everything best on it. So I will wait Until the Zx s stop producing.

  • Timel

    True but Sad
    And that make me hate Sony!

  • Timel

    Hello Mathias Cronqvist

    Look like you are a huge fan of mine
    Thx u so much for your love, your obsession, your support I really really really thx you from a bottom of my little heart .

    I will love you like you always love me c u soon my lovely fan ^_^

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  • Timothy Crayon

    No one cares, please continue as your behavior happened to be an idiot……..

  • Mathias Cronqvist

    Sure, whatever.

  • rockky

    Your camera complaints are over with the Z5. More than over. Let’s move on!

  • Timel

    So… why Apple can effectively run their whole company by without splitting any division as a separate unit like Sony did ?

  • gamer324

    I never really understand why companies do that though, adding something like RAW support is literally a one-off expense, and it’s a feature the marketing guys can have a field-day with, sure it is for a very particular niche, but at least put it in just for bragging rights.

  • marcyff2

    apple has split units. The macbook division and the Iphone division are different. The fact is apple only releases a small variety of products perfecting them to how they see convenient. Android companies need to release a vast amount of products to try and hit every possible market. In comparison the Iphone 6 can be the most popular phone in the world. but Samsung still has the biggest smartphone market. So it is all about prespective in turns. Sony’s problem was that back in the vaio era, they released products that were very high end to compete with the likes of apple. When companies like Toshiba and Samsung started joining that high end market sony tried to expand but ended up compromising too much on the non high end products. Sony also suffered from their combined business with ericson. Which needed phones to be approved by both Sony and Ericson at once. making so that all flagships at the time were way behind in the market. When sony took re-possession of the xperia brand it was too late. they needed to play catch up. and since they have been in a way trying to release the perfect product. And i think that is why the improvements made to the Z series have not been revolutionary but instead incremental. Z2/z3 were amazing phones, in their own rights. And sony should have taken that formula and revolutionized a new phone with it. But now it just seems like they stagnated.

  • Sweggity

    let’s what sony comes up with fancying with Megapixels won’t do it. They need to show they actually made something promising. Waiting for the release and then the review.

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