Today is the last day you can download PlayStation Mobile content

by XB on 10th September 2015

in Games

PlayStation Mobile XperiaIf you had previously bought games on PlayStation mobile, then you need to be aware that today (10 September) is the last day that you can re-download any purchased content. This applies to any PSM content on compatible Xperia devices or the PS Vita. The “PlayStation Mobile for Android” application will also no longer be available to download after today.

Any content that you have bought can continue to be played after 10 September, but to do this you must ensure that your devices are activated today. To activate your device, simply start up PSM and make sure you are connected to the network. Up to three devices can be activated.

  • Alvin

    Miss those old days when i used to play good games with my playstation certified phones

  • TracerBullitt

    “Game on”, indeed, Sony…

  • sentech

    Playstation mobile? What is that?

  • Alvin

    There you go..

    Playstation + Mobile = Playstation Mobile

  • Chitti- The Robot

    Playstation Mobile was a big fail because Sony didn’t support it well. Shitty games, poor support, no newer gamer etc… Even though people wanted an successor to Xperia Play, Sony never cared. It is Sony’s fault.

  • Alvin

    Sony officialy declared war and game-on at apple…. After 6S lol

    Sony better did good with z5 series or they’ll put theirselves into a shame just if the 6S and 6S Plus will perform better than z5.

  • zip

    Stop bitching. Buy a Vita. It wipes the floor with all of Android and iOS gaming.

  • I’m agreed with sony’s statements. But they have to make sure that their advertisements and marketing are better than apple especially in US, so people can #SwitchToSony.

  • Svnjay

    I miss my Xperia Play. We need a successor.


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  • Azar

    Lmao dude

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