Xperia Beta Marshmallow program to continue until summer

by XB on 11th April 2016

in Android, Firmware

Xperia Beta MarshmallowSony Mobile commenced the Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow firmware update for Xperia Z2/Z3 devices over the weekend. The build number released (23.5.A.0.570) was the same as the latest Xperia Beta build, which led some to question whether the beta program was now over.

Well, Sony developers have responded this morning with a statement to confirm that the Xperia Beta will continue until “at least the middle of the year” and that several more beta releases are planned. The future updates will include “constant fixes and updates based on your feedback”. You can check out the full statement below.

Sony statement on Xperia Beta Program


The Xperia Beta Program will continue until at least the middle of the year. In other words, as member of the program, you will always receive the best software available—before anyone else—with constant fixes and updates based on your feedback.

Just to be clear, the current release, 23.5.A.0.570, is not the final Beta software for members of the program. Although this version is being released now in a few markets, for members of the trade (operators), it is not the final version for you.

  • yongt

    I will still complain about the fact that in the first beta we were able to use hdr on 20mpx manual mode, the camera had improved and now in the latest release the camera is the same as lollipop just with new ui, you can see in the screenshot that it was possible to use hdr on 20mpx on the first beta

  • Alvin

    Does that means Z3 and Z2 will still have official update(s) coming?

  • Bashar Shehab

    Yes! And hopefully STAMINA on the Beta? ;)

  • Ashroft

    After 1 day one day of use,imho Sony should bring back:
    1)Stamina Mode
    2)Ultra Stamina Mode
    3)Put Favourite Contacts next to Dialler Pad.

    Bugs founded:
    1)Music app stopped giving out sound on both speakers and headset/headphone but the song is still playing
    2)Slower switching between apps maybe by a second or two.

    Idk about this,but i think the brightness is tweaked to become alittle higher? And camera algorithm is already Okay(except sweep panorama ofc)

    #Xperia Z2 D6503 6.0.1M from Malaysia

  • Lee Kw

    Problem after Z2 update to 6.0.1
    1. UI is a bit lag
    2. time taken to launch the apps is much longer compared to lollipop (setting, dialer )
    3. keep killing the apps at the background (games, dialer…)
    does anyone experience the same with me???

  • Iucidium

    Doze mode and strict kernel rules = no more stamina mode.

  • XperiaBlog

    This is what the Sony devs had to say on the community page earlier today: “Regarding Stamina, there are talks about bringing it back, but we don’t have any further information at the moment.?”

  • Fabiano

    Hi. I’ve got no problem at all with the latest update .570 on my Z3 compact. Much faster and no lag. I’m pleased so far.

  • Fabiano

    Hi. No, I’ve got none.

  • Bashar Shehab

    Doze mode is a shit compared to STAMINA dude, you have no idea.

  • asgaro

    To Sony developers: yes, you can! #BELIEVE

  • Bashar Shehab

    Factory Reset.

  • Iucidium

    Firstly – use more respect in your language. You’d get a beating if you spoke like that to your elders. Secondly, I’m on the concept ROM and participate in the community. STAMINA is just a clever use of an existing Sony marketing terminology. Doze mode plus Sony’s strict kernel use is identical to “STAMINA” because all stamina is? Strict kernel rules to extend battery life.

    For some reason people don’t see that + integrated into their battery icon and they lose their minds

  • Iucidium

    It’s just a marketing term.

  • Dominic81

    Any reason why the newer Z5 is still on 6.0 and older devices are running 6.0.1?
    I’m not complaining, but I’m trying to understand why

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  • Alvin

    what about 20 mp on superior auto?

  • Alvin

    hmmmmm…….. me too, i wonder why that **** sony would do that to their great great flagship.
    why, right? why……. /s/

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    +1 Missing Stamina more than ever.
    And I think I still have mobile radio active bug :( but Z5 doesn’t

  • Alvin

    yup, hopefully.

  • Bashar Shehab

    I apologize about what I said earlier . I’m on Concept too, and I know that Doze doesn’t work unless it’s standing still, for example ; when you’re sleeping and the phone is next to you all the night. The phone enters Doze mode after 30mins of “stillness”, but STAMINA get to the job as soon as the phone get locked, this is an advantage for STAMINA. Not to mention that STAMINA allows you to customize it, like, this app goes to sleep and this app doesn’t and so.

    And from another angle, Doze can’t do what Ultra STAMINA mode can do ;) .

  • Iucidium

    “Not to mention that STAMINA allows you to customize it, like, this app goes to sleep and this app doesn’t and so.”

    If you’re truly on the concept ROM: you know about the “battery optimisation” option which DOES EXACTLY THE SAME.

    Also, “ULTRA STAMINA” is just a set of super strict kernel rules to turn off all unnecessary processes etc.

  • Wolf0491

    number 3 sounds like something I experience on my Z3. Multitasking is odd now. If I leave a game and send a text for example and go right back the game is now starting from scratch. Never had this before usually it would just start back wherever it was unless maybe i had the app closed for hour or so and used many other apps….

  • Ravi Shakya

    So……does it mean that we(the other variants of Z3,Z3C,Z2) will get the update after june ?? U f**king morons !! This update is a total shit as having no features of google’s hardworked MARSHMALLOW !!

  • aziz

    Is xperia c3 dual included ?
    And if it is not , how to contact sony, and ask it for a build for xperia c3 ?

  • Akhil Joseph

    In Camera app one more features Urgently need That is permanently Adjustable” Contrast, Saturation, Ambiance, Shadows, brightness ” Option, Because my Xperia z2 phone capture low Saturation, and brightness snaps it’s quality is pathetically poor (very bad), last month I recognize that during photo editing time a constant valve of brightness is too be applied, pictures become outstanding (very excellent), As we both know every time snap editing is boring, for adding contact value of brightness,

    another manufacturer Lenovo,Asus.. etc.. they provide this option

    Plz.. Add this option and give update to my Xperia Z2 D6502


  • Swaglord

    Those who updated their beloved Z2 to MM, is it worth it? Or should I wait for all the bugs to be squashed?

  • Julian Bravo

    Sony add API2 camera to take spped shutter please….

  • Bashar Shehab

    I was on the Concept today, but I just flashed the official 6.0.1 before like 3 hours to compare it to the Concept.

    However, I saw the ” App Optimisations ” thing in battery settings, but I didn’t really understood how to use it, maybe I’m a little bit stupid but I didn’t know that it does what STAMINA tweaks do.

    And I don’t care about ” Kernel strict ” thing, I just want the same battery saving features from the old sw (that are so much better than Doze btw), even if it’s hidden-coded somewhere in the sw.

  • Iucidium

    Their kernel rules are BUILT INTO THE SOFTWARE CODE. No need to activate.

    To quote your earlier post:
    “You have no idea.”

  • Bashar Shehab

    I know that, but the thing is I don’t think that it does exist on Concept or the Official release, or else they wouldn’t tell us that they’re having discussion about bringing STAMINA back. And I’m sorry if you felt offended but don’t take it too serious lol.

  • Little Man

    Not possible as of this update.

  • Erick Martínez

    now, can u use modes scenes with 20 MP?

  • Iucidium

    It’s hard to keep a happy demeanour when you’re telling the facts to someone and they are in denial. The only logical reason to bring stamina mode back for marketing purposes alone. The concept moderators have made NO statement regarding stamina except for it not having to come back because their kernel and doze mode in tandem are doing the same job as stamina did. like yourself; Many others asked about STAMINA in the first two weeks of the concept. They were reassured doze mode and the kernel would suffice: they did.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake


  • Chuck

    I haven’t really noticed any of those, but I have this weird bug (is it even a bug?) where when I press the Power button twice very quickly, the phone vibrates strongly then launches the camera. Anyone else notice this?

  • Chuck

    Perhaps you should wait a bit… Especially if you use Ultra Stamina Mode or DUALSHOCK 3 controller, since those are not available anymore after the update. There are also some strange bugs, such as the “Install” button not responding to touch when installing an APK (this has magically fixed itself for me but it might return), and when you press the Power button twice very quickly, the phone makes a long vibration and launches the camera.

  • Lee Kw

    that is a quick launch camera option
    you can find it on
    setting>display>press power button twice for camera

  • Winfried Schueler

    I thought also that this is a bug. But it was my own fault. MM has a restrictive permission system, when you turn on the option “allow installation from unknown sources” and you are using any APP with a screen overlay (like flux, Twilight or any other app) the “install”-Button is not useable. If you pause those app you can install the apk :-D

  • Little Man

    Someone in the beta program please tell the developers to enhance the memory usage. I was expecting Sony to better the RAM efficiency with the marshmallow update but it’s gotten even worse, now I can only keep 1 app in RAM most of the tile which is ridiculous. This is a serious issue, if 3GB of RAM isn’t enough then idek

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  • dimz

    Steve, the man that should have been a telemarketer but instead got into software. lol

  • restricting network access to apps not in the whitelist *as soon as* (doze requires phone to be stationary for ~30mins before kicking in) the screen is off is still missing (stamina mode), however it is going to be implemented in android N. I suppose other components in stamina mode are implemented already in MM (battery optimization settings etc.), just that the settings are now scattered everywhere and not as obvious to users.

    I wouldn’t consider stamina mode as purely a marketing gimmick, together with the queue background network access (I suppose this is also implemented in MM) setting it really helped to keep unnecessary battery power draining in Lollipop. Also the fact that upstream is implementing them in Marshmallow and N shows stamina mode is actually useful.

  • Brick

    Good news everyone!

  • Naw

    really need this, doze is good but this is better

  • Kristijan Kaši?

    That thing with camera is with purpose….it’s not a bug.

  • Weafyr

    This bug with “Install” button I have also on my Z3, running on 5.1.1 .232
    Only the restart going fix this bug temporarily.

  • Chuck

    Yeah I’ve realized that in the meantime. Sorry.

  • Damon Adrian

    he’s the owner of a tanking basketball team now…

  • dimz

    Yep, he has that, he’s such a visionary, like with the Nokia deal rofl

  • awaid

    any one knows the Xperia xa and x coming to uk ? I lived in uk but don’t know when these phones are available in uk retailers

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  • Renjith

    I had updated my z3 dual with this beta version and face problem with camera….the picture quality of the back camera is decreased and the camera automatically closes due to over heat…

  • Charbel Aoun


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