HTC 10 gets solid impressions – any Xperia fans planning to switch?

by XB on 12th April 2016

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HTC announced its new flagship for 2016 earlier today, simply called the HTC 10. The HTC 10 doesn’t do anything ground-breaking, but judging by the hands-on reaction from the tech media, it has been winning praise as being a solid all-rounder.

One of the key features is the camera, which HTC says is the “best smartphone camera available on the market today”. DxOMark appears to agree, awarding it the highest camera score ever given and tying it in first place with the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The HTC 10 includes a 1/2.3-inch 12MP (1.55um per pixel) camera on the rear with OIS, f/1.8 aperture and laser autofocus. The rear camera uses the Sony IMX377 sensor. The front-facing camera is 5MP and also includes OIS and f/1.8 aperture. RAW format functionality is also included as well as 4K video recording with 24-bit Hi-Res audio recording.

Sound has been a hallmark for HTC ever since the M7 was launched. This has been refined with the HTC 10 with the introduction of BoomSound Hi-Fi edition speakers. This includes two speakers as before, but one speaker concentrates on the tweeter and the other, the woofer.

In terms of design, the HTC 10 has a 5.2-inch Quad HD (2560 x 1440 pixels) display and metal body with chamfered edges, with the glass front curving into metal body. Other features include a Smapdragon 820 chipset, 4GB RAM, 32GB/64GB internal storage, 3000mAh battery.

We wanted to ask our readers what they think of the HTC 10. Does Sony have its work cut out? Do you plan to buy the HTC 10 and if so, what is it that attracts you? Or do you plan to wait to see what Sony has in store? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

HTC 10 XB_1

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Via HTC Blog.

  • Niek van Rijswijk

    Yes, either this if the camera is great or the 6p. Sorry Sony, have been a loyal user for a long time but your camera software is not the greatest and your screens are always way to blue.

    Sony does do a good job with updates and a smooth os though!

    Edit: The build quality looks great here. glad to see HTC at the cutting edge again. Hoping Sony can do the same. All other OEMS use great sony sensors but somehow Sony always lost them ina drawer or something…

  • azzido

    Hmm, as Sony abandoned flagship devices (for me X series will always be mid ranger) I am really interested in new camera of HTC. Rest is rather ok, but the display could be bigger.

    The only thing that puts me off is metal body that I do not like.
    Prefer much more elegant glass from Z series, especially loved Z5 frosted back.

    HTC 10 seems solid, however is missing some special feature that most of the big companys had to offer in 2016 (Google VR, modules from LG or dual camera from chinese).

  • azzido

    by the way, very ugly wallpaper to promote new HTC.

  • azzido

    1 question, does anyone knows if HTC 10 has dedicated camera button?
    Honestly I do not imagine shooting without it.

  • azzido

    After watching the video = NO.

    HTC 10 does not look premium, it looks rather like a toy and has too rounded corners.
    I do not like a camera hump, and it does not have dedicated camera button. Also no for metal body. Sorry HTC, maybe next time ;)

  • Mariano Golluscio

    For the HTC 10 I have a unique word: TOP!
    This year there are too much good flagship products!
    I hope to see in the new Xperia flagship much more attention of details, because it will come too late!
    God job Sony!

  • Dimitrije Dk

    Nah… Still rocking my Z2.

  • ShaZy Khan

    This phone looks good and yeah there must be camera dedicated buttons otherwise it will throw very bad impact on users.

    On the other hand i ve been sony loyal user since 5 years but now i think there software department ks really sucks. Camera is really shitty and also in my z5p the battery life is maximum about 9hrz if i will use it for calls and whatsapp only

  • Brandon Dean

    I want to get the Xperia X Performance, but if Sony doesn’t get it on T-mobile here in the US like they have with many of their previous phones, they may force my hand. Ill likely go with the S7 if Sony goes unlocked only here in the US.

  • kansas Boy

    Just because Sony hasn’t released a quote flagship device doesn’t mean that they won’t in Q2 this year. Remember Sony always does 2 release waves

  • Ailan Hidaz

    As a Sony fan for over 20 years, I can say im still sticking with Xperia as my main driver. However, I will be buying an HTC 10 sometime down the road as a secondary phone. I’ve grown tired of my secondary edge plus and I’ve always enjoyed the build quality that HTC brings to its phones. Also, boom sound trumps Xperia speakers by a long shot, sadly.

    The saddest part is that Xperia performance would have kept me happy, but we aren’t getting that model in my country…

  • Ailan Hidaz

    No there is no camera button, and I have never seen one on any HTC flagship.
    Then again, neither do Samsung or apple phones but I don’t hear any of their fans complaining.

  • Raj Singh

    I don’t want to hate on HTC but I am not a fan of rounded corners. I will not be getting an HTC smartphone. I love the design of the Xperia Z5 Premium and Z3 series… but will not settle for anything that is >801 and <820.

  • dragonsneeze

    Whoever thought that chamfer was a good idea should be fired. Whole thing looks unfinished, the capacitive keys are too far down. 9mm with camera hump, no sealing. Battery may turn out mediocre. Also if I remember correctly Htc rolled out 5.0 for some one models with memory leak intact and didn’t solve it. Also didn’t update some even though it was promised. It’s still a good device but not a top pick.

  • ????

    s2pid sony decisions.
    sony mobile is dead.

  • Makiz

    Me too…!

  • ajhall62

    I’ll probably upgrade to something in a couple of months. the battery life on my Z2 is starting to go down after 2 years. I wouldn’t turn down a Z5 Premium if they wanted to send me one.

  • smartuser8

    Yes because there is NO new flagship Xperia… no USB Type-C, no 4k anymore, …
    Xperia X for new Z serie is a joke…

  • Stephen Raharja

    2 Major things that I don’t like about the HTC 10 is the fingerprint reader placement, which makes it look really similar to Samsung phones, and the camera bump. Without those, this phone may be my alternative to Sony’s flagship. Been using Xperia Z until now, though it starts having problems lately.

  • DarkMaster

    it’s fugly ,actually combination of two ugliest phones in the world iPhone and Samsung..if I wanted one of those than I would buy one of those…

  • mixedfish

    Why upgrade when it’s still good.

  • Bassel

    Sony f—ed me with the Z5 (camera wise), but that’t still not gonna make me buy an HTC. Ever. If anything I’ll get an S7 or keep my fingers crossed for a kickass Nexus device this fall.

  • jokensy

    Actually, I’m waiting for the Note 6 from Samsung. Sony made a huge mistake by replacing the Z series with the X series. Many Xperia fans have lost faith in the brand and are looking else where. Unlike hTC, which seems to be going in the right direction with its new flagship, Sony mobile’s future doesn’t look so bright.

  • adibuyono

    This september is the answer for me to switch or not..
    The key points to make me stay :
    1. Better camera software, at least as good as iphone (I simply mean auto superior)
    2. Minimal a QHD 5.5+” screen (xperia premium successor please)
    3. Latest processor and at least an equal RAM with other competitors (galaxy note 6, LG V10 second generation)
    4. Doesn’t overprice (price at least same or cheaper than galaxy note 6)

    Sony nowadays is really falling behind in paper specs..

  • jamie evans

    XA’s design language + X Performance’s specs + 5.2 inch QHD, then I will go for Sony’s flagship of 2016

  • hansip

    Nope. The increase of quality in camera is negligible to z5 imo. So is the s7 edge. Plus not a camera guy so whole UI experience is higher in priority than the camera only. But to be honest, xperia x performance have nothing to be dreamed of compared to z5 too. So I’ll look for next gen X series and hoping for the best.

  • jai shankar

    And Sony had z ultra phablet which was pretty much close to note series. I don understand if Samsung can make money by selling note! Why has Sony left behind in note segment when they are known for good quality phones. Wish they could give tough competition to Samsung note series.

  • NG

    I must say I am impressed but I’ll pass. Good job HTC

  • Stefanus Paulus

    Oh God, those Xperia design are sexy as hell… Too bad that I bought Xperia Z3 compact just 2 months before it was released.

  • gamer324

    Camera hump = me staying away. It’s a decent phone though, props to htc, but as ever the design is very uninspired.

  • BlackMilk

    Front side – hello moto, back – what should we do with new design? Lets cut off the edges of m8! Great idea!
    As for me looks like piece of …

  • Timel

    S7 edge is still the best Android flagship phone so far

  • Timel

    Sony is blind

  • Genta Aditya

    Still happily rocking on Z5, tho i could use a smaller megapixel cam and better lowlight which HTC finally done right this time around.

  • Emil Oskarsson

    I think I will replace my Xperia z with the x performance instead. I mean come on I don’t care if it has only 3GB of ram I’m fine with that :) And the camera seems quite impressive on the x performance according to the hands on
    we saw.

  • Afzal Zainal Rddz

    So which one of the image taking by the s7edge?

  • puestadelsol

    That’s a joke, that all the competition is using Sony’s camera sensors, with OIS, and advanced camera software for years.
    Sony still stucked somewhere at 2013-2014’s camera standards both hardware and software wise.
    Still ridiculous that Sony is far behind the competition in camera, screen, by the time in software as well, and it’s still selling it’s phones for relatively the highest price… Even Xperia X/ X performance, or Z5 brings only the specs comparable to Samsung galaxy S5, Samsung’s 2014 flagship…

    I have Z3 compact, indoors nearly half of my pictures are dominated by motion blur, something I haven’t seen even with my Xperia ray’s digital image stabilisation. I can’t even have the possibility to adjust the shutter speed manually (in dim lighting to set ISO speed to 3200 doesn’t help either). In every 3 months I send back my phone to the service because the detaching screen.
    I have EVER had Ericsson, Sony Ericsson or Sony phones. But if Samsung come up with a proper S7 mini, I’m sold…

  • ?? ?


  • Timel

    Sorry, I have no idea

  • P9

    galaxy s5 got 2GB of ram while Z2 got 3GB of ram
    no, Sony is not always behinds…
    and for now they haven’t anounce the new real flagship yet

  • P9

    no, lics above is not xperia though, bro.

  • puestadelsol

    Xperia X will have a 600 € price tag, X performance 700 €. For what?
    If Sony will announce a “real” flagship, again without OIS, without manual camera controls (because of the philosophy: who needs this?), with detaching screen style “premium quality” God forgive of the price tag… But what would it offer? Signature omnibalance desing, accompanied by a Sony label?

  • illstplaya .

    I would consider it if it didn’t have the home button. I really don’t like that. Leave that to Apple. And I would also need to wait and see how battery life is and how much bloat ware is on the phone.

  • SSyar

    well honestly i m currently on Z1 compact coming from X10, neo and S.., reason to stick to Xperia is…, the UI and Software modification.., if i go to 5incher it would be Z3+

  • Eduardo Otero

    I only switch from Xperia if Sony stops making phones, and yes the only option would be HTC because of their beautiful Android customised.

  • Simon Setyadarma

    Even HTC who had been struggling since M8 stepped up their game, while Sony thinks changing name line will attract more people.
    I would get HTC 10 instead of Xperia X (if the rumoured price was right)

  • Eduardo Otero

    Actually it would be the S7 flat, the edge is a useless plus that just elevates its price.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Why of course not…
    Im really liking X performance
    It will blow all other in performance due to screen, sd820 combo, and sonys ui which is still the best performer out there,
    It keeps front stereo speakers instead of going enhanced mono like htc10,
    I believe in camera quality too, as Z5 has a 87 dxo score and still wins in most blind camera photo comparissons on the web, that include all flagships including s7, g5, mi5 etc… ( ignoring repetitive ignorant rants of some camera critics here, as real facts just prove them wrong in every way)
    I believe camera will better s7 and htc10 on dxomark tests once its out.
    I record video a lot and there is still no competitor to Sony video recording quality…
    I care about the batterylife also, qnovo quality battery in X performance is sth I really respect and want
    I also prefer having a hardware shutterbutton and that fingerprint sensor position of Xperia is just miles ahead of all other in terms of ergonomy and design
    Not to mention X Performance looks most beautiful and elegant

    Sony is just….most quality

  • Feanor

    If it had a closer to stock Android OS and digital noise cancellation, then I would. It looks better than my Z5 Premium, and it has a better camera (because they switched for the first time to a Sony sensor).
    Sony should be embarrassed equipping with sensors the best cameras on smartphones in the world and having such subpar performance in camera themselves.
    However digital noise cancellation is import for me and I like the nearly stock Android feel of my Z5P, so I’m not changing yet.

  • fluxx

    Maybe. Let’s see if Sony can catch up with the next flagship device. I still prefer Sonys design, it’s so clean, simple, yet stylish and coming from Windows Phone I’m so used to a dedicated camera button I don’t want to give that away. Sony also works towards one of the best takes on Android. What I also really want is a very good, flawless camera experience, I really hope Sony’s up to the game with the next flagship.

  • jxPerience

    Nope, it’s ugly, thick and heavy. For the design nothing spectacular at all, i prefer the design of upcoming X series. So a HUGE NO for ME. As long as Sony manufacture mobile phones i will stay with android otherwise i have to move to iOS or WP

  • Eugene Mulama

    Just got my z5 premium…. No way am ever leaving Sony!! Just the best

  • Tochi Nwodu

    I dont think they did…..change is constant if X series turned out successful I bet your mindset would change

  • Matt

    It kinda a thing you have to use first, then take it for granted.

  • Matt

    Looks really nice, a bit thick but it’s for the 3000 mah battery so it’s forgivable. Good camera should be tested first, but it is looking good there.

    QHD us a bit of overkill but I guess it’s the new standard.

    What I like the most is they integrated all sense app to sync with Google, sense gallery sync with Google photos, music app sync with play music that is brilliant. I like that alot.

    So take notes Sony, HTC is personally my new alternative aside of Motorola and nexus.

    Can’t wait for the new xperia, hope they will also blow our socks off

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Congratulations to htc for making its best camera so far….though I love sony devices, I dont like the htc 10 design, same goes to my xperia z5..when I look at the xperia z3, it a better looking device.
    the sharp edges on the z5 wasn’t the best idea..i had to purchase this premium looking tempered glass with curved edges feels so neat….by the time the xperia X was realised with curved display looking similar to z3 in terms of edges and but the newly introduced curved glass..i fell in love
    People complain about xperia X..i think its a good move “imagine sony was to succeed on X series I wonder the comments”
    Ill wait until I see the camera comparison between htc 10 and the other devices
    Until then, I see nothing spectacular
    Dual Speaker placement lame
    Fingerprint position iphone copy
    I bet the back would be sharp aswell as xperia z5

  • Tochi Nwodu

    You know people have always complained about sony sensor….i think they know….its just a way of sellin there sensor…look at sony cameras its not that bad like u guys say

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Is there anything like best smart phone camera? They would always b endless improvement its all point and shot no matter the scenario
    Every one rates htc king now….when z5 was the everyone thought otherwise

  • Dudes and Dudettes… I had an Sony Satio with 12 MP camera back in 2009…. Great photos…Instead of increasing the MP they are downgrading?

  • Tochi Nwodu


  • Tochi Nwodu

    Exactly ios only……

  • MiDan

    I just want an Xperia Z’s or X’s with Windows 10 Mobile, but high-end compact :'(

  • sebastianer

    I’m only going to switch to the next Nexus.
    I lost hope in my current Z5C…
    Auto Brightness gamma is **** and the camera details are terrible, unless you have a lot of light where it’s just ok (for a 2015 flagship).

  • Dave Kearns

    Sony have completely lost the plot! Still using my Z2 which I love, but the Z3, Z5 and the X are basically the same phone with the latest processors. I’ll be looking at the HTC and S7.

  • Serdar Aytamaner

    Corners are too-much rounded for my taste, and I hate physical buttons. These are dealbreakers for me. A very nice phone, but my chrome Z5P easily beats it design-wise.

  • deekbee

    I’ve yet to see a comparison where the Z5 wins; camera is okay, but it really is let down by Sonys camera application and post processing. Startup time is very inconsistent (sometimes up to 3 seconds – that is really poor).

    These real facts that you talk of are ficticious.

    Can’t disagree with you on video, as it isn’t something I do much of – most of my camera work is stills based – but even on that, the Sony is lacking on the audio recording – hopefully I’ll get to some gigs soon to give it a decent test.

  • Michael

    One of the most beautiful phones ive seen for a long time..
    If theres not gonna be a X Compact then bye bye Sony

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Android pit camera poll, gsma arena camera poll, etc…
    Look it up

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Heres a camera review of Xperia X too, freshly in ;-)

  • Martin Nilsson

    I don’t switch phones that often, but seeing the changes done to Sense UI at least puts HTC back on my map. I had a HTC Legend back in the day and it was a really good phone. I had previously had a HTC Touch Cruise with Windows Mobile and moving to Android that was the perfect phone for me. After that Sony had the best offers for me and my girlfriend, I went with the Xperia Pro and she with the Xperia Go.

    For me next switch I had planned to go with a Nexus device. I like the “pure” Android experience that I only have had on tablets. But since only the Nexus 6 was available I went with the Xperia Z3. Sony has a good reputation of updating, it close to stock Android and I was very happy with my last Sony phone. The Z3 hasn’t impressed me on the design and hardware, but I do like the software. I’m not too impressed with the X-line Sony has launched now either.

    All in all I feel the field has moved a few years back. We have to see what Sony does with their new phones, but I’m not sure I would trust them to update their phones in the future has they have done in the past. But the software and UI is still great. Motorola was looking good but has back tracked recently. HTC seems to be coming up strong and could probably fit with Sony and Motorola as potential candidates for my next phone. But looking at the Nexus 5X and 6P it really, really is looking like a Nexus is my next phone. But hey – maybe they get Sony to make it! =D

  • DarkMaster
  • Luc

    Sad but true. Germany dont gets the top X Smartphone from Sony. The 810 has to many problems in my opinion. I wont buy Z5.
    I use Z3 and I am very happy, but if i want a new phone there a no reasons to stay with sony.

  • Alvin

    Yup, even though the htc 10 looks nicer (than its predecessor, not nicer than the whole z and x series phones), but buying this? Not Today. Not Ever.

  • Alvin

    Yeah, that good design got a little ‘help’ from ugly UI

  • Srikant Boddepalli

    Cool down

  • iia3ezu

    The HTC 10 is much better than any of the crap Sony Mobile churns out.

    Also, HTC has done a good job of trimming away at the HTC app bloat (e.g. default photo app is now Google Photos). Watch and learn, Sony Mobile.

  • fried_egg

    I love the “Z” series looks… not so “hot” with the “X” as it seems a very slight upgrade, more a 2 back one forward feel to the Z5. So what would make me move from my Z5? It isn’t HTC’s styling… and it is more to do with Android firmware… EE’s premium services 4G+ (90mbps) & wificalling require EE firmware and EE firmware updates are far too slow… ( EE z5 is still on 5.1.1) – while iphone’s do not have operator firmware so can use wifi-calling and 4G+ It is the operator firmware that is now the issue with android and thus the Sony handsets.

  • not switching…. but I see HTC as real competitor to Sony, and not Samsung ;) all my friends who do not really care about smartphones buy Samsung, all other who DO CARE buy Sony or HTC!

  • Timel
  • Max

    No thanks, it still has HTC software and they will stop supporting it next year. Xperia or Nexus for me.

  • Xajel

    My phone is going to day anytime, and when times comes.. I think this HTC 10 is the only option till Sony bring a proper Z5 Premium successor, as Z5p now became some how old for any new phone buyer, and the X Performance is not a flagship not to mention it might not be available in my country…

  • Timel

    HTC 10’s design is ugly but… It has much better camera , software and performance than Z5 and X performance

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    As to galaxy s7s or g5s lowlight shots where supposed white is entirely yellow to orange?
    Quit your bias trolling.
    These are amazing lowlight shots
    Xperia X will go over 88 points on doxmark

  • Although not intending to buy a HTC (10, 20, 30 ..nulla everything), these features are among those that I wish to find out future Xperia:
    “1/2.3-inch 12MP (1.55um per pixel) camera on the rear with OIS, f/1.8 aperture and laser autofocus. The rear camera uses the Sony IMX377 sensor.”… ” RAW format functionality is also included”..

  • Ailan Hidaz

    Hey I’m all for the camera button, but I don’t see fans of rivals complaining

  • joe

    no never my Z5 C still rock with the MM update.

  • Lillianjcrockett1

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  • Matt

    Meanwhile xperiablog consist of 90% complaint

  • Matt


  • Bashar Shehab

    Sony always failed to produce the best camera smartphone? You know that Xperia Z5 was the best camera smartphone for 2015 right?

    Their software isn’t so good you have a point here, but they never ” faild ” in producing tye best camera smartphone.

  • Bashar Shehab

    How did you know that it’s better than X Performance? They both have the same processor -_- and the XP is 1080p!

  • Bashar Shehab

    Holy shit, 9hrs and you’re complaining?
    This world won’t be any better :|

  • el_sur

    I just switched from the Z5 to s7 edge. I had the z3c previously. Sony needs to stop playing it safe with the design of their phones. If the X performance looked like the XA, I would have waited.

  • Tom Hanx

    After buying every single Z device, I am jumping ship – not because of product but because of Sony’s abysmal after-sales service. My Z3 has been in for repairs 4 times, taking 2 weeks each, and the staff is unfriendly by default. So long, Sony, and thank you for the fish.

  • Abdusselam ?ahin

    yeah of course im thinking of chnaging to htc because they heard to their own customers change a lot of things

  • Dante the great

    I’ll wait till the IFA to pass judgement on Sony, because it looks like Sony has lost their edge. I don’t consider Xperia X performance a flagship it simply isn’t competitive. I’m a hardcore Sony fan, but fact is fact. Sony made the legendary Z2 with a 3200 Mah battery then have been progressively reducing the battery size of their flagships since then, which I think is illogical. Sony has yet to use optical image stabilisation. Yes the DIS is good, but it’s useless for low light still photography which is an area where they still fall short. Now HTC has OIS even on a freaking selfie camera, Sony really has no excuse. Xperia Z2 was Sony’s best phone relative to when it was released. They went all out with the Z2. They need to do that again.

  • Chaturanaga Manchanayake

    I wish Sony gives nice camera UI like this one plus CameraAPI2
    I consider since they offer 64GB model plus SD Card so it’s a huge plus point. (I know it’s way too much but Sony’s 32GB means about 22GB free space and It’s always good to have a lotta space :D )

  • DarkMaster

    then get the f#ck out away from this site if you consider it crap..why are you here ?

    Album is much Superior to google photos and I wouldn’t trade any of the great Sony multimedia apps.

  • Deckard_Cain

    Wont upgrade from my Z2 (it hit the sweet spot of performance/features/price). But in terms of industrial design and software style HTC is the closest from the Android manufacturers to Sony. However, they also had lackluster cameras untill the One m9 and their battery wasn’t always the best.

    I hope they do well.

  • dg1974

    yes, but not at day one. the starting price here in Italy is way too high.

  • SonyMan

    HTC put a lot of hard work for this device and it turns out it should be for a good reason since this new flagship is everything that all Ms weren’t in the past years….a perfect all around flagship that comes in a flagship price but at least has everything under the hood to claim our good graces. But this Samsungish home button… ohh man this f*cking home button makes me wanna destroy every device that has it!! Just give up on this design already! Only Apple and Samsung die-hard fans like it and that’s cuz they always had it there on their devices…

  • Oldtimer42

    If they had the Mini like the April Fools Day post and if it was waterproof I’d be there in an instant. Otherwise, my Z3C is running well on MM with no issues.

  • kaostheory

    Sony will probably release a 823 powered phone for fall. Don’t see any game changing features and my Z3 has dnc waterproofing and mhl. With Sony’s record of not discounting their premium lines, I’m curious to see if the Z5P will see any real price drop. Z4 tablet still over $1000 in Canada.

  • Vasilis K.

    WTF is this? Some kind of ad promo? Is this Xperia Blog or what???

  • ben bleho

    a phone with a projecting, raised camera is unacceptable to me. You cannot lay down the phone with its backside somewhere wihout scratching the lens covering glass. sony did it better with the xperias: the camera is a little lowered below the backside surface, it will not get scratched. I dislike htc phones. they always remind me of tins. give us a new 4 – 4 1/2 inch xperia z with a 820 cpu. yes, a z, not a x.

  • Brick

    Looks like a cool phone but I’m keeping the z3 for at least another full year. Then I’ll switch to Apple.

  • Jurandir Moratelli

    I’m happy with my Z3, but never buy a Sony, especially not add manual modes your camera and also desabilitarem the quick charger 2.0 him, which I find absurd, do not buy more Sony. For me disable something only beneficiary consumers, I think something ridiculous.

  • Ben Ray Dixon

    Got z5 premium no need to might try HTC next time but Sony is always the best

  • J Cav the Great

    Yup.. I’m done with my Sony Z3, although i will always keep it for sentimental value. The Sony Z3, best phone I’ve ever purchased. Oh wait, that’s a HTC HD2 was the best phone I’ve ever purchased.. But you get the point, Sony Xperia Z3 will always be in my arsenal!!!! Hello new HTC 10!

  • The One

    I was a loyal HTC user ever since the Hero, but as soon as HTC released the One Mini 2 and it was the same size as the original One M7, I was done. I prefer smaller phones that don’t skimp on performance, so that’s what led me to get the Sony Xperia Z3 Compact. I love it, but the camera is pretty mediocre for a flagship device. I am constantly on the lookout for what will be my next device and now that Sony has killed the Z line and replaced it with the yet to be released and somewhat perplexing X line, I’m once again looking at other manufacturers. I would love to go back to HTC but until they make a phone that can comfortably fit in my one hand, then I’ll pass.

    Anyone else notice that HTC reviews have popped up the exact same day it was announced via video? Sounds like reviewers had this device in their hands at least week before the announcement was made.

  • ramuk

    Wasting your time with this moron.Paid bitch is going to do what he is paid to do – bitching. Just flag and ignore.

  • QBerto

    Is good to see HTC is trying something new (or changing some things will be more accurate) to try to make their phone shine again, and the camera can record both 4k and Hi-res audio, all have high expectations abaout it; now, I’ve heard some markets will get a SD 620 and 3GB RAM instead of SD820-4GB RAM model, don’t know if is true, but that’ll be a shame…. also we have to see if that change in the stereo speakers wasn’t a mistake….

    I’m… fine with my Z3+ right now, but I’ll try to get a phone that actually feels like a flagship in a few months, maybe HTC could make that happen, let’s see

  • roeshak

    Short answer, no! S7 edge for me is the pick of the bunch. It’s the only stand out device so far this year. I wouldn’t pay much attention to dx0, their ratings are meaningless. The camera hardware does look impressive but I think it’s best to wait and see on this one. It’s definitely an attempt by HTC to get back in play so kudos to them but I just think Samsung right now are decidedly in front as far as mobile goes. I know people love to hate Samsung but truth is they are currently coming up with the goods. Does high res audio really make a difference in the grand scheme of things? It just won’t catch the imagination of Joe public as say waterproofing might do. The HTC 10 needs explanation while the s7e is just obviously brilliant. It’ll just attract the attention of far more consumers. The design alone makes it a winner.

  • Edgars Indrušonoks

    As I am Xperia user since 2011 and my first Xperia phone was “Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo”, now I must say this phone is impressive on the paper but I want to wait till “Xperia X Performance” will be released. And after that will be easier to compare with this HTC 10 phone.

  • pablo

    I m Waiting z6 premium for september

  • joe

    Z5 comparable to S5 ??? wake up don’t be blind .
    Z5 more ram better CPU, better GPU, Better battery, better camera and on and on.

  • Timel

    where is your proof?

  • Timel

    go to the fucking hell you trash bitch

  • Martin Deschambault

    No chance… Ugly angular design. I’m sticking with Sony indefinitely.

  • No front facing speakers and physical buttons? Please. This phone is going backwards. Same thing as Samsung with the iPhone-esque front fingerprint scanning home button and hiding Android buttons to look like an iClone.

  • The HTC Amaze from 5 years ago had both camera and video buttons! I don’t recall any since then having it though…

  • Akand

    But Sony Xperia don’t derserve to be bought. I love Sony. That’s why I still cannot buy any other device. But logically, Sony phones should NOT be bought. The only reason is that Sony has NO RESPECT for its loyal customers. They never try to deliver deserved products in the right time to their customers. Sony isn’t serious or caring for the customers. Totally EFFORTLESS. HTC was a good alternative, but don’t like the design and UI isn’t of my taste.
    Xaiomi Mi5 is best alternative but afraid of malware.
    So at least until IFA 2016, I am not changing to others. Z5 compact is giving me also decent performance.

  • Ibrahim Yusuf

    I will. The X Performance will not be released in Germany, even if it will be too late. I need a new phone in the next few weeks and this HTC phone has a features the X Performance lacks.

  • laci_csk

    The answer is NO

  • The One

    It’s the SD652 that will be used in the cheaper version of the HTC 10 – for Asian markets that don’t buy high-end devices. However, don’t sleep on the 650 series processors. They’re faster and more powerful than the old SD801’s that everyone still raves about. The way I see it, the toned down version of the HTC 10 will offer flagship performance without the flagship price. I’d buy it if it wasn’t so damn big.

  • Omarion07

    Man all mobile phone websites stated that Z5s’ superior auto mode is not on par with 2015 flagships from Samsung, Apple, and LG. Dxo mark chose the z5 camera to be the best alongside s6 edge plus but i suspect they used superior auto and used manual instead.. An average consumer want to get the best point and shoot camera and doesn’t have time to go to manual settings to get the best shot. I have both s6 edge and z5 and the photos produced on s6 edge is better.. You can check that yourself!

  • Cemil Topcu (cinem aniac)

    Nopp ;-)

  • soup

    Nah, it’s ugly as hell.

  • Keyvan Ghanbary

    I’m a Sony fan that disappointed by new Sony X series and if Sony won’t release a proper flagship I’m ready to change to apple or HTC

  • DarkMaster

    Exactly ! He doesn’t know when to give up even when faced with hard proof in front of his eyes he still denies the truth…and did you know ? He knows more about photography than DXOMark…hahahahaha what a f#cking idiot .

  • Dominic81

    Yup, as soon as the Note 6 is released, I’ll get rid of that Xperia Z5 I purchased in October.
    I gave Sony a shot, with all the good will I could, but I guess I’m just not a “Sony guy” and I have a hard time enjoying the Z5 when I use it.

    I loved my Note 3 back in the days (probably the phone I enjoyed the most), so I guess the Note 6 is the next step for me: that phone will be a beast!

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Oh I know him very well…
    I do not tend to ignore biased trolls tho.
    Why let em spit their crap around unattended? :-)

  • Kurt Kobaine

    Seriously, Sony fixed the camera algorithm on the Xperia X. Take a look at these the selfie camera is better than Galaxy s7. See for yourselves

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Why sure, here:
    Yellow tint all over.

    The problem with you is you dont know squat about cameras.
    And least about Xperia camera, cause you never used one.
    If you did you’d know how that pink edge tint is due to high iso, which you can just lower, and lower the light exposure to get more true black…if you want that is, its just a setting.
    but higher ISO means more detail in a shot…much more than any s7 could provide through any manual control
    S7 keeps less detail in low light, more untrue colors, and surprisingly less sharpness for an OIS against EIS device…
    Only thing samsung knows to do is minimize grain on burden of sharpness
    But hey if you like it…

  • Kurt Kobaine

    Seriously, Sony fixed the camera algorithm on the Xperia X. Take a look at these the selfie camera is better than Galaxy s7. See for yourselves

  • El_Carnicero

    That edge tint in the top left is actually glare from a lamp that’s right at that corner. The other low light shots don’t have it.

  • Vjekoslav Andric

    Yup, caught by high ISO postprocess. Its quite easy to avoid that by one step setting change

  • El_Carnicero

    Not really part of the ISO postprocess. Changing the angle of the phone slightly would have eliminated it. This is essentially lens flare.

  • AllanKafka

    Galaxy S7 has 4GB of RAM while X Performance has 3GB of RAM.

  • Žilvinas

    Was thinking, but no :D

  • McKnull

    Not anymore. After the Hands-on review by Recombu, I feel I have faith in Sony still.
    GSM Arena will be posting images taken by the Xperia X within a few days.

  • Sony IsThe Best

    Never ever.

  • Adam

    Maybe, not buying another Sony. The superior auto sucks too much. Other Phones are Just better. Sony ignores our complains. Coming from z3c

  • Pantelis Papakostas

    NO, never…..

  • Kliment Stamenkov

    Both the HTC 10 and the Xperia Z5 have scored 88 for camera and 86 for video, but the HTC has a score of 88 and the Z5 has 87? Weird.

  • Sean Crockenberg

    I’m looking at the Cat S60. Flagship quality that can handle some punishment. Pure Android with timely updates.

  • Kathrinejrodriguez1

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  • Kathrinejrodriguez1

    I got the receipt for $25370. on-line ..,……..!ia31ctwo days ago grey MacLaren P1 I bought after earning 18,512 was my previous month’s payout..just a little over.17k DoIIars Last month..3-5 hours job a day…with weekly’s realy the simplest. job I have ever Do.. I Joined This 7 months. ago. and now making over. hourly 87 DoIIars…Learn. More right Here !ia31c:?:?:???? http://GlobalSuperJobsReportsEmploymentsTheoryGetPayHourly$98…. .??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??:??::::::!ia31c…..

  • Bashar Shehab

    The thing is, when DxOMark say that Samsuck or HTC device is the best no body says NO -_- but when Sony was already #1 in smartphone camera, and DxOMark proved it, everyone started to say “Nah they’re lying” -_-

  • Bashar Shehab

    Who the heck told you that Sony stated that Xperia X Performance is the flagship?

  • smartuser8

    SONY ;)

  • Musadiqkhan

    Sony has most pathetic camera. Compare Z5 with S6 and S6 will easily beat Z5. Forget about Z5 comparison with S7. Shitty camera with noise

  • Pantelis Papakostas

    NO, never….

  • Kunal Shukla

    HTC like Sony never gets the pricing of their devices right. If they can do it right this can be a good seller.

  • Najmuddin Yusoff

    already switch to Huawei Honor 7 from Xperia Z..cant afford to buy flagship from sony anymore.

  • Tochi Nwodu

    What do know about camera point the mobile phone camera without noise…do you own a z5 or an s6…please if you havnt made your research hush…
    Go on YouTube they are tones of comparison

  • Tochi Nwodu

    leave these biased freaks do they even own the z5
    X isnt out praises on thrke selfie already

  • Omarion07

    Nah man I’m not saying Dxo mark are lying or got bribed by Sony but there’s no way z5 superior auto mode was the best in 2015 or on par with the s6.. I think the people from dxo mark are professionals and know how optimise manual settings on the z5 to achieve best results.

  • Dominic81

    But it also has a bigger battery than the “flat” S7 ;)

  • David Hvatov

    Agree. Still has the best design and runs well for me. Still can’t find reason to upgrade at the moment.

  • kaostheory

    Dxo doesn’t use manual. Obviously all comparisons are split into categories and like video stability, Sony leads in many and overall is always at the top of the pack. Part of the problem is the use of higher mp sensors and the weak processing power of current cpus. Trying to keep the speed compared to 12mp phones they obviously have to make compromises. Why do you think Apple stuck with 8mp for so long? 21mp on an iPhone would’ve had huge lag. Sony will never be able to be too far ahead unless they make a custom cpu or have a dedicated chip.

  • ramuk

    Your strategy is also OK. Give these paid losers hell. Good luck.

  • Timel


    It’s clear that your don’t even use and test S6 and S7 camera at all

    I swear to the god that S6 and S7 can produce much better photos than Z5 (tested them all in auto mode )

  • azzido

    agree, especially since Sony abandoned Z series and now trying any luck with X poorformance mid-ranger…

  • azzido

    no, even Sony is not so stupid to call X performance as a flagship.
    They are calling it they are “exploring new ways of communication” haha!
    Joke of a year.

  • azzido

    Agree, they really need to focus on key features of smartphones including:
    1. Bigger, better screen
    2. Best camera(s)
    3. Battery capacity / life

    Considering competition is very strong they also need to add any other wow feature that will be exclusive to them to separate them from many other brands.

  • azzido

    I agree with:

    I also prefer having a hardware shutterbutton and that fingerprint sensor position of Xperia is just miles ahead of all other in terms of ergonomy and design

  • azzido

    I was wondering whether to pick premium or normal Z and picked up normal only because of this amazing frosted back that avoids a lot of my fingerprints, if they ever release a 6inch Premium with this green or black frosted back…

  • azzido

    Agree, Sony Album and its apps we are getting I consider best in its class, Album, Walkman (Music :( … ), Video are really great

  • azzido

    thanks Boy, I am really waiting for Sony to release a try flagship device end of this year, really hope for bigger Z6 to replace my Z5 ;)

    but camera, battery, display and S-Master amplifier please

  • azzido

    Me too!
    But display must be brighter than Z5 premium (which is dimmer than regular Z5) and frosted glass back please! + camera lens must be covered with 1 piece of glass like entire back as in regular Z5. Z5 premium camera was separately covered by… plastic that scratches easily :/

  • CDavisUnlimited

    I actually pre-ordered the HTC 10 yesterday. I’ve had 2 Xperias, and I’ve desperately wanted to love them, but it’s always the same issues of poor multi-media experience. The speakers aren’t amplified and are WAY too quiet. I could never hold a Voxer conversation while driving in my car, or hear my music while in the shower. And the loudest setting with headphone in makes it impossible to hear anything while riding my motorcycle. Multi-media issues are something Sony has consistently refused to fix.

  • CDavisUnlimited

    The 820 in the HTC is clocked higher than the Sony X and HTC has done a much better job at optimizing the software. The HTC 10 is much faster than any Xperia out there.

  • azzido

    The problem with Sony is as long as they offer mostly great software in terms of Android launcher, they do not focus much on the camera software and camera alghoritms, it also requires more QA to deliver quality.

    While the competition focuses on delivering best quality pictures, it seems Sony wastes its time on silly HDR effects and other fairy tale themes (sic!). But see, I am going to the camera switching to application – -> creative effects, want to do the black or sepia ot any other effect and what? First of all this mode is LAGGING, second it is capturing the pics ONLY IN 2MPX !!!

    Also, auto focus in this mode is really slow and sometimes the circle in the middle disappears and the camera is not focusing at all until you will press the button again!

    Why Sony why?
    Please focus more on what is really required…

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Enjoy your Samsung…..i am rocking my z5 in both auto n manual mode
    Which produces much natural colours than the always warm effect on Sammy
    Btw whats the point of this argument? they use sony camera module anyway
    Sell more Sammy phone more money for sony
    3 reasons I can never drop sony for other android brand
    Uniqueness in design
    High res audio
    Impressive multimedia
    And then camera

  • Tochi Nwodu


  • Bashar Shehab

    You’re kidding, right? Because if not you shouldn’t exist in this world.

    First of all SD820 have a SELECTED CLOCK SPEED, which can’t be ” clocked higher than the usual ”
    And don’t tell me that they ” Over clocked ” the CPU because this is not a good thing.

    And second, neither Xperia X series nor HTC 10 are out in the markets yet, so can you tell me who the fuck said that ” Xperia XP is not optimised well ” or ” HTC 10 is much faster than Xperia XP that the Sony is following the ashes “, or maybe ” HTC 10 is much more optomised than Xperia XP ”

    Can you tell me who reviewed both devices and said so? You can’t, can’t, you know why? Becuase both still NOT AVAILABLE IN MARKETS -_-

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Post your argument then lets have a look

  • Omarion07

    I already posted my argument. Z5 superior auto is not on par with s6, s7, lg g4, iphone 6s and 6s plus!

  • smartuser8

    X serie is the new flagship, the Z serie is DEAD. X serie replace Z serie.
    – SONY, MWC 2016

  • Tochi Nwodu

    Photos to comprehend your calm
    Now u include iphone lol you are very funny….
    If you have photos of all 5 then you have a point until then….enjoy which ever you own

  • zennacko

    Xperia X Performance is enticing, but there’s no compact.
    iPhones could be great, but then again, no compact, as the SE isn’t as durable as the 6S
    HTC… looks OK, may have a great camera, but if I’m buying a camera, I’m sure I could get a DSLR for the price they’re asking for the phone so it doesn’t count as a positive, ever.

    Will wait for compact solutions from Sony or Apple, my Z1C shall be retired this year.

  • QBerto

    Oh there’s a spicific market for the mid-high HTC 10 then….. good to know…

    The problem with multi-core processors until today is that actually Android itself is not optimized to work and take full advantage of all power that all cores offer….

  • Innosaint Nwoke

    If it had waterproofing then it’s worth considering… but now? MEH

  • Michael Glunz

    I coming from HTC One M7 and love the HTC Sense surface. There are so many small tools build in, I missed in my Z5. But the camera was terrible. In M8 and M9 the cameras are still bad, so I decided to change to Sony, cause my Z2 Tablet was famous. Now that I changed, there is no big reason (and money) to change back. Hope that HTC will be successful in the future. I think it’s necessary to have several manufacturers on market!

  • Musadiqkhan

    I have Z5 and it makes me embarrass in front of my friend’s S6 edge! Sony has failed miserably in camera algorithms

  • marcyff2

    HTC M7 is still the most beautiful phone in the world. It is a pity that HTC compromised so much to make it. Sony could reclaim the title if they made a new arc phone.

  • Kariko

    ^ X performance is not mid-ranger

  • The One

    Agreed – it just makes the benchmarking scores look better.

  • Paul M

    I’m looking forward to the LeTV Max Pro to replace my Xperia Z Ultra

  • Paul M

    All these phones dynamically adjust the clock speed according to load and temperature limits. A better design of phone can keep the CPU cooler and allow it to maintain high levels of performance for longer.

  • Bashar Shehab

    What does this has to do with what I said?

  • Paul M

    you were arguing over the performance of the phones saying that the SD820 has a specific clock speed.

  • Only if the HTC 10 Mini has the same specs.

  • Bashar Shehab

    Yes it has a specific clock speed, but optimising the software plays the whole game. But neither the XP nor HTC10 are there on shelves, so knowing that right now is kinda impossible.

  • Amir

    I’m a sony fan and i can objectively say that sony has a lousy image processing, lacking ois and as a whole: no strive for perfection, lousy QA/QC work, saying buzz words more then proving these buzz words in the end result, comically terribly long announcement to launch time, overpriced flag devices for what they offer (should cost like chinese phones – like huawei), its like as if they don’t believe what they say. They are kind of performing “harakiri” at this point. Sony devices are not deserve to be bought. Sony is insulting consumers. So yes, i’d buy htc 10 over a z5 or x performance . Sure thing.

  • jonathan3579

    X performance is also the only flagship launching with 3GB of RAM. Unless Sony plans on selling it cheaper, it’s gonna flop.

  • Timel
  • czerikcum

    Has there been any talk about the high-res audio on the X line(or X Performance)? Is it (still) just relying on the snapdragon dac? Would be nice to see a comparison in audio when the time comes, since Sony has a solid record of delivering good audio experiences.

  • danycagiva

    Yesterday i sold my iPhone for a xperia z5. It´s nearly perfect. 10.000 times better than anything comparable. Htc isn’t bad but come on, omnibalance rules

  • Ryan Paolo Mateo Seguira

    O.S mod performance less bloatware and customization = better
    performance.. thats why stock android like nexus are beast in terms of
    performance. no mod and other ui customization

  • Ryan Paolo Mateo Seguira

    omg you seriously don’t understand a thing lol

  • Bashar Shehab

    And you seriously don’t know how to speak politely.

  • machiavel68

    Switch to HTC 10. HTC Sense is the best graphic interface (to my opinion). The smartphone quality is always excellent. The feeling to have a top of the line smartphone is unique.

  • Victor

    Yeah, i mean, my Z2 have 3gb ram, so it’s not a big upgrade.

  • Mikare12 .

    Nope, I will stay with my Xperia Z2. Why should upgrade something what is good enough for me? Will root it after warranty will be void, so. I am waiting year 2018/2019!

  • CDavisUnlimited

    Yeah, the reviewer is the Antutu Benchmark. I think you should maybe try using this new technology known as Google before you start with the verbal diarrhea. But then again, I’m sure your tiny mind wouldn’t be able to figure out Google, so maybe go back to playing with your Barbies instead.

    Oh, and if your mom ever does show you how to use Google, you might read Qualcomm’s website and see that the 820 does NOT have a “selected clock speed” but operates in a range up to 2.2 Ghz.

  • Bashar Shehab

    First all, be polite to somebody that you don’t know. I’m not your mother to speak with me like that, you asshole .

    Second, I mean by ” selected clock speed ” that SD820 can’t be clocked higher than 2.2GHz (unless overclocked), and both HTC 10 and Xperia X Performance are clocked on 2.15GHz, and maybe if you heard about Google you can check it out.

    And third, there is no score for the X Performance on Antutu benchmark, neither the website nor the app has, so don’t fuck with me again you piece of shit ok?

    Assholes have no place in this world anymore, please kill yourself for humanity.

  • Bashar Shehab

    X Performance has the specifications of a Flagship, that’s true. But Sony didn’t mention the word “flagship” in any of it’s promotional videos, not even in MWC. So maybe Sony got something different in IFA? ;)

  • Bernhard F.

    Everybody arguing about which phone is faster, and I’m just happy with the speed of my Z3. It just doesen’t lag. I think every phone with at least an 801 inside (and no overloaded UI) is fast enough.

  • Bernhard F.

    You can adjust the screen in the settings.

  • CDavisUnlimited

    Awe, did I make the little guy cry? Don’t worry little shaver, your mommy will tell you a bed time story and make everything better.

    Now that you’ve already backtracked on one of your statements, I think my work here is done. Especially since it’s exceedingly clear that you have a tentative grasp on the English language, so once again your tiny mind won’t understand most of what I say. Have fun with your Barbies little guy, one day you might be able to play with the big kids.

  • Pingback: HTC 10 gets solid impressions – any Xperia fans planning to switch? – ???????()

  • Bashar Shehab

    You are sick. GFY.

  • marcyff2

    z3 and z2 were the best iteraction of sony phones, damn near perfect!

  • bladenr1

    Ok i will switch to htc because it has fast camera, fast software, build quality, now the best camera, unbeatable sound speakers and 3,5 jack is sick loud plus almost first in firmware update after Google. I would switch right now if i could and had the money from z3+ 2 htc m10. Lagg don’t exist on htc not what i experienced. Thanks from me.

  • bladenr1

    Exactly rips any brand today. That’s why I like htc.

  • yuanhui502

    Planning to update to this one, or S7, or iphone.
    My Z1 compact is dying from battery problems, and I can only safe it by using greenify under xposed frammework.
    Would like to change one, but no better choice from sony.

  • yuanhui502

    bench mark is only for reference. some manufacturers would like to optimize for these software.
    Don’t count on that too much. Let’s just wait and test it on real-life gaming experiences.
    I am interested in its music playback performance as the DAC used in it seems to be attracting.

  • azzido

    indeed it is

  • Geese Howard

    While I like HTC’s sound, that will never make me change. Happy with my Z5P. No need to upgrade for a while until X4 or 5 or something.

  • Yeah I’m Thinking to upgrade my Z2 with Xperia XP or Maybe HTC 10

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